The Tech Game: May 2020

PS5 Leak Making Rounds On Internet Before Official Reveal151,5014
New Super Lucky’s Tale coming to PS4 and Xbox One this summer71773
Saber Interactive - Upcoming Nintendo Switch Titles Will Surprise Fans53903
Half-Life: Alyx Update Adds Sloshing Booze71733
New Fortnite Leak Hints at Season 3 Flood Event53355
EA’s NFL Rights Deal Extended Several Years94193
The Witcher Franchise Has Surpassed 50 Million Units Sold93444
Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Sequel Officially Announced82694.5
New Call Of Duty Warzone Ad Features Xzibit for Warzone vehicle skins74693.5
Sony has reportedly mandated that new PS4 games be PS5 compatible81624
Grand Theft Auto 4 PC update brings back old music83633.5
Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 delayed again74354.5
PS5 Will Launch Globally – Sony72014
The Long Dark available once again through Nvidia GeForce Now62225
Street Fighter V will add five new fighters in its next season61534
New Xbox One May 2020 Console Update Released114855
Xbox Series X Will Reduce Load Times for Backwards-Compatible Games72734.5
Nintendo World theme park shown in near-complete state73963.5
Borderlands: The Handsome Collection is Free Game on Epic Games Store61824.5
Resident Evil 8 Release Date Possibly Revealed114965
Phil Spencer Regrets Not Being Able To Hold Xbox Series X Events62684
Doom Eternal PC Patch Removes Denuvo, Fixes Crashes, And More62424
Sea of Thieves big Tall Tale adventures finally getting checkpoints72374.5
Google Stadia 1440p support arrives for high-speed Internet102384.5
The Last of Us Part 2 Releases Extended Gameplay Preview53594
Call of Duty: Warzone Update Finally Adds Duos93254.5
Epic Games Store Making Game Not Even Out Free to Own124263.5
PS5 Price Will Reflect Its Value, Won’t Necessarily be the Lowest84033.5
Far Cry 5 is free to play this weekend on Uplay PC62633.5
PS4 firmware update 7.51 is live75734
Terraria smashes its player count records53525
Xbox Series X – Microsoft Committed to Worldwide Launch63314
Get Cities: Skylines for $1, and most of its expansions for $1882144
PlayStation 5 Event Date Revealed75314
New xCloud games include Ori and the Will of the Wisps91814.5
Ubisoft announces Anno History Collection92014.5
Mafia 3 seems to contain a map from Cold War spy game83353.5
Apex Legends Announces New Pathfinder Edition82583
Little Nightmares Reaches Over 2 Million Copies Sold; Coming to Stadia51854.5
The Last Of Us Part 2 Seemingly Banned In The Middle East92014
Rainbow Six Siege Leak May Hint at Splinter Cell Operator55804
Xbox Series X Backwards Compatibility Doubles Frame-Rate117843.5
Black Ops 4 leaked campaign footage shows what could have been126694.5
GTA 6 Release Window Potentially Hinted at in New Take-Two Filing63043
Remedy’s next game shows up on Epic Games Store under a codename72193
No Man’s Sky Available on Xbox Game Pass Starting Next Month62114.5
Nintendo Switch Update 10.0.3 Is Out Now54144
Star Wars Battlefront II is June’s Second PS Plus Title113103
Canceled Half-Life project footage teased for new Arkane documentary52704.5
Metroid Prime Trilogy could be coming to Switch next month93084.7
Prison Architect expansion Island Bound introduces Alcatraz Island65033.5
Manchester United is suing Football Manager over use of its name103504
Switch Will See More ‘Surprising’ Upcoming Titles – Saber Interactive61774
Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath’s Robocop Gets Introduction Trailer103775
Modern Warfare, Warzone trailer shows Captain Price for Season 4108575
Sega Wants to Improve the Quality of the Sonic the Hedgehog Games133694
Steam Cloud Gaming appears once again buried in lines of code42093.5
The Last of Us Part 2 State of Play Announced for May 27th72013.5
Release dates: every video game confirmed for 2020125673.5
PS2 Beats PS4 as Research Finds 1.56 Billion Consoles Sold Globally143584
Nightmare Resident Evil 3 mod replaces Nemesis with Shrek93445
Sony may host a PS5 conference next week – report61894.5
Xbox Game Pass Just Added a Big Brand New Game134445
Minecraft Dungeons upcoming DLCs may have already leaked117535
Valve releases alpha build of censored Steam client China73744.5
PS5 & Xbox Series X: Bayonetta Dev Clarifies More Of The Same Comments52333
PS5 Launch Line-up is Pretty Big – Rumor71854.5
Unreal Engine 5 Is “Chasing Photorealism” – Epic Games87574.7
A Way Out Director’s Next Game Might Be Revealed Soon81893
PS5 and Xbox Series X’s Reduced Load Times Will Open Doors - Ed Boon92734.5
Free Xbox Games with Gold for June Announced118883.5
Xbox Series X payment plan may be coming at launch136864
Every PS5 Game Confirmed So Far103734
PlayStation 5 Website Updated Ahead of Possible PS5 Reveal63184
Next Forza Motorsport Story Mode May Be More Cinematic73283.5
Halo 3 PC public testing may begin in early June74293
The Outer Worlds Switch Version Gets More Screenshots72913
PS5 & Xbox Series X Hardware Will Have Limitations Says Kamiya63884
Microsoft Investigating Massive Xbox Data Leak117745
Destiny 2 Leak Supposedly Reveal New Expansion Details75514.5
New Nintendo Report Has Some Bad News for Switch Owners53483
New Patent Possibly Reveals Another Interesting PS5 Feature62794
Risk of Rain 2 is Aiming to Leave Early Access Later This Year72384.5
Ghost of Tsushima Will Be A Difficult Game Says Game Director81974.5
Spider-Man PS4 Might Be One of the Free Games on PS Plus in June205105
Outriders Monthly Broadcasts Kick Off May 2882724
Final Fantasy XIV Starter Edition is Now Free to Download on PS492725
PlayStation reveals Days of Play 2020 deals72823.5
EA says it will release the Command & Conquer source code73045
Paradise Lost Confirmed For Next-Gen Release In 202084164
Call of Duty: WWII is Part of June’s PS Plus Lineup124455
PS5 Remakes Of Jak And Daxter, Legacy Of Kain May Be Coming Soon158574.5
FF7 Remake sales sets amazing new records for franchise62094
RPGs Got A Massive Buff In Call Of Duty: Warzone106724
The source code for the original Xbox has reportedly leaked119714
Artifact 2.0 beta sign-ups are live64044.5
Pac-Man Will Soon Be Playable On Twitch66604.3
Warzone Map Will Reportedly Be Revamped For Black Ops Cold War131,5145
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2 Video Goes Behind the Scenes134764
Grounded Demo Hits Xbox Insider and Steam Game Festival June 962303.5
HBO Max Will Be Available on PS4 and Xbox One at Launch103024
Grand Theft Auto V Has Sold Over 130 Million copies112694.5
Dragon Ball FighterZ Sales Break 5 Million Digitally And Physically62833
Warzone players have discovered the clearest Black Ops hint yet111,2184
Sea of Thieves is Officially Heading to Steam in June83233
Rockstar Games Confirms Bad News About GTA 6's Release Date201,5645
Borderlands 3 Announces New Bounty of Blood DLC73553.5
Doom Eternal is Removing Denuvo Anti-Cheat in its Next Patch52463
Saints Row 5 Seemingly Delayed114544
Gears of War 3 PS3 footage shows up online55574.5
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Video Teases Season 496574.5
Nintendo Takes Switch Hackers To Court135153
The Last of Us Part II Receives New Video All About Gameplay82313
Nintendo Repair Centers Are Gradually Reopening After Shutting Down52554.5
PS5 Reveal Event Possibly Delayed62324.5
New Destroy All Humans Trailer Revealed95874
Valorant Hit Registration Issues Are Being Fixed44514.5
Valorant Just Banned 1,600 More Cheaters53184.5
Ninja Reveals Why He Doesn't Play Fortnite Anymore321,7504.3
PlayStation Now has Doubled its User Base Over the Last Year51604.5
Persona 5 Royal Hits “Record Sales” in the Western Market, Says Sega51445
Dark Souls series has sold over 27 million units worldwide113244
The Sims 4 trailer shows off Eco Lifestyle expansion pack features41,0394.5
Sony says its relationship with Microsoft is ‘deepening’107854
Cross-play between PS4 and Xbox One comes to Hunt: Showdown54074.5
Special Edition PS4 Pro Launching Alongside The Last of Us Part II74343.5
Phantasy Star Online 2 PC Launch Set for May 2753374
Sony says it plans to reveal ‘a compelling PS5 games line-up’ soon42933.5
Binding of Isaac Repentance DLC Still in Development Says McMillen54813.5
Epic Games Store now offers self-service refunds113884.5
New Super Lucky’s Tale PS4 Listing Spotted On Multiple Retailers51814.5
That Halo Infinite "Leak" On Reddit Was Fake, Developer Confirms104105
Superhot VR Achieves New Milestone of Two Million Copies Sold51863
Ownership of System Shock 3’s website has been transferred to Tencent42444.5
Wasteland 3 Dev Diary Shows Off Character Creation, Combat, and More52154
Xbox Game Pass Adds 3 New Games Today, Including Xbox 360 Classic126714
Civilization VI is the Latest Free Game on Epic Games Store44584.7
Valorant’s Release Date is Set for Early June73264
Flea Madness Announced for PS5 and Xbox Series X53824
PS5 Event Reportedly Taking Place in Early June43093.7
Reported Xbox Series X June Event Gives a Closer Look at the Console62953.7
Developer Says DualSense Haptics Will Let You Feel Rain, Weather72985
Microsoft Plans More First-Party Games For Xbox Series X Optimizations84754
Respawn Entertainment Opens New Studio in Vancouver114163.7
Epic reportedly offering refunds if you buy a game before a sale72994
Minecraft reaches 200 million copies sold63204
Maneater Launch Trailer Hypes the Upcoming ShARkPG64584.3
Assassin's Creed Valhalla's World Is Apparently Bigger Than Odyssey's63474
Gamescom 2020 digital event confirmed for August 27-3035864.3
Unreal Engine 5 Demo On PC Would Need Nvidia RTX 2070 Super105364
GTA 5 Remains Steam Best-Seller Despite Epic Giveaway62483.7
Epic Games CEO Clarifies Why The PS5’s SSD Is Better Than Current PCs33783.3
Rainbow Six Siege match replays and new ping system delayed52124.3
Prince of Persia 6’s Recent Domain Registration Was Fake33023.7
Call Of Duty 2020 May Be A Call Of Duty Cold War Game, Says Rumors126213.8
Call of Duty: Warzone Adds New Game Mode75073.7
PlayStation Gives Update on Upcoming PS5 Games22504
New Dragon Ball FighterZ Trailer Shows Off More of Ultra Instinct Goku33603.7
Terraria is the third most-played game on Steam following update53164
PlayStation Reveals Ghost of Tsushima Minimum File Size56223.7
Xbox Series X Supports The Unreal Engine 5 Demo Tech53904.3
Grand Theft Auto 5's Newest Graphics Mod Is Basically Live Action56373.3
Cyberpunk 2077 Reveals New Vehicle With Strong Mad Max Vibes34034
Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath Reveals New RoboCop Brutalities34844.5
PS5 reveal event will reportedly have ‘a lot’ of games74074.3
Tony Hawk Pro Skater Remasters Will Include Older Skaters73513.3
Epic Games Store has given away more than $2K in games since launch33204
Alan Wake Was Basically Rebuilt 3 Years Into Development33824.7
Ubisoft Confirms Disappointing Assassin's Creed Valhalla News59773
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2 Won't Have Microtransactions53454.7
Ubisoft sues Apple and Google over Rainbow Six rip-off111,2283.8
Resident Evil series sells over 100 million copies worldwide53544.6
A whole lot of PlayStation games are going to be revealed in June64044.2
Unreal Engine 5 will be fully supported on both PS5 and Xbox Series X63223.8
Half-Life: Alyx now has mod tools and Steam Workshop support32224
Apex Legends devs tease a Lifeline rework83324
Call of Duty Warzone adds new Gulag weapons and Classic Battle Royale127354.6
GTA Online players have found a way to break into Franklin’s house119844
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2 Soundtrack Revealed93354
Anthem’s Planned Overhaul Gets a New Progress Update from BioWare43224
Epic Games Store Free Games For the Upcoming Weeks Leaked97494.2
Pikmin 3 is reportedly coming to Switch53704
Arc System has delayed Guilty Gear Strive to 202142044.2
Rainbow Six Siege Y5S2 Operation Steel Wave Fully Revealed54624
Mafia 2 And 3 Definitive Editions Listed on Australian PS Store62954.6
Bethesda has detailed Fallout 76’s 2020 content and confirmed Seasons64573.4
Scorn Went Next-Gen To Ensure 'Smooth' 60FPS52984
Doom Eternal’s Kernel-Level Anti-Cheat Sparks Outrage43794
The Division 2 Console Cross-Play Unlikely To Happen Any Time Soon72954.4
Nintendo is adding four retro titles to the NES and SNES Switch Online73274.2
EA Has Bad News for Titanfall Fans114334.4
GTA Online hit by outages following Epic Games’ free giveaway of GTA 583964.3
Halo Infinite confirmed for Xbox Series X reveal in July73793.9
Fortnite Mobile Has Generated Over $1 Billion in Microtransactions84204
Nioh 2 Sold Over 1 Million Copies, DLC Expansions Coming This Year22354
Alleged Call Of Duty 2020 Leak Names Supposed Main Characters141,1844
New Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 and 2 Gameplay Footage Revealed84044.1
Rainbow Six Siege Operation Steel Wave’s new Ops are Ace & Melusi33593.9
PS5 Technology Will Mean The End Of Loading Screens96713.8
The Coalition Is Eager To Show Unreal Engine 5 On Xbox Series X64793.8
Rainbow Six Siege Has Amassed Over 60 Million Players62794.2
Epic CEO praises PS5 and claims it could influence future PC tech62643.9
Assassin's Creed Discovery Tours Are Now Available for Free42184
Alan Wake Joins Xbox Game Pass Next Week52754
Battle royale shooter Darwin Project shutting down66384
Top Apex Legends players caught cheating in competitive play81,0813.5
Valorant Has Been Watched for 334 Million Hours on Twitch Last Month62854.3
Riot Games’ Anti-Cheat System Has Banned Over 8873 Valorant Players53913.9
Crusader Kings III September Release Date Announced in New Trailer43713.9
Ubisoft says it’s open to acquiring other game companies42363.7
Sony on PS5 marketing vs Xbox Series X: wait for sales results74653.6
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2 Gameplay Shown in Jack Black Video67623.8
Square Enix Will not Hold an Online Event During E3 Period32013.8
Capcom Plans to Launch Multiple New Large Titles This Year42063.8
PS4 Has Now Eclipsed 110 Million Units Sold31754.3
COD squad smashes Warzone record by killing almost everyone in a match55273.6
Fortnite will be a PS5 and Xbox Series X launch game105094.4
Phil Spencer says 2021 games are more likely to be disrupted53773.5
Sony says PS5 is still on track for holiday 2020 launch52154.3
Overwatch Anniversary Event Starts on May 19th42644.4
Valorant Just Banned a Ton of Players42984.4
Cyberpunk 2077 Instagram Gives a Sneak Peek at the Game’s Factions33083.8
Prince Of Persia News Is Due Very Soon, Apparently73773.9
PS5 And Xbox Series X GPU Difference Is Minimal - Hazel Sky Dev83774.3
New Marvel's Iron Man VR Release Date Announced73053.9
Accused The King of Kong Cheater Billy Mitchell Sues Youtuber51,1074.1
PS5 Is Not Launching In October, Sony Clarifies42504.4
Payday 3’s Publishing Plans “Impeded” By Pandemic53094.5
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla “Will Run At Least 30 FPS” on Xbox Series X191,1944.1
Call of Duty Warzone adds 2FA requirement to combat PC cheaters94203.9
Playstation 5 Tech Demo in UE5 Was Running At 1440p 30 FPS71,1574.1
Nintendo reportedly struggling to obtain essential Switch components63893.9
PlayStation Studios Will Be Featured in PS5 First Party Exclusives12184.1
Star Wars Episode 1: Racer Delayed on PS4 and Switch24963.7
Xbox Series X Frame Rate: Developers Will Decide, Exec Says64333.9
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 and 2 Collector's Edition Includes a Deck55753.7
Paper Mario: The Origami King Revealed, Releases on Switch in July75063.7
Grand Theft Auto V Is Now Available for Free on Epic Games Store53734.4
Mafia: Trilogy gets a short and sweet teaser trailer43634.3
New Diablo 4 Details Coming In June32623.3
Valorant Cross-Region Play Not Happening, May Come Later13343.4
PS5 And Xbox Prices Estimated By Industry Analyst52984
Battlefield 5 Update 6.6 arrives next week following lockdown delays31963.1
PCSX2 Reveals Huge Improvements in First Update in Four Years42133.9
GTA 5 Epic Games Store release rumored for tomorrow75043.4
Halo Infinite Dev Teases Changes For How Medals Work24834.3
Ubisoft to Hold Digital Showcase Event in July32654.9
The Elder Scrolls VI Won’t be Coming Any Time Soon, Says Pete Hines63094.4
Modern Warfare and Warzone Battle Pass bug ‘resolved’22974.3
Steam seemingly getting loyalty rewards soon22473.7
Civilization 6 Developers Announces New, Year-Long Frontier Pass24014.1
Steam Summer Sale 2020 dates have leaked14374
PlayStation Network Activity Suspended in China63223.3
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Is Getting a Popular MW3 Map Soon59794.1
Joel Voice Actor Responds to The Last of Us Part II Leaks43414.4
Official Mafia Twitter Account Is Teasing an Announcement32424
Call Of Duty: Warzone’s Gulag Was Originally Hand-To-Hand Combat63093.8
This Red Dead Redemption 2 Mod Lets Players Ride Giant Animals77084.1
Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 Confirmed for PS553853.9
DiRT 5’s Voice Cast Will Feature Both Nolan North And Troy Baker43884.5
Cyberpunk 2077 Confirms It Won't Have Controversial Feature66384.3
Diablo 2 Remastered Reportedly in Development54884
Ghost of Tsushima Edition of State of Play to Occur this Thursday22694.4
Tony Hawk Pro Skater Remastered Confirmed - Trailer171,1284.1
Microsoft Hints at Affordable Xbox Series X Price151,5153.9
Pandemic Could Slow the Adoption of Next-Gen Consoles123334
Fortnite Leak Hints at Future of the Doomsday Device35173.9
Valorant May Be Getting a Team Deathmatch Mode53064.3
GTA Online Players Who Used New Glitch Getting Their Account wiped151,7954.3
Xbox Game Pass Is Losing 10 Games Very Soon74033.9
Scarlet Nexus Also Coming to PS5, PS4, and PC54224
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is the Start of a New Franchise for EA62493.9
Xbox Series X May Be Way Cheaper Than You Think65534.3
Ninja Blames Call of Duty Warzone Hackers on Bad Parents116094.4
PlayStation 5 Reveal Date Possibly Revealed32364
Xbox Series X Is “Easier to Develop for Than Any Other Console” – Dev22173.5
Mafia 4 Hints Continue, 2K Removes Listing Pointing To New Game35153.9
Marvel's Spider-Man Developer Possibly Teasing New PS5 Game32284
Resident Evil 8 Is "By Far The Darkest and Most Gruesome" Entry Yet54634
This PS5 Exclusive Will Be "Revealed Soon" Says Insider11954.1
Dead by Daylight Anniversary Event Will Reveal "Iconic" Horror License23864.1
Tokyo Game Show 2020 has been cancelled36413.4
Valorant Haven map looks very similar to CS:GO maps in conspiracy101,0804
Xbox's Aaron Greenberg Responds to Feedback After Xbox Series X Event44394.7
Nintendo Hits Super Mario 64 PC Port With Copyright Claims76003.6
Doom Eternal screenshots provide a look at the first campaign DLC43173.8
Sony seemingly hosting PS5 event in early-mid June – report52834.3
Animal Crossing: New Horizons sold 13m copies in just six weeks63324.2
Bungie has confirmed Destiny 2 will come to next-gen consoles53104
Madden 21 will be Xbox Series X optimized56203.9
Death Coming is now free on the Epic Games Store53883.7
EA is reportedly planning a Mass Effect trilogy remaster84494.7
First Halo Infinite gameplay coming in July53213.6
Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath Releases on May 26th42613.7
Skater XL comes to PC and consoles July 7137804.1
Call of Duty: Warzone Now Has Over 60 Million Players103904
EA Upcoming Titles Can Be Upgraded to the Next-gen Version for Free42703.8
The Last of Us Part II’s Story Trailer Has Arrived74073.8
Ultra Instinct Goku is Dragon Ball FighterZ’s Newest Character22443.6
GTA 6 Insiders Can't Agree About the Game's Release Date54504
Modern Warfare adds Shipment 10v10, helicopters return to Warzone96113.9
Battlefield 6 Is “Progressing Very, Very Well,” Says EA74424
Xbox confirms first-party Series X event for July54664
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Is The Best-Selling COD Ever94454.3
Rainbow Six Siege and Evil Within 2 join PlayStation Now12024.1
FIFA 21: EA confirms release plans, despite pandemic uncertainty22734.6
Half Life: Alyx Soundtrack Now Available on Streaming Services11433.6
Report: Dying Light 2 development is a ‘total mess’88234.1
Modern Warfare & Warzone Patch Nerfs Overpowered Weapon43784.6
Call of Duty 2020 Teased by Activision81,6644.4
Nintendo Switch Getting Multiple EA Games This Year42663.6
Square Enix bundle on Steam features 54 games for $3924574
Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 is Coming to Xbox Series X32354.5
Second Extinction is a squad-based Turok – here’s a trailer32913.9
Video: Mario 64’s PC port supports ray tracing via Reshade26393.5
Apex Legends Season 5 Gameplay Trailer Released35293.5
Halo 2: Anniversary is coming to PC next week64413.8
Scarlet Nexus Revealed by Bandai Namco on Xbox Series X43283.9
Yakuza: Like A Dragon Confirmed for Xbox Series X32464
Bright Memory: Infinite coming to Xbox Series X53403.8
Call of the Sea is a new 1930s horror adventure for Xbox Series X53744.1
New Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Game Coming This Year62934.4
Disintegration is Officially Launching in June; New Story Trailer44264
Space shooter Chorus announced for Xbox Series X43384.1
Skate 3 May Be Heading to “Mobile” — Could This Mean a Switch Port?76724
Xbox confirms first-party Series X event for July32993.9
Valorant Mobile and PS4 Editions Are In Development68234
Xbox Series X Production Is At Full Capacity34184.4
Hard Not To Be Impressed By DualSense22933.9
Scorn Gives Strong Alien Vibes with New Cinematic Trailer33054.6
Assassin's Creed Valhalla's First Gameplay Footage Revealed97863.9
Dirt 5 is coming to Xbox Series X, PS5 and PC63803.9
Xbox Series X Controller Has Less Than Two Milliseconds Of Latency71,8094
Valorant cheaters banned while playing against Riot Games44553.8
Star Wars Battlefront 2 fans demand more DLC22774.1
Report: The Last of Us 2 leak was conducted by hackers43263.8
Prince Of Persia 6 Domain Registered By Ubisoft34084.1
Less Than 2% Of Steam Users Report Having VR Headsets43694
Assassin's Creed Valhalla Will Let You Dual Wield Shields81,0034.2
CoD: Warzone Will Be a Constant Companion to Future Call of Duty Games118634.2
Doom Eternal Executive Addresses Mick Gordon Soundtrack Concerns32513.9
EA Play to Take Place Next Month in an All-Digital Format72633.6
Codemasters Teases New Dirt Game Reveal Coming Very Soon32163.6
The Last of Us Part II Has Officially Gone Gold23024.2
Call of Duty: Warzone Will Be Supporting Next-gen Consoles104774.1
Yakuza: Like A Dragon Steam Listing Appears47603.8
Star Wars' Vader Immortal Is Coming to PlayStation VR33164
PewDiePie Signs Exclusive Streaming Deal With YouTube46114.4
Microsoft Have Multiple Xbox Events Planned For Summer Game Fest33993.8
SteamVR will no longer be supported on Apple's macOS45074.1
Cyberpunk 2077 Won’t Be Censored In Australia, CDPR Confirms52994.2
Project xCloud will be bundled with Xbox Game Pass upon release73704.1
Xbox Series X Seemingly Reveals New Start-Up Sequence and Sound88993.7
Difference Between Xbox Series X and Xbox One Games Is Huge - Spencer64713.9
Rockstar Is Giving GTA Online Players a Huge Amount of Free Money157074.4
Half-Life Alyx spurred a massive jump in VR headset ownership on Steam33104
YouTuber uses NES console as a PC case fits a GTX 1660 Super in it47384.2
Team Fortress 2 Update Pays Tribute To Late Voice Actor Rick May45834.2
Rainbow Six Siege limited time event The Grand Larceny kicks off today34793.8
Assassin's Creed Valhalla Developer Teases The Game's Massive Map Size85983.8
Is Xbox Teasing a New Fable Game?53624.1
Nintendo Switch Getting New Sci-Fi Thriller This August54834
Google Stadia users might be getting chat messaging soon52054.1
Original Battlefront Multiplayer Brought Back Through Steam73243.9
Apex Legends Job Listing Hints at PS5 and Xbox Series X Ports42913.7
Nintendo has reportedly suffered a significant legacy console leak111,0513.9
Call of Duty: Warzone Developers Confirm Duos are Coming105434.1
New PS5 Leak Claims to Reveal Massive New Feature55233.9
GDC has cancelled plans for a physical event in August54803.7
Xbox Series X Will Support Variable Rate Shading32963.5
Geoff Keighley announces four-month long Summer Game Fest52114.2
Xbox Series X Event On May 7 Will Have New Third Party Announcements43124
EVO 2020 Has Been Cancelled; Online Event Planned For This Summer32133.7
PS5 May Have a Chatbot52633.9
Original Xbox Launch Game Coming to Nintendo Switch Soon43594.2
Halo 2 PC release ‘shouldn’t be too much longer’ until launch42604.3
The Last of Us 2 leakers have been found, Sony says34384.3
Xbox Series X Launch on Track, But Games May Get Delayed –Phil Spencer63474.1
Xbox says it will confirm plans for ‘summer up to launch’ next week42714.3
Now Xbox faces lawsuit over drifting controllers137644
Valorant Launches Its Competitive Ranked Mode22544
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Will Have Less Grinding Than Odyssey42763.9
Burnout Paradise Remastered gets June release date for Switch52954.1
Xbox Game Pass Is Losing Some of Its Biggest and Best Games Soon101,1293.9
Xbox Series X Gameplay Event Announced63833.9
Grand Theft Auto 1 and 2 Have Been Rated for PS3 by PEGI55084.3
The Last of Us Part 2 File Size Revealed53513.7
Nintendo Reportedly Delays Annual E3 Direct32854.1
Xbox Game Pass Has Reached 10 Million Subscribers72414.1
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Was Worked On By 15 Studios86373.8
Twitch adds an esports channel to put competitive gaming in one place63854.1
Epic now requires two-factor authorization to claim free games64123.9
Deep Rock Galactic Launches Out of Early Access on May 1342674.3
Dying Light Hellraid DLC Set to Release This Summer44143.6
PlayStation 5 Reveal Date Reportedly Revealed33523.8
Nintendo Switch Update 10.0.2 Now Live, Patch Notes Revealed23704.4
PC Dataminers Discover Modern Warfare 2 Remastered Multiplayer204,2453.5
Rumor: New Tony Hawk Game Leaked by Retailer117654.1
Ex-Nintendo boss Reggie Fils-Aimé announces new podcast for charity43273.8
Nintendo Resetting Nintendo Switch Online 7 Day Free Trial33174.1
Valorant Now Lets You Disable Vanguard Anti-Cheat For Privacy Reasons69283.9
Ubisoft Is Giving Away 3 Great Games for Free99114.1
PS5’s reveal event ‘is currently set’ for June84153.8
Star Wars Battlefront 2’s April content update will be its last63874
PUBG is Now Available on Google Stadia, Free for Pro Users85894
Resident Evil 3 Classic Costumes To Become Purchasable Soon62673.9
Modder launches full fan-made Diablo 2 remake87,2093.9
Valorant’s new anti-cheat system blocks legitimate apps81,0874.2
EA suggests Battlefield 6 will release in 2021131,0084.1
Deadly Premonition 2 coming to Nintendo Switch in July63504.4
RuneScape maker Jagex acquired for $530 million101,5043.8
Nintendo to close 3DS and Wii U eShop in 42 countries63883.4
Nintendo Switch Is Getting More Classic Arcade Games53184.1
Destroy All Humans! Returns To Consoles and PC This July114854.2

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