The Tech Game: September 2013

GTA Online release times, unlocks tied to Rep Points8314,5394.6
Microsoft confirms Xbox One only has 5 minutes of recording635,5754.4
Kinect for Xbox One is against consumer choice, says Sony824,3264.5
Games with Gold members get Halo 3 in October725,8754.7
GTA V Online release date tomorrow, Australia on October 2 plus more7512,6254.7
PS4 more popular among consumers than Xbox One, according to Reuters714,4494.3
PS4 vs Xbox One: the format war is a marathon, not a sprint, says Sony512,7554.4
Report: Nintendo UK planning Wii U awareness strategy483,3994.5
FIFA 14 tops UK charts despite 24 percent year-on-year drop392,8624.6
Microsoft sets dates for international Xbox One tour313,1614.5
PS4 to outsell Xbox One at launch, predicts Pachter876,1014.1
BF4: DICE aims for equal performance on both next-gen consoles523,7574.6
Rockstar talks GTA Online, explains reasoning behind release date9211,5334.7
Call of Duty producer talks Ghosts multiplayer development process827,5804.5
Report: Multiplayer-less Batman: Arkham Origins to cost $50 on Wii U533,3954.6
FIFA 14 launch trailer released473,2834.5
Xbox Fitness officially announced with trailer826,1894.6
Nintendo exec 'many people still don't know Wii U is a new console'574,8274.8
PS4 travels to the Middle East on December 13382,8294.6
Watch Dogs on current-gen requires mandatory install625,7754.3
Valve reveals Steam PC game controller706,7934.5
Microsoft: Xbox One sell-outs at launch are "inevitable"707,0684.6
All existing UK PS4 pre-orders should arrive before Christmas333,2164.6
New GTA Online screens released, Rockstar warns of crashes7611,0744.7
Infinity Ward responds to GTA 5 mocking CoD - "it's pretty cool"7314,1724.8
First GTA 5 DLC details - Beach Bum Pack, heists and Capture The Flag5246,1914.3
Xbox One DVR features let you record video commentary505,5014.7
Xbox One cycle more than 10 years, says Harrison625,7004.6
Kinect can understand two voices at once, mouths moving in the dark332,8864.6
Call of Duty Ghosts multiplayer map Stonehaven revealed488,4834.7
Upgradable cross-gen titles won't transfer single-player data585,0754.6
Steam Box exists, will come in a variety of Steam Machines in 2014334,5114.4
Grand Theft Auto Online micro-transaction details and prices revealed13118,0024.2
PS4 startup beep sounds identical to PS3's717,1064.4
New PS4 user interface images released483,7074.5
FIFA 14 patch released, EA aware of freezing reports277,0954.5
Killer Instinct gameplay video previews Sadira312,7044.6
Activision: Call of Duty is Not a Dying Franchise12511,7774.8
Xbox Live Gold's next free game is Might & Magic Clash of Heroes1099,9354.7
Battlefield 4 video discusses beta details584,9214.7
Battlefield 4 weapon customisation and adaptive camo discussed by DICE505,7964.6
Minecraft Playstation Edition Updates Will Be Xbox 360 Equivalent464,6574.6
GTA Online includes in-game currency microtransactions – rumour8610,6384.6
PSN maintenance planned for September 25624,6354.7
iOS 7 Jailbreak for iPhone 4 Successful, But Cydia MIA5910,7814.8
Microsoft Surface Pro 2 unveiled, is a 'full-power PC'485,1044.7
Apple sold 9 million iPhones over the weekend717,1114.6
Valve announces Linux-based Steam OS202,6104.8
CoD Ghosts: first 500 to play at Eurogamer get free Prestige Edition675,0814.7
Xbox One can run four apps simultaneously, allows sign-in for 6 users816,1984.5
Xbox One game DVR clips only shareable on Xbox Live at launch454,2284.5
GTA Online will reportedly support 32 players, not 16758,3374.5
Call of Duty Ghosts Achievements reveal campaign details575,8784.4
GTA V 'crash errors' reported on older Xbox 360 consoles416,6044.5
Rockstar working on a fix for disappearing GTA 5 vehicles547,8004.5
Minecraft PC texture packs may come to Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition616,5034.4
Sony 'very encouraged' by Western response to Vita TV362,5434.6
Xbox One can connect to PS4; play "Ryse and Killzone at the sametime8210,1354.6
Apple: New iPhone demand is 'incredible'918,8294.8
PS4 hardware loss will be recovered at launch505,3474.6
Grand Theft Auto 5 sales surpass $1 billion848,8234.6
Gran Turismo 6 getting 'fairly large' day-one patch342,4044.8
Microsoft: Put Xbox One vertical 'at your own risk'8610,5854.5
Minecraft Title Update 13 (Bug Fix) Change List Now In Cert Testing416,9404.6
Black Ops 2 Uprising maps are free for Xbox, double XP weekend636,9954.7
Xbox One won’t get a lot of “stuff” 360 has for “for a while”808,5914.5
PS4 to support gameplay capture from HDMI493,9284.6
PlayStation 4 sales target is 5 million by March533,0094.5
Battlefield won't give up until it's 'number one'927,2404.6
Gaikai to stream PS3 games to PS4 and Vita333,4004.6
Grand Theft Auto 5 makes off with over $800 million on day one12911,6334.7
GTA V records biggest launch in UK history666,6774.6
Apple launches iOS 7, along with new interface for iCloud688,0854.5
Xbox boss 'hopes to bring' Gears of War to Xbox One594,5164.7
PS4 to launch across Asia before Japan392,8924.6
Xbox TV division has “literally hundreds of ideas” for TV content342,3544.6
Install GTA 5 'Play' disc to USB for Xbox 360 workaround4216,2844.7
Rockstar working out Social Club and iFruit companion app issues243,9454.7
GTA 5 attains joint-highest ever score on Metacritic7911,3974.5
Battlefield 4 beta for all on October 4767,1464.5
Valve hardware news “rolling out” next week, Newell promises Linuxcon242,7354.7
CoD: Ghosts next-gen upgrade options include “disc-less dual license”5610,4514.4
GTA 5 sales to top $1 billion in first month, analyst predicts546,5934.6
GTA 5: Rockstar outlines YouTube policy385,4964.7
Sony preparing against PS4 post-launch sell-out263,9514.5
Games with Gold: Rainbow Six Vegas now available656,5064.6
Rockstar advises owners of GTA V on 360 not to install the “play” disc5727,1194.4
Nintendo 'very aware' of desire for Wii U, 3DS unified accounts413,9394.6
Battlefield 4, FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25 next-gen street dates confirmed566,3534.4
GTA V copies sold early, Rockstar 'investigating'10316,0654.1
GTA 5's Leaked Xbox 360 Data Reveals PC, PS4 Build Code11421,1944.5
FIFA 14 next-gen upgrade incentives listed for North America404,1884.4
Grand Theft Auto 5 “feels next-gen” to Rockstar, says firm12712,7924.6
Sony: We've No Problem With EA767,1484.3
PS3 owners furious over GTA V download delay11611,1894.5
Battlefield 4 will go into open beta on October 11128,6504.3
Upcoming GTA 5 release date sees huge jump in GTA 4 sales658,4554.5
GTA V trailer shows off 'My Blaine County'656,6714.7
The first Xbox One retail box is pictured off the assembly line556,6864.7
Battlefield 4 PS3-to-PS4 upgrade done via in-box code554,3214.5
PS4 memory and ALU are considerably faster than Xbox One, dev claims927,1654.3
Play Xbox One early at a few Microsoft Stores836,8514.6
Xbox 360 GTA V leaked onto torrent sites for illegal download11123,5764.6
Microsoft Banning Consoles For GTA V Leaks14716,9014.6
Microsoft buys Xbone.com858,0924.6
Assassin's Creed 4 trailer showcases next-gen improvements503,3944.7
GTA 5 Lifeinvader site goes live, reveals new Legendary Motorsport5511,7824.7
Console war will 'reinvigorate' flagging industry, says Sony503,1584.6
Microsoft addressing 'technical glitch' affecting Xbox store536,9224.7
Sony preparing against PS4 post-launch sell-out383,9224.3
Rockstar warns against 'inevitable' GTA 5 leaks11515,7844.5
Steam Family Sharing announced by Valve, goes into beta next week666,1124.6
Microsoft offers more Xbox One-to-PlayStation 4 hardware comparisons778,2974.7
iPad 5 body fully detailed in dozens of leaked high-res images686,6504.6
PS4 retailing in Argentina for $6,499 AR, or approximately $1,137 USD867,5324.4
PS Vita 2000 is currently for Japan only says Sony423,8994.7
Microsoft in ‘genuinely enviable position’ despite Xbox One reversals435,1274.6
GTA Online details: Character creation, activities and more578,5564.8
GTA Online ambition 'to create an entire GTA world,' says North boss706,6924.7
Infinity Ward keen to explore Kinect for Call of Duty544,4354.6
iPhone 5S and 5C models confirmed829,3664.6
Microsoft won't comment on plans for Xbox 360 Skype app616,3904.8
Call of Duty: Ghosts trailer has a space gunfight959,8974.7
iOS 7 release date is September 18666,5624.7
Major Nelson thinks 'Xbone' nickname is disrespectful10310,8184.7
Titanfall dev not expecting to outsell Call of Duty664,5944.6
FIFA 14 demo available today443,7574.8
Vita TV will support more than 100 PS Vita retail games at launch312,4904.3
Sony releases a new trailer showing PlayStation hardware line-up413,2864.5
Grand Theft Auto 5 gameplay tops 100 hours of the American dream687,8424.7
Call of Duty Ghosts: quick-scoping may be gone completely, says Rubin20724,5454.4
PS4 vs Xbox One clash good for the industry - Microsoft393,5694.7
Call of Duty: Ghosts tracking to be 'most pre-ordered' game of year998,3214.7
Gallery: TheTechGame At PAX Prime 2013555,1314.7
Japan to get PS4 Feb. 22nd; will launch PS Vita 2000 October 10th402,8574.5
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, the next SimCity?323,6644.5
Xbox One video leak offers a closer look at the next-gen dashboard10110,2324.4
Xbox One “play the way you want to,” according to infographic1058,8754.8
Report reveals NSA can access most smartphones605,2914.7
Nintendo could be on a 'path to irrelevance', says Atari founder616,0344.5
Microsoft: PS4 is Not 30% More Powerful than Xbox One11013,5874.8
FIFA 14 TV trailer released524,6174.8
New Grand Theft Auto 5 screenshots, artwork and details released10812,1034.7
Battlefield 4 weapon customisation detailed with video855,3324.6
Sony Japan hosts early morning streaming press conference on Monday383,5714.5
Xbox One backward compatibility a theoretical proposal, Microsoft says868,4524.5
Xbox One stock will be available on day one, Microsoft assures685,7264.7
Activision to continue supporting Wii U714,9214.4
Microsoft shows off first Xbox One TV ad with NFL tie-in485,2254.6
Microsoft surprised by 'how negative' reaction was to Xbox One DRM1289,2324.8
Xbox One cloud could be used to replicate Gaikai streaming on PS4403,6664.7
iPhone 5S fingerprint sensors leak858,7454.5
There's room for Call of Duty and GTA, says Activision Publishing CEO11610,4914.5
Black Ops 2 Apocalypse DLC coming to PC and PS3 Sept. 26534,1934.7
Xbox One FIFA 14 pre-order offer valid in Australia374,6754.5
Xbox One is in full production, first shipments heading out485,0364.7
MS to enable Xbox One digital game trading 'when the time is right'423,4824.7
FIFA 14 career mode detailed with video3010,5074.3
Free Forza 5 added to Xbox One pre-order deal11517,5294.4
Xbox One launch date: November 2210514,4664.6
Microsoft will continue to support Xbox 360 for three years9214,0484.4
PlayStation 4 will support four controllers9114,1624.3
Xbox One release date announcement 'today', UK retailers claim369,5144.5
Xbox One in 'full production'; CPU boost confirmed4311,0304.5
Xbox One may be sold at a profit from day one283,2984.7
Apple's iPhone event for September 10th announced6220,2234.7
Xbox One 'hasn't been rushed' to market, says Major Nelson746,9064.7
Xbox One reputation system not carried over from 360667,0524.8
Gaikai on PS4: EU launch uncertain due to broadband issues5413,4034
New Dead Rising 3 gameplay footage released595,7424.7
Microsoft to buy Nokia's Devices & Services business588,8094.8
More leaked photos show iPhone 5C units in their packages5916,2994.7
Xbox One will support eight controllers at once897,8094.5
Mixed messages over free FIFA 14 on Xbox One546,7084.8
Xbox One was almost called Xbox Infinity, Penello confirms927,7014.6
Xbox One: external storage won’t be supported at launch654,2534.6
Xbox One: Microsoft needs to “cough up” the release date, says EA815,7494.6
Xbox One To Support Mods? 'It's Up To Developers' Says Major Nelson787,3314.6
Xbox One Illumiroom projector too expensive for home use8516,2954.6
Minecraft Xbox 360 Official Mash-Up Pack Trailer767,5564.5
Report: PS4 to support voice commands, recognition with camera8814,7644.1

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