The Tech Game: June 2011

Treyarch designers “weren’t always good” at multiplayer maps6012,8384.4
Modern Warfare 3 will totally change Killstreaks10122,0904.2
Limbo coming to Steam and PSN, Playdead handling the ports01,5134.4
Red Dead Redemption DLC announcement coming soon, quadruple XP now64,3754.6
Minecraft 1.7 is out, pistons and deadly sheep added to the mix43,9554.7
Andy Gray No Longer A Part of FIFA Games63,3564.7
Activision, Bethesda Eyeing Nintendo Wii U21,8354.6
Call of Duty XP Event This September114,9954.7
Why isn’t FIFA in 3D yet?52,7614.4
Modern Warfare 3 Fires Back at the Competition10314,6284
Xbox 360 Graphics Quality Raised by New Tech278,3964.6
Sony not Phasing Out 160 GB PS311,5124.7
Call of Duty Black Ops - Shangri-La zombies Easter eggs, Glitches and Tricks1520,1234.3
Black Ops getting fourth DLC pack?378,9154.3
Another rumor claims new Xbox at E3 2012225,0834.7
Report: Sony CEO Stringer asked to step down by shareholder11,3604.6
Call of Duty: Black Ops sets UK sales record with 3.72 million copies sold31,6634.6
PS3 Hacker GeoHot Hired by Facebook84,0554.7
Rumor: Xbox & PS3 Talking Partnership with OnLive329,3984.3
Iwata: 'Nintendo is not interested' in free-to-play32,2354.6
Square Enix's Wii U tests don't necessarily involve Dragon Quest X01,5154.6
Xenoblade dev Monolithsoft recruiting for Wii U game01,4674.8
PS3 Price Cut Coming Soon?52,0374.7
Xbox Doubtful of PlayStation Vita Success164,8304.4
How DICE Plans to Differentiate Battlefield 3 From Modern Warfare 3154,9654.6
Battlefield 3 Squad Spawning Details113,8954.4
Killzone 3 Triple XP Weekend01,2274.7
The Classes of Battlefield 3 Detailed216,8274.7
LulzSec's final file release includes Battlefield Heroes info165,5664.5
Team Fortress 2 Permanently Free-To-Play32,2974.7
PlayStation Network Better Following Disastrous Breach21,5094.5
Rumor: Xbox 360 to Support Free-To-Play Titles247,0584.6
Six More Years With the Xbox 360?235,0604.4
Unlock Gears of War 3 Stuff By Playing Gears 1 & 294,3624.6
Crytek Thinks Crysis 2 Backfired on Them31,6004.6
More Rainbow Six Details Reveal New Moral Decisions103,5094.5
Class action lawsuit alleges Sony layoffs made PSN vulnerable11,5634.6
Call of Duty Elite, A Reward For the Best Online Community287,8874.6
Microsoft shows off new Games Hub for Windows Phone 7 Mango32,5164.7
Annihilation Shangri-La Achievements219,1524.7
Modern Warfare 3 team has a "lot" of Infinity Ward "lifers"104,0004.8
Rumor: EA to buy PopCap Games31,3294.7
Sledgehammer’s Call of Duty spin-off put on hold165,4934.8
PlayStation 3 Firmware Revision 3.66 Mandatory Update24,6094.6
PlayStation Vita Probably Releasing This January41,7634.6
FIFA 12 kicks off September 2773,1184.7
Call of Duty: Black Ops 'Annihilation' trailer3811,0374.3
Xbox 360 has Reached the Limit says Analyst398,0094.5
EFF stands behind Datel in Microsoft suit over third-party 360 memory cards165,9404.6
Gears of War 3 Horde Mode 2.0 Expands on a Great Mode165,4484.5
Possible PSN Hacker Arrested and Questioned233,9264.7
“LulzSec suspect” arrested in Scotland Yard, FBI swoop71,7074.7
PS Vita, A Social Gaming Revolution31,8864.8
Sony Unfazed By Wii U, Not a Threat to the PS341,5214.6
Grand Theft Auto V is Coming10820,3734.6
Hack Proof PS3 On the Way, Maybe72,3594.6
Battlefield 3 Dev Holds Longstanding Grudge Against Call of Duty8410,8004.5
Battlefield 3: 30 FPS on PS3 and Xbox 3606110,7384.3
Sega confirms 1.3m Sega Pass customers’ details “obtained”72,1554.6
Report: LulzSec hacking group releases Xbox Live, Facebook login info13827,8564.4
Sega hacked, personal data stolen255,4584.5
Infinity Ward suit against Activision going to trial337,7834.6
BioWare Hacked, 18,000 Accounts Compromised254,8044.5
Report: Anonymous has no more plans for hacking Sony31,7284.5
Call of Duty Popularity Still Hasn’t Peaked Says Activision438,4914.7
Minecraft for Kinect is an XBLA title, ported by 4J Studios156,9584.5
Call of Duty: Black Ops: Annihilation Map Pack Confirmed4612,3004.7
Sony Not Discouraging PS3 Console Mods72,3874.5
Rumor: Third Call of Duty: Black Ops DLC leaked via flyer4113,4114.6
Xbox 720 Reveal at E3 2012 Say Sources4712,3444.5
DICE Defends Position on Launch DLC for Battlefield 3174,9254.5
People Are Interested in Call of Duty: Elite164,9464.5
Xbox 360 Top Console Again in May41,7404.5
Minecraft surpasses 2.5 million in sales, still in beta21,7774.7
LulzSec attacks Escapist Magazine, EVE Online, and Minecraft123,1564.5
Bethesda confirms personal data compromised305,2804.7
Nintendo Europe the latest victim in hacking onslaught21,7244.4
Bethesda Hacked, Details About To Be Leaked296,7884.8
LulzSec hackers take aim at Brink and Bethesda426,7454.6
Windows 8 will feature Xbox Live205,5634.7
Quick-Scoping might return in Modern Warfare 313827,5944.4
Activision’s CEO Bobby Kotick Wants to Buy MySpace254,6244.4
All 360 Games to Support Kinect at Some Point205,2324.7
Battlefield 3 campaign roughly six to ten hours long254,8134.3
Three arrests made in connection with PSN hack22,3224.8
Codemasters Website Hacked, Data Compromised287,0914.7
Modern Warfare 3′s story will decide the campaign length308,3784.4
Gears of War 3 - Leaked Epic Games Website Hacked, Data Compromised2715,1094.8
E3 2011: Kotick shunned by EA on show floor254,4164.6
Blacklight dev calls Call of Duty Elite “sad” and “weird”347,2444.6
Hands on with the Wii U controller73,2054.6
Take a closer look at the Wii U's crazy controller52,1554.6
Ubisoft developing 'hardcore FPS' exclusively for Wii U, four other titles revea01,4814.5
New HD Zelda hinted for Wii U01,4754.7
Make video calls, browse the web with Wii U controller21,3114.6
Wii U controller revealed11,3804.7
Nintendo Wii U announced21,5744.6
Wii U is 1080p; has HDMI out, internal flash memory, SD and USB storage support21,6174.7
Trials Evolution revs up for another round on XBLA144,7374.7
E3: Ruin to bring social-action-RPG hybrid to PS Vita and PS311,3924.7
E3: PlayStation Vita launches globally by end of 2011, starting at $24931,5184.7
E3: AT&T named official wireless carrier for PlayStation Vita11,4574.7
E3: PlayStation Vita features voice chat via 'Party'21,3664.6
E3: New Star Trek to feature Move and 3D support, PSN-exclusive prequel11,1954.7
E3: NGP officially named 'PlayStation Vita'21,3234.7
E3: Need for Speed: The Run, SSX, and Battlefield 3 exclusive content on PS301,6664.6
E3: Tretton apologises for PSN outage31,4694.5
E3: PlayStation claims lead in Netflix devices, adding CinemaNow to PSN21,5524.7
E3: Resistance 3 'Doomsday Edition' pack launching on September 6 for $15001,3004.7
E3: Sony introduces PlayStation-branded 3D display, glasses01,1844.7
Hackers successfully dump 3DS roms23,0714.8
E3: Modern Warfare 3 footage streets of Manhattan 13 minutes10523,3744.3
Battlefield 3 multiplayer footage / BF3 Releases October 25th Beta in September448,5344.4
New Xbox Experience 2011 Dashboard update coming this fall5421,5784.6
E3: 'Cloud Storage' coming to Xbox Live, game saves and profile on the go83,9304.6
E3: Microsoft announces game invite tool for XBL, dubbed 'Beacons'64,5474.8
E3: Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary multiplayer maps are for Halo: Reach85,3494.7
E3: Forza 4 Coming October 11th42,9964.8
E3: Minecraft getting Kinect version84,2934.6
E3: Mass Effect 3 Kinect Confirmed11,9864.8
Microsoft Begins E3 With MW3135,2904.5
E3: Halo 4 Confirmed285,9754.6
Call of Duty: Elite Premium Membership includes all MW3 DLC2710,8194.6
E3: Halo remake heavily hinted by IGN94,1714.7
Rumor: Xbox LIVE Diamond TV service to be announced at E3104,4994.6
Wii Successor to Feature Touchscreen Controller92,4624.6
Sony confirms Lulzsec compromised server data92,7474.7
First FIFA 12 Gameplay Video176,8904.6
EA’s E3 Lineup Revealed248,9474.6
NGP: Launch games official, pre-E3 info explodes42,0724.5
FIFA 12 RRP upped to £54.99/$90196,3054.2
Xbox 360 has moved 55 million consoles in six years123,0914.7
Security expert says PSN still not safe133,1584.5
Hackers Spill over 1,000,000 Sony Online Accounts154,2914.4
Nintendo to offer free Wi-Fi access at 25,000 US locations for 3DS01,2084.6
Rumour: Rainbow Six remake detailed183,6014.6
Battlefield 3 Multiplayer to be Shown at E3142,8974.5
Activision Loves All the Attention From Battlefield 3306,0574.6
PlayStation Store Swamped With Traffic in Wake of Return21,5664.7
Hacker Believes PSN Still Not Secure From Hacking Threat72,7894.7
Call of Duty Elite enlisting 'Hollywood talent' to create web TV series174,9794.5
Xbox 360 is No Longer Just a Games Console308,3394.5
The Modern Warfare 3 Files: Team Perks, No Nukes, New Killstreaks5719,1584.2
PS Vita reference found on Sony’s E3 website01,4184.6

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