Anime streaming service Crunchyroll hijacked to distribute malware

Popular anime streaming service Crunchyroll was recently hijacked by cybercriminals yesterday, with visitors being prompted to download software that was infected with malicious code.

Crunchyroll's Twitter account on Saturday tweeted a warning to its followers, telling them not to access its website. According to a report by Kotaku, the malicious file in question is named 'CrunchyViewer.exe.' Executing the program would apparently install a fake svchost.exe file.

The streaming service explained that the website itself was not hacked. The attack was supposedly DNS hijacking, a method where cybercriminals can forcibly redirect a site's online traffic towards alternative servers that will deliver fake web pages to otherwise unsuspecting users. The app was also unavailable for the duration of the attack.

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Wow I do not like people like this!!!


The weebs are getting some clout when their out here getting jacked


This is really funny to be honest.


This is so unfortunate for the users that were steamer in that time frame...


Yeah I seen this on their website the other day. Something about their cloudflare being jacked and redirecting to another server. Luckily I wasn't using the service at the time.