The Tech Game: December 2018

Steam will apparently stop working on Windows XP and Vista after today33404.3
'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' DLC Will Offer Mii Fighter Costumes11854.5
Assassin's Creed' Invades 'Monster Hunter World' With New Gear23183
Twitch Viewership Up This Year as Ninja Dominates in 201812903.5
Persona 5 R Officially Confirmed for PS4 with Teaser Trailer12424
Anthem Demo Will Include Missions, A Stronghold, Some Freeplay12894.7
Sony Hiring For Unannounced AAA Project33104
Black Ops 4 – Activision Is Shamelessly Selling A Single Dot For $1192,1364
New Batman Game Possibly Teased Again By Warner Bros. Montreal22963.5
Gran Turismo 7 May Possibly Support Custom Real-Time Ray Tracing02584
Nioh 2 - New Details Coming Early Next Year01004.5
New 'Dungeons & Dragons' Supplement Adds 70 Ready-Made NPCs01594.5
Soulja Boy Pulls Game Consoles From His Store Amid Legal Threats128254
Epic Games Denies Epic Games Store Sending Data to Chinese Government34893.5
'Destiny' Raid Team Recognized by Guinness World Records43854.5
'The Witcher 3' Nintendo Switch Listing Spotted12204
'GTA Online' Adds 'Rocket League'-esque Bomb Ball22084
China Lifts Ban on Video Game Approvals, Excludes Tencent Entirely12744.5
New PS5 and Next Xbox Spec Details Reportedly Revealed68975
GeForce GTX 1160 Seemingly Confirmed by Lenovo Website35464
Unity announces DirectX 12 support for Xbox One12504
Jack Black’s YouTube Channel Garners 1 Million Subscribers46384
Get the Horror Title SOMA for Free During GOGs Winter Sale02393
Nintendo Switch Has Surpassed PlayStation 4 Sales In Japan01935
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Gets Black Market Sale44764
'Fallout 76': Bethesda's Free Game Giveaway Sparks Major Backlash35874
Streets of Rage 4 Looks Crisp and Colorful in These New Screenshots12644
'Downwell' Coming To Nintendo Switch Next Month11424.5
Super Meat Boy is free to claim on the Epic Games Store12054
Discord Snags $150 Million in Funding Following Storefront Launch11654
Xbox Next Could Reportedly Beat PlayStation 5 in Next Generation85803
Steam Reveals Its Best-Selling Games and New Releases for 201823323
Street Fighter 5 In-Game Ads Disabled After Two Weeks12594
Halo Infinite in a “No Win” Situation, Says Series Co-Creator23784
Bethesda Wants Fallout 76 Cheaters to Repent by Writing Essays43654
‘Serious Sam Collection’ Rated For PlayStation 4 and Xbox One01614
PS5, ‘Next’ Xbox Will Feature Backward Compatibility Says Developer85213
Dark Souls Developer is Currently Working on Two Unannounced Projects22953.5
Black Ops 4’s Blackout on Xbox One X Experiencing Crashes63504.5
Dragon Ball FighterZ: Bandai Namco “Committed to Expand” Esports12353.5
Could Hideo Kojima be Teasing a Death Stranding 2019 Release?02175
'Call of Duty: Black Ops 4' 2XP New Year's Event Now Live22704.5
Streaming Will Not Define Gaming On Next-Gen Xbox And PS544484
PlayStation Classic Price Continues to Plummet33483.5
Epic Games Grossed $3 Billion Profit in 2018 – Report72783
Fallout 76 Cheaters Can Reportedly Be Unbanned if They Write an Essay63854.5
Dragon Quest 11 S For Nintendo Switch Finally Gets First Gameplay02754.5
Tekken X Street Fighter Development At 30%, Says Developer01353
PlayStation Plus Free Games for January 2019 Officially Announced45654.5
Mario Tennis Aces Receives Playable Star Character with Luma01953.5
Spider-Man Becomes Fastest Selling Superhero Game of All Time in USA31764.5
'Overwatch' Gives Players 5 Free Winter Loot Boxes22223.5
SimCity for the NES has Resurfaced and Been Preserved02403
'Rocket League' 2XP Event Starts Tomorrow21434.3
Soulja Boy says he’s ‘not scared of Nintendo’81,8354.3
Did PlayStation Just Tease The PS5 For The First Time?65663.5
'Halo Infinite' May Be More RPG-like Than Previous Entries02624
Microsoft May Have Two Next-Gen Xbox Variants, Says Pachter22323.5
'Kingdom Hearts: VR' Release Date Revealed02584
Psychonauts 2 Hits Alpha Milestone, Double Fine Discusses Development02214
PUBG’s latest ban wave targets ‘radar hack,’ and it’s catching pro's77583.3
Dragon Ball FighterZ Is Being Pulled from Tournaments14154.3
'Fallout 76' Players Are Getting Some Free Games Next Month45274.8
Rainbow Six Siege Revenue is Dropping, Suggesting Possible Fatigue53124
New 'Halo Infinite' Gameplay Details Revealed25664.8
'Fortnite' Map Update Covers Everything in Snow33514.8
PlayStation Classic Has Already Drastically Dropped in Price43874.5
'Gears of War' Creator Cliff Bleszinski Teases What's Next13994.3
'Batman: Arkham Origns' Devs Continue to Tease New Game for 201913084
'Darksiders III' Update Adds Classic Mode11513.8
NVIDIA May Be Working on New Graphics Card Series13415
Shenmue 3 Will Make its Way to China in Fall 201911703.3
'Fortnite' Hackers Are Making Thousands of Dollars Per Week122,6714.3
Celeste Has Sold 500,000 Copies, New Levels Coming in Early 201915974.3
‘Atari Flashback Classics’ Now Available For PlayStation Vita15304.5
Resident Evil 2 Gets A Bunch of New Clips, Showing Weapons and Combat16384
Star Citizen’s Squadron 42 Receives Investment Of Over $40 Million16693.8
Destiny 2: Black Armory’s Niobe Labs Goes Live on January 8th09553.6
Team Fortress 2 hits a new player count record28413.8
Modders have brought multiplayer to Subnautica31,2994.3
Farming Simulator 19 sells a million copies and adds landscaping28264
Apple is reportedly working on a new iPad Mini17624.3
Facebook may be developing its own cryptocurrency19224.3
Prices listed for rumored Intel Core i9-9900KF, i7-9700KF, i5-9600KF08933.5
Red Dead Redemption 2 Glitch Lets Players Explore Unreachable Lakes31,4493
Anthem’s Strongholds Shown Off In New Stream31,0354.5
Agony Spinoff Succubus is in the Works12154
Valve Will Tweak Existing Artifact Cards in Balance Shift01183.3
First Season of Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super Are Free on Xbox26214.5
'Paladins' Is Now Cross-Play Compatible for Xbox One, PC, and Switch26093.3
'The Last of Us Part II' Dynamic PS4 Theme Now Available For Free58303.7
A Hat in Time Reaches 1 Million Copies Sold Across All Platforms27413.8
Microsoft reportedly releasing webcams for Windows 10 and Xbox One42903.5
Release dates: every game confirmed for 2019, 2020 and beyond31,6683.7
Open-World Driving Title Transmission Gets a Night-To-Day Timelapse43684.7
Halo Infinite will treat PC as a "full first-class citizen"34113.5
PUBG is Back Over a Million Concurrent Players154414.1
Anthem – Players Will Start At Level 10 In Demo33403.3
Kingdom Hearts 3 Reportedly Has A 40 GB Install Size On PS442914.3
'Rocket League' Holiday Sale Discounts Game and DLC42243.7
'Atlas' Launches in Early Access After Multiple Delays41,0703.8
DiRT Rally 2.0’s New Trailer Puts The Spotlight On 4 Iconic Cars25923.8
'Halo Infinite' Will Have Four-Player Splitscreen Made With PC In Mind33754.2
Battlefield 5 Selling Less Than Expected, EA Revises Projected Revenue64224.2
The Walking Dead: The Final Season on PC Releasing Exclusively on Epic11893.5
'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' Sold 5 Million Copies In 3 Days22054.2
Fallout 76 and Battlefield 5 Digital Sales Disappointed – Report12674
PS5 And Next Xbox To Debut In 2021, Suggests IDC Analyst33014.5
Get 'Rainbow Six Siege' For a Whopping 70% Off for a Limited Time34314.5
Call of Duty Mobile Trailer Shows Bite-Sized Battles51,4393.8
YouTube’s top three gaming trailers this year were all Fortnite25744.3
New 'PUBG' Map Releases on Console Test Servers12534.2
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Newest Patch Nerfs Level 3 Armor Even More36573.8
Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition May Not See a Season Pass until 201901584.5
Treyarch Teasing Something Related to Black Ops 4’s Blackout & Zombies55354.2
Sea of Thieves’ Executive Producer Says “This Is Just The Start”12743.7
'Resident Evil 2' Remake Demo Reportedly Coming Soon02034
New 'Titanfall' Project In the Works, Respawn Now Hiring41794
'Halo Infinite' Dev Talks About "Mistakes Made Along the Way"12554.2
Fallout 76 players discover invisibility bug02383.8
Lego: Lord of the Rings Is Free on the Humble Store Until Saturday22844.3
Gold Bars and Cash Gifts for Red Dead Online Start Rolling Out Now22943.5
Nintendo Reportedly Going After Soulja Boy Over "New" Handheld Console78743.8
'Fortnite' Mysterious Dragon Eggs Found35383.8
Crackdown 3 Single-Player Gameplay Footage Has Finally Emerged25694
Fallout 76 Will Receive New Mode Without PvP Restrictions22483.7
Hitman 2’s free Christmas level attracts over 350k concurrent players12034
Super Mario Bros. Themed Christmas Lights Shown off in Display33983.9
Sony Announce a New Lemmings Game for Mobile and It’s as Cute as Ever22264.3
Control Gets Eerie New Trailer and Screenshots Showcasing the World11794
Celeste and Far Cry 2 are January’s Highlights for Games with Gold22114.3
'Overwatch' Fans Want a Friendly Fire Mode11734
Pokemon GO Developer Now Worth Almost $4 Billion17833.7
Steam 2018 Winter Sale is now live with thousands of discounts74723.7
'Red Dead Redemption 2' Dominates November 2018 Sales Period32194.2
Hitman 2’s Holiday Hoarders Trailer Released11703.9
For Honor Crosses Over with Assassin’s Creed for a New Event12573.7
Black Desert Online Pre-Orders for Xbox One Go Live in Early January12824.2
Xbox Live Holiday Game Sale Now Live, Hundreds of Prices Slashed45153.8
Rumor: 'Red Dead Redemption 2' PC Footage Leaked46804.3
NVIDIA Stock Has Halved Since October39893.7
'Fallout 76' Replacement Bags Will Ship in 4-6 Months02773.8
'Final Fantasy VII' Remake News Coming Soon02454.3
'Borderlands 3' Leak Reveals Potential Story Details24874.3
Minecraft Gets Last Update For Last Gen Consoles53484
Every '14 Days of Fortnite' Challenge and Reward Leaked47834.3
Controversial 'Battlefield V' Update Is Being Reverted23933.9
Xbox’s Phil Spencer Talks About Successes in 2018, Comments on 201912424
Latest Trailer for Resident Evil 2 Shows Off More Footage of Ada Wong02333.6
Ubisoft Employee Not Fired Over PewDiePie Comments51,2294.4
Grand Theft Auto V is Basically Free Today on Amazon for Prime Members56465
Fallout 76 might be getting loot boxes after all83893.6
'Fortnite' New Year's Eve Event Leaked86374.5
Microsoft Will Play A Bigger Role In Delivering PC Games In 201922974.2
Four New Xbox Consoles Are In The Works At Microsoft84673.7
Red Dead Redemption 2 Leaps Back to Top Position on Sales Chart31803.7
Kingdom Hearts 3 Leaker Reportedly Caught04093.7
Crossplay could be in the future for Xbox and Steam gamers76214.2
'Halo: Infinite' Will Give Master Chief a New Look74783.7
PS4 Player Numbers May Have Accidentally Been Disclosed By Sony44814.2
PlayStation Classic Off To Sluggish Sales Start In Japan13134.2
Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Season 4 Teased02834.2
'Call of Duty: Black Ops 4' Update Nerfs Zero34444.3
Black Ops 4 Gets New Short Trailer Showing Off Reaper in Blackout75233.7
'Halo Infinite' Developer Has No Interest In A Battle Royale Mode94224.3
Black Ops 4 Players Are Winning Blackout Games With Snowballs56933.8
Hideo Kojima Reflects On Establishing Kojima Productions22074.3
Xbox Tracked NDA Leakers with Ingenious Serial Number Embedding24784
'Rage 2' Will Have Both Free and Paid DLC, No New Game Plus22634
‘Anaconda’ and ‘Lockhart’ are reportedly the new Xbox consoles76604.3
Ubisoft Staff Member Reportedly Fired Over PewDiePie Comments77454
'Fortnite' Exploit Allows For Virtually 100 Percent Accuracy57044
PewDiePie Supporters Hack Printers Again51,1314.3
Players Can Now Change Their PSN Region Within the EU43133.7
Civilization 6: Gathering Storm adds Canada and an Ice Hockey Rink32284
Overcooked 2 Free Holiday DLC Available Now13114.2
Capcom Releases More Promotional Videos for Resident Evil 212514.2
Now you can build your own Steam Link using a Raspberry Pi12794.3
YouTubers may see a decline in subscriptions as Google tackles spam61,0764
Smash Ultimate Portable Runs Better Than Docked12545
NES and SNES Classic Are No Longer In Production21993.8 Account Settings Suggest Data Protection Foul Play13983
Xbox One Tops 40 Million Units Sold Worldwide63234.8
VR Puzzle Game A Fisherman’s Tale Officially Launching Next Month02574.5
Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn Prologue Anime Gets New Artwork02664.7
DLSS is now available for Nvidia Turing GPUs in Final Fantasy XV13533.8
Battalion 1944 would’ve earned $350,000 more on Epic store32573.7
Anthem livestream dives deep into loot, builds, gear44524.3
Red Dead Online once again handing beta players free cash and Gold54114.3
Until Dawn Developers Reveal Political Thriller Shattered State06264.4
Fighting EX Layer to Add Three New DLC Characters in Early 201902124.3
Discord Store to Give Developers 90/10 Revenue Split Starting in 201902034.5
Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon Band Together for 90s Bundle24353.9
'Red Dead Online' Anti-Griefing Measures Coming Soon47123.3
Rumor: Blind Squirrel Games Working On Mortal Kombat Trilogy Remaster22894
DayZ Receives a Free Weekend as It Heads out of Early Access12434.3
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Update 1.2.0 is Out Now12103.6
Red Dead Online Update Adds In-Game Microtransaction Store02374
Epic Games Shuts Down Famed 'Fortnite' Leak Site FNBRLeaks48623.1
Fortnite’s Infinity Blade will be nerfed in a future update53404.4
Subnautica is free to claim on the Epic Games25383.9
Spider-Man: Silver Lining DLC Launching Next Week02713.9
Fallout 76 Mod Enables Proximity Text Chat02154.3
Next Xbox Dev Kit Reportedly Called “Anaconda”24944.1
Fandom to acquire Curse Media from Twitch01934.1
Black Ops 4 Blackout Getting Custom Games and Camos Next Week76824.4
DayZ has left Early Access and is free to play this weekend on Steam32814
PlanetSide Arena is battle royale for up to 500 players24254.1
'Rocket League' Frosty Fest 2018 Event Details Revealed22704
PlayStation Classic games appear to run better on SNES Classic Mini13014
Nintendo NES and SNES Classic Mini consoles won’t be restocked11884
Valve’s Artifact lost almost 80% of its player base since launch01903.9
Dead or Alive 6 Trailer Introduces Returners Brad Wong and Eliot01764
Daymare 1998 Finally Gets a Release Window42683.6
Metro Exodus Has Officially Gone Gold, Release Date February 1542813.7
New 'Overwatch' Game Modes Are In the Works, Confirms Blizzard12123.9
Pokemon Go players can now engage in Trainer Battles22234.6
Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s The Pillar DLC Will Be Available Next Week11544.1
Call of Duty Developer Infinity Ward Evacuated Due to Bomb Threat159804.4
'Rainbow Six Siege' Year 4 Pass Now Available52894.3
'Battlefield V' Update Lowers Max Damage for Most Weapons53473.5
Humble Store handing out LEGO: The Hobbit for free32994.6
Sea of Thieves’ Last Patch of 2018 Brings Gilded Gifts for December32724.1
Star Wars Battlefront II is Now Playable Through EA Access41673.8
'Sonic the Hedgehog' Movie Poster Inspires Some Hilarious Memes14244.3
Viewership of The Game Awards 2018 Doubled from the Year Prior22083.8
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Players Are Not Happy With the Multiplayer55374.1
'Death Stranding': Kojima Drops New Teaser13663.5
Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime Discusses the Success of the Switch31563.6
Detroit: Become Human Has Sold More Than 2 Million11624.1
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Sells Big In Japan31764.1
Sledgehammer Games co-founder Glen Schofield is leaving Activision125433.8
BioWare Reveals More on 'Anthem's' Character Customization24224
Black Ops 4’s Season Pass Gets First Major Content Update Since Launch73943.9
PlayStation Classic Hack Adds New Games34804.3
'Red Dead Online' Update Released44544.1
Play The Crew 2 for free this weekend starting December 1332064
Halo Infinite dev hosting a livestream today35004.3
Grand Theft Auto Online “Arena War” Update Brings New Competitive Mode43924.1
Rainbow Six Siege no longer auto-banning for offensive language73884.4
Fallout 76 Gets a New Patch, Focusing on C.A.M.P and Stability12144.3
Nintendo wants to see Red Dead Redemption 2 on Switch43033.8
Studio Wildcard’s Pirate MMO Atlas is Delayed By Nearly a Week13144.5
DOOM Celebrates 25 Years with New Video and DOOM Slayers Club12114.3
Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled Will Have Additional Karts and Tracks33934.1
PlayStation 4 Finally Beats the Xbox 360 In Sales Numbers46954.5
Nintendo Applies For New Super Mario Galaxy & Metroid Trademarks33144.1
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Gives Details for Operation Absolute Zero45153.9
Gamer Loses Entire Library After Breaking NDA to Stream Anthem27314
Black Ops 4 Night of the Dead Zombies Map Leaks24424.1
Boosting Accounts Is Now a Crime in South Korea, Jail Time and Fines76924
CS:GO is getting a Dust-themed battle royale map23034.3
Monster Hunter World Iceborne Expansion Announced For Autumn 201922984
Monster Hunter: World Limited Time Free Demo Announced23274
Xbox Game Pass Adding 'Mortal Kombat X' And 8 Other Games53904
Cyberpunk 2077’s Quests Will Say Something About Its World22474.3
CS:GO players think they’ve found a Portal ARG in new battle royale map54994
Fallout 76 Patch Delayed For PS4 and Xbox One33153.8
'Just Cause 4' Update Plans Outlined, New Features and Fixes Coming22603.9
‘Rage 2’ Skipping Steam Store For Release On Bethesda Launcher22264.3
Rumor: 'Persona 5' Coming to Nintendo Switch in 201921894.3
'Kingdom Hearts III' File Size Revealed22294
'Borderlands 3' Character Art Potentially Leaked49584.6
The Church In The Darkness Receives A New Trailer22774
Kingdom Hearts III’s Opening Cinematic Gets a Trailer23053.5
Super Meat Boy Forever Is Exclusive to the Epic Games Store for a Year12324.1
Death Stranding Team “Working Hard On Development”12433.8
'Resident Evil 2' Rating Warns of Endless Gore and Microtransactions23624.5
Red Dead Online might be getting a new mode called Gun Rush64774
Twitch streamer taken into custody for hitting his wife during stream243,6264.1
Raz is back in the first Psychonauts 2 story trailer22674.4
Visually Striking PS4 Exclusive Vane is Finally Releasing Next January23674.1
New Ape Out Trailer Featured During Kinda Funny Games Showcase22713.9
Human Fall Flat is Going ‘Dark’ With a Free PC Update23274.3
Take 2 Demands $150,000 From 'GTA Online' Modder For Damages128954
Anthem Lead Producer Breaks Down the Game’s Latest Trailer13334.3
The Walking Dead: The Final Season – Episode 3 releases in January12194.1
Xbox One Backward Compatibility Added Over 100 Games in 201832424.1
'Fortnite' Battle Royale May Soon Add Swords23203.4
Microsoft’s Game Hub adds new in-app capture review and share features22813.3
'Call of Duty: Black Ops 4' Blackout Is Getting an Armor Repair System78294.1
CS:GO Review Bomb Campaign After Going Free-to-Play54464
'Battlefield V' Is 50% Off for Returning 'Battlefield' Players68083.9
Special 'Monster Hunter World' Announcement Scheduled for Next Week12554.1
Daybreak Studios Lays Off a Number of Staff in Company Restructuring12124
Company of Heroes 2 is Free For a Limited Time on Steam12274.3
Rumor: New Xbox Scarlett Details And Specs Revealed89803.9
'Crash Team Racing's First Screenshots show Graphical Overhaul43873.4
Microsoft’s Phil Spencer wants Xbox Game Pass “on every device”22713.7
Sony Boss Shawn Layden Teases Announcements For Next Year12554.3
Insurgency: Sandstorm’s PC Open Beta Starts and Is Free-To-Play12934
Warframe on Nintendo Switch Has Reached Over One Million Downloads11463.7
First Screenshots for Mortal Kombat 11 Have Arrived75744.3
Xbox Winter of Arcade games list revealed53464
Epic Games Store offering 2 free games every month74953.5
Below, Ashen, and Hellblade Highlight New Additions to Xbox Game Pass12223.8
Capcom Continues to Release Short New Promo Videos for Resident Evil 222524.4
Super Smash Bros Ultimate Patch 1.1.0 Adds Hard Difficulty12383.8
Anthem’s Closed Alpha Will Reportedly Support Ultra HD 4K53773.6
Report: 'Borderlands 3' Classes Revealed37104.5
'Resident Evil 3: Nemesis' Remake Reportedly Already In Development22033.8
Dead or Alive 6 European Steelbook Pre-Order Bonus Revealed01773.8
PUBG Pan-demonium Trailer Focuses on Bullet-Proof Pan for PlayStation02644.3
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s December 11th Update Gets New Teaser77054.7
Mortal Kombat 11 Gets Surprise Announcement at The Game Awards43733.8
'Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled' Confirmed, Coming In June 201947304.1
New Rocket League DLC Has Been Announced at The Game Awards53644
CS:GO Adds Battle Royale and goes free to play108043.7
Red Dead Online beta players being handed free cash and 15 Gold Bars68124.4
PUBG Pan-demonium Trailer Focuses on Bullet-Proof Pan for PS4 Launch13364.3
DayZ is Officially Leaving Early Access on December 1323044.4
Black Ops 4’s New Battle Edition Features Only Blackout and MP14644
NieR: Automata Has Now Passed 3.5 Million Copies Sold11824.4
The Forest December 2018 Update Details released23494
New Specialist Teased for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 in New Tweet46613.6
Ubisoft Teases Big 'Far Cry' News at The Game Awards42894.3
Phil Spencer Will Present At The Game Awards22343.8
Fallout 76 Live Events Will Begin in Early 201922053.6
Cortana Voice Commands Integrated Into Spotify on Xbox One21513.6
PUBG Pre-Orders for PS4 Will be Rewarded With Exclusive Skins33493.8
'Call of Duty: Black Ops 4' Zombies DLC Details Leaked56913.9
First Map Change Teased for Black Ops 4’s Blackout; Probably Hijacked26244.4
Fortnite Creative Announced, YouTubers Share Gameplay33953.9
PlayStation Classic Datamining Reveals Many Rejected Games44583.8
Resident Evil 2 Remake – check out 20 minutes of gameplay02713.6
GT Sport’s December Free Update 1.31 Now Available12193.9
Hitman 2 Content Roadmap Details Who Players Can Kill in December12294.3
The Last Of Us Part II Will Not be at The Game Awards11984
The Game Awards Announces Jonah Hill as a Presenter26013.6
Three 2K published games to Xbox One Backward Compatibility43304
'Fortnite' Begins To See Snowfall Ahead of Leaked Event44163.7
Battlefield V’s Developers Host Sneak Peak Despite Update’s Delay23044.2
Activision Will Announce a Crash Team Racing Remake at The Game Awards126894.6
Epic Games Will Launch Their Own Store, 88 Percent Revenue to Devs34883.7
YouTubers Find a Way to Access PlayStation Classic’s Emulator Settings25994.2
Rockstar Addresses Red Dead Online Economy and Other Bugs35383.8
Red Dead Redemption 2 patch fixed bugs for over 30 story missions14544.1
Your Ubisoft Uplay Points now have an expiry date24224.3
Ace Combat 7 First Aircraft Introduction Trailer Released23074.3
FIFA 19 Retains Number One Spot on UK Sales Chart After Black Friday42964.2
Hearthstone Esports Changing Things Up in 201924424.2
Overwatch League Sees The Washington Justice Joining the 2019 Season22834.3
Battlefield V’s Chapter 1: Overture Update Gets New Trailer33114
Legacy of the First Blade Trailer Reveals New Stealth Ability21803.8
'Rocket League' Update Adds Xbox One X Enhancements53294.3
'Fortnite' Gifting Is Ending Tomorrow66333.5
Assassins Creed Compilation Switch, PS4, and Xbox One Listings Spotted53164.2
Epic Teases That Fortnite Season 7 Will Kickoff This Thursday45024.1
Kingdom Hearts 3 File Size Will Be A Little Over 35 GB23443.6
Just Cause 4 Launch Trailer Promises Pure Chaos12394
Armor King, Craig Marduk, and Julia Have Been Unveiled For Tekken 723814.1
Xbox Boss Discusses Why Microsoft Is Committed to E343603.9
'Assassin’s Creed Compilation' Potentially Leaked33623.9
Fortnite pro player wins $75,000 European Winter Royale grand prize73743.8
Subnautica Will Run At 1440p On PS4 Pro and Xbox One X23444.1
Video game spending reached $9.1 billion in the US during 3rd quarter61964
'Call of Duty: Black Ops 4' Blackout Will Update Current Map over adding new map131,1724
Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta Will Be Added in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 224284.2
EA Giving Seven-Day Trials of Origin Access Basic Away for Free74223.8
'Rainbow Six Siege' Announces a "Evaluation Period" for New Operators42784.3
'Rocket League' Players Have Played More Than 3 Billion Matches81833.8
Fallout 76 Update Patch Notes Revealed63834.2
Did Sony Just Reveal a Sneak Peek At PS5's Graphics?81,2143.7
Stardew Valley Creator to Start Self-Publishing on December 14th33243.8
Firewatch Arrives on December 17th for Nintendo Switch31803.6
Gamestop Reports a Loss of $488.6 Million During its Third Quarter138304.2
Resident Evil 2 is Teaming Up with PUBG Mobile in New Collaboration22153.6
Baked Beans are More Valuable Than Gold Rings in Red Dead Online74454.2
Steam Has Created New Revenue Share Tiers For Successful Games22383.8
Nintendo Applies for New Trademarks Including “The Last Story” & “Wii"21444.3
Battlefield V is Getting Balance Changes and Interface Tweaks32103.7
343 Industries Reveals New Piece of Halo Infinite Concept Art22953.8
Rocksteady Tells Fans Not to Expect Announcement at The Game Awards11683.9
Multiple 'Diablo' Projects Will Be Announced In 2019, Says Blizzard41824
'Borderlands 3' Seemingly Being Teased Again, Reveal Imminent?107863.8
Black Ops 4 – Treyarch working on making camos usable in Blackout63473.8
Strange Brigade Joins Xbox Game Pass22454
Trainer Battles are coming soon to Pokemon Go22854.3
'Anthem' Won't Have Cross-Play At Launch, But Could In the Future43063.8
'Fortnite' Account Merging Featured Delayed Until 201963524.3
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Patch 1.1.0 and 1.1.1 Now Live36814.1
Mass Effect “Plans” Teased By Bioware22273.9
GRID Autosport Comes to Nintendo Switch in 201922064.3
Nintendo Switch Will Be Highest Selling Console Next Year – Analyst51784
Fortnite and NVIDIA GeForce Team up to Release New In-Game Cosmetics34854.1
New Trailer for Anthem to Debut at The Game Awards22863.8

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