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How To Move Your PSN Account To PS5 From PS4

Tutorial Name: How To Move Your PSN Account To PS5 From PS4  

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With the PlayStation 5 just a few days away from launch, now is a good time to just take stock of your PlayStation Network account and be sure you know what is coming with you when you make the console transition. The good news is that you lose nothing when moving over your account, with Sony offering easy ways to do so, too.

Just sign in
Pretty much all your need to do on the PlayStation 5 to bring over your PSN account is log in. You can do this by entering your PSN username and password (and entering any two-factor authentication codes you should be using), or you can make use of Sony's recently revamped PlayStation app. Just download the app onto a smartphone or tablet, log in using your credentials and hit "Sign in on PS5". Your PS5 will provide you with a QR code that you can scan with the app to log you in instantly.

Don't create a new account for a new name
This might be obvious, but you don't need to create a new PSN account to change your Online ID. Doing so will lock you out of content stored on your existing PSN account, such as games and content purchases. Instead, you can edit your Online ID just like you can on PS4. Your first change will be free, but Sony will charge you for any changes thereafter.

What works on PS5
When moving your account over to your PS5, you bring everything over with you. That means any games and DLC purchases you've made, as well as any music and video content you might have purchased. Your account will also bring along your friends lists, trophies, and any funds you might still have in your PSN wallet. Basically, you're losing nothing, except for any unsupported PS4 games, but that list is very small.


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