The Tech Game: July 2010

Kmart selling Wii for $180 this week52,0354.4
Valve apologizes for banning over 12,000 legit Modern Warfare 2 players (PC)246,5314.6
MAG update deploying in August, making Suppression mode 'Faction Neutral'21,6674.4
Master Chief to return195,3464.8
THQ blames Red Dead Redemption for lower UFC 2010 sales72,5054.5
Medal of Honor beta now available on Xbox 360246,5544.5
Modern Warfare 2 subscription message dismissed as 'just a glitch'256,7784.2
Pay-to-play Call of Duty not happening175,1864.8
Discounted Xbox 360s outsell new model63,1994.5
Indie developer tells Epic to “F**k off”, Epic apologises93,1924.4
Call of Duty: Raising the cost of playing?7014,2683.5
The Mob loses: Microsoft cancels 1 vs 100204,9183.8
$200 gets you Kinect, a launch game, and $30 gift card at Walmart82,6624.5
Ubisoft CEO: 3D market to take off next year01,7974.6
Gran Turismo 5 more suited to PS4, says Yamauchi21,9614.7
Nintendo wants to see games use the 3DS motion controls11,7944.4
3D Blu-ray PS3 update dated for September, YouTube 3D support planned21,9304.7
PS3 Terms of Service updated to reflect possible 3D health risks02,0804.7
Modern Warfare 2 - Alien vs Predator Mod4510,6424.6
Name this song, get your name in the Gran Turismo 5 credits62,6784.4
Activision's Amrich: DJ Hero sales now up to 1.2 million units11,3284.7
Infinity Ward suit updated, claims Activision created 'police state'62,4944.7
Analyst says Call of Duty: Black Ops will sell 12 million83,5404.3
Modern warfare 2 - Zombie Mod - Xbox3602615,9814.6
Xbox Live earns over $1 billion85,1904.5
Xbox 360 hardcore exclusives pipeline is “full”01,6104.6
XBLA content browser will launch July 14th82,8984.5
New Xbox 360 Slim can come in other colors99,2124.7
Gran Turismo 5 to receive both a Collectors and a “really big package” editi11,4384.6
White PS3 Slim, larger hard drives offered in Japan01,4894.7
White PS3 Slim, larger hard drives offered in Japan11,6784.6
Kinect branding still purple, adds white42,4434.5
You’ll only be able to Kinect two at a time21,8084.5
Halo 3 Double EXP Weekend is Grifball73,0994.7
NPDs: Red Dead Redemption, Nintendo take the lead21,9514.5
FINISH HIM + multiplayer = ‘Most robust online system ever11,6224.7
Microsoft: ‘Unprecedented demand’ for new Xbox 36052,9614.7
Halo developers go on hiring spree21,7844.8
Activision hint at new Infinity Ward franchise51,8374.7

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