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Description: Builder Goat Find all the blocks This is attainable in Goat City Bay. There are a total of three blocks to...
Views: 705
Description: Treasure hunt Find 5 golden flags in 'Black out' You will need to set it so you will not spawn back to the race...
Views: 157
Description: Here for the long ride Achieve level 10 in multiplayer You need roughly 75,000 experience points to reach level...
Views: 269
Description: Is that a goat? Lick the rollercoaster with 6 batteries attached This is attainable in Goat City Bay. There...
Views: 363
Description: Hat Simulator Buy all hats This is attainable in Goat City Bay. Standing facing the front of the hotel...
Views: 311
Description: My Little Brony Find All The Pony Horses There are five pony horses total. To collect them all, you need to have...
Views: 122
Description: I Wanna Be A Baahlionaire Gather $1000000 To gather $1,000,000 as fast as possible, you need to have raised...
Views: 83
Description: Bacon Marauder Shoot Down 30 Police Ships For these three achievements, you need to leave the colony and travel...
Views: 76
Description: Le Voyage Dans la Lune A Trip to the Moon. The easiest way to unlock this is to complete the 'Buried Games'...
Views: 68
Description: GoatBall Show off your vehicle air control skills in the desert In the desert you will see a green circle, which...
Views: 123