The Tech Game: April 2014

May 2014 Games With Gold titles Announced7610,6594.5
Rumor: PS4 Getting Friend Notifications in Firmware Update 1.8344,8694.3
Driveclub is still free for PlayStation Plus members313,9214.5
WWE Network Xbox One app now available for download384,6574.1
Hellraid re-announced for new platforms234,8474.7
DICE rolls out cross platform BF4 server patch244,3704.5
Console exclusives as important as ever, says Xbox boss324,7984.4
PS4 update 1.7: Official features list confirmed275,4104.4
Adam Sandler's Pixels due to arrive May 15th 2015387,2534.5
Amazing Spider-Man 2 receives new villain themed trailer313,9144.6
Minecraft reaches 15 million sold on PC425,6424.6
Microsoft Registers Mysterious Domains and XboxAb.net487,0804.3
Watch Dogs Season Pass detailed344,0634.4
Delayed PS4 DriveClub given October 7th release date253,2334.2
Destiny saves span console generations, Bungie confirms274,7774.8
New zero-day vulnerability identified in all versions of IE396,5554.5
Skype group video calling now free for all on Xbox One and more496,4164.6
Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty given pre-E3 release date344,1964.6
Watch Dogs multiplayer invasions won’t disrupt your play - designer224,1004.5
Dark Souls 2 developer has been purchased by Kadokawa Shoten203,1264.7
Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare starts growing on PC June 24th213,0334.5
Microsoft details 'Xbox Originals': Halo, Atari documentary and more245,6454.5
Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare to get microtransactions soon223,0764.7
Battlefield 4 server upgrade 'improves rubber-banding issues'313,5714.6
Microsoft Working on Another “Major Gaming Franchise”467,8324.4
Titanfall will get new game modes in future DLC, says Respawn575,7973.6
DualShock 4 Light Dimming Coming With 1.7 PS4 Firmware Update586,2304.4
PS4 1.7 Update Video Showcases Features and UI; April 30th Release274,0384.4
Minecraft: Xbox One Confirmed to Allow Save Transfers from Xbox 360689,5154.6
Phil Spencer: Xbox One June and July Updates “Look Really Good”397,1644.6
Minecraft Realms goes live in North America468,2034.5
Killzone Shadow Fall update released192,8704.4
Microsoft: Gamers Spend 5 Hours a Day on Xbox One7410,8164.2
CoD: Ghosts personalization DLC and Snoop voice released - trailer365,2934.3
Titanfall 'War Games' DLC map revealed - first screens and info223,6454.5
Goat Simulator to rampage across the UK in boxed release283,9774.4
CoD: Ghosts Onslaught DLC going free to play on PSN this weekend only303,6324.7
State of Decay given new patch275,3554.6
Evolve receives interactive trailer193,5404.5
Xbox One: At Least 32 Unannounced Games Revealed499,7144.7
Destiny website revamp offers more on enemies, classes213,5564.3
Xbox One reaches Japan on September 4272,8724.5
GTA 5 jetpack references found in source code355,8304.4
Zuckerberg tried PS4 VR ahead of Oculus purchase, says Sony exec203,2354.4
Minecraft for PS4 and Vita expected 'Q2 or Q3'213,4994.2
Lords of the Fallen gets bloody new trailer212,9964.6
CoD: Ghosts update live for Xbox and PC; adds Chaos mode264,6744.6
Grab Red Orchestra 2 free forever on Steam in next 24 hours395,8344.8
Peggle 2 adds 'Windy the Fairy' DLC293,1704.6
Call of Duty 2014′s in-game character visual shown at GDC8411,5154.5
Warface Xbox 360 launched today with new gameplay trailer234,5104.5
Minecraft update 1.8 terrain generator shown in video265,2134.7
Xbox Live Gold members get deals on NBA 2K14, NFS Rivals this week233,6124.7
Dragon Age: Inquisition charges to release on October 7th232,3694.7
Grid Autosport racing onto PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 this June213,4444.6
inSynch drops the bass this Thursday122,8944.5
PlayStation Now beta adds rental options203,2584.4
Netflix due to increase price for new members566,9504.1
Destiny 'on final approach' to release566,8494.7
Minecraft: PS3 Edition getting a physical release in May285,9224.7
Assassin's Creed series tops 73 million in sales323,7424.7
PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD free to PS+ members on April 22122,9074.6
Elder Scrolls Online disables guild banks amid duping exploit314,6544.7
PSN Flash Sale cuts 34 titles to $.99516,7124.4
Octodad: Dadliest Catch coming to PS4 April 22nd394,0434.4
The Golf Club enters Early Access313,5774.8
Xbox 360 miners can now begin snacking on the Candy Texture Pack799,8584.5
Xbox One Next System Update Preview Coming Soon7010,2154.3
PS4 leads hardware sales, Titanfall rules software434,8844.3
Sony Pictures registers BioShock movie domains263,1764.3
Titanfall producer: “I don’t know if it’s making profit. I don’t care”598,6504.7
PlayStation Now enabled Sony TVs launching in June222,8864.4
Xbox One shipments exceed 5 million384,2124.6
Atari reveals Minimum is due to enter Early Access soon314,4114.6
Nintendo eShop update featuring SMB 3314,3314.6
The Walking Dead Season 2 for Vita given release date202,8844.6
GTA Online adds 10 new Rockstar Verified jobs477,1784.3
The Amazing Spiderman has his web on Xbox One cut365,5714.7
Upcoming PS4 Update 1.70 to feature SHAREfactory and preloading213,5724.3
Score TF2 hats via Wolfenstein: The New Order preorder194,6154.6
XBL Gold members now able to claim Deadlight for free518,2874.5
HearthStone: Heroes of Warcraft now out for iPad294,3784.6
Top phone makers plan to add "kill switch" programs by 20156410,6104.5
Trials Fusion released on consoles alongside new dev diary425,3514.6
MechRunner sprinting to PS4, Vita, PC, and Mac this July193,0364.5
Humble Mobile Bundle 5 released; The Room 2 + The Cave173,5914.7
Titanfall "Nose Art" customizations planned356,3424.6
Rain World drips onto Vita by years end172,5644.6
Snoop Dogg featured in voice DLC for CoD: Ghosts9912,4754.5
Xbox Live spring sale detailed498,1724.8
Square Enix India closes without a single release275,7444.6
PSN supposedly going down for 12 hours on Easter Monday537,0004
BF4 Naval Strike DLC now open for "À la carte" purchase162,8354.6
Daylight gets two new trailers ahead of release204,0434.7
Xbox One system update rolling out today396,1984.5
Trials Fusion is 1080p on PS4, 900p on Xbox One617,7414.6
BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma receives Vita port on June 24th192,8514.4
Age of Empires: World Domination arrives on mobile devices this summer264,3324.5
Battlefield 4 game breaking death shield bug discovered436,6234.3
Motion-controlled rail shooter Blue Estate coming to Xbox One314,7834.4
Watch Dogs for the Wii U finally given release window303,9934.6
Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth outed with trailer436,9704.6
Galak-Z speeding to PS4, Vita and PC sometime this fall173,4134.5
Titanfall's first DLC is called Expedition, 2v2 Last Titan Standing435,2444.6
FBI finally arrests group of former Xbox hackers7528,0964.3
PlayStation Now beta updated with new games275,2074.2
InFamous: Second Son hit 1 million sales in 9 days303,3974.4
2K's Zelnick: 70% of connected GTA5 players play GTA Online264,2044.6
Call of Duty: Ghosts Devastation DLC hits PC, Sony platforms May 8243,1934.7
Titanfall won't come to Xbox 360 Games On Demand547,2894.5
Transistor release date established242,5944.5
Below landing on Steam - trailer revealed305,0994.7
Hitman GO arrives to iOS on April 17294,0594.7
Minecraft title update 15 released on Xbox 3606610,5124.6
Titanfall update with private matches arriving 'later today'374,9734.7
Facebook removing messaging from main mobile apps486,0644.1
Outlast: Whistleblower expansion release date revealed262,7884.5
SWTOR Patch 2.7: Invasion now live223,8064.6
Sony posts Easter PSN sale, full discount list inside355,0524.5
Killer Instinct update adds Fulgore, weighs in at 6.8GB314,8834.2
Skype for Windows 8.1 gets an update283,7884.4
Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.4 launches for North America263,9224.6
Wolfenstein: The New Order receives new trailer223,7134.4
April 8th Battlelog patch notes released324,7164.4
The Crew release date set for fall 2014345,0104.7
Upcoming system update adds auto-reboot to Xbox One377,0384.6
Titanfall averages 46.5 frames-per-second on Xbox 360366,0214.5
GTA Online Capture Creator releasing on April 11th315,1214.4
Game of Thrones Season 4 premiere free now on XBL264,1864.4
AirMech Arena slated to land on Xbox 360 this summer294,8224.7
Titanfall Xbox 360 gameplay videos & screens emerge, see them here416,4834.5
Spencer: Xbox can do for MS what iPod did for Apple327,4034.6
Multiplayer hijinks, new map join Goat Simulator in May294,3914.5
EA Sports UFC receives new gameplay trailer343,7054.3
Battlefield 4 loadout presets arrives on April 8th253,7844.6
Xbox One YouTube app to allow direct video uploads374,0834.5
Xbox Head Phil Spencer talks about Xbox One launch in video interview315,4744.3
Pure Chess coming to PS4 this April292,9654.3
Van Helsing 2 delayed until May 22nd142,6624.6
The Simpsons features Minecraft style intro396,4964.3
Xbox One April update change list sneaks out of private forums418,9504.4
Microsoft is thinking about Xbox 360 emulation on the Xbox One558,7994.3
RBI BaseBall 14 begins rounding bases on XBLA on April 9th445,2924.8
Watch Dogs PC specs released4739,0724.6
Resistance MP servers going offline for good on April 8th3735,4254.3
Start menu due to make much awaited return in Windows 8.1 update5636,6694.7
GameSpy finally fading into the dark on May 315343,4983.7
Xbox One due to get external data storage support - Major Nelson6937,9143.8
Doom beta is PS4, Xbox One and PC-only3335,7644.1
Battlefield 4's Megalodon finally surfaces in Naval Strike expansion4037,0254.4
Minecraft reaches 12 million sold on Xbox 3605936,1104.5
Microsoft crediting players for March Xbox Live outage6442,1254.4
Xbox password flaw exposed by five-year-old boy11548,5204.6
Final Fantasy XIV PS4 enters second beta test phase253,5754.3
Family Guy: The Quest releasing April 10th446,3224.1
Trials Fusion beta client updated, optimized for lower hardware253,4784.7
Titanfall on the Xbox 360 confirmed to have 1 gig update at launch394,2474.5
Microsoft tech demo shows off power of Xbox One’s cloud336,9674.5
Titanfall now features improved matchmaking323,2714.6
Minecraft PS3 and Xbox 360 update 15 details397,6634.3
New details on Xbox One's April OS update305,5954.5
Xbox One's online DRM "could have been fine", says Xbox co-creator424,6374.5
Xbox Live service alert - Marketplace purchases affected304,1964.7
Xbox One performance catching up to PS4, Oddworld creator says364,8304.3
Tentacles: Enter the Mind announced for Windows devices283,6554.6
Zombie Studios' Daylight delayed until April 29th343,4004.5
CoD: Ghosts receives 2 gig update alongside Devastation527,1874.7
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor making landfall this October324,1284.5
GTA: Online to get Heists this spring, supposedly748,0814.4
Amazon reveals and releases Amazon Fire TV374,7924.6
PS4 reputation system reportedly under consideration363,9914.5
GTA 5 iFruit now out on Vita414,2384.6
South Park The Stick of Truth's Samurai Spaceman DLC released to all484,0334.6
Former Microsoft employee pleads guilty of leaking Win8 trade secrets496,1744.5
GTA Online soundtrack to receive new songs – sampler inside616,5434.5
CoD: Ghosts 'Extinction' trailer shows Extinction 'Mayday' level465,7004.7
Killzone Shadow Fall's first paid DLC 'Insurgent Pack' released322,7434.7
Twitch Xbox One numbers: 108K broadcasters in the first week413,1554.6
Xbox 360 system update released458,8714.5
Ragnarok Odyssey ACE has arrived313,4424.7
The Wolf Among Us Episode 3: A Crooked Mile gets teaser trailer353,5184.7
Xbox One updates roll outs today476,5014.4
Gameboy Mega Man roars on to 3DS this May433,5224.6
Warface nets 25 million registered users585,7014.6

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