iPhone 8 Leak shows off large display, and rear Touch ID sensor

Every week, there seem to be new images or renders of Apple's upcoming iPhone. One problem with the barrage of information is that there doesn't seem to be a consensus on where the Touch ID fingerprint reader will make an appearance. Although there has been a lot of information about how Apple will embed its fingerprint sensor under the front glass, it seems more and more likely that the firm will relocate the sensor on the rear of the device, much like how Samsung did for its Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+.

New images purporting to reveal the new iPhone have surfaced online that show off the handset in all its glory. As you can see from the first image, the handset doesn't quite offer the thinnest bezels but does look very different from its predecessors, with a good amount of the front being allocated to the display.

In this rendition, the fingerprint reader is located on the rear of the device, with a prominent vertical camera hump housing the dual lens system. Below the camera, a tiny flash module and microphone can also be seen.

The device shown in these images could be legitimate, or it could simply be a 'clone' or cheap knock-off. Regardless, since Apple generally releases its new iPhones towards the end of the year, we still have quite a bit of time left before we will gain confirmation.

But, there is always the chance that more solid information will arrive prior to the event that will solidify the design of the phone, along with where the fingerprint sensor will land.

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Source: https://www.neowin.net/news/images-said-to-be-of-new-iphone-show-off-large-display-and-rear-touch-id-sensor


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Ehhh, i dont like how it looks to be honest. Back looks very awkward


Front looking a little wierd tbh


I'm not sure if I like this look honestly ;/


I'll keep my 7+ for awhile, I wont get this right off launch.


So what's the deal with the screen having touch ID. How is that possible? Is it?


Reminds me too much of the LG G series phones. Home button in the back, weird camera placement. Don't think I'll be upgrading this year.


I cant say im a fan of this. I would like to be able to see the button i am pressing


Eh, the camera placement looks really weird to me, and the front looks a lot like a Samsung. I need to get to use to it as of right now I'm not feeling it.


I actually really like this, the large display is pretty slick too, I mostly watch videos before I sleep on my phone, so actually seems pretty decent :).


oh god that just looks ugly and i wouldnt buy