Tchia Gameplay Video Details Combat, Totem Shrines, and More

Awaceb has been showcasing more and more of Tchia’s gameplay ahead of its launch later this month, detailing everything from its traversal mechanics and exploration-focused gameplay loop to its open world and even a fully playable ukulele. In another new video, the developer has now shined a spotlight on its combat and other challenges that players will encounter in the game’s tropical open world setting.

Tchia is not a combat-focused game by any means, but players will still encounter foes known as Maano, who have been brought to life using wood and fabric. Combat against them will encourage experimentation and creativity, with the primary way of dealing with them being to set them on fire. You’ll be able to do that using flammable items in your inventory, by soul-jumping into objects such as lamps, and more, while also constantly using your various locomotion abilities to stay out of harm’s way.

The open world will also have several big fortresses occupied by Maano that players will have to clear out. These will present much bigger combat challenges, with your primary objective being to burn down every pile of fabric laying around in the fortress. Meanwhile, you’ll also find several Totem Shrines throughout the open world, which will present other, non-combat-focused challenges, clearing which will aid with progression. Check out the video below for more details.

Tchia launches on March 21 for PS5, PS4, and PC.

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looks really good gameplay, sort of game I would like to play to chill


this woulda been a game i could play all day as a kid , reminds me of ants game or bugs life

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