The Tech Game: November 2019

PlayStation 5 Devkit Leak Reportedly Reveals Best Look Yet102,2063.7
Apex Legends Progression System Changing on December 3rd55213
The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe delayed until 202027274.2
Cyberpunk 2077 Promises State of the Art NSFW Scenes31,3663.6
No Man’s Sky Synthesis Update Adds Tons of Content to the Game31,1324.4
John Woo’s Stranglehold Has Returned on PC Thanks to GOG12,1153.8
Counter-Strike: GO Now Has Halo DLC39453.6
Death Stranding Update Will Make It More Accessible14273.2
Steam Controller is Discounted to $5 During Steam Autumn Sale29994
Beat Saber Developer Beat Games Acquired by Facebook27123.8
Cyberpunk 2077 Isn’t Concerned about Half Life: Alyx27064.4
Google Stadia Buddy Passes Roll out for Founder’s Edition Owners11,0423.6
Microsoft Reveals Xbox Scarlett's Big Advantage Over PS582,4874
Red Dead Redemption 2 gets a mod manager on PC18733.8
Ghost Recon Breakpoint Video Teases Project Titan Raid04413.6
OUYA marketplace revived from the dead by internet archivists05674
Cyberpunk 2077 game length might be shorter than The Witcher 324424
Intel patents Sony Dualshock-style gamepad likely fit for cloud gaming04284.2
RuneScape now lets you grow dinosaurs like Stardew Valley51,3082.8
Two Point Hospital Console Date Possibly Revealed on Microsoft Store06754.4
VR is Very High Priority for Microsoft Flight Simulator06274.4
Final Fantasy 7 Remake is getting all new bosses02954.2
Steam best-sellers for October include Destiny 2, Disco Elysium02963.4
Steam just deleted hundreds of games from the store14484
Minecraft Earth Hits 1.4 Million Downloads on Mobiles in Last Week24053.8
Grand Theft Auto Online Won’t See Support Stopped Anytime Soon44894
Rockstar’s Open World Medieval Game Rumor Resurfaces37124.4
Phil Spencer: VR Not A Focus Of Next Xbox13543.6
Google Issues Statement on Stadia Performance Problems13894.8
Battleborn Announces Official End Date13424.6
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Double XP Weekend is Now Live45984.3
Devil May Cry 3 Comes to Switch in 202014444.5
Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s second episode is in development12773.8
xCloud Exclusives Not Planned At This Time, Says Microsoft26654
Cyberpunk 2077 – “Too Early” for Details on Multiplayer Monetization34034.2
Sea of Thieves Still Has “Millions of Players”, Says Rare35373.2
PlayStation 5 may use Samsung SSD to load games faster21,0553.7
Sony’s Yoshida hits back at Xbox boss’ criticisms of VR46173.5
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Is Resetting Officer Ranks for Season 184,3003.9
Free PlayStation Plus Games for December Revealed15134.5
Rocket League's Next Rocket Pass Gets a Release Date18544.2
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Breaks Sales Records14803.8
Red Dead Redemption 2 Now Has a Steam Release Date03614.2
Xbox Games With Gold for December Revealed35253.8
Battlefield 5 time to kill controversy addressed by developers04123.7
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s First Content Season Has Been Revealed21,1933.3
Google explains why so many Stadia games aren’t hitting 4K6027024.2
Don’t expect GTA Online content to stop coming anytime soon05294.3
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Was Best Selling Digital Launch Of 201913774.2
Phoenix Point Trailer Rises From The Ashes06383.8
Nintendo Launches Official Merch Store on Amazon17804.5
Code Vein Is Getting 3 DLCs in Early 202004693.8
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Update Fixes Boosting Exploits11,9514.3
Blizzard Reveals New Overwatch 2 Campaign Details06014.7
New PS4 and Nintendo Switch Game Adding Full Cross-Play Support07113.5
Cyberpunk 2077 enters final stages of development17654.2
Major Red Dead Online Map Change Possibly Revealed06134.5
Rumor: Rockstar Games' Next Title Isn't GTA 6 or Bully 227143.9
How Much is My OSRS Account Worth?217,6813.9
Google Says That Stadia is Not Causing Chromecast Ultras to Overheat04333.3
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 and 2 Remakes May be on the Way61,2804.2
Half-Life: Alyx System Requirements Revealed, and They’re Pretty Steep04043.7
Modern Warfare patch notes contain internal developer messaging27013.8
CoD: Modern Warfare Player Creates the Best Anti-Vehicle Montage01,0954.3
Sony Interactive Entertainment has talked about the PlayStation 502483.7
Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Newest Video Focuses On Aerodynamics07704.1
Darksiders Genesis First 16 Minutes Shown Off In Final Preview14394
Hideo Kojima Reveals How He's Preparing to Make Scariest Horror Game39743.7
The Witcher Games Are Up to 70% Off on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One14023.8
Ghost in the Shell Creator Praises Death Stranding06334
Half-Life 3 “a terrifyingly daunting prospect,” says Valve04824
Rainbow Six Siege has launched its Black Friday sale05084.2
New Rainbow Six Siege Update Heads to Test Servers07214.7
Epic Games Store’s Black Friday Sale, Red Dead Redemption 2 and more04253.5
Deathgarden Goes Free-to-Play as Development Ends04574.5
Project xCloud Could Receive Exclusive Games in The Future03293.8
Call of Duty: Mobile update adds controller support, Zombies mode37274.3
Resident Evil 3 Remake May Release Sooner Than You Think31,8724.3
WWE 2K20's Newest Patch is Corrupting Saves31,0054
Valve Teases That Half-Life 3 May Still Happen26803.8
PlayStation Patent Seemingly Reveals Innovative PS5 Feature04173.7
Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Lets you Revive Frieza and Cell18243.7
State of Decay 2 is coming to Steam in 202033414
Epic Games Store Reveals Its Next Free Game13634.5
Nintendo Fan Makes Amazing New Super Mario Bros. Mod for the SNES04994.2
Valve explains why Half-Life: Alyx is a VR exclusive15114.3
PlayStation Store Black Friday PS4 Deals Revealed13774
Overwatch 2 Story Mode Will Feature Multiple Character Perspectives13113.5
Chromecast overheating causing Stadia games crashing, reports say14414
PS5 Reportedly Running Games Better Than Xbox Scarlett61,4053.3
Valve Explains Why Portal Doesn’t Work in VR (Yet)03684.2
Half-Life: Alyx Is Free for Valve Index Owners05364
Half-Life: Alyx’s campaign is as long as Half-life 204553.2
Assassin’s Creed: Gold Announced25824.2
Amazon’s Game Streaming Service Could be Announced in 202019573.8
Modern Warfare Player Gets the Worst Spawn of All Time31,4483.7
Expect More Single-Player Games From Microsoft on Xbox Scarlett16614
Alien: Isolation Is Coming to the Nintendo Switch15874.5
Xbox Black Friday Deals Are Now Available38983.7
Take-Two CEO Explains Why a Grand Theft Auto Movie24773.5
Ubisoft Black Friday Sale Is Live Now14833.8
Team Fortress 2 update development reportedly halted25104
Soulcalibur 6 Season 2 arrives next week on November 2614683.7
Rocket League Reveals New Item Shop Coming to the Game13823.7
Green Day to Perform at The Game Awards26103.3
PUBG Update Overhauls Vikendi17123.8
Stadia Uses 7GB of Data Per Hour At 1080p Streams16174
Borderlands 3 will be free to play on PS4 and Xbox One this weekend15163.8
Steam Remote Play feature is out of beta and available to all Users15073.8
Xbox Confirms More Unannounced Games Will Be Revealed By Year End23994.3
Fortnite Extends Chapter 2's First Season25604.5
Google Stadia’s Rocky Launch Leaves Fans Frustrated03533.8
Sonic the Hedgehog’s Movie Redesign Reportedly Cost Around $5 Million03873.7
Half-Life: Alyx is Coming in March 202041,1144.3
Age of Empires 4 Developers Say a Console Release Could Be Coming14943.7
Stadia reportedly performing below Google’s expectations36743.8
New Crash Bandicoot Game Rumored to Be Arriving Next Year03284.2
Blizzard Confirms Diablo 4 Won't Lock Skills to Specific Slots03094
Nintendo Switch Sales Jump Up as New Pokemon Games Launch04173.3
The Game Awards 2019 Game of the Year Nominees Revealed26904
Modern Warfare hotfix addresses duplicate killstreaks and more05273.7
Google Stadia Launch Trailer Boasts the Power of Streaming36253.8
Saints Row’s Next Entry Will Be Showcased In 202034674
Diablo 4 Release Window and Beta Possibly Leaked16364.2
Need for Speed: Heat Player Count Highest for the Series this Gen38214.3
Google Hopes To Target Women With Stadia24974.3
Borderlands 3 Reveals First Campaign DLC Details27904
The Outer Worlds Newest Update Helps With Text Size And More04594
Blair Witch is coming to PlayStation 4 next month23774.3
Microsoft plans to make Xbox Play Anywhere cross-gen37313.8
Samurai Shodown Release Window for Switch Revealed03604.3
Detroit: Become Human PC Release to Arrive Next Month23473.8
Sea of Thieves: The Seabound Soul Update is Now Live16953.8
Final Fantasy VII Remake Voice Actress Has Received Death Threats02,6543.7
A modder is adding cut Pokemon back into Sword and Shield26974
Tencent to make a China-compliant version of Rainbow Six Siege25403.7
The Halo CE PC beta will start after the holiday03674.4
Fortnite is getting DirectX 12 support soon13523.6
Bing helped Microsoft Flight Simulator build the world17564.1
Project Scarlett Won’t 'Sacrifice Performance for the Sake of Price'08764.1
Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Announced15024.1
Phil Spencer Says RPGs Are A Genre Xbox Should Focus On13274.6
Torchlight Frontiers Delayed, Won’t Release in 201905173.7
Sony Collecting Feedback on PS4 Before PS5’s Launch Next Year03614
CS:GO Operation Shattered Web is out now05413.9
Age of Empires 4 Won’t Have Microtransactions14913.1
Twitch aims to make streaming easier for newbies with Twitch Studio36394.3
PUBG is getting rid of locked crates17503.9
Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order had a decent turn out on Steam03903.6
PS5 controller ditches light bar, according to new Sony patents16343.6
Jurassic World Evolution is Getting new DLC13463.7
New Half-Life Game Confirmed37794
Google Adding 10 Extra Games to Stadia’s Launch Lineup04163.4
Days Gone Director Hints at PS5 Sequel14464
Mortal Kombat Reboot Confirms MK3 Characters08314
New Nintendo Switch Bundle Includes Minecraft for Free11,0263.9
Xbox Is Done Talking About Scarlett Until 202014524.1
Xbox Teases What Sort of Studios It Might Buy Next14274.1
Fallout 76 Leak Reportedly Reveals the Future of the Game19404.1
Xbox Boss Says He Isn't Worried About the PS514414.7
Xbox Scarlett Will Focus on Backward Compatibility and Cross-Play35603.9
Classic Final Fantasy Games Coming to Xbox Game Pass14433.9
Path of Exile 2 in development, beta planned for “very late 2020”01,2194
Ori and the Will of the Wisps Footage to Appear at The Game Awards01774
Age of Empires IV Behind the Scenes Shows How the Series Has Evolved06663.6
Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts Will Only Have Single Player At Launch05144.5
Release Date of Big PS4 Exclusive Leaked04813.9
Company of Heroes 2 is free this weekend on Steam13293.9
Anthem 2.0 Reboot Reportedly Being Planned at BioWare26304.4
Gears Tactics to be Shown Next Month at The Game Awards03053.8
New Mass Effect Game Reportedly in Development25103.9
Xbox Scarlett Will Learn From Xbox One’s Mistakes With Price and Power51,4044
Games with Gold: The Final Station and Joy Ride Turbo are now free15873.6
Microsoft Is Shifting Focus Away From Studio Acquisitions06614
We Have More Unannounced Games Than We Know What To Do With -Microsoft06893.5
Phil Spencer Wants to “Compete in the Right Ways” with Xbox Scarlett02613.9
Wasteland 3 is Coming Out May 19, 202013754
Dead Island 2 Is Still Happening and Is "Very Important" to Koch Media33,4703.9
Borderlands 3’s First DLC Campaign Will Be Revealed Next Week14254
Minecraft Dungeons Will Be Releasing in April 202004144
Mortal Kombat 11’s Sindel Gameplay Trailer Has Arrived05693.8
Death Stranding Sets Another Impressive Sales Record04734.1
Rainbow Six Siege devs detail how limb penetration & damage modifiers03004
Shenmue 3 Launch Trailer Precedes Long-Awaited Release04654.2
New Resident Evil 2 DLC Possibly Leaked15143.6
Apple is discontinuing the 15-inch MacBook Pro21,2654.2
Google Clarifies Features That Won’t Make Stadia’s Launch24304.2
Control Generated 17.7 Million In First Month34274.2
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's Next Two Guns Seemingly Leaked51,2533.6
The Messenger is free to claim on the Epic Games Store this week14103.8
FaZe Ewok Leaves Twitch for Mixer41,3214
The Witcher 3 coming to Xbox Games Pass according to video advert45174.1
Age of Empires IV Reemerges at X019 With Gameplay Trailer11,6214.2
Halo Reach Joins the Master Chief Collection in Early December23903.7
The Seabound Soul is the next free update to Sea of Thieves18544.3
Rockstar Shares Update on Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Issues05773.8
Developer Explains Why PS5 Won't Be Revolutionary71,6743.7
Mortal Kombat 11 Sindel Gameplay Teaser Revealed14453.7
Death Stranding update 1.05 features various performance improvements03664
PUBG update 5.2 adds Labs, Spike Traps, and more05543.6
Apple Will Reportedly Release a VR Headset and AR Glasses31,1424.1
Bethesda Has Formed a New Studio Made up of Original Prey Developers13393.6
Stardew Valley Gets a Big, New Content Update Later This Month14454
Minecraft Earth Early Access Now Available For Mobile07214
Resident Evil 2 Steam Version Gets Updated With New Achievement14494.1
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Update Changes One Frustrating Map31,6073.9
Call of Duty: Mobile hit 148 million downloads its first month23293.5
Naughty Dog staffing up for multiplayer project02933.5
Steam’s recent discoverability updates made a difference, says indie02663.5
Epic Games Acquires Quixel, Will Make Megascans Free to Unreal Engine25473.6
Bubble Bobble 4 Friends Heading to Switch Q1 2020, New Trailer Arrives07804
Death Stranding Becomes Second Biggest PS4 Title to Launch in 201903024.3
Controller support is coming back to Call of Duty: Mobile45453.8
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Trials mode returns61,0414.1
Fortnite players are spending less in-game than they used to48654.1
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Leak Reveals 23 Post-Launch Modes41,7593.6
GTA and Red Dead Redemption 2 Publisher Trademarks "31st Union"04103.9
Call Of Duty Mobile Gets A Zombie Mode Sometime This Month24183.8
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Leak Reveals 13 Upcoming Operators16324.1
Rare Will Reportedly Reveal a New Xbox Scarlett Game Tomorrow36204.2
Microsoft once again teasing Age of Empires 4 for X01907343.8
New Rockstar Games Job Listing Seemingly Hints at GTA 637804.3
Future Pokemon Games Will Also Come With Pokedex Cuts07024.3
Diablo 4 Confirms Unpopular Feature25793.5
Ubisoft wants you to suggest how to fix Ghost Recon Breakpoint36504.1
Switch Price Cut Won’t Come Anytime Soon, Says Nintendo23894.4
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Player Lands Luckiest Throwing Knife Kill51,0384.1
Death Stranding Player Finds Out Why You Shouldn't Carry Too Much71,1123.8
Horizon: Zero Dawn 2 Production Ramping Up, Job Listing Suggests13944
Death Stranding – Kojima Totally Expected Mixed Reactions To His Game14553.8
New Sonic The Hedgehog Trailer Released35783.9
Here are the full Rainbow Six Siege Shifting Tides loadouts05264.3
Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Players Discover A Hidden Character Of Sorts05104.1
Dataminer reveals PUBG clan systems may finally be coming PC13333.8
Splinter Cell Teased Yet Again47553.8
Pillars of Eternity 3 looks like a longshot after poor sales04034.1
More changes are coming to Modern Warfare’s 725 shotgun35743.9
Rocket League Announces a Beat Saber Crossover16243.9
Divinity: Original Sin 2 Gets Friend Invites and Free DLC on Nintendo14264.4
Modern Warfare Battle Royale Mode Seemingly Leaked Again71,8834.1
Red Dead Redemption 2 Players Solve One of the Games Biggest Mysteries11,4054
Halo Show Enters Production at Showtime, More Characters Cast13674
Mass Effect Has “So Many Stories Yet To Tell” – BioWare13244.2
Netflix Has No Plans To Enter The Game Streaming Market, Per CEO24034.2
Death Stranding Nearly Doubled League Of Legends Views On Twitch14944.3
Stadia’s Launch Lineup Has Been Revealed, 12 Games in Total14893.8
Take-Two Interactive is Working on Sequels and New IP16123.7
Death Stranding Gets Positive and Negative Review Bombings01,4893.9
Airplane Mode simulates a six-hour flight in real time – as a passenge58274.6
You Can Play as NPCs in Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC04593.9
Apple Arcade Now Offers 100 Games21,0964.2
Ninja Talks on Faze Jarvis’ Lifetime Fortnite Ban11,1773.6
Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shifting Tides Revealed16014.4
Rainbow Six Siege now has proper bullet penetration15494.1
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s first battle pass is coming in December51,1854
Death Stranding now available for pre-order on Steam, Epic Games Store03724.1
PlayStation Will Open a New Development Studio in Malaysia02503.8
Major PS5 Exclusive Seemingly Confirmed04574.1
New Pokemon Sword and Shield Trailer Features the Three Starters06924
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order File Size Revealed19944.2
Halo: The Master Chief Collection Will Release for PC When It’s Ready31,4474
Diablo 4 Will Have Expansions And Microtransactions For Cosmetics02383.9
Steam’s Small Mode library view is back03614
GTA V has sold-in over 115 million copies65564.2
God of War Director Might Be Teasing a New Game03424.1
The Outer Worlds Sales Exceed Take-Two’s Expectations14454.3
Nuclear Throne and Ruiner free on Epic Games Store13653.3
Sony Shares Exciting News About PS5 Games14824.1
Epic Games Store Reveals Its Next Free Game03233.8
Nintendo 3DS isn’t dead, says Doug Bowser04813.6
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Version 6.0.0 Patch Notes Revealed04864.2
MediEvil Receives Accolades Trailer to Highlight the Game’s Praise04784.1
Guerrilla Games boss is new PlayStation head of worldwide studios05554.4
The next Hitman is already in development01,0224.1
Overwatch 2's Cross-Compatibility With Overwatch Took Some Convincing03604.4
Diablo 4 Features Over 100 Villages, Has More Grounded Story38763.7
Modern Warfare Update Nerfs the Most Overpowered Weapons162,3483.8
New $100 PlayStation Avatar Released For Rich PS4 Gamers51,1113.9
Red Dead Redemption 2's PC Launch Is Off to a Rocky Start35553.7
Modern Warfare Video Reveals Three Completely Broken Guns39853.8
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Is Slower For Newcomers - Infinity Ward35054.2
The Elder Scrolls Online Goes Free To Play For A Week12863.8
Hideo Kojima Starts Teasing His Next Project After Death Stranding03053.9
PlayStation Now Adds Persona 5 and Two Other Great Games02704.2
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Removes Realism Mode101,4613.9
Blizzard wants Diablo 4 to support cross-play12934
Steam Cloud Gaming references found in developer site update02043.4
Payday 2 DLC Silk Road features both free and paid content05834.4
Rocket League Releases New Details on Blueprint System28834
Rainbow Six Siege Shifting Tides operators gadgets revealed17763.8
Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Shifting Tides announced06073.6
Modern Warfare Multiplayer Gets New Free Maps and Mode Tomorrow21,2934
Modern Warfare update coming soon to address claymores, footsteps27964
Dr Disrespect Rage Quits Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Over Campers113,3364.2
The Sims 4 Goes to Uni With Latest Expansion Pack03603.8
New Apex Legends Hero Potentially Leaked14144.2
Persona 5 Scramble Gets First Stylish Gameplay Video03834.1
Nintendo Switch Has Surpassed 10 Million Units Sold in Japan14074
Need for Speed: Heat Gameplay Footage Shows Day and Night Settings28334.2
Overwatch 2 Leaks Were “A Bit Demoralising” For Blizzard15273.9
Miss Steam’s old Library UI? Here’s how to get it back17703.4
Horizon Zero Dawn Sequel Seemingly in the Works02063.9
Diablo 4 won’t have loading screens between dungeon levels04334.2
Despite apology, Blizzard will not repeal the ban of Blitzchung03094.2
Death Stranding Behind-the-Scenes Documentary Released14834.7
Now YouTube’s buying exclusive streamers, starting with CouRageJD59663.8
Keanu Reeves Doubled His Screen Time in Cyberpunk 207719504
Dragon Age 4 Information Could Be Arriving Next Month12794.1
Hideo Kojima’s game studio will make films one day02554.1
Valve is reportedly working on Apple’s AR headset01,0264.1
Soulcalibur 6 Reveals New DLC Fighter05354.1
Diablo 4 Is Not Coming Out Soon – Blizzard14984.1
Modern Warfare fans want a 725 nerf1942,3004.2
Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Mods are Already Appearing Online11,5684.1
Planet Zoo is Now Available on Steam01,0494.1
Payday 2 players are getting some new DLC this week13034.2
Dragon Age Announcement Potentially Teased by BioWare06024.2
Epic permanently bans a FaZe Clan Fortnite player for using aimbot253,8693.7
World War Z kicks off Season 2 with a free flamethrower35244.1
Diablo 4 Will Have Trading, But No Auction House03794.1
Final Fantasy 7 Remake Clip Shows Tifa’s Somersault Limit Break04543.8
Mortal Kombat 11 Reveals New Look at Sindel08493.6
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare leak reveals 38 potential new maps41,5124.4
PUBG Players Can Now Throw Items and Weapons14093.6
Xbox Teases What to Expect From Gears 603814
Nintendo Plans To Bring More 3DS Franchises to the Switch14014.5
All Versions of Diablo 4 Will Not Be Able to Be Played Offline02543.9
Overwatch 2 will include “deeply replayable” PvE hero missions02304.1
God Of War Director Would Love To See The Game On PC13534
Fallout 76 players in Australia are entitled to refunds04453.7
Nvidia confirms Red Dead Redemption 2 does not have ray tracing17153.7
Star Wars: The Old Republic Has Almost Made $1 Billion In Revenue13494.4
Overwatch 2 story missions have “battle royale” style loot04173.7
Call of Duty Mobile VPN and Emulator players being banned53,1723.9
World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Reduces Level Cap From 60 to 5047933.8
Modern Warfare Narrative Director Talks Controversial Campaign46654.1
Epic Games Store Is Adding Wishlists and Critic Reviews11,4334
Have another look at Diablo 4 with these screenshots21,4293.9
Rainbow Six Siege leak outlines new Operator gadgets06254.3
Shenmue 3 Trailer Shows Off Combat And Training13374
The Halo Master Chief Collection has cross-platform progression51,2444.1
Google is buying Fitbit so it can make its own smartwatch35954.1
Halo Infinite Developers Hire a Pug to Make Alien Sound Recordings26364
Halo: Reach cross-play detailed, early PC specs revealed38353.7
Death Stranding Gets a Pair of Twitter Emojis21,3233.8
New Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Trailer Features Vegito and Gotenks21,4594.1
Rainbow Six Siege Sees Record Numbers Despite Overall Ubisoft Slump02353.9
Epic Games Store Reveals Its Next Pair of Free Games23834
Hinterland Studio: “In all likelihood there will be a Long Dark 2”01984.3
SOMA and Costume Quest are free to claim on the Epic Games Store03163.8
RainbowSix Quarantine, Watch Dogs Legion coming to PS5 & Xbox Scarlett04104.1
Second Rage 2 expansion TerrorMania is out November 1402004.1
Nintendo Switch Has Now Sold Over 41 Million Units25033.7
Titanfall 3 Isn’t Being Forgotten About by EA12964.2
PUBG monthly average players on PC down 82% from peak25993.8
New Outlast Game is Seemingly Being Teased13813.8
The Witcher Netflix Series Receives New Trailer, Arrives in December14103.7
Mario Kart Tour Online Multiplayer Mode is Reportedly Planned15774
Borderlands 3’s Next Endgame Is the Takedown at Maliwan’s Blacksite03744.2
Dead Island 2 Releasing in 2020 as a PS5 & Xbox Scarlett Launch Title15393.6
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Player Discovers Game-Breaking Feature51,7944.2
New Dead by Daylight Bundle Comes With Stranger Things DLC01,4003.8
Nioh and Outlast 2 are November’s Free PS Plus Games03733.8
Pre-load Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC13194.6
Diablo 4 First Gameplay Trailer Revealed21,8854.5
Diablo 4 Release Date Teased By Blizzard06793.8
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare DLC Maps Reportedly Revealed145,6904.1
Steam update adds new ‘Events’ feature, overhauls landing page02194.2
Nioh 2 Releases in March 202003893.8
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Made More Than $600 Million in Three Days34684.3
Lots of Overwatch 2 screenshots released01,4534.3
Overwatch 2 announced at BlizzCon 2019 – watch the trailer15864.3
PS4 Has Now passed Wii and PS1 to Become the 2nd Best-Selling Console15994.6
PlayStation Now Hits 1 Million Subscribers12664.3
Mixer takes a shot at Twitch with subscription price drop47824.1
PlayStation Teases PS5 Launch Lineup15054.3
Apex Legends is getting a duos mode for a limited time43084.3
New Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Trailer Shows Majin Vegeta Fighting Buu08663.9

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