Horizon Call of the Mountain Accolades Trailer Highlights Critical Pra

The PlayStation VR2 didn’t exactly launched with the most stacked launch lineup of games, which has brought criticisms over the headset’s high price point into even greater focus, but one of its bigger flagship releases, Horizon Call of the Mountain, has proven to be a solid VR experience.

Developed by Guerrilla and Firesprite, the first person title has received praise from critics and audiences alike, and to highlight some of the former, Sony has released an accolades trailer for the game, which also shows various glimpses of its combat, the Machines that players encounter throughout the game, its climbing-focused gameplay, and more. Check out the trailer below.

Horizon Call of the Mountain is available exclusively on PlayStation VR2. Horizon fans looking to dive into a more traditional series experience also have Horizon Forbidden West’s upcoming expansion, Burning Shores, to look forward to. It launches exclusively for PS5 next month.

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such a very stunning franchise

Horizon is in my top ten best franchises


this and god of war and spiderman alone is worth a ps5 man

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