Mundfish Is Reportedly Planning To Develop Atomic Heart 2

Russian YouTuber Alexey Makarenkov recently shared a new video about his recent interview with developers from Mundfish, the studio behind Atomic Heart. During the course of the interview, it was revealed that Mundfish is already planning Atomic Heart 2.

According to Makarenkov (translated by Google), he sked Mundfish three questions, one of which was about their plans for developing Atomic Heart 2. While the YouTuber expected only vague answers, he was surprised by Mundfish when they confirmed that Atomic Heart 2 is already in its planning stage.

While Atomic Heart received a mixed reception from critics, the game currently boasts an 86% positive score on its Steam page. Our own review describes Atomic Heart as having a "remarkably inventive world that brings to life (then tears apart) the weirdest, wildest visions of Soviet propaganda." Considering Mundfish is already planning a sequel, it can be inferred that Atomic Heart was also a financial success. Though, Mundfish wasn't ready to speak about sales figures when asked about them by Makarenkov.

Atomic Heart was published by Focus Entertainment, but the developers also had a deal with Microsoft to release Atomic Heart directly on Xbox/PC Game Pass on the day of launch. However, the game was not an Xbox console exclusive.

Despite the report about Atomic Heart 2, Mundfish isn't finished with Atomic Heart. The recently-released title is supposed to receive four post-launch expansions. While the release date for the first DLC is yet to be revealed, you can already purchase the game's season pass to receive access to expansions for free as soon as they come out.

Atomic Heart is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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geez, already? let us enjoy the 1st one for a while ffs


That will be sweet for them. Hopefully not many changes and if so only for the better

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