14 minutes of new Dead Island 2 gameplay has been released

Deep Silver has released 14 minutes of new Dead Island 2 gameplay.

Viewable below, the action takes place in Bel Air, Los Angeles at the start of the game.

It shows off Dani, one of six fully customisable characters players can choose from. Dani is well-suited to an agile style of combat and is on a mission to get to the Halperin Hotel.

“Armed with an array of weapons, each with their own unique, brutal fighting style and endless opportunities for upgrades, slayer Dani meets Standard zombies (Walkers, Shamblers, Runners), Variant (grenadier walkers), and Apex (hyper mutated zombies), all with unique powers and behaviors,” according to Deep Silver.

“Players will also see how tapping into curveballs and combining a powerful set of Skill Cards, enhancing abilities and tailoring to style of play, assist Dani as she hacks and slashes her way through the first part of the game.

“As an infected, but somehow immune slayer, finally witness what happens when the slayer activates their corrupted DNA and triggers Fury Mode.”

Following years of delays, Dead Island 2 finally went gold in February.

In addition to announcing that the main development of the game had been completed, Deep Silver brought forward the sequel’s release date by one week.

Dead Island 2 will be released on April 21 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC via the Epic Games Store.

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wow!! the gameplay is absolutely great!

we need this now!!


Some cool new feats but looks like a better and newer left for dead

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