The Mob loses: Microsoft cancels 1 vs 100

Microsoft will not be holding a third season of 1 vs. 100 on Xbox Live. Kotaku confirmed the sad news with Microsoft Game Studios' General Manager Dave McCarthy, who said, "We're very proud of the 1 vs 100 team and their accomplishments, and are excited to apply what we've learned to future programming." The game's page has the image pictured above, simply stating, "A fond farewell ... thank you from the team."

Microsoft will now apply the technology that kept 100,000 players in the game concurrently on "new projects that will be unveiled in the future." We wish Microsoft had polled the mob before pulling the plug on the popular program.



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I loved that game beacuse of the emotions you can make your avatar do


I loved that game.
Sad panda.


That Game Was The Best Game On Xbox 2 Me




What a real shame!. was really looking forward to the next season! i loved the fact you can play serious or just dress up your avatar and do some silly dances. what a laff!!


shame this was a good game you could play with your freinds take a break from MW2 and play this shame they cancelled it was doing great except for the no show of the voice of the presenter in the uk :(


I tear'd when I saw this. I loved this game =[


i was looking foward to get all the achievemants in this game but they ended it and this game amazing


Erm...There was a season 2 ?
I only played season 1.


WOW thats sad i was looking foward t the new season:(