The Tech Game: August 2014

FIFA plays like ping pong, says trash-talking PES dev6110,6714.8
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! is Getting Four DLC Packs314,6134.7
H1Z1 on PS4 planned to follow a steady PC release244,1154.7
Saints Row: Gat out of Hell standalone co-op experience announced314,6764.6
Minecraft Xbox One Is Complete, Handed to Microsoft for final testing7010,7224.7
GTA 5 next-gen is not delayed, still coming fall 2014, says Rockstar516,3804.6
State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition coming to Xbox One466,3484.8
Saints Row 4 headed to PS4, Xbox One in January464,4984.7
GTA5's radio station getting with the times on PC, PS4, Xbox One397,7334.5
Rumor: Activision interested in acquiring Take-Two Interactive526,9914.1
GTA Online updates exceed 12GB PS3 storage457,3254.5
Twitch out-ranks cable news networks, MTV at times386,0674.7
Apple sends out invites for September 9439,4954.7
Nintendo unveils 'new' 3DS, 3DS XL335,9044.6
September’s Games with Gold Revealed8313,0044.5
Pre-order and pre-download Destiny on Xbox One from today427,1844.7
Minecraft Xbox One is "down to the last few bugs"324,9844.5
September Update Out Now for Xbox One304,7844.7
A Pilot-Only Mode is Finally Coming in Titanfall’s Next Free Update283,4254.7
Steam update enables quicker multi-game installs3210,7174.6
PSN Maintenance set for Thursday273,4624.6
Thank PewDiePie for EA reprinting Skate 3 years after release6511,7324.5
Destiny trailer shows off PlayStation-only content435,2524.1
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare multiplayer video looks at Supply Drops789,2844.6
September’s Free PS Plus Games Lineup324,2394.5
Lindsay Lohan sued us for attention, says Rockstar384,3504.4
Forza Horizon 2 Demo Hits Xbox One Mid-September, Achievements404,5774.7
Standalone Xbox One Kinect reportedly launching in October434,4404.7
Week-Long Call of Duty Sale Hits PlayStation Network372,9864.7
10 new Rockstar Verified Jobs in GTA5484,5974.4
The Crew races at 30FPS, 1080p on Xbox One, PS4, PC506,3744.7
Apple iPhone 6 compared side-by-side with the iPhone 56616,4434.2
PS3 system update released, 'improves stability'283,7504.2
PSN gets knocked down again617,9274.4
Destiny devs nix player-to-player item trades405,6324.5
Advanced Warfare Is Built Equally For Casual and Competitive Gamers,365,5784.2
Tomb Raider Xbox exclusive decision 'not made lightly', says Square374,7064.8
Twitch confirms sale to Amazon for $970 million549,3034.5
Amazon reportedly buying Twitch for more than $1 billion224,8194.6
PSN resumes normal service, maintenance rescheduled223,3864.5
WWE SuperCard superkicks 1.5 million downloads193,4364.7
Hacker bomb threat diverts flight carrying Sony Online president487,7494.4
Xbox Live Experiencing Issues, PSN Attackers Taking Credit9113,3424.5
PSN down after suffering DDOS attack11216,2924.2
EA toughens clampdown on FIFA Ultimate Team cheats6412,2974.7
Dishonored currently free on Steam and Xbox Live Gold4711,2044.7
FIFA 15 Pro Clubs mode cut on Xbox 360 and PS35610,4404.5
Watch Dogs patch lets you hack your friends457,3024.6
Microsoft expected to announce Windows 9 on September 30497,2084.7
Michael Condrey confirms Advanced Warfare’s Co-op will be 4 players427,5924.6
Titanfall 48-Hour Free Trial is Back on Origin439,4914.6
The Crew trailer explores 'the World's Greatest Playground'355,5564.5
Destiny launch trailer arrives ahead of looming release456,6484.7
Xbox One pre-download feature arrives a month early with Madden NFL 15346,0024.8
Halo Master Chief Collection video shows remastered maps527,3244.6
New Battlefield Hardline screenshots released425,1694.6
CoD: Advanced Warfare made for last-gen by High Moon284,9014.5
Report: Free Play Days appear in Xbox One preview program355,7834.7
First images of a fully assembled iPhone 68314,4764.1
Sony doesn’t understand why so many people are buying PS4s7611,5894.4
Minecraft PS4 Fails Cert Testing, Possible Delay Inbound335,5074.7
SHGames confirms Advanced Warfare won’t be coming to the Wii-U313,8694.6
Microsoft told Blizzard that 900p was 'unacceptable' for Diablo III458,0454.6
Xbox 360 500GB hard drive incoming536,4954.8
GTA Online Flight School update makes cash easier: patch notes inside396,2984.8
Humble Jumbo Bundle 2 packs Deadlight, Van Helsing and GalCiv 2246,8624.6
Xbox Deals with Gold: Trials Fusion, GTA V and other Rockstar titles425,9654.7
Trials Fusion DLC Empire of the Sky released313,6124.8
Around 335,000 attend Gamescom 2014203,0904.6
EA offers 72 free hours of Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare327,8314.6
Upvote while you showboat with Xbox One's Reddit app334,9154.7
1080p for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare? Wait and see, says dev708,4124.5
GTA Online San Andreas Flight School: 1.16 launches tomorrow598,9484.4
Destiny gameplay trailer tours Venus293,1244.5
Any game that uses a Dualshock 4 will be compatible with PS4 SharePlay294,6984.6
Advanced Warfare’s “Combat Readiness Program” Will Offer Practice Bots306,5484.5
September system preview for Xbox One rolling out to participants324,5364.7
Xbox boss wants Tomb Raider to be the Xbox One’s Uncharted293,2314.6
Steam Tags merge languages, exit beta235,1904.6
August's Xbox One update is out today233,3864.6
Sledgehammer On CoD Advanced Warfare Time-to-Kill, Dead Silence, Maps437,5014.5
CoD Advanced Warfare to have a Traditional, Exoskeleton-less Playlist456,5484.4
Dishonored via Games With Gold now available365,4044.7
Xbox One is first to get new-look official YouTube app484,8024.5
Destiny trailer explores Mars, fights Cabal454,6594.6
Advanced Warfare Will Have Split-Screen and 10 or 15 Prestige Levels679,2904.4
Defense Grid 2 out September 23 on Steam, PS4, Xbox One364,3284.4
PlayStation, Xbox Twitch accounts briefly compromised447,2854.6
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Eight Screenshots in 4K Resolution759,9884.5
Mario Kart 8 sales surpass 1 million in US363,8564.6
Video: New Xbox One features roll out to update preview members428,4414.7
Google Chrome will start flagging misleading downloads455,2754.3
Microsoft confirms Rise of the Tomb Raider Xbox exclusivity597,7174.5
Call of Duty's three year cycle gives creative 'freedom to fail'738,1684.3
PS4 Share Play restricted to 60-minute sessions375,3004.5
'Framerate is significantly more important than resolution,' says MS618,1774.6
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Day Zero Edition Details325,0114.5
Ubisoft explains why there's no PS3 version of The Crew356,7154.7
Xbox Deals with Gold: Titanfall and MGSV Ground Zeroes half price344,8334.5
Unofficial Minecraft convention disappears with the money4610,3794.7
Metal Gear Solid 5 is coming to Steam253,9944.7
'Goat Simulator' is coming to Xbox One619,2824.7
Evolve video shows climactic hunter-monster battle264,3254.7
Windows 8.1 'August Update' now available for download224,3654.8
CoD: Advanced Warfare Search and Rescue & Kill Confirmed are returning395,1184.4
Video: Battlefield Hardline 12 minute single player demo263,4824.5
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Collapse Gameplay Trailer253,4034.8
The Crew - Console beta and 360 version confirmed355,4834.7
New Titanfall DLC revealed242,9114.6
PS4 sales hit 10 million units222,3034.5
League of Legends Patch 4.14 Notes245,2434.5
Minecraft enters final testing before PlayStation 4 debut293,0934.7
CoD: Advanced Warfare’s Co-Op Mode Is Probably Round-Based283,9724.5
Evolve beta coming exclusively to Xbox One in January314,1854.5
PS4 update 2.0 to introduce Share Play this Autumn202,7204.4
Microsoft details upcoming Xbox One feature updates295,3734.7
Pre-downloads coming to Xbox One this year284,8294.6
DayZ is coming to PlayStation 4759,9584.4
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Xbox One bundle unveiled406,7204.6
Master Chief Collection features skill-based ranking as per Halo 2374,0124.8
Microsoft Debuts New White and 1 TB Xbox One Bundles315,0364.7
CoD: Advanced Warfare: Weapons, Attachments, Exo Perks, Scorestreaks7527,0754.4
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Day Zero Edition Lets You Play One Day Early488,1204.4
FIFA 15 'Xbox beta invites distributed'336,2954.7
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare -World Premiere Multiplayer Trailer263,8264.3
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Collector’s Edition Trailer567,4724.2
BBC iPlayer Xbox One app will launch "by the end of this year"364,6474.6
GTA 5 PS4, Xbox One release date: Amazon says November 14538,3694.6
Microsoft puts the focus on Xbox One multiplayer games in new ad306,5464.7
Destiny: beta characters won’t transfer to full game729,9024.5
Activision Store Outs Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare PC Requirements5311,0124.6
Nearly two years later, Black Ops 2 map arrives on Wii U7210,5044.3
Battlefield 4 is Now Up to 50% Off On PSN, Premium Also Discounted535,5074.4
Sony sued over Killzone: Shadow Fall's 1080p promises497,5014.6
PS4 games added to PSN's Summer Sale in Europe233,7894.7
Destiny: no major gameplay changes before launch526,8204.7
Borderlands 2 shoots through 10 million copies shipped435,1924.5
Free Mercedes DLC rolls into Mario Kart 8 later this month395,1554.7
Call of Duty “not immune” to slump in preorder demand476,0914.8
Play Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare at the GameStop Expo425,7944.3
Sony Working on New PS4 and PS3 Video Streaming Application253,1524.5
The rumoured YouTube buy-out already seems to be changing Twitch488,3324.7
Diablo 3 on Xbox One levels up to 1080p with day-one patch324,0964.7
Call of Duty: Ghosts Sale Hits Xbox One and Xbox 360 Again617,7604.3
World of Warcraft dips to 6.8 million subscribers639,1204.4
PlayStation Plus Free Game Lineup August 2014558,0254.7
GTA 5 reaches 34 million shipped474,9734.7
GTA Online Heists: player roles and maximum payouts leaked498,4574.5
Wii U system update released254,8454.7
White Xbox One Sunset Overdrive, Madden bundles confirmed406,3594.7
Microsoft Teases Big Xbox One Surprises at Gamescom569,7834.5
Call of Duty: Ghosts Nemesis DLC – Showtime Map Video Preview395,8814.7
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare could spin into new sub-series447,2034.5
Videos: CoD:Ghosts Nemesis DLC ‘Dynasty’ 'Goldrush' 'Subzero' Previews476,1684.7
White Xbox One Bundled with Sunset Overdrive Leaked on French Website627,0564.4
FIFA 15 gameplay trailer focuses on agility and control546,4054.6
Mojang is thinking about custom servers for Minecraft Xbox One5610,6424.7
Windows 8.1 Update 2 coming August 12th447,5304.5
PlayStation is outselling Xbox by more than 3:19311,4974.1
Flappy Bird Rises From the Ashes with Flappy Birds Family7612,3414.5
Watch Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's multiplayer reveal on Xbox Live559,7734.6

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