The Tech Game: July 2013

Report: Xbox One can be powered for 10 years; software is almost done1249,0784.6
Next-gen sales will surpass current-gen, says Riccitiello574,1254.6
Crackdown, Dead Rising 2 are the August 'Games with Gold' specials14710,7904.6
Xbox One will accept current-gen hi-end gaming headsets1349,7214.7
Take-Two CEO encourages 'flexibility' in next-gen console policies504,4194.6
Microsoft details Xbox One's 'revolutionary' Smart Match system586,0284.7
Download GTA 4 for $10 on Xbox Live1138,8284.5
Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer reveal date988,1964.6
First Bioshock Infinite DLC Out Today, Future Content Will Take Us Back594,5884.6
PS4 video gives you a closer look at the console847,4204.6
Microsoft 'looking into' including headsets with Xbox One787,9484.6
Call of Duty: Ghosts leading software preorder sales - analyst786,0374.8
New Grand Theft Auto V Screens: The Fast Life1098,4814.6
Xbox One developer explains why splitting RAM is beneficial686,7514.6
Asda suspends Wii U stock796,4444.6
PlayStation 4 friends limit supports up to 2000 friends15010,1564.5
Minecraft topples The Last of Us in UK charts, Pikmin 3 second705,8924.6
Fez 2 has been cancelled, according to Phil Fish705,2084.7
More "evidence" for dual iPhone launch in September?758,4094.5
Xbox One to have unlimited cloud storage15614,8214.6
Xbox One controllers, headsets available for pre-order969,1364.6
PS4 and Xbox One to have different game memory allocations828,5894.6
Sony dates Gamescom press conference362,7044.6
Development on retail Xbox One units 'a wonderful idea', says Persson656,3484.6
Microsoft Gamescom showcase event on August 20474,1914.7
No indie RAM restrictions on Xbox One, exec claims473,9164.7
Nintendo working to draw indie developers to Wii U563,9764.5
DualShock 4 pre-orders open at Amazon394,0604.7
Minecraft Xbox 360 Skin Pack 5 First Screenshot555,7894.7
DICE 'investigating' cross-gen stat transfers for Battlefield 4382,6314.8
Minecraft Xbox 360 Texturepack/Mash-Up Packs Announcement6626,9784.4
Call of Duty: Ghosts coming to the Wii U826,1464.7
Microsoft: 'no plans to release Xbox One without Kinect'12910,7394.8
Xbox One’s dev-kit features, self-publishing outlined504,4884.5
Battlefield 4 Official Battlelog Features Video768,0244.4
PS4 launch day bundles back in stock at Amazon546,8104.6
Apple profits fall again but iPhone sales rise678,3264.6
Microsoft confirms self-publishing for Xbox One667,8354.6
Xbox One bundles to release in summer 2014 without Kinect – report10710,2584.5
Gran Turismo movie reportedly in production613,6134.7
White Xbox One dev kit spotted10216,2134.4
Microsoft sets Xbox One game prices at £50 in UK746,4324.5
Xbox One could outship PS4 3-to-1 this year1138,3644.4
FIFA 13 netted $70 million in digital revenue last quarter584,1114.6
Black Ops 2 title update released on Xbox 360 and Double XP weekend12814,9794.7
Update: Xbox Live issues, Microsoft Investigating17625,5934.6
GameStop halted Xbox One pre-orders because demand was too high – MS403,7754.6
Kinect:Microsoft pledges to “aggressively challenge” government spying796,9414.5
Oddworld's Lanning on Xbox One indies: 'It's as if we don't matter'363,3124.6
750 million phones could be vulnerable in massive SIM security flaw656,8454.6
Expect 'initial' PS4/Xbox One shortages, says analyst594,3124.5
Need for Speed: Rivals Cops vs Racers trailer gets extended cut473,8874.6
Forza Horizon studio working on new racing title524,2074.7
Saint’s Row 4 DLC: ‘Enter the Dominatrix’ due after launch554,2444.5
Xbox One needs simultaneous Japan launch to be successful343,2664.5
PS4 continually records the last 15 minutes of gameplay756,1804.5
Xbox One captures the last 5 minutes of gameplay848,8124.6
Xbox game update policies 'totally unacceptable for free-to-play'426,4104.6
Forza 5 day-one download 'not required' to start playing252,6204.8
Apple Developer Center hacked718,1674.4
Xbox One: Microsoft details controller recognition, facial expressions8910,6074.7
Dead Rising 3 moved to Xbox One after pushing 360 beyond its limits979,4784.4
Borderlands 2 DLC and bumped level cap coming this fall696,1954.6
Minecraft Xbox 360 Update 12 currently undergoing bug testing12413,3884.5
Forza 5: 'Diverse' range of DLC planned, including 'wild cards'565,1454.7
Battlefield 4 campaign details released (possible spoilers)968,8184.6
Microsoft to offer a year of Xbox Live free to Office 365 subscribers629,1164.4
PS4 compatible with PS3 headsets, says Sony rep1069,0764.7
Xbox One pre-orders 'trending ahead of Xbox 360', says Hryb686,3214.5
Xbox One and PS4 pre-orders 'twice the size of last gen', says Ubisoft564,3414.6
Xbox One price slashed by £45 with coupon trick8510,7494.6
HTC announces HTC One Mini with 4.3-inch screen and dual-core CPU523,9494.7
FIFA 14 will have 19 'authentic' Brazilian teams534,7564.6
NCAA won't renew contract with EA484,2694.7
PS4 price shows Sony is serious, says Level-5 boss887,5444.6
Angry Birds: Star Wars forces its way onto consoles846,3754.6
More alleged iPhone 5S specs leak717,8574.3
Microsoft secures Xbox One domains following dispute564,9914.7
New Black Ops 2 Personalization Packs Available Next Week on Xbox Live14320,8584.6
Forza Motorsport 5 Requires One-Time Internet Connection886,3984.7
Call of Duty: Ghosts won’t have branching missions11011,2474.3
US government 'stopping' Microsoft from discussing NSA scandal666,4244.7
iPhone 5S Fingerprint Sensors to Delay or Limit Launch515,9564.6
GTA 5 'much faster' than its predecessors11611,3214.4
Xbox One supports partial-download play1127,4144.5
Best Buy: Wii U Pro Controller for $25 today, MLB 13 for $20494,6324.6
Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer reveal in mid-August1117,7534.6
Bethesda has 'no games in development for Wii U'553,3764.6
Apple reportedly bids for firm behind Kinect sensor505,5694.6
PS4 dev kit specs and unit design revealed648,7504.5
Club Nintendo 2013 elite members get swanky rewards503,6694.5
Sony trialled biometric sensor pad, Cerny confirms413,0484.6
Angry Birds Star Wars II announced; coming Sept. 19th472,5394.7
Report: Apple hiring for iWatch project; device to launch in late 2014506,1214.6
Sony discusses free marketing, optional feedback for PS4 indie devs282,2924.8
New Killer Instinct trailer teases Chief Thunder483,2644.7
FIFA 14 UK cover star is Gareth Bale442,7114.7
GTA 5: new details, Japanese release date confirmed444,0724.5
Family Sharing could return to Xbox One, says Microsoft's Whitten816,0324.5
Best Buy re-opens Xbox One Day One pre-orders, Gamestop officially out544,2554.7
Assassin's Creed 2 free for Xbox Live Gold members starting today554,1394.5
Diablo 3 on Xbox One, PS4 in 2014376,0474.5
Far Cry 4 'clearly' going to happen, Ubisoft says462,7884.6
Xbox One: Microsoft “didn’t push on its benefits enough”, says dev717,6524.5
Xbox One not available at Gamestop, retailers run short on next-gen977,3464.7
Sony Won't Appeal Fine Related to 2011 PSN Hack1158,0444.7
Microsoft Responds to Xbox One Petition to bring back DRM21425,0994.7
PS4 also playable at Comic Con895,1034.6
PS4′s architecture offers more customisation than PC, says Cerny897,5334.8
Hackers target Arma studio's website637,0104.7
Konami: 35k user accounts feared compromised453,2564.5
Xbox One prototypes came in all shapes and sizes12111,4124.6
Eurosport app launches on Xbox Live563,6864.5
Deus Ex: The Fall jams your gun on jailbroken iOS devices635,4634.5
Report: Microsoft gave Skype calls and email access to NSA796,9574.5
Xbox One is 'great for small businesses'1008,0434.7
Amazon sells out of PS4, Xbox One launch day stock765,7824.7
New Xbox Live Rewards to be revealed September 1st1107,5324.7
Steam Summer Sale is live right now533,3224.7
Wii U gets a minor firmware update754,0644.7
Petition wants Microsoft to bring back Xbox One's DRM30230,5094.2
Microsoft: Errors made in real-world currency on Xbox 360 beta869,3674.6
PS4 eliminates lengthy pre-install process, says Sony dev624,8854.5
Black Ops 2 gets Vengeance on PC and PS3 August 1572,9814.5
PS4 allows for digital library access from any console724,4444.5
Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag - seven minutes of gameplay604,1714.6
Xbox 360 beta update 'raises EU game prices'918,5024.7
Battlefield 4 will support Kinect on Xbox One665,0164.6
GTA 5 gameplay video 'captured from PS3 version'635,9474.7
Xbox One overtakes PS4 on Amazon bestseller charts17111,8054.1
Grand Theft Auto 5 to feature weapon, vehicle customization896,0044.7
GTA 5 contains over 1,000 vehicular modifications14112,2034.5
Xbox One playable at San Diego Comic Con543,9984.5
Rockstar job listing tips GTA 5 PC port767,3204.5
More Borderlands 2 DLC on the way, Pitchford says513,1924.8
The Last of Us ships 3.4 million in first three weeks712,6404.7
Fable Anniversary Contest - Design an Achievement!774,8714.6
Grand Theft Auto V: Official Gameplay Video17617,3874.6
GameStop no longer taking PS4 pre-orders1159,7884.6
Updated: Xbox Live Down, Microsoft Investigating (Its Up!)20723,2974.6
Destiny gameplay video gets developer commentary675,7594.7
Accused murderer Aaron Hernandez removed from NCAA 14 and Madden 25927,4764.4
Ubisoft says ZombiU 'unprofitable, no plans for sequel'894,2844.5
GTA 5 gameplay reveal video coming July 912310,8664.7
Battlefield 4 could get PS4 mouse & keyboard support, says DICE836,5764.7
Saint’s Row: future games will have “different direction”706,0104.7
No off switch for Sony's DualShock 4 lightbar854,6654.5
Xbox One may undergo revisions for Japan release386,4294.7
Call of Duty Ghosts 'will have a co-op mode of sort'515,7904.6
Razer doesn't make PS3 peripherals because its CEO doesn't play it765,6914.6
Sony trademarks PlayStation TV (again)564,1824.6
FIFA 14 – next-gen features discussed in video interview283,0424.7
Black Ops 2 Zombies Round Up of Easter Eggs, Perks, and more for Buried10015,3504.5
Microsoft to release 'Halo 4' sports-themed DLC on Aug. 20616,4264.5
Nintendo to announce secret “brand-new types of games” for Wii U soon743,7694.8
FIFA 14 Messi steelbook edition available to pre-order at £64.99504,0614.4
PS4: DualShock 4 footage gets up close with Sony’s new pad442,9834.7
The original Xbox could have been named one of these wacky acronyms10811,6774.7
Sky's Now TV service launches on PS3482,5764.5
Xbox Live beta sign-ups starting soon12315,9744.3
Xbox Live's Ultimate sale: infinite tombs of judgment675,1914.5
Club Nintendo Japan hacked864,3264.5
Microsoft removes dev update restrictions on Xbox One9910,3664.4
Xbox One built with advertising in mind, Kinect integral to adverts886,9004.6
Runescape 3 release date confirmed11011,8814.7
Call of Duty franchise has 'never been stronger', claims Activision1708,3794.6
Xbox One 'employs advanced troll detection'15614,1954.4
Halo 4 is Microsoft Studios' best seller so far986,5154.6
Assassin's Creed 2 next in Xbox free games lineup1268,9634.4
One Halo 4 champion to win $200,000784,5034.5
GTA5 requires installation on PS3, Xbox 36014411,5414.5
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 enacts Vengeance on Xbox Live1357,7214.7
Ubisoft hacked, account info accessed1017,2784.6
Rockstar 'completely focused on current-gen versions of GTA V'987,0694.7
GTA V: 'Only negligible difference between 360 and PS3 versions'888,4024.6
Lovefilm discontinues game rentals for new customers653,8044.7
Gran Turismo 6 demo rolls out today783,0324.5
Xbox One can scan QR tags to save entering codes1086,8714.7
Mixed opinions from industry analysts on Don Mattrick's move to Zynga716,8794.7
Battlefield 3 free on PlayStation Plus this week1478,0494.5
Has someone taken apart the Xbox One controller?969,7754.5
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to oversee Xbox business504,5434.6
Don Mattrick named Zynga's new CEO834,8164.6
Call of Duty: Ghosts gets rickety skyscraper as pre-order bonus1339,0174.2
Minecraft PC gets new launcher, is necessary for update 1.6 and beyond836,5514.6
Nintendo loses battle to take control of domain1296,3324.5
Xbox One boss Don Mattrick 'resigns'11711,3624.2
Xbox One price 'less exorbitant after inflation calculation'575,9644.5
Microsoft exec clarifies 'meaningless PS4 specs' claim654,4574.7
Airships arrive in SimCity883,2324.6

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