The Tech Game: November 2012

Sales of Call of Duty are disappointing.14920,7314.6
Sony release Black Friday sales figures406,1344.8
Far Cry 3 suffers immediate server issues266,6404.6
Wii Mini will not be available in UK356,1504.5
GAME and Steam join forces256,7074.5
Microsoft confirm price and spec for Surface Pro194,6604.5
Halo 4 Crimson Map Pack dated, priced3915,0684.7
Black Ops 2 Prestige Glitch Discovered163141,4023.5
Grand Theft Auto franchise reaches 125 million sales356,2224.7
Bungie's new project “Destiny” is prematurely revealed376,2494.7
Satoru Iwata apologies for Wii U Problems133,8914.7
Planetside 2 users warned about modding194,2504.5
Freezing issue with latest dashboard update417,4044.6
Xbox Live free gold membership weekend4812,1034.6
Microsoft pleased with Windows 8 sales.224,6414.4
Black Ops 2 vs Halo 4, Xbox chart performance5012,0784.4
FIFA 13: Ultimate Team taken offline while EA fixes trade and auction issues185,4364.7
Q&A with Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics192,8214.5
Microsoft sell over 750,000 Xbox units during Black Friday period406,5424.7
Bethesda Hints at Dishonored Sequel254,0964.6
New Super Mario Bros. 2 is getting free DLC213,8434.7
Petition for PC version of GTA:V collects over 47,000 signatures.458,1274.7
Xbox dashboard update out today4412,0924.6
Blacks Ops 2 Leaderboards Reset4612,4384.6
Wii Mini Launching December 7th for $99.99, Exclusive to Canada195,6454.5
Max Payne 3 Painful Memories DLC Coming December 4th113,3424.7
Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Update #5 Going Live Tomorrow174,7584.6
Cardboard Wii U GamePad goes viral on eBay4111,9194.2
Halo 4 DLC dates leaked according to German Xbox Dashboard296,9854.7
Bioshock Infinite loses multiplayer feature.306,7824.7
Minecraft v1.5 “The Redstone update” coming to PC soon.267,8354.6
Mini Wii coming December?153,0654.6
Black Ops 2: First week UK CoD sales reportedly down 20% year-on-year6410,0054.7
Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition texture pack support coming7018,3574.8
How to live through Wii U error code 150-1093207,7874.6
Wii U only needs one game bought to make a profit, says Nintendo284,8074.4
Rumor: 'Xbox TV' set-top box in progress, to debut pre-holiday 2013316,3924.6
Guinness record of longest game session set at 135 hours with Black Ops 27114,7384.5
GTA 5 offered for £30/$47 at Tesco429,7764.5
Halo 4: New modes next week in FFA Throwback playlist245,5274.7
Hulu Plus hits Wii U in US113,6694.6
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 'Revert' DLC release date confirmed123,1164.7
Black Ops 2: Full patch notes for 360, PS3 and PC209,3344.8
New Blacks Ops 2 Game Modes in Development.4010,5584.8
ESPN Updated on Xbox Live285,1584.6
Black Ops 2 patch expected today - details4213,8754.6
Black Ops 2: Nuketown 2025 map pulled from online playlists4512,8414.4
Details of Xbox:720 leaked by Xbox World Magazine4816,0554.5
Microsoft Says Over 4.5 Billion Achievements Have Been Unlocked On Xbox4610,8214.6
Black Ops 2 patch has fixed -SOME- PS3 freezing issues186,9974.5
Wii U hacked after less than 24 hours.349,4824.6
Black Ops 2 Launch biggest so far in 2012 for UK113,8574.8
First Wii U brick reported: Do not shutdown during firmware update195,4584.5
Sony is now issuing Perma-Bans to PSN hackers609,3504.7
Activision: Black Ops 2 generated $500 million in 24 hours539,4934.7
PS3 hits 70m to go neck-and-neck with Xbox 360296,9064.4
YouTube app hits the play button on Wii today123,4504.7
One million players have completed Halo 4's campaign378,1314.7
New Game Modes in the Works for Black Ops 23912,0364.3
Call of Duty Elite app gets Black Ops 2 support on iOS, Android155,5854.5
Wii U Basic's available storage is just 3GB103,2184.7
Report: 'Call of Duty 2013' continues Modern Warfare plot6112,1494.5
Black Ops 2: GameStop sells more than 1 million copies at launch205,3384.6
Microsoft fixes Skype account hijack issue255,4094.6
Need for Speed: Most Wanted demo hits PSN, Xbox Live143,6114.6
GTA 5 trailer 2 is live: Jets, dogs and family feuds6013,7864.6
Rockstar: 'Now is the best time for GTA V'195,4844.5
Black Ops 2: Activision working to fix PS3 issues165,6934.5
Happy 10th birthday, Xbox Live!7416,5664.5
GTA V's huge map designed to 'accommodate flying'246,6754.6
Wii U video chat requires game closure83,5864.6
Minecraft PC hits 8 million sales, Persson 'grinning'244,8294.6
Halo 4 'biggest entertainment launch of 2012' so far355,3134.6
Black Ops 2: Nuketown Zombies open to season pass holders December2814,6874.7
Black Ops 2 discs 'accidentally shipped with Mass Effect 2'287,2604.6
Black Ops 2: Snaking glitch makes an unwelcome return2310,5224.6
Black Ops 2 stats won't be reset at launch6815,8614.4
Bookies tip Black Ops 2 for Christmas No.1235,6344.7
Black Ops 2 video: Over 5 minutes of Nuketown Zombies gameplay9225,0974.4
Entire Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Unlock Progression4314,7574.6
MW3 Turns On Double XP To Celebrate 1-Year Anniversary/Black Ops 2377,6074.7
Black Ops 2 Code of Conduct revealed5414,4454.4
Rockstar: Celebrities in GTA 5 would 'become a distraction'349,5284.4
EU PSN down for maintenance on Monday143,4784.6
Trials: Evolution leaderboards show more than one million bikers193,2854.6
Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Update Coming Soon5313,5124.6
TTG: Let's Fail at: Trials Evolution #3244,4614.6
Xbox 360 USB data storage limit doubled to 32GB398,4444.3
Black Ops 2 Live Streaming feature to be partnered with YouTube3610,3484.7
Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Servers go Online Nov. 13th6013,6964.7
Treyarch Game Design Director Details Black Ops 2 Spawn System3310,5144.2
Black Ops 2 video: Over 5 minutes of Nuketown 2025 gameplay2916,7234.7
GTA V world 'is bigger than Red Dead, San Andreas and GTA 4 combined'397,8574.7
David Vonderhaar: Commentaries are lame9134,2414.7
Black Ops 2 'could be the best-selling game of all time' - Activision759,9834.5
FIFA 13: Major update rolls out on Xbox 360 and PS3205,4194.4
GTA V details emerge: Protagonist 'is an East Coast gangster'245,3544.5
Gears of War: Judgment pre-orders go live today, get an in-game gun143,7634.5
Skype to replace Windows Live Messenger in 2013336,1194.6
Microsoft will reward those who play 140+ hours of Halo 4 this month11721,2244.6
Players running into Halo 4 server issues317,3934.6
Borderlands 2 updated to prevent sabotage exploit on Xbox 360153,9134.6
Wii U demo kiosks available at US retailers143,2554.7
New dev kit from Sony hints at specs for PlayStation 4254,7524.4
GTA 5 second trailer confirmed for November 14274,6594.6
Halo 4 gives 343 credibility and confidence for future, says exec producer377,1504.8
Modern Warfare 4 rumour shot down by Captain Price voice actor5311,1084.5
Gran Turismo franchise nears 68 million sales92,5204.5
Grand Theft Auto 5 now available for pre-order at popular retailers526,9364.6
Black Ops 2: Official London retail launch event detailed377,4844.7
Battlefield 3 to get crossbows with different ammo types499,3184.5
Record-breaking Assassin's Creed 3 becomes UK number one234,2444.6
Forza Horizon 'Bondurant Car Pack' DLC coming Nov. 6194,2684.7
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD DLC reverts into an early December.162,8754.6
Black Ops 2: ISO Leaked to piracy sites10427,9243.8
Next "Skyrim" expansion pack teased by Bethesda389,0684.5
Halo 4 may add clans and Theatre Mode campaign support508,5404.8
TTG: Let's Fail at: Trials Evolution #2 - 1600msp Giveaway.215,5484.6
Halo 4 gets tough on sexist players7614,1364.3
Grand Theft Auto 5 promotional materials, in-game locations leak out419,4494.5
Army of TWO: The Devil's Cartel dated, pre-order bonus detailed3816,2094.7
EA responds to Watchdog FIFA 13 report307,1774.6
Black Ops 2 soundtrack hitting iTunes alongside game launch478,1324.6

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