The Tech Game: August 2019

Gears 5 requires Xbox Live login on Steam, PC specs revealed31750
Pokemon Sword and Shield Video Highlights a New Town11270
PlayStation’s Shawn Layden on Bringing Titles to Other Platforms0940
Control Launch Trailer Prepares Players for a Weird and Unknown World2780
Sony Buys Spider-Man Developer Insomniac Games31200
Metro Exodus: The Two Colonels DLC is out today3700
Borderlands 3 Endgame Content Has Been Detailed72975
PS5 To Feature 2GHz Navi GPU – Rumor32173
Gears 5 Horde Mode to Receive Halo: Reach Character Pack51744
Cyberpunk 2077 is Coming to Google Stadia41053
Minecraft Update to Add Ray Tracing Support21513
Red Dead Redemption 2 Soundtrack Finally Available on Vinyl41115
PlayStation 5 Dev Kit Reportedly Leaked96824
Halo Infinite Creative Director Leaves 343 Industries32824
Nintendo Will Swap Out Recently Purchased Switch Consoles to New Model52284
The Surge 2 Trailer Highlights Praise In Previews31103
Fallout 76’s Vault 94 Raid is Instanced, Level 50+ Recommended21294
Mortal Kombat 11 Fans Slam Sub-Zero's New Voice31473
PlayStation 5 Rumor Teases Its Incredible Power52805
YouTube Changes Music Copyright Claim Policies32674
Borderlands 3 Writers Tease The Future of The Series31195
The Surge 2 Has Gone Gold3934
Fallout 76's Next Update Introduces First Vault Raid3923
DayZ will remove drug use worldwide to keep Australia happy61415
Steam store now lets you mark games you’ve played on other platforms31624.5
Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts Out on November 22nd31835
Those who attended Evo 2019 may have been exposed to the measles32143
Forza Motorsport 6 to be pulled from XboxLive Marketplace September 1543944
First Trailer for Root Released31024
Gears of War Creator Teases New Game, Coming Out of Retirement42714.5
Before Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward was planning a Halo killer117544
Epic Game Store disables cloud saves on Hyper Light Drifter41145
This Doom Eternal video gives you an overview of 2v1 Battlemode31243.5
MediEvil’s New Video Shows Off Latest Gameplay Footage31524
Modus Games Announces Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break for Early 202021124
Nintendo UK tweet about Zelda music has incredibly bad timing31703
Little Nightmares 2 Coming in 202031243.5
Kerbal Space Program 2 Blasts Off in 202021574
Humankind Revealed by Sega at Gamescom 201921234
Blair Witch Gets New Trailer Ahead of Next Week’s Launch21484.5
Destiny 2: Shadowkeep New Trailer Debuts During Stadia Connect21344
Metro Exodus The Two Colonels Expansion Out Tomorrow2974
Gears 5 Story Trailer Has Finally Arrived21454
Risk of Rain 2 Announced for Nintendo Switch2933.7
SUPERHOT Is Available on Nintendo Switch Right Now21273
Ori and the Blind Forest is Coming to Switch Next Month2813.7
Borderlands 3 Official Guide Trailer Covers All Essential Features21594.7
Resident Evil 2 Remake Cloud Strife mod mixes RE and FF72864
Player creations from old Halo games will transfer to the MCC54863.7
Metro series author will be involved with the Metro Exodus sequel21034.3
Anthem lead producer leaves BioWare41354
Submarines are coming to Wargaming’s World of Warships41094
Conker Creator Says Return of Rare IP to Nintendo Was Inevitable21314
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Video Walks Us Through a New Map44563.7
Gen 5 Pokemon may be coming to Pokemon Go52103.3
Daymare: 1998 release date announced for PC31594.3
Dr Disrespect Slams Apex Legends Store: It Makes Me Want to Throw Up63503.7
Square Enix cans arcade tournaments after more death threats31623.7
Bethesda removes mandatory login to play Doom and Doom 231074
Rainbow Six Siege Ember Rise full loadouts revealed22114.7
Tougher leave penalties are coming to Rainbow Six Siege51843.3
Three maps cut from Rainbow Six Siege’s ranked map pool31655
Another Xbox first game will be announced for Switch on Monday21194.3
Rainbow Six Siege Operation: Ember Rise Revealed Introduces BattlePass31743.7
Rainbow Six Siege Next-Gen Plans Discussed by Presentation Director21274.3
Rainbow Six Siege Esports Director Says They Want Bring 100 Operators51563.7
Here's When Need for Speed Heat's Gameplay Will Be Revealed41804.3
Super Mario Bros speedrunner breaks world record42273.7
Borderlands 3 Launches with Denuvo Anti-Tamper DRM71874
Epic Games Has Opened a New Studio in Germany21394.3
A Hat in Time Comes to Switch in October3863.7
Fez is the Next Free Game on Epic Games Store21074
Modern Warfare Will Be At Gamescom Opening Night With New Footage63034.4
Ring of Elysium Season 5 comes with new battlecars and characters31874.5
Fallout 76 player sets up a base-camp for the incoming raid36893.6
Diablo III Season 18 Arrives August 2341623.8
Epic Games Store Update Adds Better Product Pages and More3993.8
Top CS:GO player s1mple banned from Twitch for homophobic slur75434.3
Phil Spencer Denies Streaming-Only Xbox Is In Development32173.5
Bubble Bobble sequel in the works for Nintendo Switch41214.3
New Blair Witch Trailer Takes You Through the Creepy Woods in 4K32313.8
Spelunky 2 Delayed Until At Least 202021074.5
Need For Speed Heat ditches any form of loot boxes41764
Sea of Thieves updates go monthly with Dark Relics21193.5
Borderlands 3’s Main Villains Are Based Around Streamer Culture53344.5
Xbox to Feature Gears 5, Ghost Recon, More Games During Gamescom41953.5
Epic Games Is Removing Fortnite's New Pet and Will Refund Players34634
Dr. Disrespect Claims to "Know the Number" of Ninja's Mixer Deal81,0174
Rainbow Six Siege Teases New Operators' Gadgets21543.8
New Metro Already In Development41313.8
Game streaming just isn’t the same as playing on console says Xbox Boss44133.5
Dying Light 2 Gameplay Demo Being Revealed This Month31493.8
Apex Legends community furious over new item packs83684
Borderlands 3 development did not involve crunch31924.5
PS4 Players Are Frustrated With Bizarre PSN Feature51,8053.8
TimeSplitters Creator Joins THQ to Work on the Future of the Franchise51543.5
Borderlands 3 Will Require 40 GB of Free Storage Space on Xbox One52234
New Saints Row Is In Development94384.5
Xbox Scarlett Will Prioritize Frame Rate Over Graphics83664.3
Modern Warfare Confirms Multiple Big Gameplay Features45913.3
PS5 To Be Officially Unveiled At PlayStation Meeting In February 202031914.5
Gears 5’s Newest Escape Trailer Details Abilities, Scavenging11323.3
Skateboarding Sim Session Gets a New Trailer Ahead of Release63964
Xbox may allow its new studios to create multiplatform games41623.8
Last of Us Release Date Rumored to be Revealed in Next State of Play21404.3
Roblox creators projected to make $100 million in 201941654.3
Destiny 2 Cross Save Support to Arrive Next Week11413.3
Black Ops 4’s New Tactical Bike Gets Spotlight in New Trailer21904.3
Phil Spencer Admits The Initial Xbox One Reveal Was A Mistake71,2434
Frostpunk: Console Edition Comes to PS4 and Xbox One in October39354.7
Bandai Namco Investigating Possible Bomb Threat Made at US Office28825
Dr Disrespect Resident Evil mods bring the streamer into Raccoon City31,1534.7
Resident Evil 4 Player Kills The Chainsaw Guy Using Only A Door31,1414
Fallout 76’s hardest enemy killed in just five seconds41,2654
Need for Speed Heat’s First Trailer Has Arrived51,2014.5
Apex Legends Solo Mode Is Now Available115904
Need for Speed Heat Leaks Ahead of Official Announcement by EA35364.5
Madden 20 Boasts Biggest Ever Digital Launch in Game’s First Week31585
Rainbow Six Siege teaser offers our first official look at Ember Rise51964.5
Cyberpunk Creator Mike Pondsmith Will Be In Cyberpunk 207731204.5
Borderlands 3 pre-load not available on PC41615
Modern Warfare bots, 3v3 custom Gunfight map matches, Realism mode23854
Star Citizen Passes $231 Million In Crowdfunding21534
Modern Warfare Gets New 4K Multiplayer Gameplay From Infinity Ward81,0064.5
FIFA 20’s VOLTA Mode Won’t Have Microtransactions At Launch52403.5
Rainbow Six Siege leaker claims new season is Operation Ember Rise32304
New Need for Speed Game to be Unveiled on Wednesday32503.5
Fortnite World Champ Bugha swatted during Sunday livestream54763.5
Grid 2 ends its racing career and retires from Steam22263
EA trademarks Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville32593
Borderlands 3 Will Be Equally Accessible To Newcomers And Series Fans41774.5
Here Is An In-Depth Look At The Map Builder in Gears 531,0534
Dirt Rally 2.0 finally has VR support after a free update22384
Steam Workshop submissions now require moderator approval21645
Valve fixes zero-day exploit for Steam in latest beta21754
Verizon Sells Tumblr to WordPress Owners71,1664.5
Someone made a horrible Mario Maker level for Counter-Strike55353.5
Next generation of iPhones may have a 'Pro' model61,1834.5
Control Xbox One File Size Is 34.77 GB31965
Black Desert Is Now Free to Try on PlayStation 431863.5
Xbox Game Pass Adds Three New Games34775
Black Ops 4 Update Buffs Zombies in Blackout32064.5
Minecraft’s Super Duper Graphics Pack has been cancelled76064.7
Borderlands 3 Is Much Bigger Than Borderlands 258094.4
Ninja Disgusted by Twitch Using His Channel to Promote Others132,1513
Destiny 2 Shadowkeep's Massive File Size Revealed41,0314
No Man's Sky Developer Interested in Nintendo Switch Port39384
Epic Games Store Reveals Two New Free Games39563.7
Mechs Are Going to Stay In Fortnite’s Competitive Play31594
Discord’s live streaming features will begin rolling out this week71,2073.5
Modern Warfare To Have Largest DLC Pipeline In Series History81,0184.5
Activision Says Stay Tuned for More Remastered Game Announcements62854.3
Epic Games Facing Lawsuit Over Hacked Fortnite Accounts78363.3
Fortnite Nerfs Mechs, but Players Still Want Them Gone32895
Grid playable to the public for the first time at gamescom 201921404.3
Gears 5 achievements listed to celebrate it going Gold52793.5
Epic Games promises loot box transparency going forward31723.8
Capcom extends its secret Resident Evil test to fans in the USA32174
Ubisoft Teases Splinter Cell Comeback32664
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare isn’t political, claims Infinity Ward73254.8
Destiny 2 Cross Save Release Date Revealed22103.8
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Has Now Sold 3.8 Million Copies61863.5
Gears 5 Has Officially Gone Gold72594
New No Man’s Sky Beyond Trailer Shows off New Gameplay and More41,1104.5
Street Fighter 5 Passes Sales Of Original Street Fighter 4 Release11524
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Is Not A Political Game – Infinity Ward21,1664
Gears 5 Gets Series Of Videos Detailing Escape, Map Builder, And More11364.3
FIFA 20 Trailer Debuts VOLTA Gameplay, 17 Playgrounds Confirmed42494
Xbox Still Committed To Strong Single Player Experiences51763.5
Valve seemingly found a way to stop Steam release date abuse32384
Longtime WWE developer Yuke’s parts ways with 2K Games11924.3
Trine 4 and Trine: Ultimate Collection release date set for October 82944.3
Nintendo to Reportedly Release More Switch Models31434.3
Borderlands 3 Gets New Trailer Focusing on FL4K The Beastmaster61,0473.8
Walmart Facing Boycott for Removing Video Game Displays but Not Guns147344.5
Epic is evaluating the strength of Fortnite’s Brutes52644
Ghost Recon Breakpoint, other Ubisoft titles playable at gamescom 201921274.8
New Call of Duty 2020 Details Reportedly Leaked65925
Street Fighter 5 is free to play on Steam this weekend31184
ESPN Delays Apex Legends Tournament Broadcast in Wake of Shootings52273.5
Threats Against Twitch Headquarters Prompt Police Investigation81,1433.4
The Surge 2 Receives Second Closed Beta Test on August 15th41274.4
No Man's Sky's Sean Murray Explain How Beyond Update Got So Huge21943.6
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Expansion “Winds of Magic” Arrives August 1311193.6
Death Stranding Removed from PS4 Exclusive List42183
Ninja Hits 1 Million Subscribers on Mixer Within First Five Days93144.2
Modern Warfare Reportedly Has Battle Royale Mode; Will Be Free-To-Play87394
Borderlands 3 Will Support Two Graphical Options on PS4 Pro22044.4
Final Fantasy VII Remake Will be Playable at Gamescom21293.8
Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo to Disclose Loot Box Odds - ESA42674.2
Borderlands 3 DLC Details Will Be Revealed Soon21374.7
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will have dedicated servers32604.4
Borderlands 2 Has Passed 22 Million Copies Sold Worldwide61764.3
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to Feature Kill-Based Trackers74713.5
Rocket League Is Removing Randomized Crates72444.4
Journey is Now Available for iOS59544
Borderlands 3 Trailer Features Amara Looking For a Fight42434
Report: Bully 2 Releasing in 2020 For Current and Next-Gen Consoles92683.4
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Campaign Will Be Shown Off Soon62993.7
Geoff Keighley Announces Lineup for Gamescom Opening Night Live51803.8
Civilization 6 sells 5.5 million to become the series’ fastest-selling31893.8
Death Stranding News Coming at Gamescom 201931283.7
Final Fantasy 7 Remake Shares New Sector 8 Concept Art11284
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Update Adds New Modes, Weapons, and More32514.2
Black Ops 4 Is Getting an 80-Player Infected Mode in Blackout46324.5
Epic Games Issues Statement On Hostility Towards Epic Games Store36583.8
Wasteland 3 Alpha Coming to Steam on August 21st11293.7
Former Battlefield Marketing Manager responds to Modern Warfare Trailer11,7583.8
Apex Legends producer teases new Legend32274
Apple predicted to launch iPhones with in-display fingerprint sensor22814.3
Huge Modern Warfare Feature That Was Cut Revealed By Devs101,3033.8
Nintendo Switch Chinese release plans revealed22074
New Civilization 6 expansion hinted at by Firaxis21934
Devil May Cry 5 Might Be Headed To Xbox Game Pass42583.8
Epic More Cloud Saves Planned For Epic Games Store, Other Features12244.3
Activision Led Game Stocks Down After Deadly U.S. Shootings53774
Apex Legends Is Adding a Solo Mode73823.8
WWE 2K20 Announces Release Date42214.8
Ninja’s Twitch being used to highlight other Fortnite streamers34593.7
Gears 5 Xbox One X Console Leaked via Retail Site22554
Pokémon Sword and Shield is Getting New Information Tomorrow31503.8
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Dev Discusses Battle Royale Potential95754
Tekken 7 Receives Season 3 Trailer at EVO Announcing Zafina and Leroy12144.2
Nvidia recommends updating your GPU drivers immediately12894.3
Roblox surges past Minecraft to reach 100 million monthly players62194
Xbox Game Pass Adds Two New Games31843.7
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to be Playable at 2019 CWL Championship31303.7
EVO confirms Tekken 7’s Solid Snake ‘reveal’ was a little joke22343.8
Modern Warfare Is Bringing Back Camping as a Viable Strategy65203.8
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate breaks Evo 2019 viewership records21104
Cyberpunk 2077 Will Have New Game Plus Mode11893.8
Control’s PC Requirements Have Been Lowered11443.7
Mortal Kombat 11 Adds Ruthless New Jade Brutality12674.3
Cloudflare fires 8chan as a customer over Texas mass shooting74694.6
President Donald Trump Calls Out Violent Video Games After Shootings146044
Janemba Is Coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ on August 811284
E3 Leak Shares Personal Info of Over 2,000 Journalists32414.3
Shroud says Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is extremely different66653.7
Epic Games Store pushes back most of its promised updates21374.3
Elden Ring Will Reportedly be Shown Off Privately at Gamescom11464
Riot Games Has Confirmed That It’s Developing a Fighting Game11173.7
For Honor Update Releases New Hero for Pass Holders1934
Politicians Once Again Blame Video Games After Deadly Shootings291,0554
Valve has rolled out a fix for the Team Fortress 2 Crate Depression12244.3
Ubisoft details Ghost Recon Breakpoint's PC exclusive features27063.7
Red Dead Online Is Adding Unique Specialist Roles11774.2
New images seem to reveal Rainbow Six Siege’s next operators22163.8
Mortal Kombat 11: New Nightwolf Fatality Revealed12144.2
Users are flocking to Mixer following Ninja’s move74873.5
A new Resident Evil game may be in development12233.8
No Man’s Sky Beyond Releases in Two Weeks23544.3
Alan Wake and For Honor are now free on the Epic Games Store11464
Cyberpunk 2077 New Screenshot Revealed11904
xCloud Apps Found On Microsoft Store22524.3
Persona 5 Royal Second Trailer Reveals New Palace and Characters11124.5
Watch some 20v20 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer121,0353.7
Mario Tennis Aces Available Free for a Limited Time Starting August 742154.2
Mortal Kombat 11’s Kombat Pack Fighters to be Revealed on August 2121694
Borderlands 3’s Latest Character Trailer Features Moze and Her Bear12304.2
Valve Apologizes for Street Fighter V DLC Steam Leak11623.8
Ninja’s Twitch verification removed following Mixer announcement66914.2
Apex Legends Could Have a 10-Year Run According to EA Executives52744.2
Destiny 2: Shadowkeep and New Light Delayed to Early October31994
Mortal Kombat 11 Nightwolf Gameplay Footage Has Arrived21393.3
GTA Online’s Diamond Casino saw highest player numbers since release52743.2
Pokemon Go has been downloaded over 1 billion times22244.2
Dragon Ball FighterZ is free to play with Xbox Live Gold this weekend21533.5
Modern Warfare PC Players Won’t Have an Edge in Multiplayer181,4563.8
Fortnite Season X Battle Pass Breakdown43294
Borderlands 3 Has Officially Gone Gold33904.4
Halo: The Master Chief Collection to Add Forge Maps22084.2
Monster Hunter World Iceborne arrives on PC in January11293.5
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Beta, Coming First to PS452863.3
Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Explains Why Console Wars Are Silly43244.2
Final Fantasy VII Remake Shows Off Shinra Building Entrance21594.8
Super Mario Maker 2 Players Have Uploaded More Than 4 Million Courses41574.7
Anno 1800: Sunken Treasures DLC is Now Available21433.7
Crash Team Racing Getting Microtransactions31613.7
The Last of Us Part II is Naughty Dog’s Most Ambitious Game21554
Ninja Has Abandoned Twitch and Will Now Exclusively Stream on Mixer101,0653.6
Nintendo Switch Lite Pre-Orders are Available Now31933.5
Modern Warfare Dark Edition Includes Night Vision Goggles64893.8
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is Bringing Back the Nuke73743.2
The Surge 2 Looks Super Brutal in New Gameplay Trailer21564.5
All Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Killstreaks Revealed (Video)42884
Modern Warfare Will Support More Than 100 Players in Ground War89964.2
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s First Multiplayer Gameplay35863.7
Modern Warfare for PC Will Have Uncapped Frame Rate, FOV Slider, more22504.5
Street Fighter V DLC Leaks Ahead of Evo 201931863.5
Mortal Kombat 11 Director Teases Nightwolf Trailer for EVO 201931434.2
Days Gone Gets a Set of New Bike Decals Inspired By Uncharted 431764.2
New Cyberpunk 2077 Image Shows Off Amazing Detail22524.2
Switch lifetime sales hit 36.87 million41494.2
Xbox Game Pass Titles Coming Next Month32604

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