E3 2017: Microsoft Announces Cross-Platform Minecraft Multiplayer

Today, during Microsoft’s E3 2017 press briefing, Microsoft revealed new features coming to Minecradt. Microsoft is uniting all of Minecraft's servers across mobile, VR, PC, and console, and updating the visuals.

The game will receive a free update to combine all the servers this summer which means everyone will be able to share and play with everyone on nearly every platform. And later this fall, the game will get a visual overhaul with the Super Duper Graphics pack. Microsoft showed off the new visuals showcasing impressive new lighting effects among other updates.

You can check out the trailer below.

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I stopped playing this game ages ago. dont really care what they do to it now.


That's pretty neat stuff right there. I wonder how multiplayer servers will work.


This is perfect, I game share and my friend has MC, and some of our friends play it on PC. I never really got into MC, but this could be the reason I try it out.


Pretty sweet they are doing this.


sounds great going to get the vr version of the game


Not just the cross platform but the community market and looks like better mini games and also the 4K graphics pack, Great excuse to start playing again!


This seems cool and if they were to make this happen I would definitely play Minecraft a lot more lol, It's decent on PC Servers but I'm wondering how it would all work.


Rabbi_NASA But will console player be able to play on servers like Mineplex, thats the question.

No as it is cross play with the windows 10 edition not the java version that all the servers are on.


Cool to see they are integrating this.


The concept seems great but wondering how it will work out.