The Tech Game: August 2016

Microsoft adds two games to Xbox One Backward Compatibility172,5474.4
Battlefield 1 open beta servers down, affecting all games202,6194.8
Battlefield 1 open beta is now live for all151,1944.6
Dropbox hack 'affected 68 million users'111,0864.4
PlayStation Plus: Free games for September 201687764.5
Next iPhone name leaked as iPhone 7 along with specifications182,1684.4
PlayStation Now released today for PC in North America106954.6
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare multiplayer reveal this Friday332,9034.2
Niantic is unbanning some Pokemon Go accounts141,0264.7
Xbox Live Deals with Gold: Star Wars, Gears of War, and more172,3344.5
Xbox One S will not support 4K pass-through162,0924.1
PS4 Neo Sketch Pictures Surface, Reportedly Thicker Than PS461,2944.6
You can play the Battlefield 1 beta without PlayStation Plus56974.6
Apple will announce the next iPhone on September 7th118804.7
The first look at Rush mode in Battlefield 1141,5454.8
PlayStation 4 Slim will support 5 GHz WiFi85904.5
Halo 5: Forge PC specs revealed131,2534.5
Big changes made to the Titanfall 2 Tech Test today191,4454.7
PS4 Slim Manual Suggests A 1TB Model May Be Inbound38384.6
GTA Online: Earn double RP and GTA$ on Freemode Events and more191,0514.4
EA hints at remastered Mass Effect games149414.3
No Man's Sky drops nearly 90% of players since release on PC129654.5
Mortal Kombat XL heading to PC, online beta hits Steam56314.8
New Xbox One Preview build brings Cortana to more regions106484.4
Apple releases iOS 9.3.5, which includes important security fixes129034.5
Battlefield 4 receives new UI, Details and Video Inside213,1874.8
Joust is coming to Xbox One Backward Compatibility today121,0304.3
Forza Motorsport 6 free with Gold this weekend on Xbox One119414.5
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Salvation DLC arrives to PS4 September 6th79314.5
"Modern Warfare Remastered is our biggest bonus content ever"192,2754.3
Microsoft will talk more about Xbox One Scorpio next year96124.7
Call of Duty 2 frame rate test on Xbox One shows better performance108434.6
2-step verification is now available on PSN accounts53014.6
Infinity Ward Comments On Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Backlash202,3104.6
Pokémon GO loses 15 million active users in just one month192,0994.7
Take a look at the Dark Souls 3 DLC Ashes of Ariandel105874.5
New pictures of the PS4 Slim and DualShock 4 controller77764.4
Xbox Live Games with Gold for September 2016172,7334.6
Battlefield 1 Premium Pass includes four digital expansion packs111,2164.7
New No Man's Sky patch out this week on PS434134.7
Call of Duty 2 now backwards compatible on Xbox One262,7764.4
DualShock 4 USB Wireless Adapter announced108404.6
PlayStation Now coming to PC in September [UPDATE]86744.5
Black Ops 3 DLC pack 4 called Salvation according to PS Store76294.7
Dark Souls 3 DLC coming October with PvP map97124.7
Xbox Live Deals with Gold: Mirror’s Edge, Homefront, and more101,1774.5
Video shows new DualShock 4 controller with additional light bar69274.3
Rumor: New PlayStation handheld announcement at PlayStation Meeting79504.8
Microsoft is thinking “beyond console generations” with Xbox Scorpio161,8954.4
PlayStation Plus prices increase in US and Canada starting September101,0214.6
PS4 Slim will be released in September86134.6
PS4 Slim Reveal Coming at PlayStation Meeting – Report54234.6
PS4 Slim Confirmed Real As New Video Shows The Console Booting Up71,0294.5
Hello Games Details the Last Three Patches for No Man’s Sky on PC46114.3
No Man’s Sky Sales Drop 81 Per Cent One Week After Launch87474.3
Rumor: PS4 Slim CUH-20XX Might Have Been Leaked61,6504.7
Titanfall 2 pre-orders are extremely low263,4284.5
Bomberman Battlefest now available on Xbox One Backward Compatibility121,8374.6
Battlefield 1 dynamic weather will affect gameplay243,5934.8
Infinite Warfare developers want it to become a sub-franchise293,0324.4
PlayStation Store Flash Sale: The Witcher 3, Devil May Cry 4, and more41,2594.7
Games With Gold September includes Earthlock: Festival Of Magic121,7264.5
Titanfall 2 open multiplayer Tech Test now playable141,1204.5
Over 1 hour of Battlefield 1 gameplay at 1080p/60fps121,8954.4
UFC 2 is free this weekend on PS4 and Xbox One118264.3
GTA Online: Earn double RP and GTA$ in Stunt Races95194.7
Just Cause 3 Bavarium Sea Heist DLC is now available109024.7
Xbox One Scorpio is getting exclusive games131,3504.3
Rayman Origins Now Available Free on Uplay64494.7
New notification controls for Twitter announced136214.6
Pokemon Go bans are going out today with notices161,8704.5
Up to $650 off Windows 10 PCs in three day sale91,1754.5
No Man’s Sky patch out for PC, PS4 patch out soon88114.7
HP's new Omen gaming PC's are cube shaped111,2494.6
This might be the last console generation according to Microsoft262,9414.3
Forza Horizon 3 Gameplay Footage Shows 8 Minutes Of Racing161,3804.5
Star Wars Battlefront: Death Star expansion pack131,2194.6
Watch Dogs 2 new Bounty Hunter multiplayer mode revealed149024.5
More Forza Horizon 3 screenshots from Gamescom 201697584.5
Take a look at over 30 minutes of Titanfall 2 multiplayer gameplay65084.4
Xbox Live Deals with Gold: FIFA and Battlefield among the top151,4544.3
Twitch has acquired popular video game community Curse96744.6
Spaceland Zombies Invades Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare in Trailer373,3314.7
No Man’s Sky is the biggest Steam launch this year, so far107114.5
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies mode reveal coming tomorrow191,6384.6
PS4 firmware 4.00 beta rolling out soon. Sony shares details45904.4
Titanfall 2 multiplayer tech test not coming to PC127224.4
Battlefield 1 open beta details announced273,4964.7
No Man's Sky director Sean Murray doesn't rule out Xbox One release201,9714.6
Pokemon Go is handing out lifetime bans to players who cheat181,8294.8
Microsoft acquires Beam livestreaming service109714.3
Xbox One System Software Update Will Let You Turn Off Startup Sound262,7564.4
Destiny Rise of Iron ViDoc Coming Next Week87414.7
Battlefield 1 tanks and planes with vehicular combat trailer201,8384.6
Upcoming 'No Man's Sky' patch will fix most issues121,2474.8
Xbox One S Causes Sales Spike Of 75% In UK108994.5
Xbox One was top dog in U.S. game console sales for July151,0674.6
Take a glimpse of the single player campaign for Titanfall 2181,4014.6
Sony Reveal Their Lineup For Gamescom This Year89424.6
Watch Dogs 2 New Video Showcases Some Hacking116924.7
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies Teaser Revealed314,0634.4
Pokemon Go’s new tracking feature in beta testing91,1524.5
PS4 Neo could “fundamentally change” the No Man’s Sky experience76424.6
This week’s Humble Bundle is all survival87644.5
Google Chrome to begin blocking Flash in September87194.5
Xbox Live deals: Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, NBA 2K16 and more131,3444.6
No Man’s Sky Launch Trailer Prepares For The Journey Ahead55914.6
New evidence of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 backward compatibility568,1124.5
8 Minutes of Gears of War 4 DeeBee Campaign Gameplay101,0654.4
Xbox Project Scorpio Games are Already in the Works88764.4
PS4 Neo rumoured to be announced in September65164.5
No Man's Sky day one patch is now live64674.4
Microsoft won’t be making any more white Xbox One S 2TB models191,2854.5
Pokemon Go has made over $200 million in a month77174.5
Two New Dota 2 Treasures Are Now Available65964.5
Valve Restricts Steam Trading in an Effort to Cut Down on Cheating131,2524.7
Infinite Warfare Will Have The Classic “Boots In The Ground” Movement272,4174.6
It’s ‘Up To Sony’ If Tekken 7 Has PS4/Xbox One Cross-Play161,1714.6
Pokemon GO – Niantic Ban GPS Exploit Abusers122,5294.6
No Man’s Sky's servers will be reset ahead of launch109804.5
No Man’s Sky US PC release date pushed back to August 12th85384.5
Popular Xbox 360 title Blue Dragon will become backwards compatible291,7664.6
Apple rolls out iOS 9.3.4 with "an important security update"79644.6
'Pokémon Go' dev says it needed to block scrapers to expand58344.3
Microsoft will “have things to say” this fall, fan event possible128754.3
Phil Spencer: Xbox Scorpio Hasn’t Overshadowed Xbox One S121,0744.7
New Battlefield 1 video goes over some of the weapons212,0694.8
New Infinite Warfare trailer introduces us to Captain Reyes261,9764.1
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is free to play all weekend on Steam119324.5
Pokemon Go has made over $160 million108054.4
Battery saver mode is returning to Pokemon Go on iOS117584.6
Xbox One S Dismantled; Shows Tiny Power Supply, Cooling Unit, APU192,0144.5
Windows 10's Anniversary Update arrives129324.6
Samsung unveils the Galaxy Note 7107534.5
Pokemon GO Controversial Changes Explained By Developer77364.7
Xbox One S Consumes Less Power Than Original Model In All Modes171,2164.7
Microsoft adds three more games to Xbox One Backward Compatibility171,6984.5
Xbox One S Theoretically Supports Native 4K Games97124
Xbox One and Xbox 360 Deals with Gold game and DLC discounts121,4044.6
Xbox One S Has Slightly Better Performance131,2674.4
Battlefield 4 China Rising expansion now free on Xbox One105354.6
Xbox One S already selling out online161,1854.3
Xbox One S body much smaller than PlayStation 4202,1394.3
Nintendo NX Hardware Specs Possibly Leaked51,0954.6
Video is released reportedly showing off Apple's 'lightning' EarPods89314.8
PS Vita hacked: full system access enabled for homebrew131,6724.6

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