The Tech Game: November 2017

Warhammer and Child of Eden now free with Games with Gold51,1024
Call of Duty: WW2 Now Banning Players For Prestige Exploit244,9654.5
Xbox One X Has Seen An “Incredible Response”, Says Microsoft CEO55673.8
Bungie Announces Major Destiny 2 Overhauls, Beginning Next Week28394.2
Fallout 4 and Skyrim: Special Editions’ Xbox One X Updates Available17853.8
Red Dead Redemption 2 Publisher Argues Loot Boxes are Not Gambling47034.3
Call of Duty: WW2 Update 1.06 Is Out Now on Consoles77003.8
Global gaming revenue expected to match that of sports in 201757584.3
New Call of Duty: WWII Update Released; Fixes Headquarters and more142,0943.8
PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds Xbox One Install Size Revealed141,7064.5
Civilization VI Rise and Fall Expansion Revealed; First Trailer Inside55574
Sony Announces PlayStation Experience Panel Lineup44404
Nintendo, Sony Dominated Easily During Cyber Monday65263.9
Xbox One Backward Compatible List Grows With Two New Titles121,1254.2
Humble Racing Bundle includes Dirt Rally, F1 2016, Grid 2 and more58624.2
GTA Online: Transform race creator goes live, Lazer jet available57024.7
Fortnite v1.9.1 Update Released; Includes New Features and Bug Fixes47064.2
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds discounted pre-release on Xbox One79084
Xbox Live deals: Mordheim: City of the Damned, Never Alone, and more23714.3
EA Loses $3 Billion On The Stock Market Thanks To Battlefront 2192,2184
Gang Beasts is Bringing the Brawl to PS4 on December 1251,6683.8
PlayStation Had Its Biggest Black Friday Ever, Says Sony Exec56734.3
Destiny 2 Free Trial Arrives Tomorrow on Consoles and PC58244.3
Nintendo Switch Was One Of Black Friday’s Biggest Sellers75504.2
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds 1.0 Going Live Again on Test Servers35914
Target of Epic's Fortnite cheating lawsuit is apparently only 14151,3894.4
Microsoft Looking To Make Social Sharing Easier On Xbox One34924.6
Battle Royale-type mode is coming to Call of Duty Online for China123,7044.7
Intel 9700K Rumors May Make You Want to Hold Off on Any Upgrades71,5214.6
Nintendo Switch Accessories Up to 50% Off on Amazon46184.2
Call of Duty: WWII Video Leak Shows Off Returning Game Modes and Guns173,7254
Steam's Concurrent Users Hit All-time High After Black Friday66744.5
Red Dead Redemption 2: More Voice Actors Possibly Discovered15513.6
Petition Calls for Disney to End Exclusive Multi-Year Contract with EA101,0073.5
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Introduces Two New Weapons This Week21,0244.3
Rainbow Six Siege Is Testing a New "Toxic Behavior" Reporting Option81,1074.5
FIFA 18 Players Boycotting In-Game Purchases91,0275
Alien Isolation and Total War dev is working on a new IP49204.3
Release: PS3 Custom Firmware installer for Firmware 4.8262,3753.8
Free-to-play revenues have doubled on PC since 201245194.3
Xbox One X Will Top Black Friday Sales In US, Says Michael Pachter56944.3
UK Rules Loot Boxes in Video Games Are Not Legally Gambling139533.8
1.7 million account credentials stolen from Imgur in 201445813.2
Xbox One X Could Pass 600K Units Sold in 2017 – NPD Analyst55014
SNES Classic Returns to Best Buy Tomorrow67354
Reminder: You can now get Xbox Game Pass for $1121,1924.3
Destiny 2 XP Scaling System Removed by Bungie78374.4
Grand Theft Auto Online’s Black Friday Sale Is Now Live96924
Check Out the Project CARS 2 Demo; Pre-Order Bonus Now Available54694.2
Worms W.M.D. Gets a Launch Trailer for Nintendo Switch Release29193.8
Final Fantasy 7 Remake release date announcement hinted37904 slashes prices for Black Friday, Deals inside111,7344.6
Save Big on the Dead Space Series This Week on Steam64974.6
PUBG killcam is probably the best new thing in 1.071,4184.4
Call of Duty: WW2 Winter Siege Event Announced, Bug Fixes Coming Next122,5973.5
Gears Of War 4 Celebrates Thanksgiving With The Return Of The Clucksho75494
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Test Servers For 1.0 Live Again53574.4
CoD: WW2 Datamine Suggests Non-Cosmetic Loot Boxes May Be Coming192,6293.4
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Adds Two New Guns into the Game67324.2
Nintendo Switch, Xbox One X Will Be Big Holiday Sellers, Says GameStop81,3444.6
Session Hopes to Revive the Skateboarding Genre on PC and Xbox One91,2713.6
Dragon Ball FighterZ Arcade Mode Receives New Details48204.4
Xbox Game Pass adds Mass Effect, Darksiders, Mega Man 10 in December44093.8
Steam Link on Sale for $5, Historic Low Price81,6924
Free trials for Battlefield 1’s classic expansions are now live45203.8
A bunch of Bethesda’s 2017 games are half price for Black Friday46694.2
Xbox Live Games With Gold for December Revealed81,9054
Call of Duty: WWII Double XP Weekend Announced91,3173.7
The Massive Steam Autumn Sale Is Now Open; Brings Tons of Discounts58433.7
Gamers are overreacting to micro-transactions according to analyst191,6683.4
Nintendo Switch Could Replicate Wii’s Success, Market Analysts Say73783.5
Xbox One X Sells out “As Soon as they Hit the Shelves” - GameStop86793.7
Lucasfilm weighs in on Star Wars: Battlefront 2 loot box controversy59803.7
Call of Duty: WWII's Headquarters Mode Finally Working as Intended151,9864.7
Xbox Live Deals With Gold Offers Bargains On Injustice 2 and more55024
Work On New Xbox One First Party Games Has Started - Phil Spencer81,3914
Rainbow Six Siege Year 3 Content Roadmap Announced72,8153.5
Call of Duty: WW2 – flinch will be changed81,9014.3
Call of Duty WW2: Epic, Legendary and Weapon Supply Drops incoming102,7343
Rainbow Six Siege Zombie Mode Confirmed?71,6744
Humble Bundle Is Giving Away Brutal Legend On PC For Free Right Now36494.3
H1Z1 Developer Messed Up Big Time When He Left Cheats On Mid-Stream81,7063.7
Microsoft recommends not to use a surge protector on Xbox One X133,4323.6
Call of Duty: WWII Game Director Responds to Fan Feedback131,9683.9
Minecraft's Major Graphics Update Has Been Delayed81,4694.4
Call of Duty: WWII Update Fixes Headquarters, Daily Reward Issues51,5774.4
Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Will Add a Second V-Triggers44414.3
Grand Theft Auto, More Rockstar Games PC Hits On Sale At Humble Bundle46164.2
Nintendo Focusing on Supply, Not Discounts on Black Friday66464.1
New Skins, Colours, And More Discovered In PUBG Datamine102,7554
Original Super Mario Bros. Arcade Game Is Coming To Nintendo Switch51,6014.4
Nintendo Switch Named One of Time's Best Inventions of 201787824.3
Minecraft Aquatic update to bring dolphins, water biomes, water physic104,0573.9
Xbox Game Pass $1 Black Friday Deal Advertised with New Ad61,2584.4
Battlefield 1 Turning Tides Release Date May Have Leaked21,6574.4
Microtransactions in Star Wars Battlefront 2 suspended due to Disney69533.5
Fortnite Battle Royale’s Latest Dev Update Talks About Weapon Changes29223.9
PlayStation Store Black Friday Sale Early Access Now Open71,1314.1
Xbox One’s Latest System Software Update Is Out Now31,4173.9
Call of Duty: WW2 – dedicated servers have been fully enabled on51,8474.4
Humble Care Package Bundle has 27 games16743.8
Nintendo Switch again tops U.S. hardware sales24493.6
Xbox Live Black Friday 2017 deals are live69804.3
Even More PUBG Desert Map Screenshots Revealed71,0844.4
Xbox Game Pass Could Be Getting Gears Of War 4 Next Month56474
Battlefront II Microtransactions Temporarily Removed by EA56813.7
Xbox One Black Friday Deals Are Starting To Go Live41,0234.8
Xbox One X Update for Dishonored 2 and Death of the Outsider Released36214.4
Dead by Daylight Sells More Than 3 Million Copies Across All Platforms24553.9
PUBG 1.0 Patch Datamining Reveals Desert Map Layout81,7903.9
FIFA 18 Patch Removes Huge Exploit21,0513.6
Call of Duty: WWII’s Latest Patch Restores Dedicated Servers on PC71,4704.3
Xbox One X Sales ‘Much Bigger’ In North America17963.5
Xbox One X Sells 1,344 Units in its Debut Week in Japan39064.2
Star Wars Battlefront II Developers Promise More Changes to Progression25144
Call of Duty: WW2 paid-for currency, COD Points, delayed172,8564.1
GTA Online’s Latest Update Brings A New Car And Discounts57494.6
You’re now able to send and receive gifts on Xbox One66204
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Getting An Epic Free Play Weekend71,9664.2
Rocket League Is Now On Nintendo Switch56364.1
Microsoft adds four more games to Xbox One Backward Compatibility61,0494.2
Remastered L.A. Noire is now available on Xbox One97024.1
PUBG Cheaters Are Upset After Being Matched With Other Cheaters91,7384
100,000 Accounts were banned from PUBG last weekend81,0304.3
Overwatch is getting a 4K upgrade for the Xbox One X48254.4
Xbox's New Avatars Have Been Delayed45623.8
Call of Duty: WWII Gets New Status Update, First Major PC Patch81,3933.9
PUBG’s vaulting update out on test servers36464.1
Xbox One X Reportedly Outsells PS4 Pro, Matches Switch in UK DebutWeek76834
Warface is getting a Battle Royale mode112,7264.2
Xbox One S Price Will Be Dropping To $190 For Thanksgiving Week68893.9
NPD Analyst Increasing Sales Prediction for Xbox One X24503.6
PS4 Online Is Free For The Next Five Days44283.9
Super Smash Bros. Trademark Filed by Nintendo14684.3
Sledgehammer Games Has Plans For Call Of Duty: WWII’s Online Woes183,0754.4
Xbox One X Has Made The Kinect Adapter Surge in Sales99874.2
Call of Duty WW2: Dedicated Server Tests Still Going On61,4473.9
Xbox One X Extensive Games Support Wasn’t Accidental – Microsoft41,0314
Nintendo Isn’t In A Rush To Introduce Its Next Mini Classic Console23703.8
Microsoft: Xbox One X Won’t Receive Any Official Bundles This Holiday24664.2
Xbox One X Bricking Issues Might Not Be Related To Faulty Hardware172,5533.3
Blizzard Announces Another Free Weekend for Overwatch87174.2
Nintendo Credits The Wii-U's Failure For The Switch's Success66464.1
Use This Xbox Screensaver Trick to Extend the Life of Your TV61,1973.9
Halo 5 Sees Massive Boosts From Xbox One X, Runs at Native 4K 60 FPS48004.1
Nintendo Planning Production Increase For Switch53804.5
Call of Duty: WW2 Double XP Weekend Is Now Live162,3843.4
PUBG Gets New Screenshots Showing Off New Desert Map131,6793.6
Call of Duty: WW2 first patch nerfs Espionage, FG42, BAR brings fixes142,8793.7
Ubisoft Shutting Down Online Features for Multiple Older Titles51,1644
Call Of Duty Being Sued By Major Car Manufacturer162,4594
EA could one day stop releasing a new FIFA, Madden every year76173.8
EA Acquires Titanfall Developer Respawn44003.9
Today’s Call of Duty: WW2 patch screwed things up big time203,9144.4
Take Two: Red Dead Redemption 2 Will Probably Have Microtransactions139474.1
Halo 5 New Hotfix Should Free Up Some Hard Drive Space For You54654.2
Microsoft Exec Curious To See Xbox One X To Xbox One Sales Ratio34794
PS5 price won't be $500, says Analyst61,3404.2
GameStop Nearly Sells Through Its Xbox One X Supply In First 24 Hours33974.2
Lawbreakers is getting another free weekend on Steam25174.1
Game gifting is now available for all Xbox insiders121,0253.9
Ubisoft: new consoles will arrive in a “minimum of two years”77984.3
Activision CEO: Here’s Why Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Didn’t Work81,1644.3
Call of Duty: WW2 Dev Wanted to Develop Advanced Warfare Sequel142,1084.2
Destiny 2 Xbox One X Support Confirmed45764.5
Sony Offers PS4 Pro 4K Bundle To Compete With Xbox One X Release67104.2
GTA V Achieves Legendary Sales Milestone, Surpasses Wii Sports108934.5
Xbox Exec Encourages Buying External Hard Drive for Xbox One X Patches91,1443.8
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Reaches New Sales Peak44353.6
You Can Play 'Star Wars Battlefront II' for Free Right Now67863.9
IHS Markit nearly doubles its Xbox One X sales estimates for this year14424.3
Rocket League Batman-themed Goal Explosion Launches Next Week58233.8
CoD: WW2 sales surpass $500 million worldwide over release weekend202,4494.1
Assassin’s Creed Origins sales up 100% over Syndicate, says Ubisoft87393.8
Nintendo President Comments On Nintendo Switch Shortages54194
On Steam, CoD WW2 has the highest player count since Black Ops 2101,1924.1
Xbox Live deals: Forza 6, Homefront, Deadpool, The Surge, and more57483.4
Intel Announces Partnership with AMD to Create a New Core Processor91,1604
Three More Xbox 360 Games Are Now Enhanced On Xbox One X91,4324.4
New Xbox One X Trailers Boast Enhancements to Halo, Forza and more51,0494.1
Microsoft Exec Says Large Xbox One X Patch Sizes Being Looked Into56284.4
Microsoft may launch a game streaming service in the next three years43784.3
Injustice 2 PC beta is now available34764.2
Get H1Z1 for $12 / £10 this month with the Humble Monthly64414.3
Call of Duty: WW2’s hidden killstreak discovered, here’s how to unlock173,8064.2
Fortnite Battle Royale has hit 20 million unique players ahead of PUBG121,9304.1
Call of Duty: WW2 microtransactions, COD Points, go live next week91,9184.1
Microsoft would “love” to have a lot more Xbox One exclusives65534.1
Watch Dogs will be free on PC for a limited time56554.1
PUBG Creator Clarifies Comments Towards Fortnite Battle Royale71,4924.2
Call of Duty WW2’s HQ social space is working again31,1933.8
You can Watch Microsoft's Xbox One X launch live stream here91,7714
Call of Duty: WWII Gets First Update Addressing Connection Issues141,9344.2
Fully Fledged Next-Gen Xbox May Happen, Says Microsoft’s Albert Penello88363.8
Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Games - Complete List88283.8
Sony Rewards Now Lets You Use PlayStation Trophies to Buy Games111,8824.3
Xbox One X Loads Games 22-44% Faster Than Xbox One – Report71,0614.1
Sledgehammer Games Comments On Call of Duty WWII Server Issues51,1574
Anime streaming service Crunchyroll hijacked to distribute malware58443.8
Assassin’s Creed Origins Patch Adds 4K Support to Xbox One X71,2684.1
Call of Duty: WWII's Rank Reset Glitch Has Been Resolved101,5764.1
Call Of Duty: WWII Zombies Tesla Gun - How To Get It123,3254.3
The Xbox One X is so powerful it can even cut GTA V’s loading times122,1064.1
Halo Wars 2 Now Supports Xbox One to Windows 10 Crossplay56554.1
Xbox One X Can Barely Handle 10 Games; Sizes Revealed121,6654
'World of Warcraft' Expansion Officially Announced25313.6
World of Warcraft: Classic will finally bring players vanilla servers56193.9
God of War Release Date Potentially Leaked25583.9
Apple warns of possible screen burn-in on new iPhone X122,7043.6
Play Call of Duty: WW2 before November 17 to unlock some free goodies133,4414.6
Fortnite Battle Royale had over 800K concurrent users this weekend98734.1
PUBG developers apologise for cheaters following increased complaints61,0633.6
Sony Announces PlayStation VR Gran Turismo Sport Bundle35603.7
White PS4 Pro Spotted In The Wild, Rumoured To Launch November 741,7233.5
iFixit gives us a look inside the iPhone X22,0693.9
PlayStation’s Jim Ryan On Xbox One X: Forget Specs, It’s How The Games Look41,0934.1
Take a look at the Xbox One X’s unique loading screen animation71,4434.4
The Xbox One X will support 1440p displays36643.8
Tomorrow’s Halo 5 update adds 4K support on Xbox One X14624.1
Microsoft Working to Replenish Xbox One X Stock Quickly26024.1
iPhone 7 on iOS 11.1 breached three times by security researchers57564
Call of Duty: WWII Social Loot Box Video Leaks193,5114.1
Xbox One X Demand Is “Super High”, Says Microsoft Executive129584.4
GTA Online is celebrating Halloween with a new Adversary mode98684
Super Mario Odyssey Sells 2 million copies in 3 days65343.8
EA/Origin Access Could Be Coming To Other Platforms25103.7
Xbox Quests are now available, and will offer rewards89744
The Xbox One X's Start-up Screen Has Been Leaked132,7674.2
PlayStation Plus Free Games for November Revealed69794.3
Call of Duty: WWII's Zombie Mode Is Structured Entirely Around Fear122,6944.3
New Nvidia drivers ready for Call of Duty: WW2, Wolfenstein 238914
Battlefield 1’s Nivelle Nights Map Coming to All Players33974
Nintendo Switch Could End Up Selling As Much As The Wii85554.3

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