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PS5 How to Capture and Record Videos

Tutorial Name: PS5 How to Capture and Record Videos  

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This page contains information about capturing and recording video footage using the PlayStation 5 device. This can be done in a variety of ways, including local recordings done through the PlayStations 5's systems, as well as using 3rd party capture software.

How to Record Video Using the Create Button

When playing a game that you wish to record video footage of, you have several options in how you record and edit the desired footage:

Pressing the Create button once will display the create controls - which will allow you to either start a recording, or record something that has already happened.

By default, pressing the create button twice will automatically save your most recent gameplay

When choosing to record recent gameplay, you will have the option to record different lengths, including 15s, 30s, 3m, 5m, 15m, 30m, and 1 full hour. Choosing to start a recording will also allow you to record up to a full hour of gameplay.

The footage you record will be saved in your Media Gallery in the Storage menu via Settings, and will be recorded in standard 1920x1080p resolution by default.

How to Change Recording Settings

In the Settings Menu of your PS5, you can select the Captures and Broadcast option to edit aspects of your recordings. This includes the shortcuts you can alter for pressing the create button, the duration of a recently saved gameplay video clip will last, the file type of the video (WebM or MP4), and more. You can also choose to make manual recordings save footage at 4K Resolution - though it may take up much more space than your default recordings. Note that recording in 4K can only be done moving forward, as gameplay that has already elapsed can only be saved in up to 1080p resolution.

Many of these settings can also be applied when pressing the create button one, and selecting the icon on the far right side.

How to Record Gameplay Using Capture Devices

For those wishing to record or stream their footage to their computer or to an external hard drive via capture devices, it is possible to use hardware like the Elgato or Atomos recording devices - however some settings may need to be altered to make sure gameplay is recorded properly.

Note: Whenever you attempt to use a capture device to stream from or record footage, you must disable HDCP on the PlayStation 5. This can be done by going into the Settings > System > HDMI and turning off the Enable HDCP feature. However, this may disable certain applications, so you may have to turn it back on to use other features of the console.

In addition, the PlayStation's audio properties may make it difficult for capture devices to automatically detect all the audio channels when recording or streaming. If you encounter audio problems when recording, it is recommended you alter the AV Amplifier settings to lower the number of audio channels from 7.1 down to 2. This can be done in the Settings > Sound > Audio Output, and changing your output device to HDMI (AV Amplifier) to unlock the controls to change the number of audio channels.


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