The Tech Game: October 2014

PS4 sales hit 13.5 million485,6634.2
Video: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Zombies Gameplay Footage *spoiler*11295,3184.6
Steam Halloween Sale discounts over 80 titles3712,3864.6
Xbox Free Games with Gold November4612,8344.3
CoD: Advanced Warfare Live Action Trailer, “Discover Your Power”255,7134.7
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Pre-Loading Now Available on PS4134,5194.3
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s New Companion App, Available November103,4194.6
Ground War will be in Advanced Warfare (current gen only)459,3964.4
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare multiplayer servers are now Live409,0304.8
Xbox Deals with Gold discounts Titanfall and GTA content204,6264.6
Dragon Age: Inquisition pre-loading now available on Xbox One92,1974.7
Destiny’s The Dark Below expansion officially detailed and dated132,0364.5
Destiny hollows out some pumpkins for Halloween183,9944.6
GTA V on new-gen to reward returning players with exclusive items406,5134.7
Battlefield Hardline launches in March 2015262,6344.7
Destiny: Rumor - sparrow, ship and custom shaders coming in Dark Below194,0654.8
Report: PS4 users report myriad issues following 2.0 update112,1084.8
Changes to Destiny’s Vault of Glass raid have gone live61,4744.8
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Season Pass grants four DLC drops274,6844.3
Report: Call of Duty sales decline likely to continue476,5514.7
Sledgehammer boss disappointed by Call of Duty Advanced Warfare leak8214,0104.5
Phil Spencer - 'I don't know if making Minecraft 2 makes sense'416,3254.5
Amazon unveils $39 Fire TV stick2712,8934.7
Big changes are coming to Destiny’s next Iron Banner event142,6434.5
Microsoft now giving Office 365 users unlimited storage with OneDrive2211,8174.6
Double XP for Black Ops 2 & Ghosts Oct 27th - Oct 31st222,4274.7
Report: GTA 5 runs at 1080p on PS4294,0134.1
Xbox One: Temporary price cuts starting November 2 in U.S.284,7774.6
PS4 firmware update 2.0 debuts tomorrow172,1954.6
Videos: CoD Advanced Warfare, 40 minutes of gameplay, Infected4010,1094.6
iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users experiencing issues with case discoloration4618,8294.6
iOS 8/iOS 8.1 Untethered Jailbreak: Pangu Team Tweets Status Update2412,2764.5
Video: Advanced Warfare features option to enable ‘paintball effects’279,7004.5
New CoD Advanced Warfare MP info leaks out from stream, DNA Bomb Video133,7874.6
Get All Call of Duty: Ghosts Micro-DLC In One Bundle, Now On Xbox One365,7024.5
PS4 firmware update 2.0 out next week234,1104.6
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Leaked Prestiges, Playercards3811,0754.5
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Leaked Images, Maps, Menus,*No Spoilers*5125,1004.3
Xbox One's screenshot feature won't arrive until next year174,1164.5
FIFA 15 patch 'improves shooting and goalkeepers, fixes stuttering'287,4904.6
Xbox Deals with Gold discounts racing games225,4994.6
Titanfall Gets Horde Mode and More with Update #8;255,5094.7
Destiny feedback will be incorporated into The Dark Below173,5534.5
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas reportedly coming to Xbox 360426,2764.7
New Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Trailer, “A New Era of Multiplayer”405,9844.7
‘Infected’ and ‘Gun Game’ modes are returning in CoD: Advanced Warfare355,9054.5
Apple releases iOS 8.1, available to download now299,9434.6
Dedicated servers confirmed for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare568,8114.7
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare PSN file size revealed226,9304.7
Video: Xbox One November Update adds Custom Backgrounds, and More377,9084.6
New Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Trailer, “Memories”223,8894.5
Halo: The Master Chief Collection requires a 20GB update507,9604.8
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare minimum specs5518,9524.7
Bungie outlines changes to Destiny’s Vault of Glass boss Atheon307,7614.4
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Retail Disc In the Wild5515,4574.7
Video: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare – Launch Trailer275,3904.4
Apple unveils the iPad mini 3, priced from $399, iPad Air 2369,5034.5
Video: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Scorestreak Upgrades346,6154.7
PS4 '2.0 update' adds broadcast archiving, USB music player356,3304.4
Sony: PSN currently offline, no word on when it will return254,9014.6
Halo: Spartan Strike announced for PC, Surface, Windows Phone155,0734.6
DriveClub update and server upgrades rolling out142,9854.5
Rockstar verifies 10 new Flight School jobs for GTA Online222,6884.7
Video: New Xbox One October Update, Now Live418,6744.7
Darksiders 2 now free through Xbox Live Games with Gold284,7074.6
Xbox Deals with Gold: Rayman Legends, Outlast, Dragon Age133,5034.8
10 games are going free this weekend on Steam4716,3894.4
Apple leaks the new iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3349,4474.6
Google reveals Nexus Player set-top box204,7844.8
Xbox One outsold PlayStation 4 last month, according to analyst638,7284.5
Official Vine app released for Xbox One303,7734.5
Standalone White PlayStation 4 Will Release in UK On Friday232,4804.3
Xbox Live Rewards members get $5 extra in online pre-orders142,3544.7
Assassin's Creed Unity Xbox One bundles include AC4: Black Flag91,7224.7
Great, now Destiny's first Loot Cave is haunted244,7674.6
World of Warcraft subscribers rise ahead of expansion release2511,2074.5
Pokémon Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire demo out October 21244,5574.4
Killer Instinct Season 2 launch trailer teases returning fighters101,3104.7
Bungie: 'Destiny has to keep evolving'365,3354.4
Destiny balances weapons, shuts down another loot cave264,3804.8
More than a million people have signed up to test Windows 10313,7834.6
CoD: Advanced Warfare Achievement “Exo Survivor” shows Zombies Wave358,6904.3
Destiny Has 3.2 Million Daily Players a Month After Launch344,1384.5
Minecraft coming to Windows Phone, 'much to do' says dev212,3904.5
No quick-scoping in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, promises SH10816,4884.4
No Forza Horizon 2 DLC planned for Xbox 360263,4734.5
Borderlands The Pre-Sequel launch trailer counts down192,7894.6
Gran Turismo 7 set for '2015 or 2016', Yamauchi says121,3734.6
Standalone white PS4 release date is October 17, Amazon suggests142,7524.6
Halo: The Master Chief Collection has 402 achievements254,4454.7
Xbox Live service alert hits Xbox One and Xbox 360 friends lists295,1534.6
Destiny – Changes to Next Iron Banner Event are ‘Very Likely’295,3124.6
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Can Now Be Pre-Downloaded on Xbox One529,4994.6
Free Gold weekend on Xbox Live starts today406,3334.5
Lindsay Lohan beefs up her lawsuit against GTA 5 makers588,9894.6
Bungie is asking for your feedback on Destiny’s Iron Banner375,3604.6
PlayStation Now open beta hits PS TV, Vita on October 14172,9254.6
The Evil Within is locked at 30 FPS on PC5520,7134.6
Evolve's closed 'big alpha' test hits Halloween weekend193,5674.5
Halo: The Master Chief Collection Launch Day Playlists Revealed254,0364.7
PlayStation Network maintenance scheduled for October 13162,5394.7
Minecraft available on the PlayStation Vita October 15th263,3304.7
Dragon Age : Origins free to download until October 14th.259,2304.6
The Crew delayed to December 2nd. Second open beta announced.294,0014.6
Spencer: Screenshots, themes and more coming to Xbox One355,1084.4
PSA: Wii U GameCube adapter only compatible with Super Smash Bros.244,3994.5
Forza Horizon 2's first car pack rolls out on Xbox One253,7984.4
GTA V PS4 digital pre-orders offer extra Online cash336,1144.6
Buy last-gen Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, upgrade to new-gen free335,7174.8
Xbox weekly sale discounts superhero and fighting games223,9444.7
Halo 2 Anniversary campaign won't run at 1080p natively336,3084.5
GTA V PS4 Edition will have massive 50GB install size336,3474.5
US PS Store update: DriveClub, Alien Isolation, NBA 2K15122,8784.6
Trials Fusion 'Welcome to the Abyss DLC launched142,1454.5
Zombie-filled Counter-Strike spin off hits steam287,3444.5
Advanced Warfare Season Pass now up for preorder on the Xbox Live223,7984.5
Destiny expansion map discovered on Venus245,4984.6
Destiny: Here’s Everything You Can Earn In The Iron Banner Crucible2827,0214.6
Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Trailer Developers Commentary202,8374.5
Destiny Maintenance To Take Game Offline For Several Hours,Iron Banner225,5134.5
Assassin's Creed Unity is 900p, 30fps on PS4, Xbox One314,5784.5
Microsoft's RoomAlive makes your whole room a video game326,6244.6
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare's boosters changed maps345,4434.7
The Crew delayed to December 2263,3994.6
Halo 5 main character is Agent Locke, says actor284,6434.7
The Walking Dead seasons start October 14 on PS4, Xbox One202,7444.5
iPhone 6 prototype in developer mode selling for $56k on eBay4812,8564.7
Windows 10: Windows Store to support more than modern apps215,1054.7
Report: Dead or Alive 5: Last Round sees 2 new fighters152,8304.7
Halo, Halo 2 PC-exclusive maps included in Master Chief Collection365,7124.7
PSA: The Evil Within Xbox One digital pre-load goes live223,8074.6
Minecraft Xbox 360: the Daleks and Doctor Who have arrived203,8394.7
Video: CoD Advanced Warfare videos shows Remote Turrets224,8664.7
Watch Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s “Traffic” Single Player Demo305,9384.7
NBA Live 15 trailer touts gameplay improvements203,9054.5
COD: Advanced Warfare pre-orders are 50% behind Ghosts, says analyst9312,5854.7
Unlock the Manhunt mask in GTA Online this weekend256,9484.7
Sunset Overdrive Achievements revealed295,1554.7
Microsoft may do more with Xbox Live Avatars on Xbox One265,2774.6
Halo: Combat Evolved to get custom playlists and weapon sets263,8824.7
GTA Online Last Team Standing update released254,3864.4
PlayStation Plus fees increase in multiple regions426,1054.5
Destiny’s 1.0.2 patch which makes changes to Cryptarch is live294,1694.6
DriveClub trailer jockeys for position233,0454.6
Hackers charged with Xbox One, Valve, Call of Duty data theft5111,0034.7
Battlefield Bad Company 2 now free through Xbox Live Games with Gold518,7274.6
Minecraft: Xbox One Edition blocks shelves in November264,0754.6
Xbox Deals with Gold: Sniper Elite 3, Far Cry 3, Assassin’s Creed,294,0904.7
DayZ isn't PS4 console exclusive, creator says435,9714.7

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