Destiny 2 reveals great E3 surprise for consoles, PC release date

Along with a new trailer dominated by Dominus Ghaul at PlayStation’s E3 2017 press conference, Destiny 2 has been announcing a bunch of new dates for releases and betas.

First, the PC version finally has a release date. You will be able to play Destiny for the first time on October 24th.

The console versions have been pushed up to September 6th, from its initial September 8th release date.

As far as the beta goes, PlayStation 4 players will have access to it starting July 18th, while Xbox One players will have to wait until July 19th. PC players are again being kept in the dark, although it sounds like we’ll learn more about the PC beta soon.

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Daniel Why not just give us all the same release date other than mixing and matching, I know it's only a little wait but stuff like that does my head in lol.

Assuming it has to do with sales and money. If those weren't an issue, everything would be of equal opportunity instead of one over the other.


I can't wait to get this game.


Harf I've never really gotten into Destiny, I'm 50/50 on weather or not to try it.

Well if you get Destiny 2 without ever playing the first Destiny, story wise, you'll be missing out on a lot of the plot of the game. But the main thing that keeps players coming back are the raids which requires teamwork of 6 players. That is the fun part about the game.


I've never really gotten into Destiny, I'm 50/50 on weather or not to try it.


I can't wait to play this beta, I loved the first destiny.


Come sooner now lets get it


Can't wait to pick this up for pc


I feel like Sony paid off Activision to keep this game from PC users for as long as possible to try and boost their sales or something. Idk, about most people, but I can wait as long as it takes to get a game for a more preferred system.


I guess for those with both a console and PC, having the PC release delayed would give them a chance to decide whether or not they want to also purchase the game for PC. I'm aiming to grab a copy on both platforms as PC is at 4K & uncapped FPS. Looking forward to the beta to see just how much the game has changed and improved over Destiny 1.


Excited to play the beta, should be good.