The Tech Game: May 2014

Microsoft to offer five free Xbox games for June's Games with Gold9015,5064.4
Call of Duty: Ghosts Invasion DLC “Pharaoh” Map Preview547,7614.2
PSN maintenance scheduled for June 2454,7414.4
FIFA 14 World Cup Kick Off mode released on Xbox One and PS4283,1704.6
PlayStation Plus to offer 2 free games for Vita, PS3, PS4 each month587,2004.7
EA Sports UFC demo coming June 3364,1774.7
Xbox One screenshot sharing feature in the works325,2724.7
‘Watch Dogs’ Will Punish Players Unless They Are Always Online8112,4794
Video: Call of Duty: Ghosts Invasion map pack releases June 3477,4944.7
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare open to inevitable sequel336,8104.2
Call of Duty: Ghosts Double XP Hits This Weekend344,1894.6
Battlefield 3 is free on Origin until June 35911,9014.5
Battlefield Hardline video was 6 months old, Visceral says346,8784.7
Watch Dogs breaks Ubisoft day-one sales record506,1044.7
EA Launches Official Battlefield Hardline Website, Unveiling on June 9384,8114.3
Microsoft CEO has no plans to sell the Xbox business416,6174.4
Battlefield 4 adds Battlepack microtransactions234,3034.5
Payday 2 adding free heist DLC on PC this week377,2644.6
Battlefield Hardline multiplayer and campaign features detailed224,8364.7
Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition: Halo Mash-Up Pack Lands Out Now143,6304.7
Battlefield Hardline gameplay video leaks235,4584.3
Battlefield 4 PS3 20-hour trial lauches today for Plus members322,9704.5
Japan Xbox One prices confirmed546,4644.5
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare : Future Tech Screenshots8311,7113.9
Xbox One Controller Drivers For Windows PC Coming “Very Soon”538,0274.5
Xbox One June Update Beta Rolling Out Now316,7174.4
Half of all PS4 owners subscribe to PS Plus292,6044.6
Forza 5 Car Pass extended to offer two more car packs293,2114.6
Report – Destiny Alpha Spotted on PSN, Starts June 3364,1454.5
Titanfall CTF playlist returning to PC version223,5894.7
Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Demo now live on Xbox One and 360506,5824.5
Xbox Live Gold unlocked on Xbox 360 this weekend6910,4424.5
PS4 'likely' more profitable than PS2, Sony CEO says343,2914.5
Watch Dogs launch trailer released425,1254.5
Minecraft Xbox One to be released August 2014608,5454.2
Sony may be working on newer PS4, PS3 models – rumour447,3594.4
eBay hack exposes database alongside personal info608,8754.4
Video: Xbox One external hard drive support coming in June update477,0844.5
New Minecraft PS4 and Xbox One screens flaunt improved draw distance295,8984.6
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare – Sledgehammer ‘Operates Differently’445,6614
Master Chief Lands on Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition in Halo Mash-Up Pack406,3984.7
Halo development director 'annoyed' by insider leaks265,0694.6
Microsoft announces Surface Pro 3 tablet376,1524.6
Destiny PS Store pre-orders open182,6794.7
Minecraft Realms opens up to bring Mojang servers worldwide315,5454.8
Worms Battlegrounds Comes to PS4 and Xbox One213,1524.6
New Xbox One Update Allows You to Snap Skype While Gaming477,1394.7
Fable Legends will have 'a huge presence' at E3313,7824.7
PS Now beta expands to PS4 Tuesday182,5834.5
Diablo 3 for PS4 showcased in new gameplay video163,2494.7
Halo 5 was not the end of Microsoft’s pre-E3 announcements265,3224.8
Sony pumps out new Destiny PS4 trailer182,7864.6
Dead Island: Epidemic spreads to Steam Early Access285,9264.4
YouTube to acquire Twitch for $1 billion, says report606,2924.3
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Bringing Something Special to E3527,0154.1
Far Cry 4 has "a lot more multiplayer", Ubisoft CEO says284,2734.8
Vita TV's PS4 remote play functionality is now live121,9494.4
Download the Xbox One May Update starting tonight326,9744.5
Respawn Explains the Removal of CTF and Pilot Hunter in the PC Version214,6484.4
More Watch_Dogs PS4 Footage Emerges, This time in Full HD213,6294.6
Halo 5's unnamed Spartan is a new character365,5014.5
Xbox’s Phil Spencer-More News Coming Before E3, “Special Things” at E3213,6234.7
New Updates Coming to Xbox One By Early Next Week326,9654.6
Rumor: Halo 1-4 bundled in Master Chief Collection for Xbox One566,9174.8
Saints Row: The Third now free for Xbox Live Gold subscribers283,5464.3
Titanfall companion app now out for mobile devices304,9114.6
Gran Turismo 6 update 1.07 now out233,2084.7
Halo 5: Guardians announced for 2015 release445,8944.5
DayZ servers hacked, source code reportedly leaked407,8034.7
Halo 5: Guardians first concept art released223,8434.5
Microsoft exec offers reasons why PS4 is outselling Xbox One366,5024.4
Image tease shows external hard drive support on Xbox One294,7254.5
Far Cry 4 announced for November release345,4924.5
The Division delayed to 2015 for all platforms485,9104.4
PS3 games reportedly surface on PS4 store204,2934.7
Report: Multiplayer Flappy Bird swooping, crashing in August649,2734.1
Organic Panic grows on Steam Early Access162,3564.8
3DS system update adding new parental controls162,7084.5
PSN Weekly Store update features F2P credits sales172,9904.5
Starting in June XBL Gold subs can request a refund559,5674.6
MS investigating possible processor gains on Kinect-free Xbox One264,8544.8
PS4 is selling well, but its launch helped Sony lose $1.25 billion354,7964.2
Microsoft to update Xbox One so it works better without Kinect sensor234,5244.7
Grand Theft Auto V has shipped 33 million254,1364.4
Grand Theft Auto Online High Life update released233,3764.3
Microsoft says publishers figured in to Kinect-less Xbox One113,5514.6
Rockstar promising next-gen release this fiscal year295,2854.6
Xbox One without Kinect coming June 9203,9594.5
Among the Sleep announced to be gracing the PS4141,9304.7
Xbox One Games with Gold start in June305,7474.7
Xbox Live Gold subscription requirement to be lifted for Hulu, Netflix456,1144.7
Video: See Titanfall Expedition's three new maps142,4474.6
Titanfall update now live; adds custom load-out names152,7374.6
Half Life 2 leaping to Nvidia Shield182,7624.5
Red Dead Redemption PC could be possible - Rumor406,0394.7
Video: Inside Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Development”194,6774.5
Titanfall DLC and updates to hit Xbox 360 version after PC, Xbox One192,5124.8
Xbox One update beta fixes party chat issue182,8444.5
50 EA games going offline due to GameSpy shutdown195,3264.6
Driveclub features campaign shortcut microtransactions152,2684.2
VizionEck announced for PS4 - Trailer243,3114.7
Tropico 5 trailers reveals series first multiplayer modes153,6004.7
Xbox One Beta Update Fixes DVR Bugs, More Features Coming This Month294,7164.8
Sony listing touts Watch Dogs at 60fps, 1080p on PS4273,6604.3
Record Run blazing to iOS launch with new trailer203,8824.7
The Walking Dead: Season 2 Episode 3 available this week445,7544.7
Battlefield 4 Community Test Environment rolls out on PC194,2384.5
Next gen Minecraft will feature bigger but not infinite worlds529,7794.5
Titanfall video shows 'Swampland' DLC map294,4874.5
Halo 5 Spotted in Official Xbox One Video From Microsoft5410,3994.2
Portal warping to Nvidia Shield next week243,5934.7
Dying Light finally given new launch date.415,3124.5
The Elder Scrolls Online delayed by half a year on next gen508,5713.8
Video: SHGames interview “What Makes CoD Advanced Warfare Different?”9513,9754.2
GTA Online’s High Life Update releases next week718,9813.9
Weekly US PS Store update193,7704.7
Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire remakes heading to 3DS in November5512,3114.5
Peggle 2 finally available on Xbox 360253,5514.5
Destiny to cost Activision 500 million425,0424.6
Destiny beta confirmed for July596,4834.1
WildStar starts open beta this week through May 18th223,8434.6
Microsoft's E3 media briefing titled "Game On" dated for June 9th314,6984.3
Xbox One announcements to come before E3325,1164.4
CoD: Advanced Warfare last-gen versions not developed by Sledgehammer499,0304.2
PlayStation 4 to be Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare lead console6711,0324.3
Titanfall Expedition DLC Gets New Screenshots Showing the New Maps243,0794.5
Microsoft’s DLC exclusivity deal extends to CoD: Advanced Warfare316,0604.6
Tons of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare details emerge406,5534.5
Tales from the Borderlands gets first screens before summer launch313,6854.7
NHL 15 steaming to Xbox One and PS4 this fall223,7784.8
MS announces CoD DLC exclusivity deal being extended for next title334,7294.3
Snapchat acquires AddLive in possible move to add video chatting274,9414.6
BF4 Squad Join beta function now active323,9964.4
15 new Call of Duty Advanced Warfare screens518,7614.3
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare being built on a ‘new engine’568,0304.4
Leaked PlayStation Now Beta Video Shows UI, Games, Loading, Connection173,6464.4
ID@Xbox initiative produces Super Time Force on May 14th192,4604.6
MouseCraft graces PSN with release on July 8th142,7314.5
Microsoft Will Talk “Lots About E3″ in the Coming Weeks353,8734.7
PS4 Power Pak and Intercooler Up for Pre-Order325,2004.5
Xbox One's May update to add audio options for apps, chat253,8234.6
CoD: Advanced Warfare GameStop pre-orders get Ghosts DLC427,4664.1
CoD: Advanced Warfare gameplay, plot and characters detailed345,6424.1
First official Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare screenshots738,9433.6
Wolfenstein: The New Order PC specs outed334,6204.5
Tony Hawk's Shred Session shredding to iOS/Android in time for summer223,8334.6
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Trailer Revealed10813,0733.9
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare teaser video spotlights the rise of PMCs628,5674.1
Stealth Inc 2 being published as Wii U exclusive282,6234.6
CoD: Ghosts patch now out on PS3/PS4263,8584.4
Defiance MMO going F2P in coming months355,2204.5
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare due for reveal May 4th10211,8434.3
Xbox One digital games pre-loading still planned354,2264.5

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