The Tech Game: March 2014

April Fool's spirit arrives to Call of Duty: Ghosts10213,2354.1
Chad Gutstein appointed CEO of Machinima362,6394.5
Hitman Absolution and Deadlight join Games with Gold615,9954.7
Minecraft PS3 gets Uncharted, Killzone, Heavy Rain skins464,9434.5
Spencer: 'They're putting a gaming person at the head' of Xbox405,3494.5
No Watch Dogs demo because "demos take time"393,5204
Xbox One Games with Gold service may differ from 360456,8844.5
Ubisoft will continue to support PS3 and Xbox 360 for years to come343,3214.4
Phil Spencer is the new head of Xbox325,2624.4
2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil demo dated403,5414.8
Tiny Brains due to become $10 cross-buy for PS3/PS4 in free update282,5454.5
Jet Car Stunts slated for release on PC, PSN, XBLA283,0674.6
Demonoid back from the dead after two years315,9004.7
Complexity Gaming Wins Call of Duty World Championship 20148410,4364.7
Call of Duty: Ghosts Devastation DLC Gameplay Trailer545,1034.5
New wave of PlayStation Now beta invites sent out414,6354.4
Senior Valve VR employee joins Oculus despite Facebook deal434,9414.7
Microsoft Store quietly running Xbox One game sale10113,6354.4
PS3 PSN store gets surprise EA flash sale494,8434.4
Gamestop reveals "Peach Pink" 2DS in US for April353,8014.5
World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition receiving free weekend615,4324.6
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Phantoms getting major updates394,1904.7
Minecraft on Xbox One 'really close'9912,1814.8
Titanfall's upcoming changes to address balance484,4734.4
Shadowrun Online to storm Steam Early Access March 31st292,6274.7
FTL: Advanced Edition release date announced263,4344.6
Enemy Front landing on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in June404,2684.4
Call of Duty: Ghosts – Devastation tease hints at Predator inclusion688,3034.4
Call of Duty Ghosts Double XP Weekend March 28th to March 31st554,8804.5
Call of Duty: Ghosts Gold Edition now available536,9594.5
Video: New Watch Dogs trailer defies the downgrade576,7794.4
Limited edition Final Fantasy XIV PS4 releasing in Japan454,1994.7
Killer Instinct's new developer named as Fulgore is revealed342,6514.5
BF4 Commander app is being updated343,5584.5
Goat Simulator gets a launch trailer677,8964.4
US PSN Store now updated354,2224.4
Clash of Clans follow-up Boom Beach hits iOS tomorrow464,3034.6
Warface beta opens to all Xbox Live Gold users on Xbox 360668,2744.6
Titanfall cheaters' pool live on PC now, here's how it works587,5404.5
Winocm reveals triple booting iPad2364,9174.4
Minecraft title update 14 landing on Xbox 360 today and PS3 tomorrow586,7864.6
Fresh Alien: Isolation footage outed313,1724.7
PS4 game release dates revealed by Sony354,5604.4
Xbox One griefers may have Twitch privileges taken away487,6874.5
PSA: God of War: Ascension multiplayer DLC now free on PSN223,4504.4
Star Wars Pinball gets four new tables221,9624.6
Diablo 3's first major content patch detailed232,5484.7
BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma springing to PS3 today201,6344.3
Trials Fusion trailer shows off new footage and Trick Attack mode262,5854.5
Xbox One digital features like game loaning may return425,6164.5
Xbox One prices cut in the US405,8414.5
'Facebook creeps me out,' Notch cancels Minecraft on Oculus Rift396,0184.6
Facebook buys Oculus VR433,8734.2
Xbox Live services currently 'limited' on Xbox One, Xbox 360568,3454.1
Report: PS4 UK sales jump 106 percent after Infamous: Second Son323,0524.5
Thief, Tomb Raider discounted on Xbox Live this week353,5544.5
Key Sony UK studios hit with layoffs amid restructuring191,7564.5
.NET Google API library paving way for Google on Windows Phone232,2664.5
Xbox One bundles down to $450475,9504.6
Battlefield 4: Naval Strike delayed on PC262,9534.7
CoD: Ghosts next-gen upgrade promo deal ending in under a week414,9324.5
PS Vita system update 3.10 due to drop soon232,3354.6
Human Element due for Nov. 2015 release while Ouya game canned172,7274.5
Elder Scrolls Online global launch times released353,7274.3
Xbox 360 receives MLG app475,6694.6
Hotline Miami landing on PS4 with cross-buy232,8974.5
Trials Frontier gets iOS release date and new trailer235,2954.8
Blizzard: Diablo 3 in development for Xbox One, release not finalized293,5324.6
White developer Xbox One Day One console currently on eBay507,4884
Nintendo releases Pokemon Diamond and Pearl soundtracks273,2834.6
PS4 may receive Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath remake394,3104.6
EverQuest Next Landmark roars into closed beta test next week283,1174.7
Microsoft promises its E3 conference will focus heavily on games698,6664.7
Xbox One best-selling console in UK, but PS4 remains in control516,1514.6
Twitch Plays Pokemon continues, 30k tune in for start of Emerald425,3104.7
Titanfall server patch rolling out566,0184.5
Firefox "Australis" UI now on beta test channel344,3244.7
Assassin's Creed: Unity revealed - trailer outed808,6624.5
Titanfall is “blowing the doors off” for Xbox One – Harrison758,7094.6
Titanfall bundle discounted by $50 at Walmart564,6704.7
Infamous: Second Son ships with major day-one patch424,4174.6
Rumor: Far Cry 4 to stalk the Himalayas in 2015464,6084.5
Bulletstorm disappears from Steam425,6094.7
SWTOR: Galactic Strongholds "expansion" detailed273,0884.7
DirectX 12 to be used on Xbox One637,5984.5
Trials Fusion to receive closed PC beta this week353,4614.7
Microsoft reads blogger's email to determine Windows 8 leak315,1354.8
Report: PS4 teases impatient players with game preloading in April456,3374.4
PS4 supply to be constricted until summer, Sony says293,0964.6
DualShock 4 lightbar dimming planned for PS4 update373,5304.7
Rumor: Titanfall 2 rights secured by EA, won't be Microsoft-exclusive797,5314.2
Breach and Clear storms to Steam on March 21st343,6774.7
Sacred 3 due on August 26, nets new gameplay trailer283,1764.7
Skydive: Proximity Flight jumps onto XBLA393,8384.4
EA server hacked and used for phishing558,8534.2
Five days until BF4 Naval Strike DLC initial release - new trailer outed415,4444.5
EU PSN Store update detailed323,7784.6
PS4 firmware update to add share enhancements and HDCP off323,9444.4
Microsoft says 1080p Xbox One games will become more common10311,3274.7
Titanfall for Xbox 360 delayed759,8754.5
Activision slated to pull all Guitar Hero DLC in April394,6074.2
Paradox due to publish Obsidian's Pillar of Eternity252,6234.6
World of Tanks Blitz closed beta now active303,6954.5
Project Morpheus revealed by Sony at GDC484,3034.4
ID@Xbox program adding 25 more games to Xbox One487,2324.8
Starpoint Gemini 2 entering Steam Early Access232,8564.7
Android Skype update improves battery life282,8384.5
Activision won’t reverse Call of Duty:Ghosts ban wave597,6374.3
Titanfall bans being issued to cheaters9711,2894.6
PS4 system update 1.62 released344,4134.6
SimCity offline update launching today, some server downtime282,9054.5
Xbox One rolling to 26 new regions in September413,7644.5
Dead Rising 3 trots out The Last Agent DLC today302,7044.7
Xbox One April update improves friend notifications, voice commands354,2284.8
White Paper Games pumps out Ether One trailer223,0504.7
Aztez announced for next-gen consoles, Vita, and PC222,5914.7
Wii Sports Club is slated to receive a free weekend on March 21st202,6274.7
2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil trailer released343,5614.7
Xbox vet Marc Whitten departs from Microsoft364,4644.6
Battlefield 4 'Naval Strike' trailer teases chaotic sea-based warfare283,1404.7
PayPal tightens the purse strings of crowdfunding campaigns283,2434.5
Chaos Reborn hoping for spring 2015 release212,4354.8
Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD 'Epic Tale' trailer now out412,8634.7
Xbox One FIFA 14 update rolling out435,0154.7
Free Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare DLC launches Tuesday374,7554.7
Titanfall helps the Xbox One almost double weekly sales in the UK384,2234.7
Dungeon Defenders is free on Xbox Live374,1184.5
SimCity offline mode update in 'final testing'354,3744.5
Ironclad Games' Sins of a Dark Age lands on Early Access273,5754.5
PS4 and it's accessories to experience price hike in Canada787,0594.3
Bound By Flame due for release on May 9th464,9214.7
Race the Sun arrives on PSN this summer394,2854.5
Castlevania: Mirror of Fate HD lands on Steam later this month292,8524.4
Popcorn Time, Netflix for pirates, is closing6611,3114.6
Xbox One controller will be compatible with PC, Penello debunks rumour516,8504.6
Titanfall DLC could include alien monsters, says Heppe466,6794.6
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Patch 2.2 trailer released262,6864.7
Rockstar adding new Verified Jobs to GTA: Online587,2394.1
Xbox One Skype client receives first update404,7034.6
Election Day toted as Payday 2's next DLC434,8684.4
NVIDIA ending full driver support for GPU's older than GTX 400303,6604.4
1.7GB CoD Ghosts PS4 stability patch now out525,0234.5
Sega offering 10 games as part of Humble Weekly Sale263,4274.6
Respawn: Titanfall not originally planned for Xbox One628,7344.7
Platoon support now available to all Battlefield 4 soldiers203,0474.4
You'll never feel safe in Alien Isolation - Video546,0044.5
PS3 and Vita to receive Class of Heroes 2G in the US212,5634.7
King sets sight for $7.6 billion IPO283,7773.9
Xbox One controller working on PC due to modder395,9064.7
Google has purchased Green Throttle Games415,3484.5
Wildstar due for June release with pre-orders opening next week242,6134.6
Warner Bros set to invest $18 million in Machinima494,6614.1
Dragon Age Keep sends of beta invites today313,9134.6
UPDATE: Stallion83 hits 1 million Xbox Live Gamerscore (Video)18634,3944.4
Titanfall PC connection issues fixed, Respawn says284,2304.6
Gogo reveals app to allow in-flight calls and texts383,3924.6
US PlayStation Store update postponed414,7324.6
Ubisoft lets out Watch Dogs minimum PC specs495,4124.8
Microsoft "looking into" Xbox One headset adapter complaints7810,7164.6
Flappy Birds creator 'considering' its return with added 'warnings'618,4884.1
The Witcher 3 pushed back to 2015424,6114.6
Mac to receive Hitman: Absolution Elite Edition this spring293,7134.5
Xbox Live experiencing "limited operation"10611,2864
Watch Dogs closed beta spotted on Xbox One537,2923.8
Titanfall patch released to combat launch issues404,4654.4
Titanfall PC’s 48GB install size explained by Respawn425,4364.8
Frozen Endzone slides into Steam Early Access322,9144.6
Turtle Beach posts a list of all Xbox One-compatible headsets669,4514.6
Weekly EU eShop update detailed272,1194.6
PlayStation Home set to receive update this week484,8324.1
Xbox One Twitch broadcasting update lands tonight605,8794.6
Titanfall's server stability is in Microsoft's Azure hands536,1984.6
Titanfall found to launch at 792p on Xbox One908,3004.2
Xbox One Battlefield 4 title update rolling out504,5144.5
Gran Turismo 6 update 1.05 now out413,0134.3
Apple rolls out iOS 7.1 for iPhone and iPad577,5794.4
Rentable Battlefield 4 servers on the way for consoles554,9644.4
PSN goes down for 5 hour plus maintenance today595,0924.5
Titanfall digital rollout schedule606,0974.5
Xbox One without “irrelevant” Kinect coming 2015, says Pachter566,0354.5
Microsoft committed to Xbox, Games with Gold to improve516,9494.6
Betrayer due to officially launch on March 24th for PC423,4284.4
Defense Grid 2 set to land Xbox One and PS4 in addition to PC433,5324.4
Nintendo announces March 13th eShop maintenance322,6924.6
Titanfall to require 840MB day one update694,9254.3
SoulCalibur II HD Online Patch releaded - Patch Notes524,4374.5
Bioware reveals player housing for SWTOR515,7224.5
Call of Duty: Ghosts on sale for $39.9911410,1894
GameStop hikes price on PS4 Camera amid supposed 'high demand'856,8344
Dark Souls 2 PC system requirements outlined494,7184.8
Video: See Twitch on Xbox One747,4154.5
Early Titanfall players with legit copies won't be banned768,4234.5
Respawn cruelly flaunts staff-only Titanfall Xbox One consoles656,9624.4
Battlefield 4 PC update rolled out565,6084.6
Facebook releasing new look for News Feed today777,3313.9
Humble Weekly Sale now features PopCap hits352,7824.7
DICE opens up about Battlefield 4's 'Carrier Assault' mode645,8364.6
Xbox One releases manual software update for your controller607,9824.7
Weekly Nintendo eShop releases292,7064.7
LEGO The Hobbit Buddy-Up trailer released684,2224.6
Call of Duty: Ghosts Devastation DLC landing soon817,5914.2
Sniper Elite 3 queued for summer release533,6744.7
Titanfall season pass detailed545,4664.3
Humble Mobile Bundle 4 now available484,3104.6
Upcoming PS4 horror game SOMA gets new trailer787,5174.3
Guacamelee: Super Turbo CE lands on PS4, Xbox One, 360, Wii U *SOON*584,6674.3
Call of Duty: Ghosts update brings Free Fall to the masses947,7334
Future Xbox One update will add external hard drive support809,4254.4
Titanfall season pass confirmed676,5734.3
Eidos Montreal confirms 27 employees have been hit with layoffs614,5794.5
Battlefield 4 - March 4 Xbox 360 and PS3 patch notes486,1584.6
XCOM: Enemy Unknown Complete Edition releases to PC and Mac393,7724.6
Xbox One multiplayer update rolling out today699,3684.7
Titanfall launch trailer builds hype for imminent launch484,6994.7
Xbox One Twitch app reported to have 1280x720 streaming video535,7284.4
GTA Online 'Business Update' and huge patch released557,1714.3
HBO Go launches on PS3 today442,8524.4
Batman: Arkham Knight revealed - trailer564,5914.7
Peggle 2 bounces to Xbox 360 May 7th483,5604.7
Xbox version of The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2 dated624,9974.6
2.5 million Raspberry Pi units sold since launch728,9774.7
Amazing Spider-Man 2 set to swing into action April 29th544,3484.8
CoD: Ghosts MP demo drops on Xbox One and 360 this weekend938,1193.8
Sledgehammer Games job listing seeking artist for weather system695,0884.3
Titanfall on PC is a 21GB download, requires 48GB install898,0494.6
Fez hits PS3, PS4, Vita on March 25513,9734.2
Titanfall - New info from various leaks716,7494.6
DayZ dev team to 'effectively double' according to Dean Hall525,0024.6
DICE releases BF4 Naval Strike expansion screenshots635,6504.3
Two million accounts have crafted weapons in F2P shooter Loadout625,1844.5
League of Legends Team Builder beta starts March 3573,4474.4
March's free XBL Gold games revealed14816,9513.8
Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army games coming to consoles775,8464.6
Twitch Plays Pokémon ends, “new adventure” begins tomorrow morning766,7414.3
Steam 'Family Sharing' enabled for all Steam users616,0524.7
Xbox One gets Dolby Digital optical out with March update858,7804.7

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