The Tech Game: September 2010

Halo: Reach cR Editor - Mod Credits Online - cR modding2150,8404.1
Xbox 360 doesn't have an internet browser because MS can't secure IE215,1674.5
Treyarch officially confirms Black Ops zombies 'brand new zombie experiences'175,6984.5
F1 2010 full of game busting bugs across all platforms84,9524.6
Sega dates, prices Sonic 4 EP182,4284.7
Footage of Nintendo's 3DS, DS and Wii lineups22,3414.6
Nintendo reveals more 3DS hardware details, OS features31,8424.7
Strategy guide, teaser site confirm Black Ops zombies156,8704.6
Strategy guide publisher BradyGames mentions Nazi Zombies for Black Ops104,6314.7
Bungie: Don't listen to Major Nelson, Reach is number one on Xbox LIVE193,7684.7
Halo: Reach Campaign Modding plus is now open219,1414.8
Protip: Don't release your game the same week as Pokemon in Japan42,2394.5
Xbox Live Activity for the week of Sept. 13 – Modern Warfare 2 tops195,2374.4
Bing offers Microsoft Points in search rewards program1811,4334.7
EA: Medal of Honor to come “dangerously close” to beating COD92,7744.6
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 'four times bigger than Burnout Paradise32,2334.7
Fresh reports of 3D problems with latest PS3 firmware update22,7194.7
MS: No new Xbox for “a long, long time”123,2314.3
Microsoft pondering over ‘a more persistent’ Halo52,9424.4
New Xbox update preview program opens up again236,0414.7
Halo: Reach causes 99% upswing in Xbox 360 sales over in the UK62,6744.6
Activision looking to extend CoD’s recurring revenue models193,8484.7
Halo: Reach Invasion mode Forge guide46,3694.7
Halo: Reach cR Boosting on ONI Sword Base413,1484.3
PSP “getting a bit old,” says Yoshida11,5724.4
Russian hacker claims to get PSP game running on PS393,3394.6
Facebook founder: Xbox is last gen, social games are next gen264,7314.4
31 million Halo: Reach matches have already been played234,3664.6
Chrysler rolling out Call of Duty-themed Jeep Wrangler82,5674.4
Analyst: Reach proof of healthy core market, Black Ops shouldn’t worry72,5404.4
Mortal Kombat producer admits to testing a “pretty powerful” PSP 201,5964.6
EA: Active military from Afghanistan is proud to play Medal of Honor51,6714.7
First PS3 homebrew game hits and its Pong42,3594.6
Bad Company 2 Vietnam DLC Trailer01,5484.6
Microsoft believes Kinect will sell 3 million units this holiday92,4984.4
Call of Duty games are “going to get richer, deeper, more engaging”72,2384.8
Microsoft: Reach made $200 million on day-one213,8014.5
EA reveal Medal of Honor changes from beta72,2614.8
Halo Reach modding and hacking021,2363.7
Playstation 3 area added to forums with modding/hacks and Jailbreaking23,9694.3
Xbox 360 Slim with November 2010 Dashboard (2.0.12416.0)12,6694.5
Medal of Honor | The MoH Experience Part 3 | High Value Target11,5044.6
Call of duty - world at war - Disco Nazi Zombies14,0984.6
A case for against and jailbreaking the PS3, which is strongest?11,4744.6
Sony works with Hong Kong customs to seize PSJailbreak exports22,2844.7
Report suggests Halo Reach sold over 3 million units on day one92,1634.7
SEGA commences Dreamcast 'Reprint' service, lots of titles for PS3 & 360 planned11,7344.5
It's raining demos! PES 2011, FIFA 11 and NBA 2K1132,6984.7
Halo Reach suffers from bad disc production, users queue for an exchange51,7674.8
Halo: Reach co-op requires hard drive, 4GB Xbox 360 Slims have to go solo53,5004.6
Halo: Reach load times compared: hard drive install vs disc22,0904.7
Halo: Reach Hackers Begin Assault185,1914.7
Halo: Reach special editions selling out31,6994.7
Microsoft announces "free LIVE weekend" for Halo: Reach owners113,7544.6
The Halo: Reach launch – midnight openings, review scores, supermarket pricing106,0154.7
No campaign co-op for Black Ops, confirms Treyarch104,0724.5
Microsoft: Reach to spark industry to life92,8194.6
Xbox 360 Kinect Dashboard 2.0.12416.0 leaked3512,9744.6
Bungie on new engine: “Real work is underway”32,2064.5
Xbox UK boss: Halo Reach will outsell Call of Duty: Black Ops184,8704.7
Sony stops Jailbreak with 2.42, Breaks PS3's53,7614.5
PS3 hackers find a way to have PSP Remote play on ANY PS3 game13,8714.7
Treyarch: Great Multiplayer is better than online passes for battling used games92,3844.7
Medal of Honor must sell 'at least three million copies' for sequel consideratio41,9254.6
Dev makes 'progess' on Dreamcast emulator for PS3?62,0934.5
Sony blocks Server bypass method and forces update or no PSN for jailbreakers21,7304.8
Black Ops 'most difficult' CoD to balance104,2744.5
Microsoft announces 250GB Kinect bundle22,4594.6
Nintendo: Our next console will make your jaw drop153,8174.8
Official PSJailbreak team confirms update to defeat firmware v3.42 due next week51,8024.4
Now Team Xecuter cater to PS3 hacker needs43,7964.4
Xbox Live shuts down 'Fort Gay' gamer plus Stepto ripping on thetechgame599,7484.6
Online multiplayer blamed for game sales decline, for once its not piracy123,1204.7
New Xbox 360 controller avoids infringing on Nintendo's Patents126,4094.6
Why Activision believes MW2 records were made to be broken by Black ops164,4434.6
Duke Nukem IP now owned by Gearbox41,8724.7
Got Halo Reach early legally? Bad luck if you want to play it right now134,8284.6
Microsoft “still interested” in Halo movie295,4924.6
Hackers make progress porting PS3 exploit PSGroove to PSP, proof of concept33,5214.4
Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer takes aim at cheaters, looks to recruit more2711,4504.3
Infinity Ward surprises fans with unannounced Double XP Weekend225,2414.6
Duke Nukem Forever resurrected, out in 201101,5814.7
Australian Mod Retailers Lose, Sony Swings The Ban hammer22,7444.4
PSGroove - Open Source FREE PSjailbreak alternative!33,1454.6
Call of Duty - Black Ops Create A Class and Kill Streaks155,5254.7
Activision 'not planning' Call of duty Black Ops beta1930,4443.9
Call of Duty: Black Ops - Wager Match Trailer183,5934.7
Black Ops multiplayer info leaked ahead of reveal86,1794.7
Xbox Live fee increased, Pachter still predicts a $100 service143,2124.1
HaVoC UnDeaD Patch v7.0 Preview2910,7504.6

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