Paradox Teases Sims Competitor Led By Former Sims Developer

Paradox Interactive has released a new teaser trailer for what appears to be a lifestyle simulation game by the name of Life by You. The teaser announces the proper unveiling of the game on March 20, along with a sneak peek of some gameplay.

Published on YouTube, the trailer gives the viewer a small glimpse of what to expect from the upcoming game, and viewers could be forgiven for thinking they were watching footage of a Sims title in beta. The omniscient third-person camera view of people in their private homes going about their lives is strongly reminiscent of the life-simulator giant The Sims, and indeed this choice seems purposeful.

The description box of the teaser proudly announces that the project is being led by Rod Humble. Humble is the current head of Paradox Tectonic, the studio responsible for Life By You, and the former CEO of Linden Lab, the creators of the popular online game Second Life. Humble's most recognizable work is perhaps his time as Executive Vice President and head of The Sims label at EA. Given the gameplay shown, as well as the name loudly and proudly attached to the project, it seems likely that this teaser is a shot fired across the bow of one of EA's most lucrative treasure-ship titles, that being The Sims.

This could be a gamble, because The Sims as a franchise is still going strong. The ever-mysterious Project Renee is still waiting in the wings, and The Sims 4 is still releasing new content and supporting a vibrant and dedicated community. Those curious will have to tune in on March 20 for the full trailer of Life by You to see what exactly Paradox has in store to give it some sort of edge over The Sims. Hopefully, Paradox is not simply banking on Humble's star power to generate sales and the former Sims exec has some ideas to innovate on the gameplay formula made so popular by The Sims. Whatever they have planned, it will have to be impressive to entice notoriously loyal Sims fans to switch titles and abandon a franchise and save files they have already dedicated so much of their real lives to.

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looks pretty dope, will have a look at this announcement event on March 20th (tommorrow)


Eh the name alone sims will still attract more people lol

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