The Tech Game: January 2014

Forza 5 'Smoking Tire' car pack set for Feb 4 release886,1904.5
Toy Soldiers: Cold War, Dead Island free for Xbox Live Gold members11712,1894.4
Killer Instinct introduces Jail system to punish quitters646,9874.5
Cheaper Xbox One set for 2014 release, report claims879,8204.5
Microsoft seeks legal action against Xbox One leaker – report687,9474.7
Humble Weekly Codemasters sale: Overlord, Operation Flashpoint444,6144.3
Next Car Game earns $1 million from Steam Early Access475,4124.6
Xbox One disc-free console – analyst weighs in on rumor897,9424.8
Wii U price cut 'not an option', says Iwata878,3633.8
Forza Horizon 2 could hit Xbox One in September at 1080p615,5234.6
PlayStation Vita slim model unveiled635,8224.3
Killzone Shadow Fall sales pass 2.1 million503,1594.3
Mario Kart 8 starts its engines on Wii U this May676,0384.3
Xbox One: first major system update due March – rumour454,8224.7
Xbox One plans reportedly leak, White Xbox One and cheaper models inbound12517,9744.7
DICE details upcoming Battlefield 4 weapon tweaks584,6534.6
PS Vita Slim to be Revealed in Europe Tomorrow342,7094.7
Xbox One: “New IP is critical,” says MS, comments about Gears of War455,5834.5
Grand Theft Auto 5 PC pre-orders start Friday, according to retailer696,2604.6
Respawn: Titanfall server-side updates won't cause downtime243,3824.8
Gears of War for Xbox One just one week into development484,8004.6
Biggest battle in EVE Online's history leads to an estimated $500,000304,4824.6
EA prepping Titanfall DLC, to 'evolve' depending on player base465,0294.8
Report: PlayStation Now closed beta invites rolling out444,1594.6
Rumor: PS4 to run PS1 and PS2 games via local software emulation586,0364.5
Microsoft brand swap: Skydrive to become OneDrive365,0384.6
Elder Scrolls Online requires Xbox Gold, but not PS Plus899,5994.6
Call of Duty: Ghosts title update docks alongside Onslaught DLC537,1714.7
Tour the new maps in Call of Duty: Ghosts 'Onslaught' DLC668,5814.7
Titanfall for Xbox 360 outsourced, Vince Zampella confirms465,6564.5
Report: Nintendo planning free smartphone 'mini-games'577,4164.4
BioShock Infinite on sale for $10 on PC and Mac, $20 on PS3313,6074.4
Next major Battlefield 4 update due for release by early February524,4634.6
Grand Theft Auto 5 PS3 mod turns Los Santos into a waterworld8911,7294.6
Retailer advertises Titanfall beta for February455,3504.7
NSA targeted Angry Birds for user data collection, claims report354,0694.6
Respawn boss teases Titanfall beta announcement 'soon'333,8304.6
Smedley confirms EverQuest Next will arrive on PlayStation 4192,1204.7
Microsoft Studios acquires rights to Gears of War series535,0354.7
League of Legends boasts 27 million daily players423,1734.7
World of Tanks: 360 servers going down “for a few days” starting 29th516,0084.5
Microsoft "Turning Xbox One 10% Reserved GPU For OS To 2%"729,4364.6
DayZ's next six months to bring vehicles, bases and more647,4694.7
Minecraft sales exceed 1 million in first month on PS3877,6814.4
Xbox One and PS4 difference isn't "all that great", insists Microsoft14313,2444.7
Titanfall critics are "assuming things" based on older shooters797,5304.7
No more single-player DLC planned for The Last of Us665,2524.6
Killer Instinct's next free-to-play fighter is Thunder453,8154.5
Battlefield 4 double XP weekend for Premium users536,1394.6
Xbox One: competitive digital pricing is “on the agenda”, says Nelson504,9804.6
Sony teases new ‘slim’ announcement484,2524.6
Console homebrew may not be illegal, European Court of Justice rules558,1874.6
Realistic sim The Golf Club tees off on PS4, Xbox One and PC586,6504.7
New Apple TV rumoured to support games567,2604.5
XboxIE brings HTML5 games to Xbox One10035,0414.6
Microsoft: 3.9 million Xbox One units sold to retail stores607,8264.8
PSN will be offline for maintenance on Monday for six hours555,4654.7
Call of Duty: Ghosts video provides insight into Extinction: Episode 1646,4954.7
Clans gang up on Killzone: Shadow Fall next month363,3724.7
Xbox Live: Xbox One sign in issues Microsoft Investigating12314,2344.5
GTA Online 10 new Rockstar verified jobs now available during Freemode896,2404.4
Call of Duty Ghosts artist reveals artwork of new Onslaught DLC weapon746,4934.6
Call of Duty: Ghosts live-action video preps you for Onslaught493,1394.6
Xbox One to get 60 frames per second live sports channels926,9514.7
FIFA 14 Xbox One patch fixes stability and online issues464,7464.6
Dead Rising 3 ships 1 million784,7184.6
Grand Theft Auto 5 listed for PC on Amazon Germany, Amazon France727,0604.5
New Alienware Steam Machines will be released annually806,7544.4
Xbox Live sale discounts Dark Souls, Call of Duty: Ghosts & more10710,7354.8
Kinect to blame for delay to BBC iPlayer for Xbox One, insider claims464,4824.7
Thief PC specs slip out505,2644.7
Users report PlayStation 4 error corrupting save files676,6854.8
Iwata clarifies: Nintendo is not done with consoles676,8374.7
Microsoft recognizes YouTubers as influential but wants rules636,4944.7
10 minutes of Titanfall alpha footage697,4944.6
Microsoft explored 75 Xbox One prototypes667,6284.6
Nintendo shares hit following loss warning906,8324.6
Dead Rising 3 update weighs in at 13GB16515,8494.7
Titanfall open beta 'possible', says community manager908,2604.5
'No plans' for a Halo movie, says Microsoft16710,4754.6
70 Leaked Titanfall screenshots escape 'closed alpha' test17425,6834.7
Sony readying updated PS3 hardware to better support PlayStation Now695,9014.5
Titanfall undergoing 'limited technical test', says Respawn857,8264.6
Killer Instinct DLC screenshots show Spinal715,2074.5
Nintendo 'thinking about a new business structure'825,3504.6
Steam delivers free weekend for Saints Row 4, Company of Heroes 2906,0864.7
GTA Online's war on "unfair" money: how Rockstar's protecting users14515,0654.7
New Nintendo eShop releases: Unepic, Castlevania 2, F1 Race Stars383,3554.7
Nintendo slashes forecasts, projects 2.8M Wii U shipments332,7474.7
HBO Go app coming to PS3 soon, PS4 to follow553,9744.6
Xbox One led December's U.S. console hardware sales with 908,000 units977,4144.6
Valve wants SteamOS to feature music and video services533,6774.5
Sony won't offer option to disable PS4 DualShock 4 light bar1299,6684.6
Call of Duty: Ghosts updated on Xbox 360776,8634.4
Titanfall alpha invites going out to Battlefield 4 players455,2254.7
Battlefield 4 stability update hits Xbox 360, patch notes inside776,0824.7
Rockstar cracking down on GTA Online cheaters17314,8004.6
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light free now on Xbox Live Gold684,9614.3
Grand Theft Auto Online down for maintenance tonight1118,8174.5
Xbox One Titanfall limited edition wireless controller $64.9918014,0224.5
Xbox One version of Diablo 3 listed by retailers615,1544.5
Flatout dev's Next Car Game comes to Steam Early Access493,8814.7
PS4 vs Xbox One: console specs are “fairly marginal,” says Microsoft736,1244.6
Battlefield 4 update released on Xbox One575,6134.7
Call of Duty:Ghosts – Onslaught screenshots1248,2394.5
Maxis explains difficulties of removing SimCity's online requirement373,6764.7
Sledgehammer staffing up for 'next-gen Call of Duty game'14014,3524.7
Battlefield 4 updates released on PS3 and PS4696,4454.6
Minecraft PS3 patch 1.03 detailed618,6544.4
DayZ standalone sells over one million in four weeks966,2484.5
Pro Halo player hired by 343 Industries798,0544.8
Microsoft releases new Xbox One commercials showcasing critic praise686,6534.8
CoD: Ghosts Onslaught lets you play as Halloween’s Michael Myers12014,4994.6
BioShock Infinite free for PS Plus members tomorrow1056,9554.7
SimCity to update with much-requested offline mode464,1184.6
Codemasters teases Dirt 4 release in 2014635,3724.8
Xbox One shouldn’t be last Microsoft console, says Spencer967,7714.6
Titanfall has been tough to market due to lack of single-player715,2004.5
PlayStation Plus February: free games supposedly leaked535,7164.7
GTA Online update adds anti-cheat measures626,1844.6
Call of Duty Ghosts: Onslaught DLC dated596,2854.5
Windows 9 'Threshold' reportedly coming in April 20151127,6514.4
Leaked GameStop poster reveals content of first DLC pack for Ghosts22119,3144.6
Pizza Hut Xbox 360 app made over $1 million in first four months17510,4114.7
State of Decay dev extends relationship with Microsoft Studios865,6264.7
Microsoft Xbox exec is 'not sweating it' about Steam Machines937,8404.6
Xbox One beta for Project Spark pushed back to next month616,2834.7
Titanfall:freedom of movement makes higher player count uncomfortable544,9294.6
3DS sales top 11.5 million in the US1166,1274.8
UK PS4 sales narrowly beat Xbox 360 in 2013935,2964.6
WWE Network coming to consoles & mobile next month1369,4234.5
Robert Bowling chases robbers from Robotski office11811,5274.7
Second official Call of Duty Championship set for March1649,0884.5
Xbox One update 'will improve the Live experience'1109,6314.7
PS Now: Sony recommends 5Mbps connection896,6724.6
Skyrim may be coming to Xbox One and PS412210,2694.5
Xbox One direct Twitch streaming still a few months away604,7064.5
DayZ devs taking time, beta not planned until close of 2014625,2474.6
App Store sales topped $10 billion across 2013914,1494.7
PlayStation Now will benefit content creators, says Sony595,1094.7
Titanfall multiplayer has a 6v6 limit15012,2284.4
The Last of Us on Vita via PlayStation Now674,6944.5
Sony announces PlayStation Now for streaming older games796,5324.4
Sony announces PlayStation 4 sales reached 4.2 million by end of 2013725,8714.7
New PS4 stock hits UK retail463,2564.7
Gabe Newell shrugs off Xbox One momentum808,6794.7
New weapon camos found within Call of Duty Ghosts:game files8416,1324.4
Call of Duty Ghosts: Onslaught DLC Release Dates5512,4814.4
Steam Machine: 13 models prices and detailed939,6844.5
Halo 5 reaffirmed for 2014 release1219,7604.8
Don't Starve, DmC: Devil May Cry free on PS Plus this week302,8464.7
MLB 2K baseball series canceled818,0884.7
Microsoft announces 3 million Xbox One consoles sold1018,0474.7
Titanfall will support multiple controller layouts506,3454.6
Xbox One console delays: “it never feels good,” says Spencer374,2124.6
DayZ sales have passed 800,000 in under one month757,5644.6
World of Warcraft add-on trojan steals account, authenticator info588,8084.8
Rockstar: GTA5's multi-character approach was a 'leap of faith'10510,4944.6
Metal Gear Solid 5 map 'hundreds of times larger' than Ground Zeroes'847,7234.4
Sony has "done a nice job with PS4", says Xbox One's Phil Spencer1169,0924.6
Sony patent covers adding new content to classic cloud based games696,3764.4
Incoming Xbox One updates shaped by fan feedback, says Hryb859,7114.5
No mods for Titanfall on PC, studio to 'evaluate' after launch445,7684.7
Battlefield 4 Premium double XP event today614,4004.7
PS4 sales to hit 38 million by 2017, analyst forecasts795,7564.5
Killer Instinct patch replaces free character Jago with Sabrewulf596,5494.7
EA Origin servers down, hacker group claims responsibility748,2464.6
Xbox One Driver Update - "Expect Great Things"8910,3424.6
Why a realistic Los Santos in GTA 5 would be unconvincing9410,2524.5
Titanfall: quick-scoping & no-scoping are ‘ineffective’, says Respawn1319,3144.6
GTA Online no longer ‘static’, will evolve with fan feedback1039,2584.5
Xbox One coined as ‘disc-less’ console for some time, Spencer reveals635,3504.6
The Last of Us not ruled out for PS4613,7044.4
UK: PS4 sold 45% faster than Xbox One in 2013523,6674.5
GTA V surpasses 3.6m sales across the UK603,0774.6
Microsoft considering interactive game shows for Xbox One464,3364.7
DayZ alpha sells over 400,000 on Steam837,4774.5
4.6 million Snapchat accounts exposed via known exploit949,3914.6
Double XP event delayed for Battlefield 4 Premium members995,3644.6
Report: Wii U Outsold Xbox One Last Week23515,2254.6

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