Sledgehammer Games Has Plans For Call Of Duty: WWII’s Online Woes

Two weeks out from launch, while it’s shattered records for the series, the latest entry in the Call of Duty series isn’t pleasing everybody thanks to numerous online issues plaguing the game.

Just last week the studio released the first patch for Call of Duty: WWII, aiming at managing the rampant connection issues, UI and leaderboard improvements. There’s still more to do however, and Sledgehammer outlined it all for the fans today in a blog post.

Acknowledging the cries of the fans dealing with ongoing connection issues, they revealed that the update had some adverse effects that forced them to move to a Peer to Peer solution, which carries its own problems of host migration and lag. The team is committing to return to the dedicated servers very soon, and is already testing solutions on console. PC players aren’t being left behind, they’re just going to get everything right on console first, before deploying the PC patch.

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boosters need to go bye bye


I hope all boosters are banned etc after the connection issues are sorted. Can't wait for a full HQ again!


Almost 2 weeks running? Anytime soon Sledgehammer?


After this, they need to focus on banning boosters and fixing XP earned.


people need to understand that studios build servers for a rough estimate of players, they didn't expect the massive surge of returning players, imo they have done a amazing job, i'm happy to wait for the fix.


I've only had one connection issue while playing. So far so good.


I've been loving the game! I haven't had any connection issues lately. Only on day 1 and 2. I am so excited for this update. "I do have a problem buying an overwhelming amount of supply drops trying to get some good items. Can't wait!


I've been graced with only one host issue in Zombies. Other than that, I've been pretty well off in terms of multiplayer performance


Personally not many issues for me only very long loading screens


atleast they're doing something about it, I mean I can't complain I've not been running into these issues much