Halo Infinite Season 3: Echoes Within Content Detailed

With Season 3: Echoes Within going live in Halo Infinite later today, 343 Industries has released a new blog post detailing the Battle Pass content. The Premium version features over 100 tiers, 1000 Credits and on top of a fourth slot for Challenges, it also grants bonus Match XP throughout Season 3 (though that will apply for any Battle Pass).

Purchasing the Premium Battle Pass also grants the Redsteel Splinter armor coating, which is compatible with all Armor Cores. The free track provides XP Boosts, Challenge Swaps and a few cosmetics, while two new Armor Cores, MIRAGE IIC and CHIMERA, will be free in Season 3. You’ll need to earn CHIMERA through the Fracture event series FIREWALL, which starts on March 21st and appears three more times throughout the season.

An update to the Red Shift armor coating (called Shred Shift) is coming later, but everyone gets three Steel Series armor coatings when the season launches. These include Red Steel, Green Steel and Blue Steel and apply to all Armor Cores. If all that weren’t enough, Cadet Olive and Cadet Red will be free for all and also work with all Armor Cores.

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just hope the season will be good this time around


Looks like it will be a pretty cool season.

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