Xbox One backward compatibility going offline for maintenance

Microsoft will be performing scheduled maintenance that will affect Xbox 360 titles and services tomorrow, June 20th.

The maintenance will run from 4 a.m. ET until 6 a.m. ET and will also impact Xbox 360 backward compatible titles on Xbox One.

Microsoft notes that Xbox One owners who are playing an Xbox 360 title during the maintenance may be disconnected from Xbox Live one or more times. However, Xbox One games and services will be unaffected by the maintenance.

During E3 last week, Microsoft revealed that it is extending its backward compatibility program to include original Xbox games, starting with Crimson Skies and Fusion Frenzy. The company did note that the original Xbox side of backward compatibility will be no where near as big as the Xbox 360 side.

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Sure we all can survive 2 hours lol


Good timing for working on updates, doing this at peak moments of engagement would of sucked


I'm glad that they're pushing this update, because I cannot wait for these new classic titles!


Glad they do that when most of the people are in bed or at work


ReevyMods Imagine if when Backwards compatible comes back on they add MW2 as a "thanks for being patient" lol

i wouldnt be suprised although i use xbox one for black ops 2 only and my ps4 here i at mostly


Imagine if when Backwards compatible comes back on they add MW2 as a "thanks for being patient" lol


Good to know. Some games dont run at their full potential so i look forward to seeing the outcome :)


Good to know hopefully the sort a few things out make it more smooth.


Great to know about this, was gonna play Trials HD and go for some nice records, gotta have live for them to save though.


Thanks for the headsup, good to know :)