The Tech Game: May 2013

Ex-Call of Duty Developer Subject to Police Raid by Mistake11813,7284.7
Microsoft: 'Keep your 360 if you want to play XBLA games'11913,8924.3
Xbox One video: designing the console, Kinect and controller505,5404.4
Xbox One backed by Avalanche exec515,9054.4
Grid 2 out now, launch trailer released302,6704.6
Halo 4 weapon balance patch dated and detailed454,4494.8
Miiverse update lets web users post and edit profiles292,8754.5
EA eliminating Online Pass on existing games999,7744.7
Windows 8.1 Start button shown in leaked screenshots8110,1034.6
Apple announces 16GB iPod Touch - but with no rear camera556,9234.7
Microsoft says it is listening to negative feedback about Xbox One DRM889,5624.4
Sony confident Gran Turismo 6 won't be delayed363,0444.7
Xbox One Controller will last ten years - Microsoft9811,8844.3
Mirror's Edge 2 'help centre' page found on EA's website343,6204.4
Microsoft investing $1 billion into games on Xbox One394,5794.4
SimCity 'Amusement Park Set' open for business322,9384.6
Sonic: Lost World features competitive multiplayer, off-screen play on302,5734.6
Microsoft: 8.45 million watched Xbox One reveal event in first 24hours665,5264.5
Microsoft pledges indie support on Xbox One504,7124.6
Xbox One Kinect 'can be turned completely off', confirms Microsoft rep746,7174.5
Xbox One pre-orders break Blockbuster records708,2314.5
Epic VP: PS4 and Xbox One 'not a generation ahead of PC'1039,4044.7
Xbox One: Microsoft deal with AMD worth $3 billion414,8054.6
Call of Duty: Ghosts engine is 'significantly upgraded, not all-new'1089,4544.7
Xbox One privacy concerns raised regarding Kinect676,4604.5
Minecraft creator Notch receives golden PSone E3 invite from Sony557,3974.4
PS4 to regulate used games like Xbox One - report363,8494.6
Next-gen console info leaker SuperDae threatens to leak more info8211,2894.7
Gran Turismo 6: alleged footage shows two minutes of gameplay333,0394.7
Xbox One cloud provides CPU and storage capacity of three consoles516,4784.7
Report: Xbox One will be region-locked636,0864.3
No 'Red Ring Of Death'-style disasters for Xbox One, says Microsoft13214,5014.5
Next-gen consoles could top 1 billion sales combined, suggests MS674,8744.6
Report: No fee to play used Xbox One games, Skype powers voice chat8311,2194.7
Report: Publishers to receive cut of Xbox One pre-owned sales636,8684.6
Rumor: Xbox One to feature Skype remote play634,8554.6
PlayStation Europe PS4 ad says 'Coming 2013'403,9474.5
Microsoft seeks patent for TV Achievements576,9434.8
Microsoft files complaint over domain547,4934.5
Sky to 'explore opportunities' on Xbox One304,0974.5
Call of Duty Ghosts to feature Kinect voice commands565,7644.6
PS4 and Xbox One 'a generation ahead' of high end PCs - EA CTO657,4854.7
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC free this weekend375,8214.7
Microsoft brushes off Xbox Live hack attack claim305,1664.4
Black Ops 2 updates released for consoles294,0404.8
Xbox One official game box design unveiled435,2914.4
Amazon UK: Wii U Sales Rank Jumps 875% Following Microsoft’s Xbox One436,8124.7
Turtle Beach crafting accessories for Xbox One526,2584.5
Fifa 14 Release Date and Pre Order Bonus405,5874.7
Nvidia launches GeForce GTX 780507,4894.6
Call of Duty: Ghosts confirmed for PS4503,7004.7
Grand Theft Auto 5 collector's editions detailed, priced659,3594.8
Need for Speed Rivals announced for current and next-gen243,3304.7
Xbox One will not suport current-gen gaming headsets8610,9644.4
Microsoft exec promises 'huge' Xbox 360 unveil at E3599,2664.5
PS4 currently beats Xbox One in terms of raw power, says Avalanche273,4594.6
EA to support PS3 and Xbox 360 for '4 more years'151,7034.4
Xbox One will definitely be in used games market, details still blurry658,0714.6
PS4 console pieced together from teaser clip629,0284.7
FIFA 14 Ultimate Team will arrive on PS4, EA confirms202,4734.6
Next-gen Kinect coming to PC363,0774.3
Xbox Live video, music purchases will transfer to Xbox One393,4554.6
Microsoft: No cross-platform play between Xbox One and Xbox 360588,2334.8
Don Mattrick: 'If you're backwards compatible, you're really backwards465,2264.5
Xbox One will require an internet connection 'once every day'8914,7164.4
Xbox One won't allow indies to self-publish293,1054.5
Only Xbox One controllers, accessories will work with the new console.323,6984.5
Xbox One Hard Drive Not Removable, Supports External USB Drives6911,1804.8
Xbox One Requires Kinect to function. Watching You Sleep in 1080p?8012,7774.7
Xbox One Controller Interaction with Kinect +Friends Limited increased638,9504.7
Xbox One Play 'immediately' during installs and HD Photos of Xbox One487,5074.6
Xbox One isn't always online, but requires internet connection618,2384.5
Xbox One not backwards compatible with 360 discs/XBLA purchases7310,2564.4
Xbox One Event: News Recap527,1804.4
Call of Duty Ghosts DLC Exclusively on Xbox One first+Detailed Information547,5774.7
Xbox One 'Snap' mode lets apps run simultaneously263,0704.7
Halo "Wake Up John" Television Series193,5104.5
Forza motorsports 5 to launch with Xbox One222,3654.7
Xbox One and EA Technology202,6744.7
Xbox One DVR, Servers and Achievements243,7944.5
Xbox One Kinect Details192,1704.7
Xbox One Hardware List315,8844.5
Xbox One will have its own T.V Guide/Menu181,9874.6
Xbox One Features live T.V and Skype181,6344.7
Xbox One Instant switching142,5294.8
Call of Duty Ghosts Screenshots early?252,6114.6
EA tweet points to NBA Live at Xbox reveal201,6244.6
Yahoo acquires Tumblr for $1.1 billion504,1624.6
PlayStation 4 E3 teaser video boxes it all up556,5804.5
UFC news scheduled for tomorrow's Xbox reveal event262,4654.5
FIFA 14 goes next-gen in tomorrow's Xbox reveal event272,6304.8
Next Xbox reveal tent almost done; rain due in Redmond Tuesday496,7404.7
Microsoft trademarks 'Forzavista' ahead of next Xbox reveal303,6914.7
Call of Duty: Ghosts teaser shows work-in-progress footage728,9504.7
Upcoming Black Ops 2 Personalization Packs leak9431,7994.4
Greenberg teases Xbox reveal, says E3 is 'all about the games'777,1084.5
EA engineer says 'the Wii U is crap'999,9424.4
No FIFA 14 on Wii U due to 'disappointing' FIFA 13 sales434,4384.5
EA product manager Kevin Flynn defects, joins Call of Duty team565,7584.3
MS planning Xbox dashboard update in preparation for next-gen console8711,2534.3
Four New Grand Theft Auto V Screenshots Released6910,4274.5
Super Luigi U arrives as DLC June 20, packaged standalone August 25242,5174.7
Mario & Sonic: Winter games coming to Wii U212,0844.7
Machinima demanded payment for video views, claims Minecraft creator578,2594.4
Nintendo will make the money for your YouTube fan videos252,7014.6
Gears of War: Judgment gets 'Lost Relics' multiplayer DLC next month252,5424.6
Lulzsec hacker group given jail time following Sony, Nintendo attacks423,7854.6
Xbox Wire blog launched ahead of next-gen reveal172,5444.5
Apple announces 50 billion App Store downloads343,1474.5
Black Ops 2 Uprising DLC out on PS3, PC533,7784.5
EA has no Wii U games in development151,3684.8
Angry Birds flick flies to cinemas July 1, 2016483,5624.6
PSN hacking suspect sentenced to house arrest for destroying evidence839,4994.4
EA puts an end to its Online Pass program13313,7484.3
Microsoft: Windows Blue to be named Windows 8.1, will be free405,3654.4
Microsoft sees all your HTTPS links in Skype, and you didn't know496,0934.5
Gran Turismo 6 on PS4 under consideration - Yamauchi323,0894.7
Gran Turismo 6: First details, screens and trailer273,2304.5
Pachter: Wii U sales still in decline; outsold by Wii352,6564.6
Microsoft to scrap Xbox Points12716,4784.4
Gran Turismo 6 announced for PS3212,0744.6
A peek inside the next Xbox reveal tent8710,1404.3
TwitchTV app released for Xbox 360786,3714.6
Rumor: PS4 to hit Europe this year453,1504.7
No GTA V at E3, Take-Two confirms767,4694.6
Take-Two preparing 'groundbreaking new IP' for next-gen consoles353,9834.7
WWE 2K14 throws down at retailers on October 29503,8774.5
Microsoft's E3 2013 Xbox media briefing ticket giveaway starts466,2124.7
Microsoft preparing for next-gen Xbox Reveal with temporary building507,4824.5
Playstation 4: Leaked Video, Images, and Eye 2?7112,4104.6
Get Black Ops 2 for $40,Trials Evolution for $15 on Steam this weekend634,0014.6
Creator of the Xbox Infinity image comes clean, says it's fake11213,7344.6
Black Ops 2 double XP weekend kicks off today1037,1724.5
Free Gears of War: Judgement DLC map next week444,6174.3
PS4 marketing slogan rumoured to be 'greatness awaits'544,9844.8
Future of Xbox set-top box uncertain, report claims314,0474.5
Xbox returns for Gamescom 2013343,8084.6
Just Cause 2 developer: Wii U dev kits are 'collecting dust'484,0464.7
Minecraft Xbox 360 - 1st Birthday Surprise And Title Update 117813,8904.5
Battlefield 13-20 domains registered by EA425,5234.7
PS4: Sony 'didn't consider' always-online requirement433,5144.7
EA extends FIFA license to 2022373,0404.6
Wii U Frostbite engine tests yield 'not too promising' results453,8754.6
Trials Evolution: Gold Edition PC demo out now, sale starts May 9292,8584.6
Battlefield 3 Premium reached 3.5 million subscribers,generated $120m412,8184.5
FIFA 13 sells 14.5 million in 2013, digital revenue up from FIFA 12201,7554.7
Minecraft Xbox 360 - 1 Year Anniversary + "battle & Beasts" Skin Pack529,2834.8
Another source is claiming Xbox Infinity is the name of the next Xbox767,5394.7
PSN adding Indie Games section332,6034.6
GAME lists early October FIFA 14 release date403,9474.6
Saints Row 4 trailer shows off Presidential powers454,0424.6
SimCity 3.0 update out this week, attempts to fix traffic again272,4804.6
Doritos Crash Course 2 crunches into XBLA tomorrow for free768,0334.6
Rumor: Blu-Ray license issues could delay next Xbox until 2014?919,0784.4
GTA V listed for PC on retail sites646,0704.8
The Sims 4 confirmed for PC/Mac415,4264.6
PS4's share button can be blocked by developers363,2834.5
Next-gen Xbox will work offline - report595,3294.7
Grand Theft Auto 5 – more screenshots released11818,3834.7
Assassin's Creed 4 protagonist aspires to be a 'man of quality'715,8124.6
Apple begins 50 billion App Store downloads countdown806,1784.7
New GTA 5 character & concept art10322,5254.5
Fuse demo available May 7565,6544.6
Pinball FX2 Coming to Steam Next Week362,2444.7
Xbox Games for Windows 8 app updated323,0914.6
Sony's E3 2013 press conference confirmed for June 10403,4684.6
One million Defiance accounts registered494,4604.2
Microsoft snags domains for 'Xbox Fusion'819,1404.8
Borderlands 2 DLC revealed: Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep444,5044.6
Wii U hacked, Drive Authentication Reversed798,3014.6
Microsoft to hold free Xbox Live Gold weekend for UK626,9584.7
Wii U cut another £50 by UK retailer Asda362,9054.6
Splinter Cell: Blacklist resurrects Spies vs. Mercs multiplayer Trailer433,6924.5
No Madden NFL football from EA Sports on Wii U in 2013482,9404.6
Sledgehammer Games not developing Call of Duty: Ghosts857,4424.4
Minecraft Xbox 360 - New Skin Pack (Battle & Beasts)6312,1724.7
Call of Duty: Ghosts Camo ‘Unlocked’ Through Latest Black Ops 2 Update13442,8514.2
Call of Duty: Ghosts announced; next-gen powered by new engine839,1204.5

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