The Tech Game: July 2011

Modern Warfare 3 Devs Not Sweating Competition449,0314.2
Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Comic-Con video talks terminals183,4224.7
The Sun leads with 'Death by Xbox' cover story9219,1504.5
Battlefield 3 Dog Tag System Expanded135,1944.6
Rumor: PS Vita UK release date outed by Blockbuster01,3454.7
The Endermen are coming for you in Minecraft mob update42,4114.8
Nintendo Execs Take Blame for 3DS Failure, Salaries Slashed52,4144.6
PS Vita Final Specs Remain Undisclosed21,8404.6
Netflix is really popular on Xbox 360, Wii, PS3124,4474.7
DICE issues Battlefield 3 Warning226,8554.6
Gamestop Employee Fired For Planking8620,7794.6
No “Commando” Perk in Modern Warfare 3, Says Bowling245,8224.3
Investor says Microsoft "stole" Skype from eBay82,8394.7
XBL enjoys record year, a 'whole bunch' of new entertainment partners coming203,8154.6
Sony Developer Reveals Canceled Games on LinkedIn11,6314.7
Wilshere and Rooney to grace FIFA 12 cover144,7954.7
Sony PS3 Sales Lower in Q141,7474.7
Modern Warfare 3 Dev Sees No Similarities to Game and 9/11256,3934.6
No Games Released in 2011 Are in the Xbox Live Top 10204,4884.5
Black Ops Annihilation DLC Goes Live on PS301,3934.6
Mishaps at Microsoft, Word censor is down, swearing gamertags allowed10931,4084.7
Rare’s Henson: Kinect 2 “is already here”157,1214.5
New Mobs Coming to Minecraft 1.883,5554.7
DICE: Battlefield 3 frame rate issue blown “out of proportion”498,4244.3
Microsoft Announces New Bluetooth Headset and Media Remote For Xbox 360286,7004.5
Battlefield 3 console multiplayer maps will be more compact255,5064.5
Microsoft giving away 1 million Microsoft points3413,5784.4
Microsoft issues apology over ‘insensitive’ Amy Winehouse tweet227,8474.8
Microsoft sued over its motion-sensing tech268,1484.3
Suspect Behind Norwegian Attacks Claims He Used Modern Warfare 2 for Training11621,2094.8
XBLA prices slowly rising, says Microsoft337,8964.6
Bulletstorm was great, didn't sell, says Epic274,7954.6
Modern Warfare 3 to be equal on PS3 and Xbox 360478,9514.7
Battlefield 3 outpacing Black Ops pre-orders295,9874.5
343 working on Halo 4 in secrecy for over two years236,5504.7
Modern Warfare 3 Hardened Edition photo5112,7234.4
Sony insurers looking to bail before possible lawsuits from PSN hack21,7534.7
Business is Good for Microsoft and the Xbox 36083,5164.7
Notch reveals the new XP system in Minecraft32,5604.7
Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling Will Buy Battlefield 3589,6404.7
Limited Edition Star Wars Kinect Xbox 360 bundle is awesome338,3534.7
Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Footage Leaks8114,3904.4
Nintendo marketing exec says GameCube games coming to WiiWare31,7964.7
Is GoldenEye 007 Reloaded Coming?32,2044.8
Modern Warfare 3: No plans for zombies anytime soon7914,7164.4
Bowling explains Rave and Sledgehammers involvement with Modern Warfare 3337,1254.6
GoDaddy Rats Out the Owner5110,6774.6
Microsoft Will Display Upcoming Xbox 360 Titles at Comic-Con 201163,3354.7
Gears of War 4? “It’s Business 101″174,5134.5
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 headsets coming from Turtle Beach4612,6324.2
Notch: Minecraft 360 “designed to work better on console”216,1664.6
Lawsuit filed against Zynga over Farmville source code42,2724.7
The Sun website hacked by Lulzsec, Rupert Murdoch claimed dead82,5684.6
PSA: Xbox 360 update out tomorrow, no immediate features added4213,1114.6
Modern Warfare 3 UK pre-orders “on track” to beat Black Ops, says GAME244,2574.6
Xbox 720 will have movie quality graphics. Is that a good thing?3410,8524.5
Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary trades avatar armor for pre-order214,7744.7
Steam download system to get major upgrade32,1584.7
Ubisoft Introducing Online Pass This Year234,7754.5
Modern Warfare 3 Focused On Better Single Player Story Telling305,7604.7
Activision lodges complaint over fake Modern Warfare 3 site295,1454.3
No Battlefield 3 for Steam, says GameStop62,5314.6
Black Ops’ Annihilation DLC dated for PC, PSN42,1654.5
Xbox 360 First Party Has Been Superior to PS3 says Microsoft216,7924.6
Xbox 720 and PS4 not out until 2014499,9674.5
Battlefield 3 Marketing Could Reach $50 Million426,8944.5
Modern Warfare 3 To Have Limited Party Chat, Better Spawnpoints5112,3314.7
Minecraft for Xbox 360 Will Have Some Changes299,5404.6
Nintendo 3DS gets free Netflix update in tomorrow's eShop update21,8124.7
The Call of Duty Experience Fully Revealed248,6634.3
New PS3 Model Removes HD Video Playback (Component)42,5124.5
Microsoft Launches New Service For Xbox LIVE “My Stats”178,7044.5
Quick Quotes: Treyarch has nothing to do with map pack pricing307,2684.1
Sony Invests Big In PS3 Exclusive Game Development01,4704.7
EA shutting down more game servers256,2624.8
EA to acquire PopCap Games for $750 million11,7264.6
Minecraft's Adventure Update will be playable at PAX32,0824.6
Sony’s PSN Welcome Back Pack Helped Boost PS3 Sales32,3634.7
Reggie: Wii U's online functionality will be 'flexible' to publishers21,6194.7
Spencer: Halo without Master Chief just isn't as 'centered' on what players want174,2834.7
Anonymous release e-mail login details of 90k Military personnel154,4084.6
EA accused of ModernWarfare3 domain hijinks539,3224.7
Rumour: Windows 8 Will Play Xbox 360 Games72,7764.7
PSN Hacking Battle Not Over Yet Claims Capcom Exec32,0214.6
Modern Warfare 3 Could Break Black Ops Sales Records366,5654.6
Report – Microsoft to launch Xbox Music this autumn123,9784.6
Microsoft: “We lost our way” with latest Halo releases216,2374.7
Rumor - GTA5 reveal this summer287,1104.5
‘Some May Leave Call of Duty for Battlefield 3′507,6614.7
Modern Warfare 3 Working Towards Glitch Free Multiplayer4110,5624.7
Kinect hack turns your 360 into a 3D walk-in closet267,0794.7
Sony extends identity-theft protection registration through July21,6164.4
Call of Duty Elite Beta Invites Going Out July 14th4612,3694.7
Rumor Zune Marketplace getting revamped as streaming video service on Xbox36092,5284.6
Hackers are Back In the PlayStation Network (PSN)194,9744.3
Call of Duty XP invites Australia to start qualifying rounds for $1 million tour73,4364.7
Xbox Live Indie Games Struggle For Profitability215,8244.8
More than 15 billion apps downloaded from Apple’s store31,6714.6
Sony: Vita to be “Easiest and Most Well Supported” Platform Yet41,6744.8
Report – Gears of War 3 build stored on unsecured server114,4864.5
Kinect Hacks: Gesture-controlled quadrocopter134,4844.8
Nintendo sued over 3DS technology113,6234.5
Sony confirms PSN Pass42,0384.6
Gears of War 3 LE Xbox 360 priced in Europe93,3234.7
Modern Warfare 3 Gets Color-blind Mode3910,2614.5
Rumor: Sony working on redesign on Playstation Network42,1234.8
Sledgehammer and Infinity Ward to “push things to the limit” with MW35512,6274.6
Battlefield 3 beta news in coming weeks195,5154.7
Call of Duty: Elite Could Support Modern Warfare 1 & 2236,5174.4
Will Sony be announcing PSN PASS?21,8224.6
Cloud storage for Xbox 360 goes live238,4114.7
Halo 4 To Return To Series’ Roots204,9214.5
Battlefield 3 Not Competing With Call of Duty?346,0174.5
Microsoft thinks gamers don't want 3D396,8994.7
Battlefield 3: Authentic, Fun, Non-Controversial143,8584.5
New Farming Options Coming to Minecraft54,9484.6
Report out of Taiwan Puts PS4 Released in 201252,3274.5
GTA IV mod makes incredible graphical overhaul196,8834.5
Epic Cleaning up the Gears of War 3 Leak217,2224.3
Minecraft registers 10 million52,6474.6

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