The Tech Game: February 2014

Killzone: Shadow Fall MP to be free starting March 4th for a week755,4154.4
Dark Souls 2 to release on PC via Steam this April514,1764.7
Xbox One March update to address 50hz issues637,3964.3
Kinect was evaluated for mass surveillance by GCHQ1139,8083.9
Trailer out now for free Payday 2: Death Wish DLC797,7094.4
PS4 welcomes Anomaly 2 to roster this spring584,1544.6
Weekly Nintendo eShop releases433,4264.6
CoD : Ghosts New character customization options coming March 4th1059,6474
Grand Theft Auto Online Business Update coming March 411612,2904.3
Call of Duty Ghosts Onslaught DLC hits PS3, PS4 and PC today655,2654.3
Free Call of Duty Ghosts multiplayer demo rumoured677,8744
Steam - Developers now able to self discount their games7010,0254.6
Platoons for Battlefield 4 rolling out on Feb 27th584,9614.3
Watch Dogs release date and new trailer could drop soon – rumour655,4144.5
Titanfall making-of video explains how the Titans were made664,8814.3
Trials Fusion arrives on April 16675,9614.7
Lego The Hobbit PS3 bundle wanders into stores this spring432,8214.6
Friday is it for Call of Duty Elite928,3323.8
Facebook to retire email service716,0073.9
Minecraft PC has 100 million users, 14.3 million copies sold705,6574.4
Sony Santa Monica - team behind God of War hit with layoffs382,7624.3
Xbox One March update demo'd - VIDEO657,7104.3
Battlefield 4 Platoons dive test stages - DICE looking for guinea pigs433,8634.7
Xbox One to get Twitch streaming alongside Titanfall746,4554.5
Dead Rising 3 gets third DLC pack tomorrow584,0784.2
Gran Turismo 5 DLC purchases ending April 30443,2934.3
Battlefield 4 updates released on PS3 and PS4383,3804.7
WWE Network app out now524,2574.4
Xbox One drops to £399.99 in UK10610,4533.8
Xbox One price-cut not coming to other territories, says Eagle595,8784.2
Xbox One EU & PAL television integration fix promised 'within weeks'313,3714.6
Minecraft: Pocket Edition to get 'significantly bigger worlds'414,7584.7
DayZ lead Dean Hall to step down by end of year353,7164.6
Final Xbox Live Ultimate Sale includes Saints Row 4, Limbo and Metro394,2684.5
Microsoft slips that a Facebook Messenger app "just weeks away"464,1384.2
PS4 virtual reality headset to be demo'd at GDC - RUMOR403,6564.3
PvZ: Garden Warfare will NOT contain microtransactions at launch514,4194.2
Two million reported to have participated in Titanfall betas674,5204.8
Ryse won't be getting that co-op challenge editor635,3864.1
Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate Deluxe lands on PC and consoles April523,7164.1
Titanfall Prestige-like mode titled "Generations" - RUMOR9311,3874.3
Xbox One Media Remote officially revealed for March launch614,7484.1
Killer Instinct patch to help fighters avoid Jail time423,5554.5
Tony Hawk developing new game with Activision907,9524.6
CoD Ghosts customization trailer shows off new DLC556,4084
US Nintendo eShop Weekly Update363,8494.4
Twitch Plays Pokemon gets own Twitch chat server505,1664.5
Certain Xbox One owners to preview March system update527,5954.4
Call of Duty: Ghosts update rolling out for all platforms404,4904.4
PS+ March free games to be Tomb Raider and Dead Nation on PS4 - RUMOR809,0734.4
DICE to offer BF4 players weapon shortcut packs as appeasement617,9344.2
WhatsApp sold to Facebook for $16 billion968,8904
Square Enix "definitely" open to PC versions of future Final Fantasy343,3614.7
Wolfenstein: The New Order to include Doom beta566,0744.5
33 percent of Xbox One owners bought Forza 5816,6764.4
Titanfall Xbox 360 'coming along really well'587,4624
COD Ghosts personalisation packs due tomorrow748,8644.1
Thief sneaks in 1080p for PS4 while Xbox One lags at 900p9712,6974.2
Second Assault now out for BF4 Premium members465,1594.4
"Black Screen" issue arises from latest Xbox One System Update517,0694.6
Irrational Games down to team of 15343,1474.7
Twitch Plays Pokemon rises to 75k concurrent viewership515,5234.5
Ryse DLC: Mars Chosen pack to release February 28th343,2884.5
Xbox One digital Games on Demand deals being tested718,7794.4
Both Apple and Google stopping new apps with 'Flappy' in title597,2424.4
Sony to livestream event for PS4 Japanese Launch362,6744.3
Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes is 1080p on PS4, 720p on Xbox One647,1874.6
Titanfall beta extended, now ends February 19475,4004.7
SlickLogin acquired by Google - Passwords via sound362,6604.5
Rumor - Titanfall to include 14 maps and split screen action545,1244.6
Titanfall beta - extended and opened for all12511,6654.2
Kickstarter accounts hacked625,2034.2
Microsoft will charge you $24.99 to use your own headset with Xbox One17418,1053.3
Borderlands 3 not in development yet1079,4864.3
Chris Lewis, former Xbox Europe VP, retiring after 25 years654,8594.5
Titanfall Beta "No servers found" bug: Microsoft working on fix9112,5894.6
Xbox One February update starts rolling out today677,7434.4
Video: Titanfall developers offer some tips for the beta485,6904.5
Halo 5 may miss release in 20141016,0954.5
I don’t have all the details - Major Nelson on late Xbox One update475,0094.4
The Last of Us patch 1.06 now live, enabled Left Behind DLC547,6274.3
Skype text chat syncing improvements now live453,2744.4
GBA games are coming to the Wii U Virtual Console in April6210,2614.6
Xbox One selling twice as fast as Xbox 360 -NPD645,1524.6
PS4 owner finds PS+ exploit to subscribe until 2035 for free9117,3834.2
Xbox 360 gets free Gold weekend in US and Canada736,9264.5
Titanfall tips videos prepare you for beta battle485,4394.7
Battlefield 4 Second Assault arrives February 18654,2594.4
Titanfall Xbox One beta runs at 792p706,9214.4
Xbox One Media Remote Leaks on Amazon545,4714.5
Microsoft "fixing" Xbox One controller for 'Titanfall' launch354,1494.7
BioShock Infinite: BaS – Episode 2 set to give series closure453,6704.3
Ghosts to receive Captain Price skin within the week575,2044.6
Steam Tags - now in beta514,4833.9
Analysts predict PS4 sales to hit 12 million during 2014573,7864.1
Possible negatives of the Xbox One headset adapter879,6643.8
Titanfall - The Journey434,5784.5
Updated: Tonight is the night for Titanfall beta signups!879,8364.6
Flappy Bird's Dong spills over game removal8311,0964.2
Valentine's Day Massacre DLC for GTA Online Announced10310,8664.4
Xbox One multiplayer and party update details, coming in March688,4054.6
Xbox One's February system update has been delayed465,5863.8
Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter due 'early March'465,0824.4
Microsoft to sell black & purple Xbox 360 chrome controllers in March615,4154.5
Rust sells over one million copies646,0344.1
Xbox One developer: upcoming SDK improvements will allow for more 1080p games426,0954.6
Nintendo denies objections to de-listed iOS hit Flappy Bird769,5004.3
Payday 2 coming free to North American PS Plus604,5114.6
Next Call of Duty will be a “next-gen-first development,”837,4994.4
Around 90 per cent of US PS4s are connected online463,7324.2
Sony promises 100 PS4 games in 2014524,2704.3
Ubisoft sales down 35 percent563,9894.5
Batman: Arkham Origins not likely to receive bug fixes563,6994.4
Flappy Bird has stopped flapping12712,9544.3
Alien: Isolation - New Screen Shots!786,7324.2
Flappy Bird to stop flapping11113,1084.4
Dynasty Warriors makes next-gen debut on PS4 this March534,4534.2
50% of PS4 owners bought PS Plus915,8863.9
Disney Infinity sparks Disney Interactive profit spike505,2774.4
Far Cry: Classic slated for US release767,4883.7
Titanfall devs explain how the mech combat game came to be495,9594.7
Steam madness: Borderlands 2 free weekend, Outlast half off484,9624.8
Call of Duty: Ghosts Xbox One patch hits performance568,3914.6
Xbox One party and multiplayer update before Titanfall in March778,2284.1
Titanfall lands on Xbox 360 on March 25, after Xbox One, PC launch504,9174.6
Destiny to be 'best-selling new IP in history' according to Activision765,9944.5
GTA Online gets 10 new Rockstar Verified jobs, social cap up to 1,000827,0914.4
Call of Duty now on three year development cycle17317,3923.9
Playstation division of Sony reports sales up to $4.2 billion677,3814.2
Call of Duty: Ghosts' Onslaught DLC hits PlayStation, PC February 27785,9333.9
360 Beta for Warface now available12817,1884.1
“PlayStation Now is a joke,” says Pachter1008,9714.1
Xbox One system update adds storage management, battery monitor11010,5554.6
Destiny could hit 10 million lifetime sales775,3254.8
Microsoft new CEO Nadella is supporter of Xbox brand, stresses Spencer504,6334.2
Assassin's Creed 4 PS4 patch fixes 100 friends bug413,6384.1
MLB.TV app coming to PS4, Xbox One this spring415,8854.5
Humble Sid Meier Bundle: Civ 3, 4 and 5, plus Ace Patrol, Railroads484,2384.6
Rockstar discounts GTA 5, GTA 4 and GTA DLC on Xbox Live707,1204.6
World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition release date confirmed535,1314.5
PlayStation 4 February releases begin with horror313,2444.5
Titanfall PC specs not on the low end709,9724.1
Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Trailer Rolls Out453,7134.4
Microsoft reveals new CEO686,2364.3
PlayStation Now Beta Test Leaked on Video, Showing Killzone 3404,3244.3
PS4 Users Suffering with Display Issues737,7514.1
GTA V on PC: "There's nothing for us to say," comments Take-Two686,7924.1
Steam Music limited beta coming to SteamOS soon393,3014.6
Titanfall will have 3 mech types at launch575,1274.6
Grand Theft Auto V hits 32.5 million copies shipped644,4624.5
Details on Xbox One Games With Gold 'coming soon'578,1384.2
Titanfall beta not limited to pre-order customers485,7394.5
Xbox One controller design contest winners are largely green9210,1314
Minecraft PC surpasses 14 million sold603,9184.1
PS4 firmware update to unlock use of 7.1 surround sound Pulse headsets414,3434.3
PS4 outselling Xbox One 1.5:1 in UK776,0573.9
Microsoft Denies $399 Disc-Less Xbox One857,5043.8
'Father of the PlayStation' to receive Lifetime Achievement Award1238,5344.4

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