E3 2017: Destiny 2 Gets a Brand New Trailer

It wouldn’t be a PlayStation E3 Press Conference without a showing from Destiny — this time, the recently revealed Destiny 2. With a brand new trailer, Bungie and Activision showed off the brand new, exclusive PlayStation content coming to the massively popular MMOFPS.

The exclusive content that Bungie unveiled for PlayStation falls into the normal categories: strike, gear, exotic and a PvP map. Outside of a few names, there is no real information on what any of this content is — however, it will be timed exclusive until at least Fall 2018.

The exclusive strike will be called “Lake of Shadows,” the exclusive ship will be titled City Apex, the exotic weapon is a sniper titled Borealis and the PvP map will be titled Retribution. All of this combat will be coming to PC and Xbox One at a later date.

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Source: http://www.dualshockers.com/destiny-2-gets-brand-new-trailer-showcasing-playstation-exclusive-content/


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Looks alright but I just hope it's not a flop like the first one.


I'll play the beta and see if I enjoy it, the game looks good.


Wokze Destiny was one of the worst games i've played. Sold it the day i got it.

You arent the first person i heard this from. Seemed like the MP was not very big either, this might have been why. Trailer doesnt look bad imo but trailers are totally different from gameplay most of the time


Destiny was one of the worst games i've played. Sold it the day i got it.


The first destiny was okay but this one looks way better. Ill have to buy it :)


Never played destiny, might have to try this when it comes out but I'll most likely be grinding WW2


I never really gave the first Destiny a real chance, I feel like the game is way better to play with friends and none of my friends never really got into it. I do have the game and might give it another go before buying this one.


I was so happy when I bought all the expansions on PS4. Then I found out there was going to be number 2! I didn't think the game could get better!


Pretty hyped about the second Destiny. I played the first one non stop


As if the first one wasn't bad enough... I'm not a fan...