The Tech Game: February 2011

LG impedes PS3 shipments in Europe133,6134.5 countdown is not a hoax it’s just not for Modern Warfare 3389,5694.3
Kinect and RRoD is no coincidence, ZDNet implies205,3474.7
Microsoft gave Geohot money to fight Sony, rumor claims6712,8244.6
Modern Warfare 3 Teaser “Find Makarov” Untrue3712,5054.4
Graf_Chokolo being Sued by Sony for 1 Million Euro286,2804.6
Modern Warfare 3 reveal coming in just under 5 days?278,3094.4
Sony confirms they were present at PS3 hacker raid5713,8324.5
Sony working on hack proof PS3?115,2734.4
First Battlefield 3 Gameplay Video428,5244.7
Sony moves to the next level, police raid graf_chokolo home!317,5064.7
Judge dismisses all but one claim over PS3 OtherOS removal105,0534.5
Minecraft clone coming to Xbox Live Indie Games: FortressCraft5515,2144.7
Majority of Xbox 360's in 2011 to have Kinect built in? - Forbe183,3294.6
Major Xbox 360 Games Announcements Incoming326,4354.5
Call of Duty: Black Ops extra modes unlocked this weekend5517,0043.7
Modern Warfare 3 Ghost is Likely The Prequel6018,9354.7
Could Youtube be coming to the Xbox360, PS3 and WII ?4410,0984.8
Activision 'abused' Guitar Hero234,5194.6
Latest PSN hack lets you unban yourself, someone else399,8524.5
Danger Close developing new Medal of Honor196,0014.6
Kaz Hirai: PS4 “not even debated”74,2644.5
Hackers expose flaws of PSN, are your credit card details safe?43,2114.4
Danny Trejo drops a bombshell Call of duty black ops zombies DLC2 info2712,3044.3
Kinect hacked to change TV channels without a remote236,1894.5
LOL: Sledgehammer aiming for "bug free" Call of Duty5712,1514.7
Halo: Reach 'Defiant Map Pack' offers three new maps in March155,2614.8
Hackers keep up their fight, release open source PS3 CFW builder104,3474.3
Spanish hacker steals customer data from Nintendo, blackmail backfires52,7324.6
Killzone 3 leaks to the web52,0864.7
Xperia Play battery life supports gaming for 5+ hours, and other specs43,2954.5
Geohot on Sony lawsuit, Get some.193,9714.6
Dead Space 2 Kinect Hack298,0414.8
Major Nelson Fires on Kevin Butler’...288,2554.6
Judge Grants Sony Access to GeoHot’s HDD328,8944.7
Guitar Hero killed off, True Crime cancelled, new studio to work on Call of Duty356,6064.5
Black Ops First Strike DLC scored $21 million in 24 hours296,1294.4
LOL!:PS3 'jailbreak code' retweeted by Sony's Kevin Butler, no punchline needed125,0454.5
Mom slams MS as her Son racks up $1600 Xbox bill11521,3064.6
MW2 Modded Lobbies AFTER 12625 Dash Update6615,8353.6
Sony going after hackers, planning to subpoena PS3 hack sites145,7344.5
Battlefield 3 Details Slip teaser trailer leaks287,7544.5
Halo: Combat Evolved remake expected November 153610,9514.5
Call of Duty: Black Ops - Ascension Easter eggs, Glitches and Tricks2021,3283.9
Black Ops crowned king of Xbox Live in 2010246,6864.7
New Halo Reach Add-on Coming ‘Very Soon’194,9884.7
NGP 'NVG' cards will provide an 'extra layer of security' to deter game piracy64,2394.6
Hackers confirm Sony implemented 'rootkit' in new PS3 firmware164,5864.5
Call of Duty: Black Ops infographic is heavy on numbers3412,8002.2
PSP UMD games could be re-released on NGP game cards23,1814.7
Github removes PS3 jailbreak files after Sony sends DMCA takedown notice93,3864.6
Black Ops double XP Super Bowl weekend235,4624.8

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