New Capcom Dinosaur Game is a Day One Xbox Game Pass Title

Exoprimal, the highly anticipated online shooter from Capcom, is officially going to be a day one release for Xbox Game Pass when it releases later this year. With an official release date of July 14, Xbox Game Pass holders who are eager to play the dinosaur-fueled shooter won't have to wait to experience Exoprimal's action on release day.

Earlier today, Capcom revealed updates on several anticipated titles, but one of the most exciting pieces of news dealt with fresh information surrounding the developer's third-person shooter Exoprimal. When an AI known as Leviathan begins spawning dinosaurs into the world, exosuit-wearing heroes must compete against one another and destroy the dinosaurs. Players can choose from classes like Assault, Tank, and Support while competing online with other players from around the world. The concept behind the game is an original take on a genre that has become increasingly popular, bringing a new type of online shooter to the mix.

Although the release date for Exoprimal leaked ahead of Capcom's event, there was no information on whether the game would be a day one release for the Xbox Game Pass. Fortunately, Xbox Game Pass holders will definitely be able to access the game on July 14 along with other players. A new trailer for the game revealed release details at the end of the footage, reassuring those anticipating the game that Xbox Game Pass will be included in the release date.

The game is currently available for pre-order, which includes bonus in-game items. Despite there being numerous Exoprimal trailers released in the past, this new trailer is the most extensive update curious gamers have received from Capcom. From the looks of the trailer, Xbox Game Pass holders who jump into the game on day one can expect a heaping amount of dinosaur action to enjoy with other players. Not only was there a glimpse of some awesome action, but a variety of exosuits were put on display, giving those who are eager a small taste of what there is to look forward to.

Even though Exoprimal won't be released for a few more months, the countdown is officially on. For gamers who are anticipating a new and unique action game, the ability for all players to access the title on release day will make Exoprimal's launch even more enjoyable. One of the best parts of subscribing to Xbox Game Pass is the day one releases, thanks to being able to play new games for a bargain, and Exoprimal is definitely one for subscribers to look forward to.

Exoprimal releases July 14, 2023 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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hope this does well on day one game pass

dinosaur games can be pretty great


Game pass is awesome you can save lots of money with it niek how it's still going game company's have to lose tons of money on purchases

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