The Tech Game: March 2020

Mafia 3 Developer Hanger 13 Is Hiring for Development of New IP43734.3
Nier is getting remastered for PC, PS4 and Xbox One39254
Microsoft Flight Simulator’s multiplayer explained in new video47924
Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 Is in the Works33964.7
Over 50,000 Call of Duty: Warzone Players Have Been Permanently Banned121,2095
Gears Tactics – here’s the minimum and recommended PC specs13,1134.3
Modern Warfare 2 Remaster is a PS4 Timed Exclusive, Available Now91,6423
Prey 2 Possibly Teased Within DOOM Eternal27314
Grand Theft Auto 6 Pops Up In Voice Actor’s Resume48433
PS5 Patent Describes Yet Another Crazy New Feature44623.3
Microsoft Explains Why Xbox Series X Controller Still Uses Batteries37594
Warface reaches 1 million players on Switch in a month28483.3
Halo Infinite Remains On Track for 202033433.7
Will Modern Warfare 2 Remastered Get Multiplayer?121,4304.7
Every PS5 Game Confirmed So Far75854.3
PSN download speeds also slowed in the US32543.3
Valve Comments on Recent Left 4 Dead 3 Rumors55714.7
Horror-Shooter Quantum Error Announced For PS5 and PS444394.7
Half-Life: Alyx has already been beaten in under an hour34284.3
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Remaster launches tomorrow172,6444.8
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Remastered Trailer and gameplay leaked72,5934.7
Fallout 76 Previews New Wastelanders Events22994.7
Xbox Game Studios Not Ruling Out Game Delays22284.3
The latest Modern Warfare 2 remaster leak suggests an imminent release44674.3
Sony warns of ‘risk of delays’ to PlayStation games22824.3
Nioh 2 Accolades Trailer Shows Off Game’s Critical Praise12724.3
Soulcalibur 6 – Haohmaru Will Release On March 31st23184.3
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Remastered Reportedly in the Works111,5314.5
PS5 and Xbox Series X Price Will Not Be Over $500 Says Another Analyst55674.5
Doom Eternal Speedrun Completes Game In Nearly 48 Minutes23873.3
GameStop to Permanently Close Over 300 Stores66204
Epic Games Store Reveals Its Next Batch of Free Games14934
Playdead Teases Next Project Announces Publishing Deal with Epic Games13183.7
Rocket League smashes its peak player count record23724.3
AMD’s had its IP stolen, resulting in “ongoing criminal investigation”15474
Epic Games Announces New Publishing Label12694
Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Creators Signs Deal with Epic Games17213.7
Xbox Series X Sales Potential In US Being Underestimated, Says Analyst13184
BioShock: The Collection, Borderlands, XCOM 2 coming to Switch14063.7
Modern Warfare 2 Remastered Reveal Date Reportedly Leaked183,8742.3
World War Z, Figment, Tormentor x Punisher free on Epic Games Store33975
Burnout Paradise Remastered coming to Switch with all add-on packs23764
New GTA 6 Report Reveals Bad News for Grand Theft Auto Fans108,1544
Fallout 76’s Wastelanders release delayed by one week23695
Teacher gives geometry lesson in Half-Life: Alyx – check it out25744
Former Xbox One Exclusive Comes to PS4 on April 934673
Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Reveals Details and Images from New DLC25285
Half-Life: Alyx launched with a secret non-VR mode for developers13473
With live sports on hiatus, NASCAR esports get ridiculous TV ratings33965
Animal Crossing Sales Break Switch 1st Week Record in Japan14103
DOOM Eternal Breaks Franchise Sales Record for Opening Week13344
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 3 leak: Backlot and Village remake71,4974.2
Valve Isn’t Exclusively Committed to VR for Future Games22944.3
Sony patents ‘Direct Gameplay’ OS feature likely set for PS522814
First Half-Life: Alyx Patch Adds New Movement Options13614.3
Minecraft Adds Free Educational Content to Help During Pandemic13574.5
Nintendo Suspends Repair Services in North America13613.8
Xbox Series X Exclusive Will Be Unveiled Next Week34614
Grand Theft Auto 6 Website Might Be Launching Soon No Confirmation Yet66524
Cities: Skylines goes free-to-play for the weekend13903.3
Sony Reconfirms The PlayStation 5 Holiday 2020 Launch Window12734.3
Resident Evil 3 Datamining Spots Mentions of a Switch Version12773.3
YouTube reducing default quality of videos to help ease bandwidth25453.8
Xbox Series X Graphics Source Code Stolen from AMD, Hacker Wants $100m61,5864
Gwent: The Witcher Card Game is Now Available on Android24654.3
Epic’s best exclusive hits Steam in June13883.8
Plague Inc. Getting New Mode That Lets You Save the World25424
Death Stranding is Finally Set to Get a Photo Mode on PS415093.3
Windows 10 Hits 1 Billion Users, Teases New UI24264
Free PlayStation Plus Games for April Have Leaked35084
Final Fantasy VII Remake Making Of Episode 2 Published by Square Enix14704
Konami says recent Silent Hill reboot reports ‘untrue’13324.5
PSN download speeds will be slower in Europe22474.3
Xbox says it’s working to accommodate demand, amid COVID-19 lockdowns13094.8
Valve Developer Talks About Left 4 Dead Leaks, Portal VR13954
Backlot Map Coming in Season 3 of Call of Duty Modern Warfare?121,9544.6
Xbox Series X & PS5 Power Difference Is “Staggering”, Says Ex Sony Dev28144
Final Fantasy 7 Remake Producer Explains Why First Game Is Only Midgar12393.5
Ninja "Disappointed" in Competitive Fortnite Cheaters55644.8
SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays is Receiving New DLC14244
Blizzard is giving staff drive-through care packages amid US lockdown12473.8
Call of Duty: Warzone Is Getting 4 New Weapons Soon77254
Final Fantasy VII Remake Shinra HQ Has a New Upper Floor12904
Doom Eternal cracks 100,000 concurrent players on Steam33384.3
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 First Screenshot Revealed12614
Resident Evil 3 Can Be Beaten With Only The Knife64233.8
Halo Infinite Developer Transitions to Work From Home12564.5
Google announces Stadia Makers program to help indie developers12154.3
Sony Makes Bold Promise About Big PS5 Feature69444.8
Microsoft reveals how Xbox game streaming will work on PC28304.3
Dragon Ball FighterZ Shares New Look at Ultra Instinct Goku18443.5
Fortnite Battle Bus Customization Leaked68514
Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Coming to PC on April 9th34433.8
Here are next week’s two free Epic Store games13953.8
PS5 And Xbox Architecture Makes Them More Like PCs, Says Gabe Newell15703.5
Call of Duty: Warzone Leak Points to Duos and Squads Modes98923.4
Steam now shows when a reviewer has refunded a game33093.8
Artifact is now officially ‘under construction’12904
Valve says Epic Games Store competition ‘awesome for everybody’13083.8
PUBG Update Fixes a Big Team Deathmatch Problem13614
Call of Duty: Warzone has over 30 million players85614.3
Nintendo isn’t happy about its IP being used in Dreams48043.8
Microsoft has started internal testing for Project xCloud on PC15673.5
WRC 9 Announced For September 3rd14273.8
Doom Eternal Composer Mick Gordon Shows You How Its Music is Made22924.8
The “overwhelming majority” of PS4 titles will be playable on PS522814.5
Both Steam and CSGO set concurrent player records once again64054
Doom Eternal Concurrent Player Count Reaches 105,000 on Steam33054.6
Call of Duty 2020 May Not Have a Battle Royale Mode84774.6
Microsoft Clarifies Whether Xbox Series X Plays Every Xbox One Game27174.3
Xbox Series X Teases Big Backward Compatibility Feature23604
Fallout 76 Is Giving Players Bonus XP and Free Items43134
PlayStation 5: PS3, PS2, and PS1 Backward Compatibility Looks Unlikely36943.8
Resident Evil 3 Remake Day One Patch Revealed26544
Black Ops 5 is a “realistic”, “gory” reboot, according to huge leak41,3775
PlayStation 5's SSD Will Make Load Times 100x Faster13474.8
Razer is manufacturing and donating one million surgical masks25594.7
Cities: Skylines gets a stealth mass transit overhaul in Sunset Harbor18033.3
GDC is already setting a replacement show for August16174
Xbox Series X Has A Very Efficient Parallel Cooling Architecture16304.3
PS5’s AMD RDNA 2 GPU is fitted with 36 CUs at up to 2.23GHz14064
Measuring Teraflops Is Meaningless, Says Tanglewood Dev13394.3
Untitled Goose Game waddles home with GDC Award for Game of the Year12744
The Stanley Parable and Watch Dogs are free through the Epic Games13464.3
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered leaks again273,2944.4
World War Z gets cross-play on Monday, new location coming later45965
Sam Fisher is coming to Ghost Recon Breakpoint on March 2414824
Rainbow Six Siege patch releases may slow down due to pandemic13054.3
Rumor: Tales From The Borderlands Redux Footage Leaks, Sequel Teased23633.7
Steam's Interactive Recommender Is Now Available12824
Octopath Traveler Sells 2 Million Copies18184.3
Shadow Man Remastered Announced For 202127484.8
Microsoft Congratulates Playstation On Playstation 5 Reveal71,6293.2
Leak Suggests Sledgehammer’s Call Of Duty in 2021 is Battle Royale61,6944.2
Fans React to PS5's Backwards Compatibility26813.8
PS5 And Xbox Series X May Miss 2020 Release: Analyst35644.6
Xbox Live goes down for the second time this week71,1474.5
Call of Duty 2020 Is Reportedly a Black Ops Reboot122,8844.3
Steam will host 40+ game demos originally planned for GDC17253
PS5’s Custom “Tempest Engine” Will Deliver Next-Gen 3D Audio49474.8
Xbox Game Pass Adds New Games, Introduces Ultimate Perks25434.3
PS5 will play ‘almost all of the top 100 PS4 games’ at launch43364
Assassin's Creed Odyssey Being Made Free for Limited Time45054.8
Blair Witch by Bloober Team is Coming to Nintendo Switch24845
Minecraft Looks Great on the Xbox Series X51,2394.3
Nintendo New York Store Closes Indefinitely In Midst Of Pandemic23823
Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot – Super Saiyan God DLC Coming This Spring24654.3
Minecraft Dungeons could be delayed35553
Xbox Series X Will Feature Expandable SSD Storage34363.7
Microsoft Just Acquired A New First-Party Xbox Studio?18654.3
Hello Games’ The Last Campfire is Coming to Nintendo Switch13205
PS5 Will Allow Off-the-Shelf NVMe SSD Expansions44293.8
Xbox Series X Allocates 13.5 GB of Memory to Games34824
Final Fantasy VII Remake Gets A Multi-Part Development Video14373.7
Xbox Series X controller has a new D-Pad and will be easier to hold31,0913.7
Cyberpunk 2077 is still on track for a September launch43654.3
GOG Launches Massive Spring 2020 Sale13663.3
Xbox Series X could double resolution and frame rate of Xbox One games14074.3
Borderlands 3 player count tops 90,000 on Steam45344.3
Football Manager 2020 Hits Record Number Of Concurrent Players13253.7
PS5 hardware is worse than Xbox Series X, but that might not matter81,3704.2
PS5 Backwards Compatibility With PS4 Won't Be 100% at Launch24804.4
Here’s how expandable storage works on Xbox Series X24404.5
Control: ‘The Foundation’ DLC Trailer Detailed15793.5
Halo Infinite Matchmaking Will Be Discussed At GDC 202013943.8
PlayStation 5 Reportedly Not Yet Delayed Due to Coronavirus22404.2
Xbox Series X will launch Thanksgiving 202055714.3
PlayStation Fans Are Divided on PS5 Specs78764.5
PS5 vs Xbox Series X specs compared, which console is more powerful?103,7334.2
Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Advocates For Gaming During Pandemic33723.5
Horizon Zero Dawn supports ultra-wide on PC13673.8
Xbox Series X: More Technical Details and Specs Revealed by Microsoft16043.8
Gamescom 2020 is still Continuing as Planned12774
The Call of Duty Warzone kill records are already getting ridiculous58714.3
CS:GO reaches a million concurrent players23074.5
PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X Will Probably Be Delayed35024
Rockstar devs begin working from home to self-isolate54333.8
EA cancels all live competitive events, asks staff to work from home23833.5
Halo 2 and Reach Forge PC Insider flights slated for the end of March23463.8
CoD: Warzone Players Have the Best Reactions to Surviving the Gulag48004
NieR 10th Anniversary Streams Set for March 29th13493.3
Call of Duty: Warzone Adds Solos54044
PS5 System Architecture Reveal with Mark Cerny Coming Tomorrow14654.3
Xbox Series X Quick Resume feature supports three games minimum24224.3
Steam hits record-breaking 20 million concurrent users23264
GTA Online race seems to point to Vice City for GTA 632,5834.7
Xbox Series X’s Zen 2 CPU Will Double Its Performance Output – 3D Real13224.1
GTA Online players can earn triple GTA$ and RP in Deadline this week12874.1
Call of Duty League Shifting to Online Only Format Due to Coronavirus22993.4
Xbox Series X hands-on and gameplay revealed72,1264
Xbox Series X adds HDR to backwards compatible games13403.6
CoD Warzone Viral Video Demonstrates the Power of Throwing Rocks31,0043.7
Nintendo Switch beats coronavirus shortage concerns23963.7
Nintendo of America Confirms Employee Tested Positive for COVID-1914044.6
New Death Stranding Reveal Reportedly Coming This Year13173.7
Xbox Series X Size Compared to a Fridge and a Banana21,1993.9
Xbox Series X specs in full and how it really compares to Xbox One X69953.9
Call of Duty Warzone PC crashes being investigated46944
Upcoming PS5 Game Is Aiming for Photorealistic Graphics34184.2
PUBG Now Has a Rocket Launcher43124
Potential DualShock 5 Patent Hints Towards Tactile Braille Readout24833.3
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Tops February 2020 U.S. NPD Charts13014.6
Final Fantasy 7 Remake Pre-Orders ‘Exploded’ After Demo Release13104.3
PS4 Devkit Teardown pictures posted online32,3824.2
PS5 Rated At 11 Teraflops, 52 CUs At 1743Mhz Hints Developer15954.1
Google G Suite now has more than 2 billion monthly active users16533.7
Pirate Descenders players awarded with unequipable Jolly Roger35494
Epic Games Store’s next free titles are Watch Dogs & Stanley Parable24364.2
Mortal Kombat 4 returns to PC – and it’s DRM-free14904.3
Xbox Live down Users report widespread outage48854.5
CD Projekt’s next game is a new The Witcher title66794.4
For Honor Is Getting a Prince of Persia Crossover36304.4
Sea of Thieves Heart of Fire update brings new Tall Tale, chain shots36453.9
Discord increases Go Live limit to help with coronavirus restrictions35133.9
The Doom Eternal launch trailer Released23294
PC Gaming Show Investigating possibilities After E3 2020 Cancellation22723.8
Call of Duty: Warzone has crossed over the 15 million players mark54594.2
Free-to-Play Call of Duty via Sledgehammer Releasing Next Year- Report79744.2
CoD: Warzone had over twice as many players as Apex Legends on day one118234.3
PS4 owners complain and break consoles over Horizon Zero Dawn PC81,3764.3
Devolver Digital and Limited Run Games planning digital E3 events32974
GeForce RTX 3080 Ti rumored to be 40% Faster Than RTX 2080 Ti72,6823.3
Nintendo wins Switch patent dispute over attachable game controllers13044.5
23 Percent Of Xbox Live Users Are On PC — Report56283.8
Call of Duty Fans Think Black Ops 5 May Be Revealed Soon104953.3
The Last of Us Part 2 Composer Joins HBO Series23544.2
Call of Duty: Warzone update speeds up matchmaking35834.2
GTA and Red Dead Writer Dan Houser Has Officially Left Rockstar Games54223.7
Switch Joy-Con drifting lawsuit will go to arbitration14334
Call of Duty: Warzone players are trying to solve a massive easter egg61,6374
New Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Feature Reportedly Revealed35084
Two Point Hospital goes green with Off the Grid DLC16863.8
DOOM Eternal Preload Times Announced25114.2
Saints Row: The Third Remastered Listing Surfaces Online64693.8
DOOM Eternal Trailer Breaks Down the Slayer’s Tactics24114.3
CoD: Warzone to support different team size options in future49184
Stadia Adds Two New Titles, Free Offers, and Features14004
New PS5 and Xbox Series X Game Possibly Confirmed14093.5
Epic Game Store Finally Adds a Wishlist Feature12513.8
Red Dead Redemption 2 mod tool RedM stops working for new players15824.5
Horizon Zero Dawn Confirmed for PC Release12785
Call of Duty: Warzone launch beats Fortnite with 6 million players69943.7
Red Dead Online 1.19 patch fixes a few player camp issues23904
Call of Duty: Warzone Update Fixes Big Exploit35213.8
Cyberpunk 2077 submitted for age classification43493.5
New Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Coming in 2020 According to Potential Leak43874
Call of Duty: Warzone Update Fixes Big Exploit23864.2
Dr Disrespect and Pokimane Announce They’ve Signed Twitch Exclusivity29164
Call of Duty: Warzone Trick Reveals Every Enemy on the Map79874
3 New PS4 Games Leaked Ahead of Announcement44814.2
Microsoft will host a livestream to discuss Xbox Series X27063.8
Command & Conquer Remastered Collection Hits PC this June23094
Epic Games CEO Begs Publishers to Support Nvidia's GeForce NOW23063.5
Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Time Machine Update Coming In March24944.3
Team 17 Announces New Worms Title Coming in 202025164.1
Call of Duty: Warzone Planning to Add 200-Player Support171,5713.9
Nintendo Responds To E3 2020 Being Cancelled34454.4
Phil Spencer Announces Xbox Series X Digital Event in Lieu of E3 202034404
Warner Bros. had plans to host its first E3 conference this year34774.3
Ubisoft Announces “Digital Experience” in Lieu of E3 202033273.8
Online E3 2020 rumored to replace cancelled show33024
E3 2020 has been cancelled due to coronavirus concerns57604
Quality of PS5’s upscale to higher resolutions called ‘incredible’24004.1
Stadia Accidentally Calls Attention to the Few Games it has23253.9
Final Fantasy 7 Remake Demo Secret Ending Revealed13164.5
Doom Eternal runs at 60fps on all consoles, except Switch23984.3
New Final Fantasy 7 Remake Details Reveal Expanded Story12503.6
Coronavirus Cited For Minecraft Festival Postponement17763.6
E3 2020 Reportedly Cancelled due to COVID-19 (coronavirus) concerns58674.1
AMD Reveals Promising News About PS5 and Xbox Series X Release Dates27233.9
Call of Duty: Warzone Plunder Mode is a fight for cash35894.1
PS5’s Unannounced Texel Density Feature Impresses Martha Is Dead Dev14604.3
Doom Eternal PC specs – here’s the recommended and minimum requirement14423.8
Epic Games store exclusives will be available on GeForce Now13964.5
2K Games titles have been pulled from Nvidia’s GeForce Now35943.8
Call of Duty: Warzone Reveals PS4 Exclusive Combat Pack35303.3
Resident Evil 3 Compares Remake To 1999 Original In New Video15844.4
Analyst Suggests What PS5 and Xbox Series X's Big Focus Will Be14344.3
The Last of Us series is in the works at HBO35584.1
Xbox Series X will have a dedicated audio chip -Ninja Theory engineers14234
Fallout 76 Unveils Over 16 Minutes Of Wastelanders Footage13974
New Nintendo Switch Horror Game Leaked14643.8
Call of Duty Warzone will share the same Battle Pass as Modern Warfare48484.3
New Resident Evil Game Reportedly Releasing Before April 202114944.1
A delay to the PS5 or Xbox Series X launch seems inevitable25714.3
Borderlands 3 Steam Preload Date and Unlock Times Revealed04423.7
Microsoft staff will work from home in response to coronavirus17283.9
Rumor: The Elder Scrolls 6 Release Date, Setting, and More Revealed31,0973.9
CoD Warzone confirmed as a standalone, free-to-play battle royale31,1904.1
Modern Warfare Reveals 150-Player Warzone Squad Mode With Trailer11,4564.5
Nintendo has shed its ‘childish’ reputation, says Miyamoto14294.1
The "Nintendo Play Station" Just Sold at Auction for a Record-Breaking24884
See two of Phoenix’s abilities in Valorant in new footage16283.7
TwitchCon Amsterdam Latest Conference Shuttered Due to Coronavirus02864
New Resident Evil 3 Remake details surface – may contain spoilers12773.9
Destiny 2 devs will work from home during coronavirus outbreak02453.7
Every Xbox Series X Game Confirmed So Far31,3863.6
Bungie Offices Shut Down Due to Coronavirus Fears35414.1
E3 2020 Loses Creative Director Partner04163.8
Xbox Series X teraflops are 40% lower than Nvidia 2020 lineup – Report15113.5
New PS5 Patent Sheds Light on DualShock 5's Big New Feature23804.3
New Free Games Now Available on Epic Games Store03104.1
E3 ‘evaluating coronavirus situation daily’ amid state of emergency24024.2
Wii U Gets Two New Official Games11,9133.8
Valve Index VR Kits Available March 903274.6
Ghost of Tsushima Trailer Reveals Release Date04323.8
New Cyberpunk 2077 info, meet the Tyger Claws17844
Modern Warfare battle royale coming March 10 – Rumor35923.9
Rockstar Games May Announce GTA 6 or Bully 2 Soon123,2923.9
Valve Index restock should arrive before Half-Life Alyx05274.1
Xbox Game Pass Adds 4 New Games14954
The Valorant beta could be coming this month05664.2
Half-Life: Alyx Is “Our Return to This World, Not the End of It”02733.8
Half-Life: Alyx Developer Touches on Possible Future Half-Life Titles02343.8
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Remastered Reportedly Releasing This Year184,7784.2
Phil Spencer Teasing Gears 5 Enhancements for Xbox Series X03463.4
Resident Evil 3 Gets Over 13 Minutes Of New Gameplay Footage03894
Death Stranding PC Photo Mode Shown Off In New Clip02083.6
Red Dead Online players are being banned for opening hackers chests32,0624
The Division 2 arrives on Stadia this month – with PC cross-play02903.8
Rumored PS5 Exclusive Deconfirmed By Leaker03493.4
Twitch Streamer Suspended for Accidentally Shooting Bottle of G-Fuel132,5523.8
PlayStation 4 Now Has Live Hulu12534.1
Skateboard Simulator Skater XL Ollies Over to PS4 in 202014684
Xbox Game Pass Is Losing Some Great Games Very Soon22,0334.1
New Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Update Includes Subtle Warzone Tease21,0734.4
Resident Evil 3 Gameplay Stream Announced02574.5
Rainbow Six Siege is free to play this weekend and on sale13764
The Division 2 update nerfs high-level gear into the ground04984
Fortnite helicopters leak hints at ramming players for massive damage14374.1
DuckTales: Remastered Has Returned to Digital Storefronts02223.9
New Batman Game Is Reportedly Not an Arkham Game03644
Final Fantasy 7 Remake Gets New Videos Focusing On Combat, Exploration02714
Destiny 2 is getting rid of loot boxes14513.6
Hytale Hopes the Game Will be Compared Less and Less to Minecraft21,0584
Testing begins for PS4 firmware 7.5003534
Need for Speed Heat March update adds Black Market, new cars16264.4
EA bans Kurt again after telling FIFA 20 pro to make a new account24854.1
New Monster Hunter World monsters arriving in April06064.1
E3 2020 in Danger as LA Declares State of Emergency Over Coronavirus25113.7
New Destiny 2 Trailer Details the Season of the Worthy25533.7
Mario Kart Tour is Finally Getting Multiplayer33574.3
Dreams players are being employed by game studios13654.3
Death Stranding on PC to use Denuvo34254.2
Final Fantasy 7 Remake Not Designed To Replace The Original13584
Nintendo Switch gets new firmware update03604.4
Modern Warfare Leak Reveals Warzone's Entire Battle Royale Map41,9424.3
What’s Rainbow Six Siege’s Black Ice skin doing in Fortnite?12,6933.6
E3 Still Moving Ahead Despite Coronavirus Concerns02953.9
The Long Dark Removed From GeForce Now by Developers34123.6
Hardspace: Shipbreaker Coming to Xbox One and PS403934
Destroy All Humans! Gets Over 14 Minutes Of Gameplay Footage67934.6
Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Red XIII Is Not Playable02324.2
Riot Games Officially Reveals VALORANT56933.6
Valve Releases Three New Videos Showcasing Gameplay in Half-Life: Alyx13364.3
Final Fantasy VII Remake Has Gone Gold, Confirms Tetsuya Nomura02574.1
Call of Duty Mobile is axing its Zombies mode38084
Death Stranding comes to Steam this June with photo mode12524
Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2’s Development Will Begin Immediately02494
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Adds Tamagotchi Watches31,1434.3
E3 2020 Planning Not Currently Affected by Coronavirus13863.4
PUBG apologises for ongoing performance issues03983.8
The Witcher 3 Has Made Over $50 Million on Steam03533.4
Rumor: Project xCloud PC streaming will face off against GeForce Now04714.1
DOOM Eternal Engine Allows 1000 FPS If Your Hardware Can Handle It04603.8
Report: Stadia lacks games because it's not offering Devs incentives04214
New PlayStation Plus Free Games Now Available14183.8
Halo 1 is live on Steam as part of the Master Chief Collection04104.1
Xbox Boss Says Gaming Consoles Aren't Going Away Anytime Soon14063.7
EA makes pro FIFA players settle match with rock, paper, scissors15623.9
How Modern Warfare is referencing Modern Warfare 211,5793.7
Bethesda was surprised by negative response to Fallout 76 PvP23643.8
Trackmania Nations remake coming in May05634.1
Microsoft Explains How New Xbox Series X Feature Works15953.6
Every PS5 Game Confirmed So Far28944.3
Two Private Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Videos Fuel Warzone Rumors01,2773.9
Battlefield 5 Is Finally Adding Tank Customization Soon04694.1
CS:GO sets yet another all-time peak player record13394
Halo: CE will have classic multiplayer sound on PC04763.8
BioShock 4 Confirms Important Gameplay Feature07633.8
New Fallout 76: Wastelanders Gameplay Revealed16343.8
Grand Theft Auto Fans Find New Evidence Pointing to GTA 6 Reveal142,8984.4
Popular PC Shooter Coming to PS4 and Xbox One This Summer46064.2
Call of Duty Zombies Director Jason Blundell Leaves Treyarch35214.2
Dialogue choices will matter in the Fallout 76 Wastelanders update04443.9
Modern Warfare Battle Royale Mode Release Date Revealed by Leaker21,9814.5
PlayStation 5 Specs And Features Confirmed By GameStop51,4874.5
PS4 and Xbox One can’t handle Baldur’s Gate 3, according to developer09254.2
Looks like Kojima Productions is teasing something for next week13074.2
Epic says Superdata’s Fortnite revenue reports are “wildly inaccurate”03974.2
Godfall – New Info Coming “Really, Really Soon”15713.8
Epic Games Store Reveals Two New Free Games13444.4
Street Fighter 5 Tournaments Canceled Over Coronavirus Fears02843.8
New GTA Online Update Turns the Game Into a Racing Sim11,3934.3
Xbox Series X's Big New Feature Is Better Than We Initially Thought47283.9
Stardew Valley’s creator is already working on another free update15234.1
InnerSpace Is Free Now On Epic Games Store02413.8
Dr DisRespect Challenged by WWE's Undertaker on Stream21,2093.8
Let's Encrypt has issued its billionth certificate12963.9

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