The Tech Game: March 2019

80 Days Developer Announces Heaven’s Vault for PS4, PC64594
Borderlands Playerbase Surges on Steam Following Borderlands 3 Reveal127805
Dragon Ball FighterZ Has Sold 4 Million, Xenoverse 2 5 Million93284
'Fortnite' Adding Customizable "Mini Battle Royale" Mode104604.3
'Fortnite' Creator Epic Games Wants to Be as Big as Facebook or Google105533.7
'PUBG' Update Increases Loot Spawn Rates83574
'Borderlands 3' Release Date Being Announced Next Week189463.8
Valve Announces 'Artifact' Is Going Back to the Drawing Board95134
The Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield will not be shown by Bethesda at E377234
Sledgehammer Co-Founder Comments on Black Ops 4 Micro-Transaction88784.8
Man who pleaded guilty to a fatal swatting gets a 20-year sentence181,2284
Pathologic 2 Arrives on May 23rd for Steam67253.6
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Gets Double XP and Double Merit Weekend168155
Anno 1800 Will Be Exclusive to Uplay, Epic Games Store After Launch95983.4
Tropico 6 is Now Available for PC54714
'Bully' Voice Actor Would Love To Make A Sequel117304
Valve Reveals VR Headset Called "Index"103334
Sega Mega Drive Mini launches in September with 40 games96174
Target Says 'Red Dead Redemption 2' Is Coming to Nintendo Switch143854.6
New PS4 Trailer Hypes All of Its Exclusives104463.9
Borderlands 3 gameplay trailer breakdown95844
PS4 firmware update 6.51 is here61,2323.8
Twitch Prime Members Can Now Get a Free Year of Nintendo Switch Online113864.1
'No Man's Sky' Is One of The Best-Selling New IP Ever105204.1
'Borderlands 3' Release Date May Be Hidden In New Trailer131,2643.8
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Adds A $28 Hammer131,6024
'Borderlands 3' Has Over One Billion Guns126724.3
Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition Upgrade is Free For PC Owners116294.1
F1 2019 Launches On June 29 For PS4, Xbox One, And PC57314
'Battlefield 5' Cancels Promised And Highly-Anticipated Feature85604.1
Minecraft update removes references to Notch151,5203.9
'The Division 2' World Tier 5 Release Date Revealed65094
Twitch Squad Stream is live, making multi-streams possible77453.8
'Battlefield V' Firestorm Duos Arriving Next Month93683.6
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 1.16 Patch Notes Officially Revealed99583.9
Rumor: 'Resident Evil 8' Is Being Developed For Next-Gen Consoles83453.5
PlayStation Plus Free Games Lineup For April 2019 Has Been Revealed111,0004.3
Ubisoft’s E3 2019 Conference to Take Place on June 10126884
Fallout 76’s Survival Mode beta brings high-stakes PvP to the game74754
Take A Look at Super Mario Sunshine Running on the Switch88654.2
Nintendo’s rumored budget Switch model won’t connect to TVs or a dock102634.7
Control’s New Gameplay Trailer Highlights Jesse Faden’s Abilities57864.3
Borderlands 3 Has Finally Been Announced by Gearbox Software1310,4683.7
Halo Master Chief Collection Will Launch In Its Entirety On PC This Year137763.3
'Borderlands 3' Teaser Trailer Contains Shift Code and Hidden Messages88394.2
Watch the first gameplay teaser for Streets of Rage 473743.3
EA Lays Off Around 350 Employees114994.8
Warframe Hits Nearly 50 Million Players92494
Final Fantasy 7 Now Available On Switch And Xbox One72594
Sony Patents A Method For Digital Trade-Ins And Gifting178284.7
'Fortnite' Is Getting a Poison Trap124993.7
New 'Days Gone' PS4 Story Trailer Revealed64543.7
Concrete Genie’s Newest Trailer Reveals Delay into Fall 201952944.2
RAGE 2, DOOM Eternal, Wolfenstein Youngblood, and More Coming to Steam74093.5
Iron Man VR Comes to PlayStation VR Later this Year73383.3
Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Trailer Shows Off PS4 Exclusive Content85043.7
Black Ops 4 Is Adding Two Specialist Weapons to Blackout116333.8
Epic Games Store will enforce a ‘reasonably high quality filter’144394
Super Mario Maker 2 May Launch June 14 – Rumor76734.5
Epic Games Store Users Will See Lower Game Prices Soon63513.3
PC specs for Detroit: Become Human, Beyond Two Souls, Heavy Rain34334
'Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice' Streamers Reactions to This Surprise Enemy67763.4
Nintendo Is Reportedly Releasing Two New Switch Models114304.2
PUBG marks its two year anniversary with free in-game item95574.4
Fortnite: Epic Games details list of fixes coming to battle royale95033.8
Battlefield 5 is 50% off for a limited time105873
Star Wars Battlefront II Highlights Games With Gold Titles for April54204.4
Shadow of the Tomb Raider PC Patch Adds Nvidia RTX Support32904.6
Minecraft Update Adds Crossbows, Lanterns, and More47134.2
Ubisoft Club Units Earned Years Ago Will Expire Soon33603.6
'Apex Legends' Next New Legend Will Arrive This Season43714.4
'Death Stranding' Enters a "Critical Phase" in Development33993
'Control' Release Date Confirmed22524.2
'Battlefield V' Will Get Weekly Experiences for Firestorm53954
'Gears 5' Has Their "Full Focus," Says The Coalition74314.6
Free Games: The Witness will soon be free to keep at the Epic store74033.8
Apex Legends players on PC should see fewer crashes after latest patch53104.4
Apple Reveals "Apple Arcade" Game Subscription Service89284
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind is Free on PC Today Only87174.3
'Star Wars Battlefront II' Gets a New Game Mode This Week74754.3
'Apex Legends' Player Finds a Unique Wraith Animation82,3494.2
Google Stadia Will Support the Xbox Adaptive Controller47663.8
343 Has No Plans on Bringing Halo 5 to The Master Chief Collection74224.2
Halo ElDewrito makers say the mod fast tracked Halo: MCC for PC43334.2
Mortal Kombat 11 Will See the Return of Noob Saibot, Shang Tsung49254.2
Sekiro player count reaches 100k concurrents on Steam63584.3
Persona 5: The Royal announced for PS4 with a teaser trailer24673.7
Denuvo has launched its Anti-Cheat technology63804.5
Microsoft to Hold its Own [email protected] Indie Game Showcase Next Week42844
Cyberpunk 2077 Likely Won’t Be an Epic Games Store Exclusive on PC43204.3
Notorious Apex Legends bunker camping spot has been nerfed57314
Sony Will Reportedly Stop Selling Digital Codes Through Retailers125983.8
Sony’s Cross-Play Policy Frustrates Players, Says Dev84903.7
'Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition' Rating Leaked by ESRB76763.9
'Hellboy' Characters Are Coming to 'Brawlhalla'57104.3
Epic Games CEO Says 'Apex Legends' Hasn't Cut Into 'Fortnite'104924
Apex Legends Had The Best Launch For A Free-To-Play Game Ever73113.6
Release dates: every game confirmed for 201951,7203.5
Two more Xbox 360 games gain Xbox One backwards compatibility46824
Oxenfree is free to claim on the Epic Games Store until April 432974.8
'Fallout 76' Survival Mode Beta Begins Next Week43614
Devil May Cry 5 sales reach 2 million units22084
Stadia Reveal Causes Nintendo and Sony Shares To Drop Almost 4%36693.8
Battlefield 5 Firestorm launches with 16 primary weapons65264
Battlefield 5 Roadmap Revealed, Includes New Modes, New Maps, And More23794.3
Walmart Reportedly Interested in a Video Game Streaming Service44464.2
Monster Hunter World on PC Is Getting Free High Resolution Texture DLC43234
Cuphead Creator Wants to see the Game’s Characters Added to Smash Bros32954.2
Metro Exodus' sales are 2.5 times better on the Epic Games Store73223.8
Sony share PlayStation news through a livestream called State of Play73563.6
XCOM 2 and Cities: Skylines are free to play this weekend on Steam33244.3
Battlefield 5 Firestorm trailer takes a deep dive into gameplay75234
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies players head to Delphi next week45503.5
Google Stadia latency tests highlight the downsides of cloud streaming46473.4
Mortal Kombat 11 Closed Beta Trailer Highlights Playable Characters32694.5
Xbox One Boss On E3 2019: "We Will Go Big"105123.9
Xbox One S All-Digital Edition Reported to Release on May 785954.6
Valve Reveals New Steam Library Design68504.4
'Mortal Kombat 11' Reveals Kotal Kahn In Brutal New Trailer34454
'Sea of Thieves' Adding The Arena With Anniversary Update63724
'Rocket League' and MLB Crossover Revealed42724.6
Epic Takes Shot At Steam: 'We Won't Accept Crappy Games'148303.9
'Apex Legends' Players Can Now Report Abuse and Cheating52893.7
Dragon Ball FighterZ is Adding Goku from Dragon Ball GT as a Fighter64363.9
Epic Games Store Game Keys Can Now Be Sold on Humble Bundle22123.7
Red Dead Online Will Receive Defensive Playstyle, New Missions & More43524
Google Stadia Will Require 25 MB/s Internet Connection to Run 1080p121,2614
'Apex Legends' Devs Have Banned Over 500,000 Cheaters74344.3
'Apex Legends' Leak Hints At New Map74883.7
Xbox One Boss Reveals His Thoughts on Google's Stadia54973.9
New Leak Basically Confirms EA Access Is Coming to PS463604
'Mortal Kombat 11' Revealing New Fighter This Friday62243.6
Castle Crashers Remastered Officially Announced for Switch and PS453604.3
Call of Duty: Black Ops’ The Replacer Added to Blackout Battle Royale109674.4
Deus Ex and Vampyr Highlight Upcoming Additions to Xbox Game Pass83204.1
Black Ops 4 Ancient Evil Zombies Map Gets Release Date and Two Teasers86604.1
DOOM Eternal Gameplay Footage Running on Stadia Revealed54494.5
Cuphead is Coming to Switch This April52174.4
Nvidia is officially bringing ray tracing to GTX 10 series cards97584.2
'Call of Duty: Black Ops 4' Update Fixes Player Collision Issue53244.3
Microsoft Doesn’t See xCloud As A Replacement For Consoles85764.1
Valve Confirms Recent 'Half-Life 3' Tease Was Just A Fake55193.6
Rumor: 'Call of Duty' 2019 Won't Have A Battle Royale Mode171,5103.8
Call of Duty: Mobile is coming this year to Android and iOS104334.4
Days Gone Will Feature a Photo Mode at Launch62993.9
Google’s Stadia will eventually be able to support 8K161,2264.2
Bethesda Will be Returning to E3 this Year, DOOM Eternal Confirmed93453.7
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice’s Latest Trailer Details Combat and Story32643.8
Halo: The Master Chief Collection Will Not Require Xbox Live Gold107213.4
Mortal Kombat 11 Closed Beta Dates and Start Times Announced53034.4
New 'Rainbow Six Siege' Map Has a Rabbids Easter Egg55294.2
Doom Eternal Will Run on Google’s Stadia in 4K and 60 FPS74514.1
Google Announces Its New Gaming Platform "Stadia"111,0943.7
Days Gone Receives New Details On Weapon Types And Melee Combat74483.9
Apex Legends Cheaters Are Now Receiving Permanent Bans on Hardware169163.7
Epic Games “Wholeheartedly” Supports Key Sales, But Not For Exclusives62704
Rumor: 'Animal Crossing' Nintendo Switch Release Date Leaked95113.6
'PUBG' Update Will Rebalance a New Item63324.1
Ed Boon Addresses 'Mortal Kombat 11' Pacing Concerns22983.9
Team Sonic Racing Customization, Animation Trailers Debut94883.7
Apex Legends Players Are Finding Mysterious Jump Pads Around The Map126064.2
Gearbox Software Teases Yet Another Reveal for PAX East64694
RAGE 2 Runs At 1080p/60fps on Xbox One X, PS4 Pro73884.3
'Apex Legends' Leak Reveals C4 Satchel Charges63903.9
Nintendo Direct Focusing on ‘Nindie’ Games Arrives this Wednesday41773.8
Apple Reveals Two New iPads127843.9
Apex Legends Battle Pass launches tomorrow with Season 11012,5164.2
The Sims 4 is ending support for 32-bit operating systems54004.7
WhatsApp Co-Founder urges users to delete Facebook97953.6
Google Chrome will soon support Nintendo Switch controllers63343.9
New 'The Division 2' Bug Discovered That Breaks A Part of The Game95224.1
New 'Anthem' Update Increases Your Chances Of Getting Good Loot64013.6
'Dragon Ball FighterZ' Is Adding GT Goku To Its Roster64214.4
Red Dead Redemption 2 Graphics Reportedly Downgraded With Updates112,0574.3
New Patent Hints PlayStation VR 283484.6
'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' Mod Adds Chain Chomp67284.1
Overwatch League Teams Will Play in Their Home City Beginning in 202093933.7
PC Gamers Are Worried About 'Borderlands 3'89774.1
Epic Games Store Is Adding Achievements, Cloud Saves, Mod Support94213.6
Rumor: 'Black Ops 4' Blackout Adding Fan-Favorite Character117984
Steam Is Changing Its Review System To Combat Review Bombing77514.3
Steam data mining accusations prompt Epic Games response44943.7
Facebook explains its worst outage as 3 million users head to Telegram85574
Mortal Kombat 11 Story Mode Will Be Roughly 8 Hours Long53043.9
Beat Saber Hits 1 Million Copies Sold72764.1
'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4' Art Leak Proved Fake171,6963.7
Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition Coming To Nintendo Switch78734
Apex Legends Datamine Suggests Titans May Be Inbound65493.9
Epic Games Store roadmap lays out the future for digital distribution43393.6
Apex Legends Exploit Makes Kicking Better Than Any Gun67704.1
Two Free Xbox Games With Gold Are Now Available85193.7
Castlevania: Harmony of Despair added to Backwards Compatibility44344
Dead or Alive 6 Gets Free-to-Play Version Only Two Weeks After Launch73713.9
No Man’s Sky Latest Update, Titled Beyond, is Coming in Summer 201984124.5
Turtle Beach Has Acquired PC Gaming Accessory Company Roccat53373.9
Steam Link Anywhere update allows you to stream games on any PC54124.4
Gearbox suggests Borderlands 3 reveal not happening this month55494.1
'Left 4 Dead' Creators Debut New Zombie Co-Op Game, 'Back 4 Blood'99274
GRID 2 Currently Free on Humble Store Till March 17th85153.9
'Mortal Kombat 11' Director Teases "Big News Coming Soon"63384.5
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Season Pass Maps Are Free This Weekend64374.1
Mortal Kombat 11 stress test taking place this weekend63274.3
Xbox Live is coming to Android and iOS84914.4
'Fallout 76' Patch Adds Option to Report Players86044.1
DayZ Receives an Official Full Xbox One Launch This Month104804
Microsoft’s Latest App Allows You to Play PC Games on Your Xbox One98254.3
'Fallout 76' Wild Appalachia Launch Trailer Released54844.3
New 'Next Xbox' Details Hint at New Way for Devs to Make Games53493.8
Devil May Cry 5 final boss playable thanks to modders45344.1
'Battlefield V' Firestorm Battle Royale Official Reveal Trailer119694
PlayStation's Shawn Layden on a "Post-Console" World77213.8
Rumor: Sony in Talks to Acquire Rockstar Parent Company Take-Two (Updated)97394.6
Days Gone Gets New Screenshots Showing Plenty of Action56444.6
Spyro Reignited Trilogy Update Finally Adds Subtitles to Cutscenes44343.4
Phoenix Point will be an Epic Games Store exclusive for one year53624
'Fortnite' Reveals New Outfit Variants Coming Soon54083.4
Tyler “Ninja” Blevins Was Paid $1 Million to Promote Apex Legends191,5154.2
Sony Is Hesitant On If They Can Do Cross-Play85884
Red Dead Online Beta Spoils of War update adds new Showdown Mode42573.4
New Anthem Update Includes Fixing Accidental Nerfs, Masterwork Changes24263.6
Windows 10 Hits 800 Million Installs103253.6
'Apex Legends' Leak Hints at Rocket Launchers44934.8
343 Wants People to Stop Sending Them Pizza After Halo PC Announcement1326,0064.8
'Hunt: Showdown' Coming to Xbox One This Spring34083.6
New 'Destiny 2' Community Summit Happening Soon44054.6
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Shamrock and Awe Patch Notes Released64973.2
Former Sledgehammer Games Head Pitched a New IP But it Failed44154
'The Division 2' Players Discover Massive Game-Breaking Netcode Glitch48614
Microsoft to start delivering reminders for Windows 7 end of support84634.2
Minecraft is Coming to Xbox Game Pass in April52903.8
'Halo Infinite' Could Be Going the Live-Services Route43593.8
'Dead Space' Creator Would Love To Make A New One53204.7
'Apex Legends' April Fools' Plans May Have Leaked57293.3
Apex Legends Season One battle pass pops up on Origin56954
Halo: The Master Chief Collection Confirmed for PC, Halo: Reach coming131,3673.6
Twitch Streamer Shroud "Out of Commission" After Accident101,5354.1
Google Shares Teaser For Its GDC Gaming Focused Keynote54904
Gearbox Possibly Teasing 'Borderlands 3' Reveal During PAX East 201936474.3
Black Ops 4’s Shamrock and Awe Event and New Map Arriving Tomorrow35114.2
Epic Games Store Adds New Search Feature54503.8
Remedy reveals the launch window for its upcoming game Control44984.3
New 'Mortal Kombat 11' Story Details Revealed44694.2
Apex Legends Server Crash Reveals What Hidden Lobby Looks Like846,9904.3
Apple announces event for March 2543533.8
The Division 2 Receives Tons Of New Endgame Details44944.1
'Days Gone' Will Be Getting DLC42533.5
'Apex Legends' Leak Seemingly Reveals 5 New Legends111,3003.8
'Fortnite' May Finally Add A Ranked Mode Soon166133.8
New 'Hitman 2' Roadmap Revealed53804.3
New Xbox One Controller Leaks, And It Looks Amazing131,5854.3
'Halo: The Master Chief Collection' Surface Hub PC Listing Spotted75003.7
'Battlefield V' Devs Tease Firestorm Trailers and Info34124.7
Forza Motorsport 8 Is In Early Development, Turn 10 Studios Confirms71,1543.9
New 'Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled' Character Trailers Revealed44474.1
Kojima Showed Off Death Stranding to The Division 2 Developers44383.7
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Modders Add In Shrek (For Some Reason)67094
Black Ops 4 API Changes Prevent Stat Tracking, Activision Responds54374.3
New 'Shenmue III' Trailer Revealed34794.1
First Look At Google's New Video Game Controller Leaks201,8153.9
Blizzard layoffs hits 209 employees in the US74334.1
'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' Rumored to Add 2 Fan-Favorite Modes53533.6
'Red Dead Online' Giving Away Free Items For Limited Time55263.9
New 'Fortnite' Leak Suggests An Underwater Vehicle Is Coming Soon116973.3
'Battlefield V' Devs Say Multiplayer Is "Core Focus" Over Battle Royal75514.4
Users Want Respawn to Address Cheaters Faster in Apex Legends86154.1
Respawn Has Banned Over 355,000 'Apex Legends' Cheaters85934
Division 2 PC will become Uplay and Epic Store exclusive next week43544.1
Days Gone Has Gone Gold Ahead of April Release64174.4
Carlton Fortnite dance lawsuit dropped by Alfonso Ribeiro76974.4
Devil May Cry 5 pulls ahead of Resident Evil 2 on Steam42893.9
Crackdown 2 is Now Backwards Compatible on Xbox One74734.1
Rainbow Six Siege’s new Danish and Secret Service operator leaked49183.7
The Division 2 PS4 File Size Is 100 GB, Xbox One and PC Much Smaller79034.3
Sony’s Reluctance On Cross-Play With Xbox Is A Choice, Says Dev75043.9
Valve laid off 13 staff in February, including some working on VR52983.7
PUBG Remastering Previous Maps Beginning with Erangel38284.4
Anthem Was the Top-Downloaded Game on PS4 in February73763.6
Battlefield 5 Battle Royale Mode Tutorial Leaks Online in New Footage57374
'Apex Legends' Adding A Report System Soon42663.7
'Apex Legends' Leaks Reveal New Night Mode46143.4
Dark Souls studio would “love to take a crack” at battle royale43383.6
New 'Battlefield V' Gameplay Video Showing Off Battle-Royale Mode43553.7
EA Play 2019 will not feature a press conference at E3 this year84614.1
The First 'Diablo' Is Now Available On GOG, New and Improved47493.8
Sony has finally released the PS4 Remote Play app for iOS54043.8
Windows 10 is now installed on more than 800 million devices64964.3
Battlefield V Battle Royale Coming Soon (Finally)64984.1
Nintendo Turns the Switch Into a VR Headset with Labo53264.5
Mortal Kombat 11 Developed on Custom Unreal Engine 365994.1
'Rocket League' Double XP Event Starts Soon64264.1
'Apex Legends' Hitboxes Will Be Adjusted in Season 1106753.8
'The Division 2' Launch Trailer Revealed44844.1
PS4's 'Days Gone' Map Revealed and It Looks Huge72,2664.2
Inside Xbox Returns Next Week With News on Master Chief Collection43524.3
H1Z1 Changes Its Name Again, 'ZI Battle Royale'91,0463.1
Steam “Popular Upcoming” List Exploit Called Out by Developers45724.5
Resident Evil 2 Mod Turns Every Zombie Into a Giant Block of Tofu55343.9
Judgment Release Date Confirmed by SEGA Following Leak53494.1
American Fugitive Calls Back to Original Grand Theft Auto Games46213.8
Death Stranding Is Taking Slightly More Time Than Hideo Kojima Planned53163.9
Halo Master Chief Collection PC release rumored to happen around E368403.8
PUBG’s latest console update adds new Bizon SMG54384.4
'Apex Legends' Update Nerfs 2 Powerful Weapons78793.8
'Rainbow Six Siege' Update Reduces Game's File Size61,1903.9
Cassie Cage and Kano in Action in Latest Mortal Kombat 11 Gameplay34704
EA Responds to Anthem Issues on PS4 as Community Discovers fix54133.9
Mortal Kombat 11 story trailer reveals new roster additions63863.9
Tetris 99 Maximus Cup tournament announced93904.4
Turok remaster is coming to the Switch later this month95194.3
Apex Legends battle pass coming March 12 alongside new hero - report111,3683.7
Halo Infinite won’t skip Xbox One, confirms O’Connor73813.9
Just Cause 4 Now Available on Xbox Game Pass72923.7
Anthem Repeats at Number One on UK Sales Chart126764
Beat Saber’s First Music Pack Arrives on PS4 and PC Next Week43733.9
PlayStation Now March Lineup Adds 12 New Games63644.3
'Halo Infinite' Confirmed for E395704.3
Red Dead Online beta gets Fool’s Gold free roam event, Evans Repeater54814.6
New Nvidia drivers fix dreaded Apex Legends crash56534.1
Two Point Hospital DLC sends players to a new tropical island74183.9
PlayStation 2 Has Turned 19 Years Old Today137714
EA Responds To Reports Of 'Anthem' Bricking PS4 Consoles91,0253.6
Report: Xbox Game Pass Not Happening On Nintendo Switch Anytime Soon74643.8
Don Mattrick Didn’t Have Any Faith In Xbox, Xbox Creator Reveals66744.5
A GitHub project is bringing Windows 10 to the Nintendo Switch64123.9
Xbox One S Disc-Less Console that will Reportedly Release in May179324.2
Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince Receives Announcement Trailer44314.1
Microsoft Teases Xbox Game Pass March 2019 Lineup92,0224.3
PS4's 'Days Gone' Has Six Hours Of Cutscenes96044.3
'Diablo Immortal' Is "Pretty Much Ready", According to NetEase CFO69124.4
Apex Legends Has Surpassed 50 Million Players in One Month136183.6
Anthem is now BioWare’s lowest rated game ever76983.9
'Rainbow Six Siege' PS4 and Xbox One Cross-Play Being Considered106894
PS5 May Finally Add Important Feature Missing From PS474643.6
Sony Reportedly Offering Refunds For 'Anthem' PS4 Owners77254
Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Character Trailers Released54593.8
Borderlands 3 Will Be Announced When Its Ready89194.1
Battlefield Team Launches "Operation Sunrise" to Improve Communication42994.3
Respawn CEO Responds to 'Apex Legends' Battle Pass Demand111,4914.4
'GTA Online' Is Still Making Way More Money Than 'Red Dead Online'75563.6
'Black Ops 4' Barebones Mode Will Bring Back Classic 'Call of Duty'82,4914
Phil Spencer Wants to Bring Xbox Game Pass to Any Device63354
Resident Evil 2 Mod Turns Mr. X into Thomas the Tank Engine45434.1
'Halo' Series Reportedly Filming This Summer93014.4
New 'The Division 2' Open Beta Patch Released45813.7
Epic is getting sued over “predatory” Fortnite llama loot boxes111,2584.1
Mortal Kombat 11 Will Hold Online Stress Test This Month43684.5
Another Game-Breaking 'Apex Legends' Glitch Discovered81,1053.8
Rumor: Xbox Will Announce Another Studio Acquisition This Month43664.1
'Forza Street' Mobile Game Potentially Leaked68644.1
Hildryn comes to Warframe next week58954.4
'Mortal Kombat 11' First Look At Erron Black, Noob Saibot, and More21,0484.4
Devil May Cry 5’s Latest Trailer Will Catch You Up on the Story So Far33884
Halo Infinite’s New Engine Described as the Biggest Investment Made by 34355423.8
Activision reports $164 million in revenue from Destiny Split53483.8
Dead or Alive 6 trailer heralds the return of Raidou45103.7
Destiny 2 Eververse update removes Prismatic Matrix rewards65574
Anthem's PS4 Price Drops On Amazon Five Days After Its Release86524.1
New 'Black Ops 4' Update Adds Hot Pursuit to All Platforms77054.1
Dr Disrespect Rages About 'Apex Legends' Big Audio Problem101,3614.5
'The Avengers Project' May Be A PS5 And Next Xbox Game95064
'Alien: Isolation' Digital Series Announced87244.6
'Borderlands 3' May Finally Be Revealed Next Month108013.5
Activision issues statement following restructuring and layoffs97863.7
PlayStation Vita Production Has Officially Ended114963.7
Dead or Alive 6 season pass details; costs $9384073.8
'The Division 2' Open Beta Is Now Live93924.3
Left Alive PC System Requirements Revealed44984
'Halo Infinite' Is A Spiritual Reboot Says 343 Industries96054.4
YouTube is going to disable comments on all content featuring minors118744
'Mortal Kombat 11' Full Roster Leaked65894
'Red Dead Online' Players Are Extremely Unhappy With Latest Update55414.1
Final Fantasy VII is Heading to Xbox One at the End of March53684.1
'Crackdown 3' Update Now Live, Adds Much Needed Co-Op Improvements75674
Xbox One Update Coming Soon Focuses On Dolby Atmos Sound34214.4
'Apex Legends' Leaked A Year Ago And Nobody Noticed101,0314.1
New 'Apex Legends' Character Leaked, Meet "Octane"91,0163.9
Horizon Zero Dawn Has Sold 10 Million Copies Lifetime72534.3
Devil May Cry 5’s Final Trailer Before Release is Here53034.1
The Division 2 trailer invites you to enter the Dark Zone83983.6
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered Leaked by Ratings Board2561,7524.1

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