The Tech Game: October 2019

Xbox Games With Gold for November Revealed59184
Sony Trademarks PS6 and More PlayStation Consoles25354
Rainbow Six Siege DDoS attacks down 93% after Ubisoft protections22904
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Launch Trailer Revealed14513
Modern Warfare Faces Massive Review Bombs Over Portrayal of Russia151,4434
Apex Legends crosses 70 million players globally42445
Steam's Big Library Update Is Now Available for Everyone23145
Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Launch Trailer is Here13935
The Epic Games Store Gets Much Needed Layout Update02524
GOG Halloween Sale Is Live Until November 401995
The Surge 2 Season Pass Will Add 13 New Weapons, Story DLC02515
Pokemon Sword and Shield Length Revealed06523
Next-Gen Battlefield Release Window Revealed12603
MediEvil Remake Has an Unlockable PS1 Version01933
EA Confirms More Remasters and New IP are Coming in 202015613
Fallout subscribers in Fallout 76 being targeted by non-paying players05693
Modern Warfare Player Gets 11 Melee Kills Within 30 Seconds31,0805
CS:GO’s average player count just hit an all-time high02754
Ubisoft Reveals Plans for Ghost Recon Breakpoint After Poor Reception23283
Need for Speed Heat’s Launch Trailer is Here14555
Death Stranding is Coming to PC in Early Summer 202001815
Minecraft Dungeons was originally being designed as a 3DS game04513
Xbox All Access Bundles Are Back With Project Scarlett Upgrade Options04693
Google’s quantum breakthrough sent Bitcoin into a nosedive17195
Nintendo Switch Online Will Not Be Ditched, According to Nintendo03453
Twitch Loses Yet Another High-Profile Streamer to Mixer16293
Sony Kills PlayStation Vue02474
Overwatch 2 Logo Reportedly Revealed08135
The Last of Us Part 2 Animator Leaves Naughty Dog13753
That $149 Nintendo Switch Lite Rumor Has Been Officially Busted04353
Rainbow Six: Siege Hackers Are Being Sued By Ubisoft04483
Modern Warfare's Funniest Killcam So Far Has Been Revealed29803
EA Games are Coming Back to Steam Starting Next Month03354
Overwatch 2 will feature PvE and be playable at BlizzCon15474
Death Stranding Almost Had A Cameo By Cliffy B.02715
Mad Max Director George Miller Praises Kojima for Death Stranding02073.5
Borderlands 3 Photo Mode is Now Available On All Platforms24084
WWE 2K20 Releases Statement On Glitches and Future Patch36094
Shenmue 3 Focuses On Towns And Characters In New Trailer03614
Steam Halloween sale has begun, will last until Friday05094.7
Infinity Ward intends to make another Modern Warfare, Story DLC31,1235
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is outselling Black Ops 456583.3
Xbox Game Pass Adds New Games, Including The Outer Worlds03253.7
Epic sues Fortnite tester for “spoiling the suspense” with Leaks26483.3
Borderlands 3 Looking Into Adding Huge Time-Saving Feature02713.7
Gears 5 Has Some Big Improvements Coming Soon02513.3
The Outer Worlds Coming to Nintendo Switch in 202014613.3
Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect says he turned down Mixer deal31,2673.3
Payday 2 Is Back in Development03243.7
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Players Can Now Get Free Loot08023.7
Microsoft Flight Simulator Uses Real-World Data to Build Atmosphere04694
Watch Dogs Legion Development Teams Respond to the Game’s Delay02253.7
Xbox One Users Say Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Is Bricking Consoles163,6694
Sony Is Reportedly Looking Into Selling Off PlayStation Vue02703.3
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare patch addresses crashing, playlist update16113.7
Microsoft Announces New Xbox Hardware for Mobile Gaming14164.3
Borderlands 3 Is Adding an Even Harder Mayhem Mode03164.3
Google to Open Stadia First-Party Studio in Montreal03504.7
PS5 Is Faster Than Xbox Scarlett, According to Sony79123
Angry Fan Uses Fallout 1st Domain to Protest New Paid Subscription14914
Xbox One Reveals Major Change to Gamertags81,0654.7
Rainbow Six Siege had ideas for operator with Spider-Man abilities03344.7
Epic Games Store's New Free Games Are Now Available02053
Dr Disrespect Reveals How Much More Money He Makes Than Game Devs06015
Ghost Recon Breakpoint critical reception and sales very disappointing03144
Watch Dogs Legion, Rainbow Six Quarantine suffer delay12994
Microsoft Q1: Xbox One revenue relatively flat as next-gen looms02524
Battlefield 5 hits the ocean in this trailer for War in the Pacific14804
Dying Light Teases Left 4 Dead 2 Crossover03464.5
Ghost of Tsushima Reportedly Won’t Release Until Late in 202001724
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Fans Aren't Happy About the Game's Maps232,6334.2
Ubisoft Says it Will Release 5 AAA Games in Upcoming Fiscal Year13114.3
The Last of Us Part II Has Been Officially Delayed to May 202001804
Former Xbox Boss Joins Blizzard23374.5
Teamfight Tactics Season 2 Includes Hero Overhaul, New Items02304.3
Borderlands 2 VR is Out Now on PC02134.5
Modern Warfare Update Adds Two Highly Requested Modes37543.8
Reported PS5 Feature Could Be a Game-Changer for Music Lovers03294.3
The Surge 2 Gets Free Future Shock Weapon Pack04623.5
Google Stadia Pre-orders Won’t All Ship For Launch04124.3
Last of Us Part II Aims to have the Most Complex Characters in Gaming01683.5
Bethesda is charging $99 a year to play in a Fallout 76 private world24024.5
Cyberpunk 2077 could sell 20 million in the launch12234.8
Sony Granting Refunds to WWE 2K20 Buyers04804.8
Big Unexpected PS4 News Is Reportedly Coming Soon02653.4
Original Rocket League DLCs Are Being Given Away for Free24223.8
Deadmau5 blasts Twitch streamers who e-beg for 5 bucks’36434.2
Dentist Bags a Stack of Rare Retro Games for over $1 Million14643.6
Don’t get caught on the ropes in WWE 2K2002574.2
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reveals Biggest Map in Series History42,0023.4
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Announces Big Multiplayer Change51,2264
Modern Warfare – New Video Shows the Campaign’s First 20 Minutes36434.1
Modern Warfare Leaks and Spoilers Are Pouring in Online48684.3
Twitch Loses Shroud to Mixer101,0734.4
“Classify loot boxes as a form of gambling”, urges a new UK report33554
Doom 64 is a Doom Eternal pre-order bonus for all platforms23734.4
Darksiders Genesis Release Date Revealed12083.6
EA games including Dragon Age 2 are probably coming back to Steam01433.7
Modern Warfare Will Include Specialist Difficulty of Sorts67033.3
Fortnite Chapter 2 Halloween Skins, Cosmetics Leak15644.1
Rainbow Six Siege devs are “following a few leads” on Blackbeard nerfs03013.7
Diablo 4 Leaked Once Again by New Ad38344.1
PlayStation Store’s Halloween Sale Is Live Until November 112334.1
Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Screenshots Show Vegito in Action02754
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Banned From Russian PlayStation Store51,3024.5
Halo: Reach's next PC Insider test will last a week24964.5
Skateboarding game Session gets delayed on Xbox One13803.8
Resident Evil 3 remake and more possibly hinted by Capcom06863.5
Tfue says that Fortnite Chapter 2 ‘feels like the worst ever’39154.3
Need for Speed Heat’s File Size Is Less Than 24 GB on Xbox One03333.8
Everspace 2 Aiming for 4K on Xbox One X and PS4 Pro03003.9
Days Gone Developer’s Next Game Is In Pre-Production02634
Borderlands 3 Confirms Highly Requested Looting Feature04024.1
Epic Games Store Launches Halloween Sale Until November 1st03014.3
Owners of Xbox Game Pass Are Playing 40% More Games32924.1
The Outer Worlds PC System Requirements Have Been Revealed03964.4
Microsoft is testing some new changes for the Xbox One dashboard47623.7
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Has Gone Gold13883.8
Crusader Kings 2 is now free on Steam03464.1
Microsoft is sending out more invitations for Project xCloud16014
Epic Games Store Reveals Its Next Pair of Free Games03504
The Outer Worlds Launch Trailer Has Arrived06064.1
Rainbow Six Siege TTS gives Warden more speed and less armour14864.1
Final Fantasy 8 Remastered Gets Behind The Scenes Developer Diary03104
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Gets Live Action Japanese Trailer06034.6
Nintendo Switch Has Passed 15 Million Units Sold in North America03254.2
Fallout 76’s big Wastelanders update gets delayed until 202013154.2
Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Will Have Playable Vegito During Buu Saga15003.9
Xbox Game Pass Adds Three New Games, Including Fallout57394.1
Call of Duty Modern Warfare replaces the ‘Prestige’ system223,7623.9
Google Stadia controller’s biggest feature won’t be there at launch03614.3
Observer and Alan Wake American Nightmare free on the Epic Games Store02914
New Mortal Kombat 11 DLC Adds Several Spooky Halloween Skins16794
New Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Trailer Released15283.9
The Outer Worlds Day One Update is 38GB for Xbox One, 18GB for PS405263.6
PUBG Esports scene “looking very dire” as branded skins cancelled03934
DOOM Eternal Trailer Showcases Pre-Order Bonuses, Deluxe Content15873.4
Luigi’s Mansion 3 Features An Infamous Nintendo Console15704
The Windows Phone Store will shut down on December 1603334.1
Techland is teasing Call of Juarez: Gunslinger on Switch03274.3
Dr Disrespect Says Fortnite Is About to Die, Why He's Happy About It101,8234.1
Huge PS5 Backwards Compatibility Feature Seemingly Teased15233.9
Steam's Dates for Its Next Big Sales Have Leaked13533.8
Destiny 2 vendor refresh isn’t a priority for Bungie12944.3
Nioh 2 New Screenshots Reveal Nohime, Yoshimoto Imagawa05074
Google Discontinues Daydream VR Support As Stadia’s Release Looms04024
Death Stranding spoilers are already hitting the internet19333.4
The sequel to Plague Inc is about terrorism, now in Steam Early Access06024
Cyberpunk 2077 – CDPR Are “Pushing It to the Wall” To Meet Deadline25493.6
PS5 Controller To Embrace Cloud Tech In A Big Way03894.1
CD Projekt Red Was Worried The Witcher 3 Didn’t Have Enough Content23103.9
Destiny 2 Character Boosters for 900 Power Are Now Available31,0553.6
Gears 5 Update Brings Back The Curb Stomp03743.9
Mortal Kombat 11 Director Teases "Big Surprise" Coming Next Year02694.4
League of Legends Coming to Consoles and Phones15443.9
Streaming Service PS Now Will Still Be a Thing on PS502253.9
Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 has been delayed12594
Zombie Army 4: Dead War Will Frighten Sniper Elite Fans in 202002393.6
PS5 Devkit First Look Reportedly Revealed51,6984
PS5 Price Possibly Leaked By Retailer38414.1
PUBG season 5’s Miramar remaster boosts long-range weapon spawns04694
The Outer Worlds – Opening 20 Minutes Revealed in New Video04393.8
CD Projekt Red Breaks Down Cyberpunk 2077’s “Scene System” Feature02863.5
Sonic Shows His Speed in Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD Gameplay02584
Fortnite Chapter 2’s island was leaked weeks ago15203.8
PS5 Release Date Reportedly Revealed25644
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare PS4 Pro bundle announced13404
Grand Theft Auto Actor Drops GTA 6 Release Date Hint11,0673.8
Modern Warfare proves that game download sizes are getting ridiculous29734.1
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare PC Trailer Touts Gorgeous Visuals06213.6
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Soundtrack is Out Now02174.3
DualShock 5 online functionality hinted at by patent13063.8
TeamSpeak introduces a new client that takes elements from Discord37423.4
Resident Evil Series Hits 91 Million Units Lifetime Sales12594.4
Anthem is the fifth best-selling game of 201913613.8
Concrete Genie Developer Has No Current Plans For DLC02854.3
The new Medal of Honor wasn’t meant to be a VR game02173.8
Modern Warfare Will Have a Battle Pass Instead of Loot Boxes111,5754.1
Destiny 2 – Festival of the Lost 2019 Could See Haunted Forest Return13534.1
Dragon Ball FighterZ adding Broly (Super), Xenoverse 2 Gets Android 2105233.9
Persona 5 Royal Install Size Is 30 GB12713.6
Riot Games throws shade at Blizzard in 10th anniversary stream06013.7
The Division 2 is Free to Play Till October 20th32383.6
Red Dead Redemption 2 Looks Absolutely Stunning In PC Trailer35013.4
Sea of Thieves Fort of the Damned Update Adds Skeleton Pets21,0474
WWE 2K20 Looks Like an Absolute Utter Disaster on PS471,1694.1
Football Manager 2020 to be released next month22374
Soulcalibur 6: Season 2 Trailer Showcases New Moves for All Fighters12143.7
Fortnite Chapter 2: Here's an Ultra High Res Look at the New Map41,5844.1
After two years, Fortnite is still somehow in early access34254.1
New trailer for Pokémon Sword and Shield Released24513.9
Microsoft adds content filtering to Xbox Live messaging13723.4
Halo Infinite loses lead producer, two months after creative director13414.1
You can now kidnap downed Fortnite players36324.1
Google Stadia Will Finally Arrive on November 1924374
Public testing for Microsoft's Project xCloud has begun23544
Games with Gold: Friday the 13th and Ninja Gaiden 3 are now free33274.1
New League of Legends Animated Series Announced23294.1
League of Legends Fighting Game First Look Revealed13304.1
Cyberpunk 2077 will reject microtransactions to preserve the goodwill33544.1
Postal 4: No Regerts Revives the Infamous Series in Steam Early Access06933.7
Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition has all DLC11864.3
Modern Warfare loot boxes aren’t in development, says Infinity Ward141,3484
Borderlands 3 players get extra Eridium for 10-year series anniversary14054.4
Pokemon Go Announces Halloween Event15324
Final Fantasy 7 Remake is playable during EGX 201902554.4
Fortnite Chapter 2 Is Totally Filled With Bots81,7193.9
Fortnite's V-Bucks Prices Are Changing In Some Regions01,0823.8
Fortnite Chapter 2 Introduces New Map, Fishing, and New XP System47414
Overwatch Switch retail version doesn’t come with a cart03473.5
Cyberpunk 2077 Developer Comments on Hitting April 2020 Release13284.3
Death Stranding PlayStation 4 File Size Revealed13054.3
Pokemon Sword and Shield File Size Is Reportedly Over 10 GB33734.1
FIFA 20 Is Still on Top of UK Charts, GRID Debuts at No. 502083.5
Apex Legends finally gets a proper practice mode03654
Fortnite: The End Event Had Nearly Six Million Concurrent Viewers66194
Halo Infinite Lead Producer Has Left 343 Industries – Report44973.9
Pokemon Sword and Shield Reveals New First Town Gameplay Footage34323.7
Don't Get Your Hopes Up for Cyberpunk 2077 on Nintendo Switch12423.6
Modern Warfare Will Reportedly Be Missing Some Fan Favorite Modes59384
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Trick Takes 3 Hours Off Speedrun Record14694.2
Fortnite Chapter 2 map leaked and other details21,1414.2
Fortnite Season 11 Battle Pass cosmetics and Trailer leaked32,3564.1
Fortnite’s Black Hole Has a Mini-Game Activated by the Konami Code14253.8
Shroud wins PUBG match without looking at the screen58274.2
Gears 5 Players Are Getting Banned for Nearly 2 Years56073.3
Dying Light 2 Will Be Supported for at Least 4 Years After Release12914.2
Don’t expect Payday 3 to be released until at least 202202933.9
Call of Duty: Mobile May Add Controller Support35503.9
Several operators to get rework in Rainbox Six Siege mid-season patch02244.4
Fortnite Code Leak Indicates "The End" Lasts Until Tuesday91,7413.7
When Will Fortnite Be Back Online?61,0754
Fortnite Vanishes From Twitch After "The End" Event47343.8
Frostpunk: Console Edition out now on PS4 and Xbox One02764.1
Apple Leaks Fortnite Chapter 2 and Possibly a New Map08624.1
Free Nintendo Switch Demos For Two Resident Evil Games Released01993.8
Valve is muting toxic Dota 2 players12144.2
Epic Games Store Reveals Its Next Free Games03083.8
GTA Online adds new King of the Hill mode02243.9
FIFA 20 Player Count Hits 10 Million01943.9
Street Fighter V Producer Hints at New Content, Characters02773.8
Need for Speed Heat Has Gone Gold13224.3
Activision promises 4K ray tracing with high FPS in Modern Warfare25884.2
Rainbow Six Siege is testing a Jackal rework02773.9
Rocket League Meets Stranger Things in Next Haunted Hallows Event57663.4
Surviving Mars and its Space Race DLC are now free from Epic13284.3
Data caps would kill Google Stadia for a reported 17% of gamers14884.3
Red Dead Redemption 2 Pre-Purchases Begin, Free Goodies Included04914.3
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare PC Install Size Clarified05203.5
Donald Trump Is Now on Twitch but with No Video Games in Sight26533.6
Apple now selling Xbox One controllers through its online store25784.3
Oxenfree Sells Over 1 Million Copies02184.3
Hideo Kojima Announces a Death Stranding World Tour12783.9
Cuphead Look-Alike Enchanted Portals Is Getting a Lot of Hate17764.3
Sea of Thieves will get private servers in a “mid-term” update33764.2
Nintendo Switch Has Sold Over 10 Million Units In Europe12204.3
PC used to be Destiny 2’s smallest platform – now it’s the biggest33764.3
Final Fantasy 7 Remake Shows Off Tactical Mode In New Video12603.7
Battlefield 5 Will Have Three Free Trial Weekends Starting Today12934.4
Sony patent shows a PSVR which supports Bluetooth and transparent view12253.8
New Steam Feature Will Allow Local Multiplayer Games Online12843.7
Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Enhancements, and Content Detailed15023.6
PlayStation 5 Clarifies Ray-Tracing Support34004.1
Sony still working out the PS5 backwards compatibility details54904
Modern Warfare on PC Requires You to Have 175 GB of Free Space86513.4
Rockstar Reveals Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Requirements44773.7
Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC Has New Missions and Gear23703.8
Xbox Executive Mike Ybarra Is Leaving Microsoft23793.7
FiveM devs say their Red Dead Redemption 2 mod out this year45864.1
The Simpsons: Hit & Run Remaster Could Happen, Says Producer88014
Valve break in resulted in $40,000 worth of items stolen34543.8
Doom 64 Has Been Announced for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC33023.9
New PS5 renders show what it could look like41,3153.9
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order PC Requirements Revealed23704
Call of Duty: Mobile exceeds 100 million downloads its first week65164.4
Shadow of the Tomb Raider is getting a Definitive Edition12623.8
Bluepoint and EA Are Working on PS5 Games01964.4
Streamers are following Ninja to Mixer but viewers are not35063.5
The Campaign in Marvel’s Avengers Could Last Up to 30 Hours33083.9
Surviving the Aftermath to Launch This Year on Epic Games Store01583.9
PS5 Confirmed to Contain a 4K Blu-Ray Drive23324
Monster Hunter World Has Now Topped 14 Million Units Sold22824
Cyberpunk 2077 Might Have a Photo Mode Available at Launch32824.1
GTA 5 mod has 70 free missions inspired by GTA Online24804
Someone has beaten Minecraft without doing any mining47154.4
Gears 5 Update Makes Big Changes To Flashbangs12984.1
Modern Warfare Seemingly Teases Return of Major Villain46893.7
Xbox One October update adds Wish List notifications43434.3
DOOM Eternal Delayed to March 202022364.4
PS5 Allows Players to Install the Parts of a Game They Want to Play33184
Fortnite pro-players unite to begin dialogue with Epic over the future54664.1
MediEvil PS4 vs. PS One Gameplay Showcased in New Video22824.3
Is the PlayStation 5 Backwards Compatible?56554.2
Modern Warfare Spec Ops Operations and Missions detailed46384.2
PS5 Tech Demos Include Gran Turismo Sport Port24664.3
PlayStation 5 Controller Details Revealed14804.2
FIFA 20 Again Tops Weekly UK Sales Chart Beating Breakpoint33554.1
Sony is Ditching Facebook Integration on PS422974.1
The Leaked PlayStation 5 Devkit Is Apparently Real59334.1
PS4 system update 7.00 is out now22653.7
Sony Officially Confirms PS5 Will Launch in Late 202044414.3
Ubisoft removes some Ghost Recon Breakpoint microtransactions54603.6
Monster Hunter World Is Getting Resident Evil 2 Content26624.1
Two Super Mario 64 speedrun world records broken in a single session24413.9
Halo Infinite – 343 Industries Used A Pug To Make Alien Noises34034.1
Minecraft Dungeons Reveals Opening Cinematic24093.9
Marvel’s Avengers Reveals Kamala Khan as the Game’s Secret Protagonist22593.6
PS4 Update Doubling Maximum Party Size to 16 for Everyone This Week44493.5
Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s Launch Trailer Has Arrived71,0203.8
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Launch Multiplayer Maps Leaked82,1424
Bully 2 “never got off the ground,” according to reports44883.7
Sherlock Holmes developer had 9 out of 10 of its games pulled23073.8
Two Unannounced Xbox Scarlett Features Possibly Revealed26373.3
The Last of Us Part 2 Is 50 Percent Bigger Than the First Game21844.1
Former Xbox One Exclusive Actually Runs Better on Nintendo Switch23824.2
Fallout Legacy Collection will only be available in the UK and Germany33584.3
Rainbow Six Siege may get a K9 operator34393.6
Iron Man VR Arrives on PS4 in February 202023023.9
Epic responds to Fortnite cross-platform matchmaking backlash24323.7
EA Leaks FIFA 20 Players’ Private Info in Latest Blunder23273.7
Get Crash, Spyro and Call of Duty: WW2 for $12 with Humble Monthly32244.1
Nintendo Job Listings Hint At New 2D and 3D Super Mario Games43223.9
Rainbow Six Siege operators could get two or three more elite skins24304.2
Destiny 2 just hit 226k concurrent players on Steam44254
Cyberpunk 2077 New Screenshot Shows Off Night City’s Slums23904.1
Call of Duty: Mobile Has Reached 35 Million Downloads Since Launch65874.1
House of the Dead Remakes Officially Confirmed in Development34604.1
Civilization VI Will Not Support Cloud Saves on PS422644.6
The Last of Us Part II’s Allies Will Be More Helpful in Combat21984.2
Persona 5 Royal Potentially Coming West in March 202025483.9
Nintendo Switch Is Getting an Official Stylus33954.4
Martha is Dead is a Psychological Horror Arriving in 202035334.1
Surviving Mars is Free Next Week on Epic Games Store32873.9
Infinity Ward responds to Modern Warfare netcode issues31,3393.9
Modern Warfare Battle Royale Mode Possibly Datamined34904
New PlayStation 4 Feature Is Focused on Competition23004.1
Pokemon Sword and Shield Won’t Have 18 Gyms After All54614.1
Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford’s Ongoing Lawsuit Has Ended34073.9
PlayStation 5 Prospero leak hints at built-in camera13183.9
Rare Nintendo PlayStation prototype is going to be sold37443.9
Someone Got DOOM Running on a McDonald's Cash Register59464.2
Death Stranding Gets a New Trailer22723.8
Detroit: Become Human Has Surpassed 3 Million Copies Sold31864.1
PlayStation Insider is "Very Nervous" About PS5 and State of Sony22973.9
Mario Kart Tour Is Nintendo’s Fastest Mobile Launch Ever22094.2
Red Dead Redemption 2 Comes to PC in November108024.4
Call of Duty: Mobile Has Been Downloaded 20 Million Times Already61,0793.9
Call of Duty: Mobile drops controller support a day after launch71,5413.6
CS:GO X-ray scanner released by Valve to show lootbox contents15453.9
Minit is free this week through the Epic Games Store12104.2
My Hero One’s Justice 2 Gets an Action-packed New Trailer54984.5
Microsoft Denies Controversial Report About Xbox Scarlett15773.8
Titanfall 2 Player Breaks World Record for Gauntlet Run24293.9
Dead by Daylight is bigger than FIFA and CoD on Twitch22874
Mario & Luigi Developer Files For Bankrupcy13364
EA offers free Origin Access for enabling Origin login verification14063.9
Nintendo Can Add Any Character From Overwatch into Super Smash Bros13044.1
PS4 cross-play is out of beta despite no official announcements46204.2
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Offer Includes 6-Months of Spotify Premium49974.2
Pokemon Sword and Shield Won’t Have HMs, Will Feature Autosave23784
Both PS5 and Xbox Scarlett to feature cameras and a focus on streaming24104
Super Mario Maker 2 Friends List Online Co-op and Versus is Here12193.8
Rocket League Replacing Loot Crates with Blueprints in December21,0863.7
Fallout Legacy Collection Leaked57554.1
World War Z and Dishonored 2 Arrive on Xbox Game Pass This Month34354.2
Destiny 2 Reaches Over 200,000 Concurrent Players on Steam53373.8
Hideo Kojima Says He is Personally Editing Death Stranding’s Trailer12304.1
The Last of Us Part II’s Allies Will Be More Helpful in Combat12164
Mortal Kombat 11 gameplay video shows the Terminator23073.8
PS5 Devkit Name and New Details Reportedly Revealed68823.5
DualShock 4 controllers are now compatible with Apple devices45514.2
Nintendo’s Brain Age series makes its return on Switch12624.1
Nintendo Is Seemingly Already Working on a New Nintendo Switch Lite25633.9
Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Is Already the Top Selling Game on Steam16024.1
Bungie wants to start another franchise by 202513144.3
Sony cuts PlayStation Now price in half13174
PUBG now supports cross-play on PS4 and Xbox One14324.2
PlayStation Boss Shawn Layden is Leaving Sony12253.8
Gears 5 microtransactions “will evolve until we get it right”22773.9
The Walking Dead Is Coming to PUBG Mobile15523.7
Microsoft is trying to bring the Chromium-based Edge to Linux12304.2
Microsoft Flight Simulator will get ten years of support56914.2
Gearbox and Valve are being sued by Duke Nukem 3D’s composer14614
Auto Chess is coming to Switch and PS4 next year14163.8
Turn Borderlands 3 into Limbo with this mod25414.3
Modern Warfare dev urges fans to ignore inflammatory rumours121,4353.8
Call of Duty: Mobile Is Now Available35504.3
Nioh 2 Shows Off 3 Player Multiplayer Gameplay13494.4
GTA 3 Possibly Coming To Xbox One And Switch56044.1
Steam Remote Play adds touch controls for 100 games15194.1
Fallout 76 will get a public test server in 202013334
Minecraft is introducing new Piglins to the Nether18174.1
PS5 Will Be More Fun Than PS4, Confirms Developer33414

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