The Tech Game: June 2013

Xbox promo allows players to obtain unlimited Microsoft Point codes36454,5374
Xbox One at $499: “the price is too high”, says economist22112,7644.5
FIFA 14 to feature Messi and Chicharito on North American cover1027,0654.5
Saints Row IV: 10-minute gameplay walkthrough video1417,4574.5
Multiple Wii online services discontinued today1417,8774.4
Battlefield 4 is the most pre-ordered next-gen game23112,2394.4
PES 2014 trailer claims 'next-gen equivalent visuals'664,0634.6
Xbox One, PS4 playable at GameStop Expo835,1974.7
'Up to 300 Time Warner live TV channels' coming to Xbox 360 in the US1127,3804.7
Sony Confirms PlayStation 4 Does Not Have a Power Brick13810,6824.6
Google reportedly working on Android game console1244,7934.5
Xbox Live Ultimate Game Sale starts next week12111,9594.6
Sony: Support for PS3 will continue824,2314.6
Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Texturepack Support Coming Title Update 1210813,7754.7
Xbox One exec says PS4 specs are "meaningless", games more important896,0604.7
Xbox One's memory performance has been hugely underestimated726,2924.6
Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Disc Version Available In All Countries613,7034.6
Black Ops 2 double XP weekender kicks off Today on all formats1105,7684.7
Microsoft further clarifies Xbox One headset incompatibility736,8424.6
Xbox One Kinect won't plug into PCs696,4634.4
Minecraft convention heads to sunny Orlando in November557,2464.3
GTA V set to break UK sales record with 3m copies ordered for release1045,0454.8
Angry Birds Trilogy coming to Wii U in August833,9564.5
PS3 firmware 4.46 update released to fix 4.45 malfunction443,6794.7
Report: Microsoft drops $40,000 Xbox 360 game patch fee11916,9424.5
Xbox One adapter for Xbox 360 headsets inbound11313,4264.6
Sony declined to bundle PS4 camera in order to best Xbox One price887,0174.5
Xbox One Kinect for Windows SDK applications live now, cost $400483,5014.7
Battlefield 4 will sell 14M, can “coexist successfully” with CoD1277,8034.5
Xbox One: Microsoft explains why it doesn’t include a headset13412,8674.8
Microsoft needs to “win the value argument,” over $499 Xbox One776,1444.6
Ouya founder on unfulfilled Kickstarter orders: 'I am pissed'706,1734.8
Gran Turismo 6 demo out next week462,3024.7
CoD: Black Ops 2 Vengeance DLC 'Replacers' trailer978,8174.6
Xbox One Will Not Include a Headset Kinect to stand in for omitted headset999,3644.6
DualShock 4 Has A Deceptively Large Size, Side-By-Side Comparison11412,9164.5
Microsoft's official Xbox One wired headset revealed13514,2814.4
Xbox One on show at PAX Australia463,2524.7
Star Wars Pinball cloned on Wii U July 11722,6804.7
Titanfall dev explains why it's using Xbox Live Cloud403,0484.6
Blizzard issues WoW security warning after rise in unauthorised logins452,6834.5
Minecraft PC sales top 11 million562,7534.5
Sonic still unconfirmed for Super Smash Bros 4856,4944.7
Saints Row 4 refused classification in Australia685,1104.6
Nintendo Reversing it's Lets Play Copyright Claim Policy?644,3764.7
Playstation 4 Runs a Modified FreeBSD 9474,7364.6
Steam Trading Cards - Leaving Beta Wednesday443,0264.6
Battlefield 4: Official Frostbite 3 Feature video1017,1924.6
Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition performing strongly at retail836,9394.7
PlayStation Network maintenance this Tuesday623,6054.6
Microsoft investing $670m in Iowa data centre747,0564.6
Sony holding back new PS4 titles for Gamescom423,0224.5
EA seeking FIFA 14 Ultimate Team testers442,7214.6
Xbox One November 27 release is just a placeholder644,8874.7
Amazon: Xbox One & PS4 pre-orders hit peak of over 2,500 per minute624,9384.8
Xbox One will be released 27th November, says Amazon1119,4084.2
Current Halo trilogy is now a 'saga'877,3284.6
Xbox Live Gold free games pinned for 1st and 16th of each month15016,0034.6
Fix coming to PS3 4.45 firmware June 27635,4294.5
Titanfall: Why It Doesn't Have Single-Player939,4904.3
NBA Live 14 only on Xbox One, PS4514,1824.7
Call of Duty: Ghosts gameplay shown on Jimmy Fallon767,0674.7
Microsoft prepared to lower Xbox One price in 2014, says analyst11813,3664.6
'Sony forced Microsoft's hand, not the internet whining', - Bleszinski729,0144.5
GameFly calls Xbox One reversal 'a win/win for consumers'544,6324.6
Xbox One sticking at $499, Kinect still 'core part' of experience754,1924.8
Assassin's Creed 4 confirmed for PS4, Xbox One launches493,3244.7
Updated: Xbox Live Down, Microsoft Investigating14017,1624.6
Microsoft confirms day one update must be downloaded for Xbox One11311,1924.5
PS4 showcased on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon595,4634.5
GameStop 'applauds Microsoft' for Xbox One DRM revision10313,6874.5
Xbox One loses 'family game sharing' following DRM policy revision8211,9644.4
Xbox 180: Microsoft to 'completely reverse' its DRM control on Xbox One25227,5414.6
Sony exec says no PS3 price cut planned463,7354.7
Many GameStops in the US are out of Xbox One Day One Editions616,0114.4
PS3 users reporting 'bricked' systems after 4.45 firmware update897,9584.7
$400 PS4 'puts no pressure on Wii U at all', says Nintendo exec1084,7224.6
Killer Instinct: Xbox One season pass confirmed635,9354.7
Black Ops 2 ‘Vengeance’ DLC Trailer; coming July 2nd to Xbox 36012012,7804.6
Xbox One showcased on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon545,4784.7
Xbox One controller charge kit and headset details12712,3804.3
Mattrick defends the pricing on the Xbox One1039,0064.6
Leaked Promo - Black Ops 2 new map pack to be called "Vengeance"13018,0244.8
"We will win in the long run" - Microsoft11711,3694.4
Sony confirms games to start at $59.99665,0904.5
PS plus not needed for Social and Media - PS4 Auto Updates566,0324.5
State of Decay hits a half a million sales684,4944.7
Cod Ghosts might not be released for Wii U1035,8034.4
Banned Xbox One accounts will keep their games1008,6464.4
Confirmed launch games for Playstation 4757,4084.5
Sony's policy on Media Content "You buy it, you own it."11810,9494.5
Microsoft announces their games to start at $59.9911913,2764.6
UPDATE: If you're banned on Xbox One, you will Lose all your Game Titles33038,2144
Xbox One: Games Confirmed for Day One10213,9094.5
PlayStation 4 leading in sales13212,1334.7
Save transfers might not be cross platform for Minecraft678,1864.5
Phil Spencer talks about sharing games with non Family Members738,1464.3
Price for Xbox One controller unconfirmed586,8454.8
PS4 demand 'may well outstrip supply', says SCE boss424,7834.6
Next-gen leaker SuperDaE Releases 1.7TB Worth Of Damaging Information7514,5704.3
Xbox One has “infinite” cloud grunt, power of ten Xbox 360′s - MS484,6934.7
DayZ more likely on PS4 than Xbox One11211,9404.7
Xbox chief: we have a product for people who can't get online8710,1274.7
Microsoft details Xbox One's 'challenge' system355,6984.7
New Xbox 360 torn down, shows we're all the same on the inside638,7314.3
PS4 video shows overview of the UI929,4434.7
Microsoft defends the Xbox One's used game policy12416,8384.5
Electronic Arts says it didn't ask for Xbox One's DRM475,6794.6
Microsoft Points will convert to local currency at 'equal or greater'515,3814.5
Sony: PS4 multiplayer fee 'will fund improvements'10712,2244.6
PS4 pre-orders are 'through the roof', says Blockbuster464,9544.7
Xbox One will support Live in these countries at launch698,4974.5
E32013:Microsoft apologizes for rape joke made during press conference667,8564.6
Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare coming in spring, planned for PC545,7714.4
Killer Instinct to launch alongside Xbox One272,3684.6
Battlefield 4 ups squad count to five, DICE explains why342,9774.7
E3 2013: PlayStation 4 hardware shots close up858,2184.5
E3 2013: Titanfall will have dedicated servers544,7284.7
Call of Duty: Ghosts won’t make use of always-online option626,1274.6
E3 2013: Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze coming to Wii U in 2013453,6174.4
New GTA 5 screens show off various activities5612,0654.8
E3 2013: Mario Kart 8 races to Wii U Spring 2014553,6964.7
E3 2013: Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD hits Wii U in October614,0834.5
E3 2013: Wii Fit U delayed to December412,7564.6
E3 2013: Wii Fit Trainer will battle the bulge in Super Smash Bros.383,3574.6
E3 2013: PlayStation 4 full final specs revealed838,5954.7
E3 2013: PS4 online multiplayer requires PS Plus1018,4994.7
E3 2013: PlayStation 4 to include a 500 GB hard drive383,3074.7
E3 2013: Yoshida: 'PS4 is region free'343,2814.8
E3 2013: PS4 launches at $3991098,8634.5
E3 2013: PS4 Supports Used Games, Don't Require Online Connection666,0014.6
E3 2013: Elder Scrolls Online coming to PS4 in spring 2014392,9814.5
E3 2013: Final Fantasy XIV Also Coming to PlayStation 4251,7754.5
E3 2013: Here's what the PS4 looks like677,5294.7
E3 2013: The Walking Dead heads to Vita with new bundle, new episode182,0224.6
E3 2013: Pre-order the Xbox One, get an achievement12916,1754.5
E3 2013: Microsoft Reveals Xbox One Accessories548,0754.7
E3 2013: Trials Fusion, Frontiers Announced212,1524.6
E3 2013: Madden NFL 25 confirmed as Xbox One and PS4 launch title161,9524.7
E3 2013: Just Dance 2014 this October171,5394.7
Microsoft E3 Event Recap374,6744.7
E3 2013: The Crew announced by Ubisoft, coming early 2014161,8274.7
E3 2013: Rocksmith 2014 Announced161,6994.7
E3 2013: Mirror's Edge 2 coming from DICE, EA231,7574.6
E3 2013: Battlefield 4 Commander Mode Returns241,8574.6
E3 2013: FIFA 14’s New Features Outlined171,4794.5
E3 2013: UFC out spring 2014 for Xbox One, PS4181,7984.6
E3 2013: NBA Live 14 includes BounceTek for dribbling, live roster171,5474.6
E3 2013: Dragon Age 3 coming fall 2014211,5684.7
E3 2013: New Star Wars Battlefront coming from DICE323,0504.7
E3 2013: EA Announces Peggle 2181,3064.7
E3 2013: EA reveals Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare202,2444.6
E3 2013: Xbox One now available for pre-order at several retailers504,8274.5
E3 2013: New Xbox 360 costs $200 for 4GB, $300 for 250GB7010,4514.6
WWDC13: Apple has announced iOS 79210,3684.7
E3 2013: Halo coming to the Xbox One in 2014604,4354.7
E3 2013: Xbox One Launches November 2013 for $499686,9114.6
E3 2013: Battlefield 4: Second Assault DLC first on Xbox One332,3544.7
E3 2013: CD Projekt Red reveals The Witcher 3 for Xbox One191,7594.7
E3 2013: Dead Rising 3 announced for Xbox One462,5384.6
E3 2013: Twitch streaming integrated into Xbox One282,3264.5
E3 2013: Microsoft Points are out on Xbox One363,0944.5
E3 2013: Xbox One uses SmartGlass to get you into games, compare stats251,6774.6
E3 2013: Minecraft: Xbox One Edition revealed443,8594.6
E3 2013: Forza 5 to feature 'drivatar' that races while you're away271,8824.5
E3 2013: Killer Instinct revealed for Xbox One201,7484.5
E3 2013: Ryse is now Ryse: Son of Rome, coming to Xbox One at launch201,8134.6
E3 2013: World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition out this summer312,8924.5
E3 2013: New model of Xbox 360 available today465,2954.4
E3 2013: Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain announced for Xbox One322,1774.6
Rare: Xbox One out in November292,7774.5
E3: Microsoft to show 20 games at E3333,4244.5
State of Decay reportedly 2nd fastest selling XBLA game302,7974.7
Xbox One and PS4 pre-orders 'neck and neck' at Amazon273,1504.6
Fable 3 currently free on Xbox Marketplace544,0414.5
iOS 7 screenshots leak ahead of WWDC?599,2584.7
Call of Duty: Ghosts ‘All Access’ Event Replay Video8510,1864.6
Four More Screenshots of Call of Duty: Ghosts515,8214.5
'Tekken Revolution' is PS3 exclusive, free to play, launching Tuesday303,1124.7
Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare pops up in E3 lobby364,0234.5
Rumor: Battlefield 4 alpha build screenshots leak808,3474.7
Report: Best Buy also returning Wii U Basic452,4024.6
Microsoft Allegedly Paying Publishers to Not Show PS4 Games at E315216,8934.3
MS Accused of Monitoring Reddit, Posting Positive Xbox One Comments9412,8144.6
Sonic: Lost World - 12-minute gameplay video533,2344.7
PS4 to launch at under $400 - analyst534,7964.6
Minecraft Xbox 360: "Around The World" Dashboard Theme5436,6874.1
New Xbox One controller details revealed819,2864.5
NBA 2K14 confirmed for current and next-gen consoles395,1114.6
Microsoft 'prioritized your privacy' with Xbox One Kinect545,3174.7
Xbox One requires online connection every 24 hours, at least10211,9494.2
How game licensing works on the Xbox One (yes, it supports used games)606,4894.5
Man serving home detention opts for prison over Xbox807,6374.5
FIFA 14 gameplay trailer released332,8224.5
Microsoft updates complaint feature on Xbox Live9814,1974.6
Microsoft cancels E3 post-press conference roundtable with the media456,6854.7
Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Retail Disc Version Released in U.S.6414,3044.5
Minecraft Xbox 360 update 12 won’t launch in June, confirms dev455,8584.7 domain next on Microsoft’s list565,1324.4
Wii U Basic model 'withdrawn' from GameStop outlets - report343,2074.4
Zynga announces massive layoffs; shutting down several studios423,0444.7
Microsoft CEO reportedly visits Hollywood seeking Xbox One TV deals263,5024.6
Xbox One pre-E3 trailer shows Dark Souls 2, Battlefield 4243,0894.7
DICE general manager promises 'surprises' at E3393,5854.6
Call of Duty: Ghosts gameplay reveal on June 9636,8614.5
Halo: Spartan Assault revealed for Windows Phone and Windows 8423,6354.6
343 hiring designer for revolutionary new Halo multiplayer experiences444,1484.7
Xbox One to cost $399, PS4 for $349 says Pachter12612,8684.4
Lionhead launches new Fable forums ahead of E3264,1324.6
Microsoft offers details on its own E3 2013-Xbox One media coverage405,5334.4
Microsoft: No talk about Xbox One TV features for E3 2013 press event313,7014.5
Grid 2 on pole in this week's UK charts, Fuse debuts 37th332,3414.5
Nintendo E3 website goes live493,7724.6
Report: Microsoft registers bundle of 'Halo Spartan Assault' domains455,2174.7
EVE Online and Dust 514 servers under DDoS attack, offline373,4624.5
Microsoft preparing response to Xbox One DRM concerns749,6514.3

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