The Tech Game: April 2013

Grand Theft Auto V Michael, Franklin, and Trevor Trailers Now Live11710,8594.7
Black Ops 2 Patch now live on Xbox/PS310212,9794.5
Microsoft books LA venue for event on June 10685,0524.6
GTA V trailers launch at 4pm on Tuesday827,8364.7
Call of Duty: Ghosts 'powered by next-generation engine'9510,2774.5
Report: Spanish retailer lists Call of Duty: Ghosts for Wii U and PC485,1574.5
Xbox 720 could utilise Microsoft IllumiRoom technology718,5244.6
Sony To Hold PlayStation Event On May 7th In Brazil744,8824.6
Three new GTA V character trailers to arrive next week1007,9724.6
New Call of Duty promo material tips May 1 reveal747,4444.7
Rumour: Next Xbox to introduce 'broader Achievements', video capture11010,4804.4
Next Xbox's always-on connection can be used for DRM, report claims645,9434.5
Sony talks up DualShock 4 features694,7894.5
Call of Duty: Black Ops II 'Uprising' DLC rallies on PS3, PC May 16645,6694.5
Xbox Live kicks off 'Big Sports Weekend' with free UFC, MLB705,5494.7
Next Xbox expected launch in November,$499 or $299 with subscription16314,4414.4
PS3 4.4.1 minor firmware update out today365,5614.3
Next Gen Xbox reveal date announced.14015,0444.5
Call of Duty: Ghosts listed by Tesco with box art12915,0254.4
CW app lets you watch Vampire Diaries, Arrow on Xbox 360526,0104.7
Call of Duty: Ghosts listed at multiple retailers for PS3, Xbox 360586,4604.6
Black Ops 2 'on track for record sales' - analyst725,7754.5
Xbox SmartGlass now available for Kindle Fire and Kindle HD484,4794.6
Order Pizza Hut from Xbox 36016014,9794.6
GTA V commercial shoots live-action car chase8012,2694.5
New GTA V video flaunts series humour536,9894.7
Gran Turismo 6 gets another retailer listing, November release tipped292,2234.7
Rumor 'Next Xbox Will Not Be Compatible With Second Hand'10313,2874.5
Wii U: extended online maintenance planned today424,0354.6
FIFA 14 producer expects to beat FIFA 13 sales, targets Call of Duty706,1514.7
Free Xbox LIVE Gold Weekend17316,1904.6
Gears of War Judgment DLC: Call to Arms map pack announced886,4924.5
Next Call of Duty reveal by E3, Activision community manager suggests12311,9524.5
Xbox Live hits 46 million members worldwide1499,8374.3
Wii U owners 'can move data between USB drives' with new update624,9354.5
Black Ops 2 Double Weapon XP Announced For This Weekend999,1004.6
Rumor: Microsoft wants to resurrect 'Heroes' as original Xbox show655,6614.7
DICE teases Battlelog 2 with image606,8374.6
Microsoft rolls out two-step authentication system596,6994.7
Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 - Mob of the Dead Easter Eggs and Glitches10422,7154.4
Xbox 720 not always-online, runs on full Windows 8 - Source claims847,2864.6
Xbox team said to be working on Microsoft smartwatch524,5324.7
Wii U system update next week, details coming today343,2734.5
FIFA 14 video interview: 'we want players to feel rewarded'364,1844.7
FIFA 14 videos show new Pure Shot and Real Ball Physics features364,3614.5
FIFA 14 revealed: first details and screenshots438,6584.5
Analyst: Gears of War: Judgment, God of War: Ascension weak in March292,5314.8
Flixster comes to Xbox 360 with Ultraviolet Collection support313,0574.6
Black Ops 2, Dishonored, Forza Horizon DLC out today868,2464.6
Analyst expects US Wii U sales decline in March615,0954.7
Black Ops 2 Double XP Weekend Extended839,2054.6
The War Z hack accessed login info, not game accounts536,6094.6
Battlefield 4 promotional material lists return of Commander mode745,7754.7
Anonymous not involved in Xbox Live downtime, Microsoft responds.16117,8024
Xbox Live issues still ongoing, Microsoft working on it606,8254.4
Atari Founder Expects Xbox 720 to Outsell PS4987,8434.7
XBox 720 to Support Streaming Digital Downloads715,4684.7
QUBE takes a spin on Wii U, 'quite possibly' Vita423,3884.5
PS4: Drive Club dev details contributions to DualShock 4 design413,8644.7
Forza Horizon gets free 1000 Club car pack647,9234.7
Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Surpasses One Billion Hours Played926,4224.8
Xbox Live sign-in issues ongoing, Microsoft working on it18526,7034.1
PS4's 8GB RAM was kept secret from devs until console reveal646,1934.7
Injustice Gods Among Us launch trailer372,5794.7
BioShock Infinite DLC to add at least 10 new Achievements383,3064.7
Black Ops 2 Won’t Be Getting Any More New Guns Via DLC10811,3354.7
Ubisoft devs confirm next-gen Xbox, Watch Dogs & Assassin's Creed 4626,2954.7
Microsoft pulls one of its new software security updates606,5244.7
UK government investigating in-app purchase pressure on children656,2104.6
PSN maintenance on April 15392,6804.7
Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition for retail delayed until June 4696,4084.6
Call of Duty 4:MW ‘Stat Reset Tool’ now live for Xbox 360 players10918,5824.6
Black Ops 2 update hits ahead of double XP weekend, DLC release495,2634.7
Black Ops 2 'Mob of the Dead' gameplay trailer879,5734.7
Next-gen Xbox will reportedly work with set-top boxes627,9304.6
'Ryse' and a new Forza will launch alongside next-gen Xbox535,2174.7
Asda taking PS4 pre-orders, expects 2013 UK release483,6604.6
SmartGlass Android update brings support for 7-inch and larger tablets453,3154.5
Adam Orth leaves Microsoft following public defense of 'always-online'587,1084.5
Splinter Cell: Blacklist announced for Wii U624,2404.6
Next-gen Kinect will detect eye movement - rumour664,7584.5
Durango: 'Always-online' not required, 360 BC provided via add-on677,3294.7
Microsoft working on Xbox Live matchmaking and account issues7411,1744.5
Lulzsec Sony and Nintendo hacker pleads guilty in court688,0734.7
iMessage and FaceTime Down for Some,No Estimate on Service Restoration654,5444.7
Hackers crack Ubisoft's uPlay security5811,8144.6
Two-Factor Authentication Reportedly Coming to Microsoft Accounts423,4774.5
Batman: Arkham Origins revealed on Game Informer cover, out Oct. 25504,7424.6
Huge XBLM sale slashes prices on Counter-Strike, Marvel vs Capcom625,2994.7
Xbox Entertainment Awards finalists revealed715,4564.7
Next-gen Xbox to lack backwards compatibility - report858,4884.7
Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon footage leaks online484,1684.6
Microsoft pushed back next Xbox reveal because it's not afraid of PS4?1149,1674.6
Developing for PS4 is 'a really pleasant surprise,' says Ubisoft502,9994.6
Black Ops 2 Mob of the Dead zombies Blundergat gameplay, features10621,1654.7
Skyrim 1.9 update now on Xbox, later today on PS3485,0314.5
Miyamoto: People will come to depend on second screen543,5944.8
FIFA 14 will reveal to press this week - rumour614,8314.5
Rumour: Next Xbox 'will be expensive', May 21 reveal suggested1249,7284.4
Halo 4 'Castle Map Pack' available now412,9884.7
0x10c 'on ice' due to creative block515,0774.7
Get GTA 5 with 1600 MS Points free via Microsoft15021,0084.7
Battlefield 3 - End Game DLC Codes Giveaway!10212,7834.4
New 3DS update fixes feature access issues533,2554.6
Minecraft XBLA update causes issues, bug fixes coming928,9514.6
Microsoft responds to creative director's 'always-on' console comments638,7544.5
Call of Duty Championship starts today, watch on Xbox Live926,3834.5
Fast & Furious: Showdown pulls into retail May 21585,9174.7
Microsoft exec: I don't get the drama around always-on16415,3424.2
WWE pay-per-view events coming to Microsoft's Xbox 360787,3954.6
Mark Zuckerberg unveils "Home," a new Android skin564,9284.7
New iPhone reportedly entering production this quarter675,8434.5
Wii U's Miiverse gets two new updates552,4694.7
New 'sources' back always-online next-gen Xbox rumour807,9474.8
Minecraft clocks in 10 million PC purchases, dev hints horses in 1.6705,6954.6
Leaked Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon screens are swathed in neon626,2914.7
Sony Planning Big PS4 Reveal Before E3524,1654.5
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 - Uprising DLC Trailer10812,5124.6
Minecraft Xbox 360 Title Update 9 Out now (The end update)11814,9564.4
1000 Gamerscore for Minecraft on disc?16722,2704.7
Black Ops 2 trailer shows off microtransaction items11810,7914.4
Disney Closes Game Publisher LucasArts805,5724.5
PS4 like "the world’s best PC", says Epic boss1288,8794.4
Next Xbox console is a "hot, compelling device", says GameStop boss1048,5934.7
Next-gen Xbox controller near identical to current unit - report12510,5484.5
Rumor: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 deploys 'Uprising' DLC on April 1612612,4314.6
Borderlands 2 level cap raise available now for a fee884,5314.7
Silver DualShock 3 lands in Japan on June 20643,0394.7
GTA V Official Cover Art Revealed17413,9854.4
Minecraft Xbox 360 Official Title Update 9 Release Date Confirmed11310,0534.7
Hall: DayZ console port discussed with Sony; 'wait and see'1077,6144.6
Xbox Live Rewards introduces monthly Play to Earn incentives11810,0134.6
GameStop execs expect PS4 launch demand to 'far outpace' supply1207,0244.6
GTA V Box Art Unveiling Soon?17915,0304.5
Forza Horizon's Top Gear car pack DLC hits April 2876,3104.6
Frostbite 3 engine doesn't support Wii U, says EA DICE1166,5194.5

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