The Tech Game: June 2017

Xbox One X should sell 17 million systems by 2021121,7524.6
GTA Online: Independence Day DLC is live121,5224.3
“Thousands” of PSN accounts in the UK have been banned due to PayPal issue141,4524.2
Gold and silver PlayStation 4’s are out now119374.4
GTA 5’s Chiliad mystery: alien crash site revealed104,3964.1
Minecraft for PS4 still getting DLC outside of “Better Together”update72,9994.1
Xbox backward compatibility just added its biggest game in months477,9924.3
OG Xbox games on backward compatibility won’t make the most of your TV68734.6
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Third DLC Absolution Revealed69664
Phil Spencer Talks About Xbox One X Pre-Orders, Plans for Gamescom41,0874.7
Steam Has Refunded 329,970 Copies of Rust Totaling $4.3 Million61,8694.7
Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Teases New Games by Halo and Gears of War Devs79384.5
Xbox Ultimate Game Sale start date revealed71,6764.8
July’s free PlayStation Plus games revealed51,2434.6
Every Xbox Game Pass game currently available61,4804.1
New games being added to Xbox Game Pass38324.5
Minecraft’s console versions get a massive update71,6604.1
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds dev is open to cross-network play48024.4
5 More Xbox 360 Games Added to Xbox One backward compatibility183,4794.8
Microsoft addresses the size of original Xbox’s backward compatible133,0954.7
The SNES Classic Edition is already being scalped62,0644.3
Call of Duty ‘Days of Summer’ event begins today111,7774.4
July’s Xbox Games With Gold Announced212,9184.1
Here are this week’s Deals with Gold and Spotlight Sale68914.5
Is GTA Online ramping up for an intergalactic event?51,6254.3
Xbox One X has one massive downside if you don’t own a 4K TV182,4884.5
SNES Classic Edition is Real and It’s Coming Out This Fall71,0494.6
Four Years From Release GTA V Tops Latest UK Sales Chart for the 13th Time56514.1
GTA 5 cheats: mod tool OpenIV is back online71,0414.3
Forza 7’s 4K assets are limited to Xbox One X only89924.3
Sony shady on PS5 release date but confirm new console is coming106,8734.6
Modern Warfare Remastered standalone will be available on Xbox One soon61,2664.2
New games releasing this week: June 26 – July 251,0364.8
Nintendo Says The Appeal Of 4K Gaming Is “Too Limited”35904.4
Xbox One X Won’t Lead To New Systems Every Year Says Microsoft112,0923.9
SNES Classic Edition Confirmed In Closed-Door Events With GameStop39014.8
Call of Duty: WW2 May Add Uplink Mode if It Fits89244.1
Destiny 2's PS4 Pre-load Date Revealed47954.4
Nintendo: Switch is Our Number One Priority54934.6
Grand Theft Auto 5 Mod Releases New Update With Rockstar’s Blessing51,9674.3
Rockstar Games Issues Statement in Support of Modding Community142,6704.8
Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault is free on Origin66,4074.5
Xbox One Mod Tool 'Vantage' 2.0 Update Now Available, Gear of War 4 Editor2320,4764.6
Modern Warfare Remastered standalone release date finally revealed243,5114.3
New Call of Duty: WWII’s Headquarters mode features revealed111,7524.5
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds passes 4 million sales79584.4
Why Nintendo decided to allow cross-platform multiplayer on Switch79174.2
Sony Will Definitely Make A PS5, Sony America Boss Asserts66604.2
There Are A Lot Of Unannounced Xbox Games, Says Microsoft61,6394.5
PS4 “is like a five-year-old PC,” says A Way Out developer275,3864.5
GTA Online: Independence Day weapon skins and livery prices leaked92,8744.4
Xbox One consoles get a free gift with purchase at these retailers72,1464.4
Battlefield 1’s June update, new map release date revealed47704.1
Battlegrounds is getting another weapon later this month47634.2
Xbox One Store Gets Massive Indie Sale48484.7
Origin update introduces FPS counter and cross-party invites41,0934.6
See Killer Instinct’s next character, Eagle, in action48814.9
GTA5 Faces Player Uprising Over ‘Illegal Mods’ Controversy202,4014.6
Modern Warfare Remastered standalone leaks again102,1284.4
First Halo 6 feature confirmed, but the full reveal is still far off69574.3
Nintendo Switch Firmware Update 3.0 Has Gone Live35954.4
Shadow of the Tomb Raider logos and concept art leaked62,0174.4
Steam Summer Sale 2017: start date and time, discounts and more152,9204.5
Cities: Skylines will be released on PlayStation 4 in mid-August69674.3
Far Cry 5 Team Still Waiting on Xbox One X Dev Kits51,7164.7
The Call of Duty: WWII scorestreaks revealed so far233,1034.5
All PS4 exclusives coming in 2018 will release in the first half of th61,0984.6
Rocket League will run at a consistent 720p 60fps on Switch26234.5
Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy release date broken by retailers51,6524.3
Death Stranding is Playable on the PS4; First Teaser coming soon49794.5
Take Two shuts down paid GTA Online cheating mods, profits donated to charity203,0804.5
Red Dead Redemption 2 May Support Cross-Play on PS4, Xbox One162,5824.2
Forza 7 on Xbox One X: same results as “a multi-thousand dollar PC”51,5254
New games releasing this week: June 19 – June 2561,3384.3
GTA Online Gunrunning: all unreleased vehicles and prices leaked96,3144.3
Microsoft Exec: Third Party Devs Blown Away By Xbox One X41,9474.7
Sony’s Jim Ryan Expects to Sell a Lot of PS4 Pro in the Holidays37664.6
Xbox One backward compatibility going offline for maintenance101,4424.6
GTA5 Steam Reviews “Overwhelmingly Negative” as 40k Sign OpenIV petition185,4964.4
Microsoft Defends Xbox One X’s $499 Pricepoint223,4454.6
The Xbox One X Is Not For Everybody, Says Microsoft’s Phil Spencer102,0874.4
Xbox One X Was A Response To What Fans Want, Not To The Competition78174.5
Future Wii U games for the Switch won’t just be ports46254.5
Killer Instinct Announced for Steam57414.1
Xbox One X was the social media winner of E3 2017, study says192,7334.3
Xbox head Phil Spencer addresses Sony’s safety concern for cross-play132,4004.6
Original Xbox Backward Compatibility games will not have achievements162,2004.6
Star Wars Battlefront 2 Trailer Was Most Watched of E3 201791,1514.5
PS4 Pro price drop not likely due to pricier Xbox One X91,4704.3
Xbox Boss Spencer Worries About Single Player Games67974.2
Minecraft’s cross-platform play comes with a catch for Switch players122,0673.9
Nintendo finally gives an update on Virtual Console for the Switch51,4674.3
Another big E3 reveal is using ‘checkerboarding’ to hit 4K on Xbox One182,5104.4
Forza Motorsport 7: here’s the minimum and recommended specs PC122,2654.3
Halo 6 Will Not Be Shown Off At Gamescom Or PAX, 343 Confirms141,7334.3
Nintendo explains reasons behind delay of Switch’s paid online56304.4
The Xbox One X can stand vertically, but it’ll cost you extra245,4313.7
Nintendo has plans to support the 3DS “well beyond 2018”91,0214.6
Microsoft: Xbox Game Pass games will stay up for a long time122,3784.6
E3 2018 Dates Have Been Set; 2017 Attendance Revealed132,3774.6
Forza 7 needs 100GB of free space at launch171,9964.7
Popular GTA modding tool receives a Cease and Desist from Take Two172,3664.8
20 minutes of Call of Duty: WWII's War multiplayer mode Gameplay203,6084.2
Microsoft’s Albert Penello Talks Xbox One X’s Lack of Pre-Order123,1814.8
Xbox Games with Gold: Watch_Dogs and Dragon Age: Origins are now free152,2574.4
Forza Developer Clarifies His ‘Highest Quality Pixels’ Statement91,4944.6
Xbox head says Sony comments on cross-platform play are unhealthy132,5624.1
Phil Spencer Talks About the Reveal of Xbox One X91,2704.4
Xbox Game Pass Will Have At Least Five New Games a Month81,4134.4
Destiny 2’s PS4 Exclusive Content is Temporary; Coming to Xbox One/PC71,7454.3
The Xbox One X could have been a lot more expensive275,3284.6
Second original Xbox game revealed for backward compatibility list174,3064.5
Call of Duty WWII multiplayer revives controversial Black Ops mechanic255,9684.4
New Xbox Live Avatars are coming this fall234,8144.3
Xbox Head Phil Spencer Says Most People Don’t Care About 60FPS195,1124.3
Original Xbox Backward Compatibility Works With Discs121,8714.5
Watch a New Xbox One X Assembled Component by Component233,8624.5
Call of Duty: WWII Private Beta begins August 25 on PS4346,1454.7
Xbox One Game Modding Tool 'Vantage' Now Available to Download4167,8654.4
Xbox One X will not support virtual reality232,9814.1
This is how you’ll know if your games are ‘enhanced’ for Xbox One X142,6144.3
The Xbox One X has a secret message on it2112,7544.5
There’s one big reason you can’t pre-order the Xbox One X yet172,5394.3
Destiny 2 reveals great E3 surprise for consoles, PC release date153,3204.4
E3 2017: PlayStation Recap: Days Gone, Call of Duty, God of War416,9584.7
E3 2017: Destiny 2 Gets a Brand New Trailer245,9234.4
E3 2017: God of War Gets New Gameplay Trailer131,6694.7
E3 2017: Monster Hunter World Announced For PS4; Watch the Trailer143,3854.6
E3 2017: Shadow of the Colossus Returns to PS4; Watch the New Trailer82,0304.4
E3 2017: Call of Duty: WWII Gets Brand New Gameplay Trailer374,4914.6
E3 2017: Ubisoft Recap, Mario, Assassin's Creed Origin, The Crew 2254,5154
E3 2017: Far Cry 5’s Gameplay Unveiled Alongside New Trailer172,2444.2
E3 2017: The Crew 2 Revealed at Ubisoft’s Press Conference203,5114.3
E3 2017: Xbox One X Specs, Size and Weight Compared with Xbox One S276,3204.2
E3 2017: Sony “refused” to join Minecraft cross-play395,2184.8
E3 2017: Backwards compatible original Xbox games could appear on Game Pass273,1764.3
E3 2017: Close Up Photos of the Xbox One X7010,4814.3
E3 2017: Watch 5 minutes of Forza 7 gameplay in 4K at 60FPS253,1224.5
E3 2017: Xbox E3 press conference Recap, Xbox One X, Crackdown and more164,3364.4
E3 2017: Xbox One X Specs and Features Explained172,7384.4
E3 2017: Xbox One X Price Officially Announced, it’s $499558,3264.3
E3 2017: Original Xbox games coming to Xbox Backwards Compatibility284,8804.3
E3 2017: Crackdown 3 Launches on November 7th; New Trailer Released195,1494.7
E3 2017: Microsoft Announces Cross-Platform Minecraft Multiplayer317,4114.6
E3 2017: State of Decay 2 Trailer Revealed204,2924.8
Player Unknown's Battlegrounds coming to Xbox One and Xbox One X265,3644.3
E3 2017: Assassin's Creed Origins Revealed184,3844.4
E3 2017: Metro: Exodus revealed for Xbox One X and Windows 10161,9434.2
E3 2017: Xbox One X E3 2017 Trailer Revealed203,2404.4
E3 2017: Forza Motorsport 7 Revealed161,4584.1
E3 2017: Project Scorpio’s Name and Design Officially Revealed: It’s Xbox On263,1144.2
Forza Motorsport 7 rumored release date leaks ahead of Xbox livestream131,4864.5
PlayStation Wishes Xbox “Good Luck Out There” Ahead of Microsoft’s E3232,6824.7
Project Scorpio reportedly set to cost $499272,8614.4
Project Scorpio Will Be Revealed at the Beginning of Microsoft’s E3151,9194.3
Report: Project Scorpio Might Actually Be Named Xbox Scorpio181,4774.1
Star Wars: Battlefront II Get New Multiplayer Footage at E3 2017476,6684.6
Need for Speed Payback’s E3 trailer394,8034.5
Xbox One S Discounted to $250 Starting June 11th252,3834.4
NBA Live 18 Gets New Details; New Gameplay Trailer Released122,1094.4
Star Wars: Battlefront II Debuts with Incredible Trailer at E3 2017212,9784.2
FIFA 18’s Story Mode “The Journey Hunter Returns” Teased in New Trailer111,2574.1
Battlefield 1 Trailer for “In the Name of the Tsar” Expansion121,4654.3
BioWare’s New Game Revealed: Anthem; Teaser Trailer Released67984.2
Battlefield 1 CTE update hints at what’s coming in June111,6694
Ubisoft kicks off E3 week with free games and sales182,2294.4
Star Wars Battlefront 2 Multiplayer Beta Announced121,4404.6
Assassin’s Creed: Origins on Scorpio Runs at Consistent Frame Rate in 4K162,4934.5
Gears of War 4 Free Trial Begins Today89354.8
Call of Duty: WWII reveals the five new multiplayer classes of Divisions233,3974.1
Rocket League Season 4 end date and rewards revealed124,5224.3
Xbox Scorpio just got 1GB more powerful335,0274.5
Payday 2 is now free on Steam to the first 5 million who grab it163,0064.6
Microsoft E3 2017 Conference Will Probably Be Longer than 90 Minutes233,0004.3
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds sales already past 3 million copies173,6834.4
PS4 Pro price drop to combat Xbox Scorpio, says analyst151,9093.9
Black Ops III Zombies Chronicles Xbox One, PC release date162,7063.9
Xbox E3 Teasers Could Reveal Scorpio Name, Price, and Release Date202,8814.4
Xbox Exec Criticizes Sony’s Backward Compatibility Stance141,9004.7
Here’s when Battlefield 1’s first night-only map launches101,4704.4
Assassin’s Creed Origins leaks at retail yet again103,0784.6
Earn double XP in Overwatch92,1374.7
Pokemon Gold and Silver to release on 3DS Virtual67424.4
Xbox Scorpio Teased In Three New Videos Ahead of E3244,1854.1
Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2 officially announced101,4694.1
This week’s PlayStation Store deals revealed81,2014.2
Death Stranding Will Not Be at E3 201769644.3
GTA Online Gunrunning update arrives June 13 – watch the trailer192,6374.4
Get acclaimed platformer Outland for free on Steam71,4664.4
PS5 Direction Is Currently Being Discussed, Says Sony143,3264.6
Xbox One backward compatibility isn’t as popular as you think223,2954.4
We Won’t Be Frightened Of Scorpio, Says Sony Executive131,4914.7
Sony exec calls Switch a great success, doesn’t see it as competition87954.5
Analyst Skeptical Of 2018 PS5 Release Claims82,0704.1
Sony: 1 in 5 PS4s Sold Are PS4 Pros; Selling Better Than Expected78134.1
Watch the PC Gaming Show E3 2017 Live Stream Here!62,3884.7
Watch the Nintendo E3 2017 Live Stream Here!25744.4
Watch the Sony E3 2017 Live Stream Here!37614.6
Watch the Ubisoft E3 2017 Live Stream Here!21,0514.3
Watch the EA E3 2017 Live Stream Here!49174.6
Watch the Microsoft E3 2017 Live Stream Here!52,5224.6
Watch the Bethesda E3 2017 Live Stream Here!45284.4
Limited Edition Gold and Silver PS4s Officially Announced101,1784.6
Sony to drop PS4 price to $250 during E3 week – report141,4614.7
Gold PlayStation 4 confirmed, along with when you can buy one101,4904.5
How Call of Duty: WWII may still support health regen after all142,1614.3
Sony on Backwards Compatibility: “Why Would Anybody Play This?”162,2804.7
Xbox One Game Modding Tool Coming Soon (Updated)5127,7674.7
Project Scorpio Development Kits Unveiled in New Video153,1774.1
New games releasing this week: June 5 – June 11121,6214.7
Tekken 7 is the first UK No.1 for the series in almost 20 years78734.2
Report: PS4 Slim Gold Edition Arriving Next Week121,9504.6
Rocket League 2nd Anniversary update revealed112,5814.5
Call of Duty: WWII Zombies Will Be “Unique to Our Dead Space Signature”142,4904.6
Friday the 13th on Xbox One Gets Matchmaking Update112,5724.6
Call of Duty WWII New Details On Campaign Revealed91,5274
FIFA 18 First Look Announced For Tomorrow81,3894
DiRT 4 Running At 4K/60fps On Xbox Scorpio Is “Theoretically” Possible61,0814.6
GTA Online: Gunrunning Gets More Details from Rockstar172,9724.8
Gears of War 4 trial kicks off on Xbox One and Windows 10 next week81,1814.2
More Crash Bandicoot: Warped remaster gameplay111,4794.2
Subscribe to PlayStation Plus for a year, get a free copy of Battlefront91,2684.9
Star Wars Battlefront II’s gameplay reveal includes a 40-player battle111,2584.5
God of War will have a big presence at E359154.5
Tekken 7 - The King is back on top74,3774.2
iPhone 8 Leak shows off large display, and rear Touch ID sensor318,6754.6
Latest Xbox One system update rolling out to Preview members71,3304.4
Nintendo isn’t sharing when the Virtual Console is coming to Switch59174.3
Need for Speed Payback Revealed with New Trailer81,1144.2
Gears of War 4 reveals its biggest update yet, Rise of the Horde81,2614.4
Nintendo Switch’s paid online service delayed, pricing revealed77994.5
Call of Duty: Black Ops III update improves stability, fixes bugs131,4064.4
Xbox’s Mike Ybarra Tweets Photo of Project Scorpio Processor213,0904.6
GTA 5 is the Best-Selling Game in America Since NPD Tracking Began131,2824.5
Xbox’s Netflix-style Game Pass might be coming to PC, too121,9234.4
Watch a Nintendo Switch get thrown from 300 meters and survive81,1664.6
New gold PS4 Slim coming this month – report69284.2
Xbox E3 Survey Mentions Nintendo SNES Classic Edition101,6304.3
Pokémon Go Will Get PvP and Legendary Pokemon This Summer131,3004.4
“We can do more” microtransactions, says publisher of GTA and Red Dead1727,4854.4
This week’s PlayStation Store deals revealed111,4404.2
Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite roster reportedly leaked99884.4
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds next update improves performance111,7624.4

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