Destiny 2’s PS4 Exclusive Content is Temporary; Coming to Xbox One/PC

Destiny 2 is coming out with some exclusive content for PS4 users, but it won’t last forever, as clarified by Director Luke Smith on Twitter.

The exclusivity deal is temporary, and Xbox One and PC players will be able to enjoy the content in 2018.

The content involved in the deal was showcased in a trailer (which to be fair included a notice abut the temporary exclusivity “at lest” until fall 2018, but it was small, and obviously many missed it) during PlaySation’s E3 2017 press conference.

It will include the Lake of Shadows strike, the Terra Concord titan armor, the Tesseract Trace IV warlock armor, the Icarus Drifter hunter armor, the City Apex ship, the Borealis exotic weapon (a sniper rifle with three damage modes which I’d be surprised if it doesn’t get nerfed into the ground), and the Retribution PvP map.

Destiny 2 will release on PS4 and Xbox One on September 6th, and on PC on Octover 24th.

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Finally Xbox gets first dibs and not PS4 lol


I'll be playing this on Xbox and don't mind the wait.


Yeah I expected this to happen, did the same thing with Destiny 1 so it's not a big deal that Ps4 get it on release, we will get it one day.


If only everyone got content at the same time. Console wars are so stupid.


Cool, Good it's not just locked to Playstation :P


I always find it strange how PC gets the release after 2 months of the game being initially out.


Love how Bungie basically said screw you to Microsoft even though Microsoft is the company that helped greatly in making them who they are today. Never liked Bungie after they let go of Halo.