The Tech Game: January 2012

PlayStation 4: 'We will probably be last to announce something,' says Sony64,0054.6
Microsoft to expand Kinect technology to laptops?95,4744.6
Xbox 720: E3 "premature," "nothing new in 2012"158,3494.2
Trials Evolution suffers early leak96,5274.5
Megaupload data could be deleted starting Thursday145,1714.4
MW3 Elite Content Drops Intended For Multiple Xbox Profiles – Fix Incoming249,8654.6
Microsoft files complaint over fake Halo 4 beta domain126,0094.8
Why the Elimination of MS Points is Bad For You3616,6124.7
Xbox 720 Will Be Six Times as Powerful as Current Gen13037,1774.8
Modern Warfare 3 Might Receive Weapon DLC Drops5616,2234.6
Rumor: Next Xbox contains Blu-ray, anti-used system259,5514.6
Modern Warfare 3 Elite maps locked to one profile on one console178,1024.5
Rumour: Microsoft Points to be scrapped by end of 20128218,7464.3
Official Call of Duty ELITE Trailer for New Maps4513,1034.5
The Most Popular Map in Modern Warfare 3 and Boosters Discussion8524,6594.6
Is Call of Duty Better Without KDR? CoD Gameplay Designer Answers6116,5824.4
Xbox Marketplace: RE6 features 6-player online co-op, 8-player online multi148,0544.6
Trials Evolution gameplay footage is awesome2510,3734.7
Microsoft warns of fake Halo 4 beta invites168,1684.7
Minecraft on XBLA working toward constant updates107,4114.7
Microsoft admits to video playback issue with Xbox 360127,3684.6
Minecraft getting jungle enivronment, new creatures65,3384.6
Megaupload charged with piracy, shut down257,7334.4
Minecraft Pocket Edition building worlds in 700K pockets44,1724.6
Mass Effect 3 Kinect Hands-On73,4654.4
Xbox 360 “entertainment apps” usage on the rise198,1074.7
Hackers steal $6.7 million in bank cyber heist84,9044.6
CoD Dev: David Vonderhaar talks Stopping power and Weapon balancing4514,8514.8
Should Exploiters be Punished for MW3 Devs’ Mistakes? Bowling Answers10224,2054.3
Minecraft hits 20 million registered users83,7154.6
Beamz Interactive Spins Away Turn Tables.23,1894.7
Microsoft Refuses To Talk About Reset Glitch Hack At CES 20123819,5104.6
Windows Live login suggested as Xbox Live security flaw2610,8614.4
Lamar Smith removes DNS blocking from SOPA63,0184.5
Mojang working on three new games, two of which will be announced before Q313,3444.7
Bungie opposes SOPA, mostly because it 'sucks'3510,0654.8
UFC app outage nets users free UFC 142 and a month of Xbox Live65,6164.6
Nyko Releases 10 New Accessories!127,0934.5
Turtle Beach Reveals 14 Headsets!4918,7124.7
Securifi and their new Touchscreen WiFi Router - Almond54,7184.8
YouTubes Robert Kyncl Talks About YouTubes Future135,5384.6
Wii European sales pass 30 million03,0264.7
Report: GAME outs new Need for Speed, reaffirms Medal of Honor sequel165,7884.6
Reuters: Microsoft's TV subscription plans 'on hold'145,2704.6
Minecraft 1.1 update34,8874.7
Black Ops 2 domain back in Activision’s grasp11529,5294.6
Report: Both New Xbox and PS4 Will Be Shown At E35119,4904.6
Microsoft refunds victim of Xbox Live phishing scam2116,7114.6
EA unable to gain rights to SSX.com29,7034.6
Black Ops most popular game on XBL in 2011, Pinball FX2 tops Arcade1511,8904.6
Minecraft Pocket Edition update tentatively scheduled for Feb. 819,5664.7
PS3 video-editing app PlayMemories Studio potentially leaked ahead of CES09,3634.4
The best mainstream single player FPS campaigns4620,3474.5
New IP’s and reboots 1012913,6134.7
Xbox Live user traces account hacker6825,3494.4
Treyarch Dev Talks CoD Gun Balance and Why It’s Broken9018,4164.4
FourZeroTwo and Infinity Ward issue Bans!19449,0844.4
Xbox Live 'FIFA hack' concerns continue to escalate2211,2884.4
10 PlayStation 3 Exclusives Xbox 360 Owners Desperately Want11822,2323.7
Ninja Theory has received death threats over Devil May Cry reboot107,8514.4
PlayStation Store Global Update – January 3, 201223,0174.6
Mass Effect 3 ending will "make things difficult" for Mass Effect 4114,3154.6
3 Worst Character Deaths of 20118324,0394.4
Analyst – GTA V will outsell the next Call of Duty8816,0634.4
Veteran calls out “crass”, “hideous” Modern Warfare 3 advertising6615,4604.4
Xbox LIVE Service Alert Issued1811,5794.4
Could Halo 4 become a multi format release?2710,3654.4
Battlefield 3: New DLC map ideas for DICE267,6094.6
Stratfor hackers publish email, password data114,6434.6
Bowling: Modern Warfare 3 DLC inspired by Bethesda Fountain in Central Park4414,4194.6
Big Changes To Weapon Balance In Store for Battlefield 3369,4954.3

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