The Tech Game: June 2014

Images of curved iPhone 6 display panel have leaked6615,9313.8
FIFA 15 trailer shows living players, pitch325,0054.7
Destiny Could Outsell Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Says Analyst284,0704.6
New Unannounced Titanfall Game Modes Discovered In Latest Update356,0624.5
Destiny achievements revealed, Dinklage voiceover is not final254,0364.6
Steam Passes 8 Million Concurrent Users5612,1754.7
Microsoft Working on Another Halo Game6810,6814.5
Xbox Live July Games with Gold Announced5614,1054.3
YouTube introduces 60fps video with Battlefield Hardline trailer3911,7334.5
Microsoft's PR warpath - Xbox One has "largest" 2014 games line-up295,6604.6
Ultimate Editions announced for Madden, FIFA, NHL 15234,2404.7
Video: Super Mario Bros speed run world record broken4711,9534.7 to support Xbox One gameplay clips, Achievements203,4924.6
Google announces Android TV377,2784.7
iPhone 6 Said to Launch on Friday, September 19 in 32 GB and 64 GB5512,0344.3
Call of Duty Ghosts double XP weekend kicks off today.435,5114.3
Minecraft Xbox 360 world will grow in Minecraft Xbox One479,4154.6
Steam Summer Sale Day Seven Adds Resident Evil 4, Left 4 Dead 2 & More347,8024.4
GTA Online’s new verified jobs bring the hipster rage254,5494.8
Battlefield Hardline beta hits all platforms 'this fall'243,8164.6
Destiny beta 'begins late July' on Xbox systems396,6844.4
Minecraft reaching 54 million sold, console editions pass PC283,8504.6
GTA Online Heist details leaked Cops n Crooks & Heist DLC - report4910,1594.3
Titanfall's next update adds insignias, Titan burn cards376,5964.6
Video: Modder offers first-person tour of Grand Theft Auto 57815,0224.6
PS4 team actually danced when it heard Xbox One’s higher launch price528,5804.5
Explained: why the PS4 jumped from 4GB of RAM to 8GB356,2644.4
343 Says Halo: Master Chief Collection “Definitely” Not Coming To Xbox 360689,2654.6
PS4 System Update 1.72 Now Available: 194 MB Download164,4164.4
Phil Spencer Promises Xbox One Family Sharing Is Still on the Roadmap193,6494.6
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare video shows off futuristic tech224,3434.7
Titanfall Update Four adds 'Featured Game Modes'175,1214.7
Xbox Live sale cuts prices of 27 Xbox 360 games274,8774.7
Blue PS4 controllers set for release across North America243,2384.6
Sky Go on Xbox 360 won't be free from July 29437,1324.4
Report: Xbox One, 360 versions of Forza Horizon 2 are 'different games285,5354.6
Phil Spencer: Consumers love Kinect, they'll still buy it355,1314.6
Halo: The Master Chief Collection Pre-Order Bonuses Detailed5212,9974.5
Microsoft explains how disabling Kinect unlocks Xbox One power4110,7424.7
Xbox 360 owners deserve more games, Spencer says519,1344.6
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare multiplayer 'a big step forward'7211,8274.2
Sony 'yet to catch up with initial PS4 demand' in Europe254,7674.6
Origin offers free limited access to games, starting with Titanfall3610,3294.3
EA unlocks all weapons, gadgets in Battlefield Hardline beta204,4114.5
Super Time Force characters invade Minecraft Xbox 360294,8754.7
Major League Gaming app released for Xbox One425,8864.7
Watch Dogs patched on PlayStation, updates planned for Xbox, PC194,8034.3
Trials Fusion demo hits Xbox One, tournaments come online274,4594.8
Xbox One voice commands still work in games using freed-up Kinect power295,2344.6
PS4 outsells Xbox One in the US for the fifth consecutive month496,8894.5
Advanced Warfare Xbox One resolution is "definitely ahead" of Ghosts315,6274.7
Battlefield Hardline's PC beta now available 'instantly'249,2664.4
PS4 sleep mode, friend takeover features still coming273,7804.4
Forza Horizon 2 to debut without microtransaction tokens255,1014.6
EA tacks an extra week onto Battlefield Hardline beta172,9274.7
Rockstar apologizes for Online Heists delay in GTA Online275,1144.7
Destiny's PlayStation-exclusive content detailed264,6674.3
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare trailer discusses story203,8394.7
YouTube: PewDiePie earns over $4 million each year11923,0323.8
Report: Battlefield Hardline to spawn novel beta for Xbox One294,9624.7
GTA Online claims 'I'm Not A Hipster,' update says otherwise467,3133.9
Titanfall Expedition DLC and Game Update 3 Drop Tomorrow on Xbox 360194,2734.7
Terraria on Vita goes free for PlayStation Plus members this week154,3494.7
Peggle is Now Free on Origin339,0014.6
Battlefield Hardline beta 'on all platforms before release'416,7654.6
Watch Dogs PC mod restores 'ultra' E3 2012 visuals299,8034.6
LittleBigPlanet 3 'coming to PS3 too'133,1644.7
E3 - H1Z1 sit down with Adam Clegg at SOE127,6734.6
Mario Kart 8 quadrupled Wii U weekly sales, says Fils-Aime206,1374.7
New Minecraft EULA exceptions drafted to clarify monetization94,5394.6
Video compares Grand Theft Auto 5's PS3 and PS4 trailers236,0814.6
New images show iPhone 6 with 4.7 and 5.5 inch screen5212,3834.1
Chase Achievements with Xbox One's snappy July update357,5844.3
Spencer explains Windows gaming absence at E3174,5454.8
Microsoft's ‘behind the scenes' video of E3285,6874.6
Xbox 360 and Wii owners have migrated to PS4, Sony says11915,9813.7
Payday 2: Crimewave Edition coming to Xbox One and PS4459,3884.5
Diablo 3 runs at 1080p on PS4, 900p on Xbox One458,0614.5
Star Fox Wii U 'about a year from completion', Miyamoto says246,5064.7
Rainbow 6 Siege beta hinted286,7784.5
LittleBigPlanet 3 Coming This November On The PS4184,1144.6
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Xbox Interview With Sledgehammer417,4894.5
Destiny Will Hit 1080p and 30FPS on Xbox One Following Latest Back-End548,7564.5
Titanfall best-selling Xbox One game, EA says345,7494.6
GTA 5 will have unspecified PS4 exclusive5210,1564.3
Xbox One without Kinect 'flying off the shelves' at GameStop599,2604.7
Halo 5: Guardians beta launches December 27446,4294.6
Glacier White PS4 price announced with photos, Destiny beta details456,6054.6
E3 2014: Nintendo Recap - 20+ Trailers - Pokemon, Super Smash Bros329,1364.8
Backplate images of rumored iPhone 6 have been leaked257,0274.6
Star Fox flies in formation on Wii U143,4804.7
E3 2014: Minecraft for the PlayStation 4 gets new trailer265,3574.5
CoD: Advanced Warfare – Advanced Arsenal Pre-Order Bonus Announced5310,5934.7
E3 2014: Sony Recap - 15+ Trailers - White PS4, LittleBigPlanet 3,266,0494.6
Grand Theft Auto 5 coming to Xbox One, PS4, PC this fall11315,5904.5
Uncharted 4: A Thief's End coming in 2015222,9894.4
Grand Theft Auto 5 coming to PS4305,7904.6
PS4 to receive YouTube uploading this year212,3454.7
Far Cry 4 PS4 players can invite friends without the game153,9544.7
White PlayStation 4 bundle debuts alongside Destiny142,5204.7
E3 2014: Ubisoft Recap - 8 Trailers - Far Cry 4, Division, Rainbow Six245,1614.7
Rainbow Six Siege 6 Minute Gameplay Trailer254,9504.7
Far Cry 4 video shows first 5 minutes153,2294.7
E3 2014: EA Recap - 10+ Trailers - FIFA 15, Star Wars, Mass Effect 3183,1824.7
FIFA 15 gameplay trailer released152,4944.7
Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer Gameplay Beta Begins Today233,7454.7
Star Wars Battlefront teases Hoth and Endor142,0514.6
Video: Mirror's Edge 2 prototype footage133,3434.5
E3 2014: Xbox Recap - 20+ Trailers and Info - Halo, CoD, Crackdown265,9224.6
Crackdown returns as Xbox One exclusive243,5394.7
Halo: The Master Chief Collection Trailer & Halo 5 Beta Trailer415,7524.7
Sunset Overdrive kicks into a higher gear on October 28 Trailer inside212,7434.7
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare DLC hits Xbox One first Plus E3 Gameplay314,1194.4
First Look at Xbox One’s Upcoming Achievements App162,6994.6
PS4 adds PayPal payment in North America263,0074.4
Here’s a First Look at Xbox’s E3 Press Conference’s Stage and Venue374,9634.4
Netflix, Hulu among apps now free to use on Xbox Live457,6554.5
FIFA 15 teaser video released6410,4614.3
Xbox One devs getting more graphical power, Spencer says436,5234.5
Forza Horizon 2 on Xbox One is 1080p, 30fps558,3314.6
Terraria leaping to PS4, Xbox One sandboxes later this year335,2244.3
Xbox One June update begins rolling out295,4134.5
Rumor: Battlefield Hardline beta lined up for PS4325,4664.3
Battlefield: Hardline Beta Footage Leaks407,7624.3
HBO Go, Twitter among 35 apps coming to Xbox One by year's end223,1644.6
Microsoft releases Xbox One controller drivers for PC7012,5434.6
First Two Xbox One Games With Gold Now Available For Free to Members7512,6604.6
Mario Kart 8 races past 1.2 million sales in debut weekend192,1684.5
Apple announces iOS 8, new features across all of iOS6312,1894.6
Call of Duty: Ghosts Favela remake shown in new video7211,8654.4
Homefront: The Revolution is open-world, out 2015, trailer inside629,4004.8
New God of War teased for E3 2014345,0534.2
Mortal Kombat X officially confirmed, trailer inside568,2314.7
Forza Horizon 2 officially confirmed for Fall on Xbox One & 360627,9974.7
Dark Souls now free through Xbox Live Games with Gold477,1774.8
Assassin's Creed Unity DLC reportedly outed by retailer233,8664.7
Mario Kart 8 boosts UK Wii U hardware sales 666%437,5664.6
Aaru's Awakening waking up on PS3 & PS4 this summer172,4974.7
Watch Dogs on PC to receive performance patch499,0924.5
Forza 5 Bondurant Car Pack speeding to release262,6554.7
Nintendo eShop update featuring Mario Kart 8253,1024.8
Call of Duty: Ghosts Invasion DLC “Departed” Map Preview384,5944.5
Ghosts Invasion DLC ‘Mutiny’ MP Map Preview415,2244.4

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