The Tech Game: February 2019

'Fortnite' "Second Chances" Respawn Van Leaked179744
'Apex Legends' Exploit Removes Smoke From The Game112,1264.3
'Mortal Kombat 11' Stress Test Details Revealed, Sign-Ups Live53685
'Anthem' Is Making Major Loot System Changes114913.5
Cyberpunk 2077 is confirmed for E3 201985504.8
'Fortnite' Season 8 Adds an 'Apex Legends'-esque Ping System138033.7
Ghost Recon Wildlands Receives Horde-Like Guerrilla Mode, New PvP Maps58293.6
Halo Infinite’s Delay Has To Do With The Halo Engine65604
Ni no Kuni 2 DLC announced for March53983.6
PUBG is getting Horizon Zero Dawn-themed skins on PS465074.2
Microsoft's Xbox chief hints at PC gaming announcements for E363403.8
Johnny Cage Will Make a Return in Mortal Kombat 1164264
Resident Evil 2 Has Shipped Over 4 Million Copies Worldwide103754.2
Check out the new Detective Pikachu trailer105073.8
Xbox Games With Gold for March Revealed97333.6
'Fortnite' Revenue Down Nearly 50% Since December127374
343 Industries Considered Developing a Smaller "Halo 5.5" Game75854
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Reveals Chained Ogre Boss in New Teaser65103.8
Pokemon Sword and Shield Receive Impressive Screenshots and Details91,4854
Modern Warfare Remastered and The Witness are PS Plus Games for March118254
Hitman 2 Starter Pack Offers the First Mission for Free, Available Now74174.6
World War Z Unveils New “Zombies Are Coming” Trailer75824
Red Dead Online Has Received its Biggest Update Yet65134.6
Halo franchise almost ended after Bungie left Microsoft139234.1
Xbox One Games Are Rumored to be Making It to Windows 1064834
'Apex Legends' Battle Pass Details: What We Know So Far81,1394.3
Halo 4’s Original Developer was Almost Gearbox Software95194.2
Three 'Resident Evil' Games Get Nintendo Switch Release Date73734
PS5 Release Date Is Farther Away Than People Think, Says Analyst64824
'Cyberpunk 2077' Won't Be Getting A Beta55233.2
Capcom Looking to Expand PC Sales For Its Games22423.6
Sega Asks Which Games You Want in Mega Drive Mini43834.2
Saints Row: The Third Arrives on Switch in May83123.4
Fortnite May Get a Respawn Mechanic Sometime During Season 8126464.6
343 on Why 'Halo Infinite' Is Taking Longer To Develop Than Normal77153.6
Rumor: Next 'Assassin's Creed' Coming in 2020, Heading Back To Italy69953.6
Activision Blizzard, EA Included in List of "Most Overpaid CEOs"54054
Report: ‘Watch Dogs 3’ Releasing This Year, Set in London65054.4
Rumor: 'Bully 2' Confirmed By Rockstar Games Developer162,2864.2
New 'Apex Legends' Character Prophet Leaked91,3054.2
Huawei officially unveils its own take on foldable smartphones66484.2
Rainbow Six Siege teaser hints at a proximity alarm gadget44633.8
'The Division 2' Beta Broke Records For Ubisoft54174
Here Are The New Features Coming To Xbox One Soon88324.3
'Fortnite' Tournaments Disabled Until Season 887854
'Jump Force' DLC Characters Reportedly Leaked49874
Anthem’s 90-Day Roadmap Unveiled by BioWare45484
'Mortal Kombat 11' Dev Responds To Backlash Over Missing Fan Favorites44924.7
Titanfall Hacker is Stopping Players From Finishing Games78144.1
Overwatch League Team Shanghai Dragons Break 42 Game Losing Streak34524.1
Capcom Still Has "No Plans" To Bring 'Resident Evil 2' To Switch33323.6
Red Dead Online Xbox One Glitch Leaves The Whole World Creepily Empty89913.8
'Apex Legends' Crashes Are a "Big Priority," Respawn Says71,4413.8
Halo, Gears of War, Forza, Or Rare Titles Could Come To Switch68134.1
Street Fighter V is Removing DirectInput and PS4 Controller Support21,0474.1
Amazon Leaks Hint at Possible Upcoming Bethesda Game Announcement56743.7
Black Ops 4’s Latest Trailer is All About Hot Pursuit LTM74064
Black Ops 4 Briefing Video Provides Overview of MP Map ‘Lockup’33284.2
Left Alive gameplay video shows different strategies26134.3
Fortnite World Cup With $100 Million Prize Pool127674.2
PUBG Is Invading 'TERA' Next Month In New Event36104.5
Microsoft Allegedly Looked At Bringing Game Pass To PS444474.5
'Call of Duty: Blackout' - How to Get the Ray Gun Mark II89303.6
Fallout 76 Roadmap for 2019 Outlined by Bethesda68843.9
Google Will Announce Their Own Gaming Hardware Next Month126454.3
Epic Games Is Looking Into a 'Fortnite' Respawn Feature66663.8
Microsoft is Reportedly Planning to Unveil Next Xbox Consoles at E363754.7
Gears 5 Teased as Phil Spencer Shares an Underwhelming Photo36703.8
New Sony Patent Possibly Hints at Backwards Compatibility for PS544394.2
Rumor: Two Xbox Scarlett models launching in 20201217,4674
Grab BattleTech for free on Steam this weekend43304.1
Microsoft rumored to be bringing Xbox Game Pass to Switch44323.9
'Fortnite' Season 8 Changes Teased by Epic Games67554
Halo Wars and Halo Wars 2 are free to play with Xbox Live Gold32474
Next Xbox Specs Revealed, Anaconda and Lockhart - rumor51,0974.1
Black Ops 4’s Blackout Map Updates Explained in New Treyarch Video64584.1
Black Ops 4’s Blackout Mode Gets Secret New Weapon68094.4
PlayStation & Xbox Congratulate Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime on Career44284.1
Thimbleweed Park is free to claim on the Epic Games Store34654.2
Fortnite hit two records in February for peak concurrent players73593.6
'Apex Legends' Exploit Gives You Twitch Prime Loot For Free81,3683.9
Lost Planet Trilogy and Resident Evil Are Now Backward Compatible44354.2
Dr. Disrespect Calls 'Fortnite' a Fad Says It's Just Like Teletubbies131,2714.2
Red Dead Online: next week’s update detailed23613.9
Apex Legends Twitch Prime Loot Includes a Pathfinder Skin and more34573.8
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Hotfix Added One Day After Major Update22753.9
Apex Legends PlayStation Plus Subs Receive Free Exclusive Content44104.2
'Grand Theft Auto 6' Announcement Could Be Coming Soon171,4394
'Call of Duty: Black Ops 4' Loot Boxes Weren't Planned, Says Director119203.9
THQ Nordic Raised Over $200 Million to be Used on More Acquisitions53183.8
Nintendo And Microsoft Are Doing A Great Job, Says Sony Exec33404.1
Microsoft and Paradox Create New Modding Platform for Xbox One and PC35703.8
World War Z Price Drop Detailed on Epic Games Store35094.3
AT&T, Nestle and Epic pull YouTube ads over abuse claims38304.1
Nintendo of America’s Reggie Fils-Aime is Retiring in April55683.7
Black Ops 4 Outrider Specialist and Patch Notes Fully Revealed45884.1
Here’s Every Fix Coming in Anthem’s Day One Patch67243.9
Dreams Limited Creator Early Access Launching this Spring22553.6
Apex Legends player spent $500 on Apex Packs, now regrets it111,9833.9
Cheap Nintendo Switch planned to bring console to more players64534.5
Ghost Recon Wildlands update out next week with new PvE mode, more23194.3
Call of Duty Black Ops 4’s New “Mystery” Trailer Released97843.8
Apex Legends world record set, player gets 36 kills131,2924.4
Cross-platform parties are now a reality in Rocket League84563.4
Steam is getting rid of its video and movie section83473.8
Alien: Isolation Highlights More Additions to Xbox Game Pass64314.3
Watch an early prototype of Halo 2’s Xbox Live parties75214.2
The Samsung Galaxy S10 is official with in-display fingerprint78823.5
Samsung announces the Galaxy Fold, its first foldable smartphone108584.4
New 'Battlefield V' Grand Operation Brings Back Rush Mode73703.9
Razer Game Store is Officially Shutting Down at the End of This Month64563.8
Microsoft Seems To Have No Interest In VR, Next Xbox May Not Have It125033.9
Rainbow Six Siege Free With 12 Month PS Plus Subscription65543.9
Epic Games suing unofficial ‘Fortnite Live’ festival65534
Google is holding a mysterious gaming press event at GDC next month22874
Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass will have free and premium version141,4094.1
Loot boxes are coming to Call of Duty: Black Ops 496824.1
Yakuza Kiwami out today on PC through Steam24664
PS Vita is Ending Production “in the Next Few Days”33844
Popular 'Call of Duty' Mode Coming To 'Fortnite'45464.3
Apex Legends Update Fixes GPU Hanging Issues37624
'Apex Legends' Leak Reveals New Characters and Abilities121,7863.5
SoulCalibur VI’s Next DLC Character Amy Gets Flashy New Screenshots31,1634.4
Apex Legends Causes Increased Sales for Apex Construct46234
Apex Legends’ netcode has big issues with lag, server tickrate –report58873.5
Anthem Quickplay bug puts low level players in final mission63384.3
Report: 'Kingdom Hearts 3' On Nintendo Switch Unlikely To Happen43963.6
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Operation Grand Heist Trailer Reveals67834.2
Rainbow Six Siege Will Be Split Into Dedicated Teams47753.8
Ghost of a Tale console release pushed back to March32954.8
Metro Exodus’ sales are almost 50% up on Last Light84353.8
Apex Legends: Respawn reveals it’s already banned over 16,000 cheaters78084.2
Tekken 7: Negan and Julia join the roster at the end of the month24154
Call of Duty Infinite Warfare 2 Will Never Happen, Says Ex-Developer211,3193.8
Metro Exodus game box hides Steam logo with Epic Games sticker69003.3
The Division 2 beta set new records for Ubisoft43563.7
'Call of Duty' 2019 Will Be One of the Best Call of Duty’s Ever Built171,2984.2
PlayStation Boss Is Open To Acquiring New Studios for PS4 and PS532594.1
Jump Force Patch Will Allow You to Skip Its Terrible Cutscenes37254.1
Two New 'Apex Legends' Weapons Leaked121,3684.6
New 'Crackdown 3' Video Shows Significant Downgrade From Original98573.9
Rainbow Six Siege Operation: Burnt Horizon Operators Fully Revealed57714.2
Here Are The Games Leaving Xbox Game Pass This Month86244.2
'Rainbow Six Siege' Battle Royale is "Out of the Question"73923.9
Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Teases Potential Specialist Outrider Comeback66494.4
New 'Apex Legends' Leak Hints At A Gladiatorial Survival Mode57874
Report: Nintendo Switch Will Add VR Support This Year34193.7
Sony Teases PS5 Will Have More Multiplayer Exclusives Than PS443693.9
Cracks have started appearing on the Fortnite map ahead of Season 847163.4
Valve’s Artifact Struggling to Even Hit 1,000 Concurrent Players43744
Flower Is Now Available on PC for Its 10th Anniversary33353.9
New 'Apex Legends' Leak Hints Larger Squad Sizes Are Coming81,8533.7
Black Ops 4 removing game modes from PC version61,0264.3
Minecraft mobile had their best year ever, making over $100 million64694
'Resident Evil 2’ Remake's Free DLC ‘The Ghost Survivors’ Is Live34133.4
Original First-Run Copy of Super Mario Bros Sold for Over $100,00043493.4
Rainbow Six Siege Y4S1 patch nerfing Ash, Dokkaebi and buffing Capitao36173.6
'Apex Legends' May Soon Add Vehicles78464.2
Ubisoft is Planning to Launch at Least Three AAA Games by March 202044014
Apex Legends May Come to China Thanks to EA and Tencent Partnership57194.3
'Mortal Kombat 11' Adds Jade to the Roster34194.4
Anthem Live Action Trailer Helmed by Neill Blomkamp Finally Released22983.6
Roblox bans PewDiePie, and his name68674
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s New Casino Map Gets Teased in Tweet76624.2
Anthem “service is currently unavailable” errors blight launch49933.9
The Division 2 PC Pre-Orders Surpass Previous Game – Ubisoft53914.2
Sony is reportedly still preventing developers from enabling crossplay75374.1
Trials Rising Open Beta Starts on February 21st55903.9
Black Ops 4’s Blackout Mode to Get New Vehicles in Next Update45134.3
'Assassin's Creed III' Remaster Arrives for Nintendo Switch This May43064
God of War Wins Game of the Year at the 2019 DICE Awards63434.1
Dead by Daylight Announced for Nintendo Switch, Arriving This Fall52824.2
WWE Superstar Booker T. is Suing Activision101,0114.5
Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy sales reportedly surpass 10 million73364.3
Resident Evil 2 DLC screenshots reveal purple gas zombies34763.9
Civilization 6: Gathering Storm Expansion is Now Available53994.1
'Apex Legends' Adds A Little Extra Incentive for Reviving a Teammate81,3944.3
'Rainbow Six Siege' Trailer Teases Operation Burnt Horizon Operators29083.6
Microsoft adds two more titles to Xbox One Backward Compatibility36434.4
New 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 4' Operation Teaser Revealed36513.9
Fortnite Leak Suggests a Fiery Tornado Is Inbound43553.6
Rainbow Six Siege drops Starter Edition, cuts prices on other editions54663.8
New 'Days Gone' Trailer Reveals More Story Details33453.9
Final Fantasy VII Comes to Switch in March23963.8
Blizzard Confirms it Has No Standout Releases Planned for This Year63304.8
New 'Red Dead Online' Update Will Add Anti-Griefing Measures34174
Arma 3 is free to play on Steam this weekend42853.9
Super Mario Maker 2 Announced and Will Release June 201976433.8
Tetris is now a battle royale game with Tetris 9988484.1
The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is Being Remastered for Switch54753.5
Activision: 2019’s Call of Duty will have a campaign171,2424
Respawn Teases New Maps, Characters, and New Modes for 'Apex Legends'91,2484.4
'Mass Effect' Is 'Very Much Alive," Says BioWare53274.1
Sony Discusses PlayStation's Presence at E3 202053413.8
Jump Force PC: here’s the minimum and recommended specs46664
World War Z gets April 16 release date on PC, PS4, Xbox One53864.1
Crackdown 3 Apparently Won’t Allow You to Group Up With Friends127774.6
Treyarch Begins Teasing New Black Ops 4 Blackout Updates In-Game76463.8
Rage 2 Has Received Nearly 10 Minutes of New Fast-Paced Gameplay63773.8
PlayStation Classic Price Has Now Been Marked Down to $4084823.8
Rocket League Adding Cross-Platform Party Support74014.1
Shawn Layden’s Comments on PS4 Cross-Play Clash with Wargoove Devs33384.1
Activision Blizzard Lays Off Hundreds Of Employees87823.9
Apex Legends Has Now Cleared 25 Million Players in Total105133.3
Former Call of Duty Dev Says a “Modern” Shooter Arriving this year141,8704.1
'The Division 2' Is Getting an Open Beta63383.9
Rainbow Six Siege free weekend kicks off in time for Valentine’s day72994
Black Ops 4 to Arms Race Game Mode and Double XP53933.7
Civilization 6 is free to play on Steam for the next two days83734.1
Apex Legends eclipsed Fortnite on Twitch in its first week87073.1
Fortnite made over half a billion dollars in less than a year on iOS63694.1
Fallout 76 Bundled with Hard Drive as Retailers Try to Dump Stock45704.1
Sony’s Shawn Layden Further Explains Decision to Skip E3 201963003.6
'Apex Legends' Leak Seems to Reveal New Skin51,4724.6
Spyro Reignited Trilogy could be getting a Nintendo Switch release52344.3
Fortnite Executive Congratulates Apex Legends, Promptly Deletes Tweet101,3634
'Mortal Kombat 11' Director Ed Boon Breaks Silence on Latest Leak35824.6
'GTA Online' Will Continue To Be Updated, Says Take-Two84484.1
Apex Legends Player Mysteriously Gifted $1.1 Million in Apex Coins81,3593.9
'The Division 2' Beta Update Fixes Crashes Caused by Long Sessions43593.6
Blacklight: Retribution PC servers will go offline in March44743.9
'Call of Duty: Black Ops 4' Teasers Spotted for Next Operation98343.9
Check out the Anthem launch trailer84744.1
Apex Legends: Respawn could be adding Solos and Duos modes127843.9
EA’s stock price has recovered after Apex Legends launch91,0953.3
World War Z Trailer Gives Us Team-Based Combat and Hordes of Zombies74873.8
New 'Watch Dogs 3' Trademark Hints at a PS5, Next Xbox Release74304.4
Rainbow Six Siege Tease Operation Burnt Horizon98063.8
Activision Announces Voluntary Refund Program for Guitar Hero Live109434.1
Anthem Receives New Info on Cataclysms, Open World, and More84453.6
Halo Infinite Will Not Repeat the Mistakes of Halo 5, Says Dev75154.1
Mortal Kombat 11 Roster Update54324.1
Apex Legends – New Server-Side Updates Fix Several Issues57454
Apex Legends Gets a Number of Small Fixes Going into Its First Weekend67234.3
Realm Royale Developer CEO Calls on PlayStation to Enable Crossplay94604.3
Days Gone Gets New Screenshots Showing Deacon and Sarah73964
Doom Soundtrack’s Final Easter Egg Found Two Years After Release74993.8
The Division 2 Beta Patch Fixes Several Game Crashes75893.6
Gran Turismo Sport’s Latest Update Fixes Minor Issues, Doesn’t Do Much62824.5
Anthem’s Launch Trailer Promises An Explosive Experience104734.4
Ghost Giant Coming to PlayStation VR in Spring53153.9
Thimbleweed Park is the Next Free Title on Epic Games Store53553.9
Nintendo Direct Scheduled For February 13th – Rumour43234.1
Monster Hunter World Passes 12 Million Worldwide Shipments42634.3
World War Z Has PvP With Zombies Thrown In, New Trailer Released46063.8
'Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice' System PC Recs Revealed53564
'Apex Legends' Ranked Mode Leaked81,1414.3
PS5 and Next Xbox Saves Will Carry Over for BioWare's 'Anthem'43684.6
'Halo Infinite' Has Learned From Past 'Halo 5' Mistakes, Says 34385284.1
'World War Z' Studio Reveals a New PvPvZ Multiplayer Trailer74933.9
'Metro' Creator Issues Video Response Regarding backlash53863.8
Mortal Kombat 11 Steam Achievements Might Point to Character Reveals84524.2
Microsoft is handing out the original Crackdown for free95634.3
GTA Online players can get their hands on the Schyster Deviant86384.3
For Honor players can unlock the Wu Lin faction free this weekend63244.3
The Sims 4, Master Chief Collection free to play with XBLG74963.8
2018 Steam Awards: PUBG walks off with Game of the Year64484.5
'Apex Legends' Celebrates Over 10 Million Players171,0454.4
The Division 2 Private Beta is Live53084.4
'Pokemon Go' Announces Surprise Friendship Weekend Event53994
Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Season Pass Teased in New Trailer76844.3
Anthem Post-Launch Raids Teased By Developer35344.4
PS5 Will Be A High End Console Priced At Under $500, Says Analyst74013.4
Anthem Endgame Content Revealed in New Gameplay Series Video76443.8
Two Point Hospital Receives Free Interior Designer Update54903.5
Xbox Game Studios is Now the New Brand Name for Microsoft Studios84953.8
Sea of Thieves is Letting Players Invite Friends to Play Free84013.9
EA - Battlefield 5’s Battle Royale Mode and Apex Legends Won’t Compete97633.6
Assassin’s Creed III Remastered Launches March 29 - PS4, Xbox One, PC65294.1
New Titanfall Game Due This Year, Will Be A “Twist” For The Franchise85584.1
EA Stock Falls 10% Following Admission Of Underperformance84484.1
Need for Speed, Plants vs. Zombies Sequels Releasing in Fall 2019 – EA85284.4
EA Pins Battlefield 5’s Dismal Launch on Late Release Date74394.1
Anthem Projected To Sell 5-6 Million Copies By March 31 By EA63003.9
'Halo: Outpost Discovery' Ultimate Fan Experience Announced67213.5
Apex Legends Hits 2.5 Million Total Players, 600,000 Concurrent Players151,0494.3
Sea of Thieves Players Can Invite 3 Friends to Play Free for a week54213.9
The Division 2 Private Beta Pre-Load is Now Live74404
Anthem Gameplay Series Video Discusses End-Game, Crafting43513.8
Metro Exodus Writer Addresses Epic Games Store Exclusivity63594.5
Mortal Kombat 11’s Roster Continues to Grow with Two New Additions43353.9
Red Dead Redemption 2 Hits 23 Million Shipments Worldwide93493.8
Fortnite: Week 11 Challenge will feature Creative Islands & More75153.4
Kingdom Hearts III Has Shipped Five Million Copies Worldwide63214.5
Anthem Demo Has Exceeded EA and Bioware’s Expectations64773.8
Overcooked 2 Gets Chinese New Year Update for Free and Available Now44474
MLB The Show 19’s First Official Gameplay Trailer is Here75264.4
Dead or Alive 6 Runs At 1080p on PS4 Pro, 4K on Xbox One X45323.5
Apex Legends Amassed One Million Players in Under Eight Hours128203.7
Apex Legends’ Monetization Is “Ethical”, Says Developer67234.1
Battlefield 5 Co-op Combined Arms Mode Arrives Next Week33723.9
The Division 2 Developers Discuss Balancing Game For PvE And PvP43434.1
Nintendo Switch Gets Console Level Voice Chat Thanks To Vivox44363.9
More Titanfall Teased For Later This Year By Series Creator34334.1
PlayStation 4 Beats Out Nintendo Switch U.S. Sales In 201873083.8
'Sea of Thieves' Developer Addresses Cross-Play Concerns44593.8
New Left Alive gameplay offers 9 minutes of action04374.2
The Steam Lunar Sale has begun44264
The Ubisoft Store free game giveaway is back44274.1
Metro Exodus Developer Has No Intention to Abandon PC Gamers43334
Apex Legends’ First Gameplay Footage Has Arrived111,5904.2
Capcom Named Top Publisher of 2018 on Metacritic43423.8
2K Games Establishes New Studio Helmed by Call of Duty Veteran65433.9
Microsoft Planning to Bring Xbox Live Support to Nintendo Switch, iOS85154.3
Viewers on Twitch watched over 9.36 billion hours of content last year77413.8
Resident Evil 3 Remake is possible if fans want it, says Capcom44763.8
Free-to-Play 'Titanfall' Battle Royale Game 'Apex Legends' Released77124.3
EA’s Titanfall Battle Royale Game Apex Legends Receives First Trailer57143.9
Titanfall Battle Royale Game Apex Legends Confirmed77264.3
Sony Has Some Significant Unannounced PS4 Games Still To Reveal73994.2
Mortal Kombat 11 – Kronika Won’t Be A Playable Character54824.6
Machinima officially closed down with 81 employees laid off76623.9
Xbox Player Spends $13,000 in Purchases Family Claims Unintentional66364.6
God Eater 3 Developers Comment on Possibility of Nintendo Switch Port12584.3
Black Ops 4’s Blackout to Get New Map Changes Next Season of Content91,0913.9
Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Gets Epic New Trailer45744
February’s Twitch Prime Games Include Downwell, Pikuniku, and More63524.2
Crackdown 3 4k campaign gameplay shows off new weapons and boss fight75474.3
'Resident Evil 2' Speedrun Goes Terribly Wrong When Two Mr. X Show Up79624.1
PSN Alone Made More Money In 2018 Than All Of Nintendo63463.7
PS Plus Hits 36 Million Subscribers93173.9
Anthem next-gen console release under consideration55414.2
PS4 May Hit 100 Million Units Sold Quicker Than Any Console Ever42824.2
Super Mario Bros Movie Will Arrive in 202254373.9
World War Z Trailer is Another Mess of Zombies56543.8
Nintendo Switch Online Hits 8 Million Subscribers42243.8
Titanfall Battle Royale Game ‘Apex Legends’ Rumored47964.3
Report: 'Titanfall' Battle Royale Game Will Have No Titans43964.2
Ape Out’s Escape from Captivity Pushed Back Until February 2803063.9
Sony Reveals PS4 Shipments Have Now Passed 94 Million Units32584
Report: Nintendo Switch to Get a Smaller, Cheaper Redesign by End year43283.7
E3 2019 General Attendee Badges Go on Sale in Early February27883.9
Final Fantasy VII Will be “Coming Soon” to Switch44864.4
Dr. Mario World Announced by Nintendo35084
Kano Confirmed to be Appearing in Mortal Kombat 1124834.2
Ubisoft Apologizes for Marketing Joke About US Government Shutdown79114.3
Nintendo Switch sold over 32 million units by the end of last year62873.8
Get Assassin’s Creed Chronicles China free in the Uplay Lunar Sale02893.7
PS5 Backwards Compatibility hinted at by new patent95753.9
Resident Evil 2’s Broken Facial Animations May Freak You out51,9323.7
Microsoft adds two more games to Xbox One Backward Compatibility95934
PUBG Loot Cave Added in Latest Patch Contains 3 Supply Crates25653.8
Ninja Starring in a Super Bowl LIII Commercial Right Before Halftime99703.5
Epic Games Store’s opt-in reviews aims to cut down on review bombing49954
'Metro' Creator Comments on 'Metro Exodus' Moving From Steam to Epic87654.4
Xbox Adaptive Controller Gets an Emotional Super Bowl Commercial111,0204.1
Metro Exodus New Trailer Explains What the Game is All About34533.6
Super Mario Odyssey is Now the Best-Selling 3D Mario Game Ever64143.6
Cities: Skylines players on console can now build Green Cities75693.8
Xbox Live Numbers On The Rise With 64 Million Monthly Active Users63724.2

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